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    So here is my purchase, being collected from the seller today and brought down south next week. It is chassis 953 and waiting to hear back from Andy Graham a bit more about it. Off the road since 1992 it needs some reviving but was an opportunity I couldn’t miss
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    HI all, Despite being an old video, I just saw this video with Christian von Königsegg in Sweden. That is some very interesting technology, both regarding the present state of his new valve technology, but also the idea of making an engine as we more or less know it form combustion of fuel, just done with air. Very interesting aspect and surely a competitor to the heavy, polluting electric cars that we see now, with old school Li-Ion batteries which are chemically unstable, pollutes and are heavy, an dafter all, does not hold too much energy, despite the Development from Denmark (and others) in stable lightweight high performance batteries, that performs some 5 times better than Li-Ion or Li-Fe batteries. Königsegg already used the LiFe batteries because of weight and Chemical stability in their new generation cars. But those are about to be "old-tech" soon. And all that electric stuff will have competitors from say the Königsegg invented air engine. We'll see how it develops in the next 11-12 years till' the much shouted 2030 fuel car stop situation, that so many countries talk about. Have a look Surely Lotus could use some of that too. Kind regards, Jacques
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    Thanks for the warm welcome And don't worry @CocoPops that's not my style - who needs a pushy salesman when you're sat in a showroom of VERY nice cars. Although saying that if anyone's in the market let me know I do have a question....which is better? The Exige Cup 430 or the Evora GT430? I don't know if this will put a cat amongst the pigeons - just curious to see what you guys think. Tom.
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    You could redirect this ambition toward building on the foundation already in hand. The 9xx series engines are quite stoutly designed so perhaps consider enhancing torque with an engine built with a positive displacement supercharger and all the goodies and ancillaries that modern technology has brought to market? Would retain much of the car's inherent nature, but amped up as on steroids. Never underestimate the value of sharp throttle response in any case, by the way. One thing which seems to elude so many in the effort to have the ideal car is how much of the experience is down to the chassis. A Clydesdale is a mighty strong horse but it don't ride like a Quarterhorse. Granted there is pleasure to be had in the handsome looks of a Lotus, the comfortable and engaging cockpits and so on, however it's the way in which a Lotus connects the driver to the road so intuitively well that makes the paramount case for ownership. Respectfully, is it otherwise better to not butcher yet another scarce Esprit when a lovely Pantera is what's really desired? Cheers
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    Hello mate. Mine’s leaking in the same place and is with dealer to investigate (along with another issue on noisy door cards). I’ll let you know what they come back with
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    Ouch! Fingers crossed the driver is ok but that sounds like the case but good on the guy for stopping. I remember once heading up the M25 in my Esprit and a french family were broken down in lane 3 and everyone was sitting in a huge traffic jam to pass them by. I blocked lanes 1 & 2 with my car and helped them push to the hard should (other people did get out to help). I was mainly trying to alleviate the traffic but I can imagine they were terrified in a foreign country and being totally ignored! Took 2 minutes I guess, at least the traffic must have cleared up after.
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    No stopping me now, after 2 years and six months it's nearly there!
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    Well practice makes perfect and a lot of luck! The internal fans worked after I connected the relay earth(which is internal behind the temp control panel). The rad fans also worked perfectly first time, amazing as I rewired them all! The only thing left is to rebuild the fiber optic system. I have 2 mm fiber strands on the way and bought a new transmitter - so hopefully binnacle all back together next week! Changing the headlight switch was an easy fix theyare working perfectly now. I serviced all of the motors and rebuilt the headlight mechanism. It was well worth it they run like new! I even have the clock working after I moved it to the Bond position.
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    Hi TLF people, and thanks for growing such a useful online resource. Last week I picked up my 2016 Evora 400 after just under 3 years in a Mercedes C350e. My accountant talked me into that car, and I guess it saved my business a bit of money, but gee-wizz. Boooorrrriiiiinngg!! Prior to that I had a supercharged Rangie, a couple of Boxsters, and a few bikes. So it's soooo good to be back in a car that has some soul! And bags of it! One week into ownership, and I'm well, well chuffed. What an amazing drive, just bonkers! I'm looking forward to getting into the better weather next year and having some adventures in this incredible car. I'm in South Devon. Any other Lotus owners around here? I rarely see any!
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    Ok if your an avid V8 owner new or old, this tip may give you at least peace of mind. I'e run V8 Lotus Esprit's, longer than most I guess, 1998 and running. I wonder how many owners, Know there is an Electric Water pump on the car ! its mounted N/S Rear outside the chassis main frame, its purpose is to cool the engine, if for any reason at Rest the car has been parked Red Hot. It's to protect this very special 918 Flat Plane Crank Engine from Damage. Note the Engine Temp will rise even Higher after it's switched off With latent Heat....(ALL ENGINES)..... before they cool down. How this system works is not why I'm writing this ( my back ground was an Auto Electrician) But this pump may never have run or has not had to run, the problem is How do You the "Owner" know its in working Order ? Note IGN Key not in the Socket INFO Workshop Manual (or hand book ) section ML pages 14/15. Rear Relay box. Remove cover and the "A" relay......will easy just pull Out. Look at the Relay drawing on its side. it shows 5 contact's, Noting Terminal's 30 and 87 ! On the relay Pin base note where the spade 30 *&87 terminals are. Now Looking at the Cars Main Relay Base and that relay you have in your hand, you should be able to Note the 5 Pin slots..... make a note of the positions of No 30 & 87 in the Relay Base. What you need is about 5cm piece of wire, the actual wire thickness about 3-4mm thick for safety, Fit on Two Spade Terminals.(halfords) ( To attach you could just squash the crimped end on with a pair of plies, No Bare Wire ) showing !!!) Take the wire and push one end into the relay base Slot at 30 or 87, gently contact, with other pin onto the other terminal Slot. if your pump is ok it will run smooth and not very Loud. fit the pin in properly let it run maybe 30 seconds, if the pump does not run. check the fuse, the data is on same page, retest. If its very noisy or does not work, you should consider who needs to look at the pump to fix it. (then remove the test wire, refit relay and the cover) I've owned my SPT 350 for 17 Years, the test was normal ran like a watch. Those looking below will note my battery Isolation Switch. Also the inline 10A fuse, that is the protection fuse for the Power Socket inside the Unused Fuel Filler Door. For Trickle charging. Very Important advice....... Make sure you have good clean Anti Freeze in the system, Have a good Look at Yours ? Please Note Only do this if you feel competent , if not ask some one, who Is. I've been working on cars all my my working life All these words of wisdom came about from my Heating fault and having a conversation with Peter from PNM, Good friend for many years. Very Gifted man.
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    I'll be selling tickets.
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    Well spotted. Had quite a while on the phone with Pete as he tried to work out if his pipes were US ones or not and didn't he did seem to be struggling to find the difference. After lots of careful measuring I am 99% sure the fitting is 1/4" BSP so will call at the local hose specialist tomorrow to try and get a new olive and compression fitting. I'd prefer not to have to disturb the fitting from the compressor housing, and there is sufficient slack (or at least length to gently bend) in the pipe to cut the current fitting off and put on a new one - as I am pretty sure that olive won't slide off. Will put a note here if that is right, otherwise the SJ part is a good fallback.
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    Good to know, also the edge of the cheater seal could be rounded of to prevent it happening, as its actually sharp on the corner which causes the issue.
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    If that fails, I’ve used a rubber adhesive called Black Witch before. It’s actually a neoprene adhesive, but it has good gap filling properties and works on EPDM too.
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    Just checked mine and the seal is also torn, appears to be caused by the sharp edge of the "cheater seal" Part number B132U0793F. The seal isn't cheap, I'm also interested to see what the dealer says
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    Yes checked with Andy before I bought it Monaco white, tobacco and roof stereo. Spoke to him again today and looks like this was the second one in this spec, 1st being the FYEO car and 4th white turbo Esprit. 3 or 4 white cars in total with Tobacco leather. Waiting for the full research though
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    At the moment, my sounds system is worse than useless, on the m25 it picked up 2 stations. There is no depth to sound, very little volume. The engine and exhaust are a great substitute, but, when the valves are closed and cruise control is on, it would be nice to have something to listen to
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    Today I see this Exige 410 Sport in Cyan Blue Metallic. Awesome.
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    Yup, sideswiped for the 3rd (and last !!!) time in recent years by home reno projects gone awry, one way or another. Won't be taking any more calls to arms when I soon resume S2 work out in the garage 'til the thing is on the road, and this has been made deadly clear to the Mrs. Cheers
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    I had this issue with stock discs and PF08, no issues since I swapped to the new bigger discs. As Jack mentions, bedding in properly is key to smooth braking on track.
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    Hi mate, welcome. My car was serviced by you guys back in August before it was sold to me by Alexanders Prestige. I dealt with your technician Steve who came across as a very knowledgable and friendly chap.
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    Congratulations, great purchase. Looks like Trevor's old car
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    Brakes having a "vibration/juddering" doesn't sound like a heat issue but rather a brake bedding issue --- uneven pad material transfer, sometimes referred to as "pad smear" will rear it's ugly head as the brakes get HOT. From the experts: "The all-important transfer layer: ........ the objective of the bed-in process is to deposit an even layer of brake pad material, or transfer layer , on the rubbing surface of the rotor disc. Note the emphasis on the word even, as uneven pad deposits on the rotor face are the number one, and almost exclusive cause of brake judder or vibration. Let's say that again, just so there is no misunderstanding. Uneven pad deposits on the rotor face are the number one, and almost exclusive cause of brake judder or vibration. It only takes a small amount of thickness variation, or TV, in the transfer layer (we're only talking a few ten thousandths of an inch here) to initiate brake vibration. While the impact of an uneven transfer layer is almost imperceptible at first, as the pad starts riding the high and low spots, more and more TV will be naturally generated until the vibration is much more evident. With prolonged exposure, the high spots can become hot spots and can actually change the metallurgy of the rotor in those areas, creating “hard” spots in the rotor face that are virtually impossible to remove.
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    I'm sure they wouldn't mind you spending some time with it for 'product familiarisation', no?
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    A proper FYEO spec Turbo Esprit - nice find Lucas
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    Ohhh yes, bring it on...
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    24.11.2018 Track day at Dubai autodrome with my exige v6 450hp 02/12/2018 Dubai autodrome track day with my exige s v6 450hp My best time at GP circuit 2:28.95
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    Just ordered one. Meaco DD8L Junior Desiccant. Continuous drainage option Wall mount Quiet & efficient 3yr warranty cheers all
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    Car looks great, many congratulations. The bellhousing is the same as my dry sump. If you need any pics I have lots during my restoration. Just let me know. Steve.
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    Evora is effortlessly quick and involving, the Cup 430 is brutally quick and very involving. Exige feels a hell of a lot faster, but the Evora has real GT appeal as well as outright pace.
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    Unless things have changed since I last looked, UK regs for MOT require a mechanical parking brake. Unless of course an hydraulic/mechanical system can be, ahem, fitted somewhere convenient*. *Strictly for off-road use...
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    The EMC website seems to be down? Couldn't see them, but there's a yellow S2 in Japan with Hayashi Street wheels on it and they look amazing. Think they're 15's, which as a size really suit the S2 without looking out of place. Thanks a mill Dan, and yeah the heat in the panel was disturbing until I watched again and saw the spring back.
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    Nope, but as others said I’m off to go and check!
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    Not that I've experienced yet, but I will be checking it the next time I'm in the car!
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    I'm not sure but if you struggle with the PIN, I can get it from Lotus for you from your chassis number.
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    Tim, perfect fit for project Kermit...
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    I did a bit of a colour correct myself and glitzy thumbnail
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    My 380 Cup getting its ceramic treatment Look Andy up if you need any detailing!
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    Big-wing buddies. and before he says anything......
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    Another season of sprinting at an end. Here's a lap from Anglesey, I've solved my under steer problem, maybe a bit too well, it's a busy lap.
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    30+ pages for Porsche's 70th birthday, Lotus got about 7 and most of those were photos...

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