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    I had the use of this nice courtesy car today while I have my sticky door fixed on the 430 Cup. Nice colour if anyone is on the hunt for a 410. Cant compare it to mine as it’s not run in yet so just had a pootle about for a few miles.
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    Greetings, Took a journey over the Stelvio Pass in a rented Alfa Giulia back in mid-September, was very pleased and not at all surprised to have quite a number of Lotus for company. First spotted was a black Evora, running with hot Audi and M-B as companions in the train of traffic along the valley out of the Bolzano area. Evidently he was quite in thrall of the Lotus' wicked exhaust note, taking every opportunity to rev up or put the boot to it. Going up the north side early on I caught sight of first one, then a quick series of several more Elise types overtaking when checking the mirror between switchbacks. Waved them all through promptly, of course. A Caterham ran in their midst as well. Paused for a few words at one of the restaurants at the summit, later enjoyed waving some of them through on the way down. Definitely added to what was already a lovely vacation. Cheers
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    This statement just about sums it up. Leavers and remainers alike at least agree on one thing. There's not one politician in government in any party that has what it takes to lead this country. There's no vision, no backbone, no belief. Just self interested single minded blinkered idiots squabbling to get themselves to the top of the pile, and what a pile of shit that is.
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    Purchased from Howards Lotus in Weston-Super-Mare, and Johnathan, the salesman was fantastic. Very accommodating and knowledgable. On the way back up to Manchester we made a few stops, and I'm nothing but impressed with the car. Can't wait to take it on some runs, hopefully meeting some of you along the way.
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    I will be in Worcestershire, burning down chicken sheds, but i guess that is probably taken care of after you left a few loose connections
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    Your dealer is incorrect or you misheard. The cast wheel isn't an option on the 410. The standard wheel for a 410 2+2 is the Forged wheel that was previously an option on the 400. The upgradeable option is then the GT430 Forged wheel (albeit with the 235/285 width tyres). It is the lightweight Forged wheel that is standard on the 410 2+0 which is not certified with the 2+2 variant. This is probably where you or your dealer have got confused.
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    They're actually just checking whether your cruise control is engaged or not.
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    So I'm back after my first track day in my Evora and I had a great time! I can't remember what the static test result was but was warned I was on the high side and and could trigger the drive by sensors so was advised to take it easy and slowly get faster so they could warn me if I was getting close to the limit rather than throwing me out because I went full pelt and went over the noise limit. For most of the day I was shifting around 5-5.5K rpm and was fine. Later on in the afternoon I was feeling more confident especially after the sessions with the instructor and was revving the engine closer to the rev limit in normal mode (6.8K rpm) maybe very occasionally accidentally hitting the limiter and I got a noise warning. I was fine to continue just needed to shift a bit earlier. It didn't spoil my day at all, as a beginner to track days my skills and technique were holding back the lap times not the engine rev limit so it really wasn't an issue for me. Looking forward to the next one!
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    So, apparently I'm 85% worn on front pads.... after 5,600miles! Impressive I think? So, who makes front pads for 400? Are they same fitment as anything else?
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    Smaller, lighter, faster, better handling, cheaper to run, better proportions.
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    Dianne Abbott has put her name forward as a contender if May does go... buddsy
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    I suggest that he pays more attention when visiting the factory and/or listens harder then. Evora 410 2+2 with standard "400 option" Forged wheels.
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    Phil, Not at all, I fear I may have read into that too much and made an attempt do defend the needy. Curse of the text, perhaps we should hug this one out at the meet. I have every confidence Bibs will know when to give out discounts.
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    Being out of the EU and on WTO rules - won’t we be able to effectively ban vw Audi group cars until they can be proved to pass a strict UK type of testing?? We need to stick it up em now
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    Phil, At no point did I mention the saving was for myself, nor have I been unwilling to pay my way. My comments were in consideration of those perhaps less fortunate. We have many who take part on this forum with no lotus, and enjoy the brand, it's heritage etc. My consideration was simply to support a minority, let's not undermine their sacrifices.
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    I wish the Political classes and to a large extent the media would stop referring to this as Teresa May's deal. IT IS THE EU's deal - end of. and the only one they will EVER agree to. If Parliament cannot come together for the good of the Country and pass this deal (never looks likely!), then come the 29th March, the only option on the table (if the result of the referendum is to be respected) is to leave on WTO terms and be done with it - yes it will be painful for the UK BUT it will also cause the EU a nightmare. If the EU can't see this (and behave pragmatically regarding the Irish Border) then we should stick it to them once and for all. I actually feel sorry for the PM - she (and her team) have at least stepped up to the plate and come up with something - however unpalatable it seems to be, NO ONE ELSE has offered a viable alternative (other than 'No Deal'). This sideshow of a leadership vote is an absolute disgrace - seems to me that there are some in the Tory party who are determined to kill off any remaining hope of ever being electable again. The alternative of a Corbyn Govt depresses me hugely but God help me, is the current shower worthy of my vote? NO!
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    I am not an experienced race / track driver at all. I've spent 3 days at Lotus driving academy driving the Elise 220, demoed a few sports cars on the road and 1 experience day driving a 911 GT2 so I don't have a wealth of experience to compare it to but .... The car is standard no track day upgrades or changes and I found it pretty good for sure I was the limiting factor on my speed not the car. The engine did not over heat and stayed around the 50% mark on the temp scale, the brakes felt solid and never faded one bit, even over a 45 min session. I was very surprised how much later I was able to brake compared to the other cars running much faster than me. Even the gear shift was pretty good for an S1, I missed a gear shift only twice all day and both times was me trying to rush the gear change. On the road I sometimes find the box baulks when downshifting form 5th to 4th but I had no problems on the track. You can feel the extra weight of the car compared to an Elise and the feel that the weight bias is slightly more rearward and the suspension is a bit softer and allows more roll but the handling is very stable and predictable. I had one spin at the start of the day which was due to my inexperience, thinking I can follow the same lines as other cars and went over a damp kerb and got some oversteer which I over corrected and spun out on. After letting a lot of air out the tyres, giving the slightly damp conditions more respect and accepting I have little experience and skill and cannot keep up with the track converted Ford fiestas and Renault Clios I had no moments after that. It was hard to push the car close to the limit due to a mixture of lack of experience on my part and not wanting to spin off and damage my much adored car which is a daily driver for me, but possibly the front end could have been a bit more pointer it didn't feel quite as direct as the Elise. Maybe a geometry change could fix this or maybe more experience and skill would have fixed it too? on the road I find the seats are very good indeed but on the track I think they could have a bit more support, I'm slightly cuddlier than the average person and there was a bit of room for me to slide about. I think I will also look into a harness for next time too as in the big braking zones I was having to support my self by pushing back on the steering wheel. I didn't notice this being a problem while at the Lotus driving academy and using their Elises with normal seat belts. In summary it was a great car, everything worked great and consistently no its not as nimble as an Elise but its still very good fun.
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    Or vote the most outragious party every time. Personally if it doesn't go through I will vote UKIP every single vote no matter what other policies they have or how uncomfortable they make me feel.
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    My wife has changed her vote from remain to leave purely based on the attitude of the Remainers and Politicians. She is a very intelligent lady with a 1st Class Hons Degree and said that she couldn't vote remain again, in all good conscience, because it would undermine Democracy if the referendum was overturned. And what then if it was? I for one would demand another vote due to the hype and made up "consequences" by the remainers. I like to think I'm not alone. The issue is that the Govt and Parliament is run by a bunch of remainers who are only interested in themselves and their back handers and pensions from retiring to become EU Diplomats, ambassadors and Beurocrats. They are pushing this second vote through no matter what happens. For once I think the French have it right with their fuel demonstrations. Mass demonstrations by 52% of the population until any second vote is overturned again! My suggestion is let May stay in. Agree her deal, then behind the scenes change PM to Reese Mogg or Johnson, tell the EU to F off and be done with it!
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    Alastair, Yes the handbrake gaiter is stitched to the carpet and also glued to a fibreglass panel that's riveted to the inner sill. It would be difficult to replace it with the carpet in situ, and almost impossible to remove the carpet without damage. I could supply you a new gaiter set but you would need to hand stitch it in.
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    I thought the best bit was "Lotus added a bigger engine and a turbocharger; later models had V-8s with 500 horsepower."
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    It’s not all the fault of the politicians; the country is massively divided and there isn’t a unifying vision that any politician has that people can get behind As a result, no politician would have been able to avoid the mess that we are in however, if we had planned seriously for no deal properly - so that we could actually call EU’s bluff and walk away - we would have been able to avoid the panic that is driving much of the events at this late stage; and not be pushed around or scared into submission
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    I wonder how many people gave up on buying their products because of the customer care ...
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    For the app use Waze, it's free and excellent. For the holder, I had a little magnet that goes in my phone case and the other side on the air vent, works a treat for me and I have a holder in all 3 cars so easy to use in each.
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    So after a few months of searching after selling my Elise - followed by almost two months of waiting for a new AC pump - the Evora rolled onto the driveway after a 300mile, 5 hour journey back from Edinburgh back to the West Mids which, thanks to the long box, was much better than expected. I couldn't have imagined doing that in my old Elise! My head would have collapsed in on itself. I bought this from Simon (who's on here, but don't know his username) and was previously owned by @Colin P . 2010 Evora N/A with all the packs, forged wheels and 2Bular exhaust (which sounds fantastic). The good? The steering, ride and chassis are just fantastic. Snaking along the A-roads in Scotland was a real joy. Depsite not being supercharged, there's more than enough power for 95% of your needs on Britains roads IMO. It's comfy, fairly refined, sounds great with the 2bular and on top of that, it handled 70-80mph on the motorway with ease. The bad? Well, most of it's really minor. The stereo audio is fine for my needs, it'll do the job, but the HU interface is awful. The doors are huge, you have to take it into account with all parking spaces, and the dash layout is terrible. Probably my biggest criticism is the transmission, specifically the noise at low RPM's once the box was warm. Sounds like someone grinding up metal. I know it's normal (box, flywheel etc) but it'll take some time to get used to. I'm aware of Lotus foibles from 2 Elises and an Exige, but even this one is grinding my gears (heh). Worth replacing the gearbox oil, maybe? So far, I love it. I'll remain a second car next to the daily VW hack, but based on today I'll try and use it more often than I did my Elise. I've no plans for it, other than getting the SR black pack, but otherwise it'll stay as is. I'd also like to say a massive thanks to Craig at CMC who was hugely helpful in assisting with the sale - he helped to sort the nightmare of the AC pump at his own expense and time, and even picked me up from the station and valeted the car. It's shame I'm so far away as I'd have no qualms about using him in the future.
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    But the countries of Japan, S Korea, Australia, all of SE Asia, and many others are doing just fine and would never sign up to a union such as the EU. They do have trade ties, along the lines of the original Common Market which we voted to join.
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    @Buddsy just posted this on facebook. She gets it, Merkel doesn't seem impressed though!. It's also critically important to remember that the EU are out to royal shaft our whole country to stop others from leaving as she reminds us at the beginning. Who are the EU to try to ruin us as an example to others, this isn't a school yard.
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    I wish Lotus made sexier changes to the Interior of the GT430, but I would choose it over any GT3 or 570s everyday! Even over a 720s, which i drove on road and on track: i know it is much faster, but it is less macho and less emotional than a GT430. this is my car, shot by a professional without my knowledge
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    From Evora 400 to facelift 250 cup here. Overall, I think I'd agree with your conclusions. Presence and noise - the 4 cylinder Elise is never going to match the fantastic noise of the 6 cylinder 400, but with the latest version Lotus have made a real effort with the exhaust sound and I'm impressed with the sound it makes in my 250 Cup. Added benefit, you don't get kicked off track days Agree that the Evora gets more attention, I think people are more familiar with the Elise and know what it is. Performance - 0-60 is almost identical, but from there on the Evora has a significant advantage. But, in the real world on the road, the Elise is still a bloody quick little car and the perfect size for hustling down a twisty A/B road. Quality and comfort - Both seemed well screwed together. I find squeaks and rattles come and go in the Elise, sometimes silent, sometimes not. The Evora was better in this regard. I've had a lot less niggling problems in the Elise though. In terms of comfort, hands down win for the Evora obviously! Conclusion - The Evora is a better car, the Elise is a better toy

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