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    All front lights converted to LED’s and not only does it look cool but I can actually see once it gets dark!! Mains were a bit of a pain to fit but sides and spots were just a bulb change. Although not exactly cheap it wasn’t extortionate especially when compared to the cost of replacing all 4 standard lamps. Plus being completely sealed units they should last longer.
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    Looking through my Dad's old photos today I found this one of him in 1939 with some old boy with a moustache
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    Dipped and mains are a kit sold by pnm (listed on their parts site rather than the website). Kit consists of replacement back plates and levelling mechanism in stainless steel. Although I had to remove some fibre glass out of the pod to fit the new lamps you can always retrofit the originals if you so wish. For the other lights I just tried to find the best equivalent bulbs in led format. Although I had the Phillips extra bright halogen bulbs fitted, my original lamps had been in the car for about 10 years and were a little clouded and starting to corrode again. Hadn’t failed an mot but found them rubbish when driving at night especially when combined with bad weather. These lamps are a massive improvement!
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    It is 425 pages and running, so a little hard to sum up. But it is the general s2/s3 exige discussion thread, mixed in with elise cups. Going round in circles, posting up prices and people worrying about values, with regular analysis the ads currently out there every few weeks or so. Youre not missing anything.
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    Well, if and when everyone buys a porsche, there will be loads around which will reduce value. I've had a little buyers remorse on the odd occasion, but those issues were sorted. When i go for a drive, everyone is so much more interested in the Lotus. Anything less than a gt3 and no one cares. Let's not forget, the lotus is half the cost of the top end porsches, and is often the benchmark comparison, which makes me quite content. I agree with some comments above, Lotus need to start being more involved with quality and customer support otherwise they will be in the same position in a few years when the investment money is all gone. Which will be sad.
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    Nice bit of movie making Dave, everything looks to be in good order mechanically, inside that valve will probably be a simple plunger with a rubber seal to divert the flow through or away from the heater, so the most likely culprit would be a perished seal. Before outlaying a wad of cash for a new valve it may be worth pulling this one out and having a go at a repair.
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    380’s are the best looking, my totally unbiased opinion of course....
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    Here in South Dakota USA we can have a plate that reads anything we like. As long as it has a maximum of seven letters or numbers and no one else is using it. I used to have ‘ESPRIT’ on 165H, but when I reaquired the car last August I opted for an ‘ Historical Plate’. The Historical plate means you pay no yearly registration/road tax. My 88 has a standard South Dakota plate on it.
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    Awesome, definitely need one of them - I’ve sent you a private message back... on hol at the mo visiting family so only just picked this up
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    Flanged self tappers. Finished in black. screwed directly into the body.... About the size of a number 6 woodscrew
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    I went there once, and yes, you're quite right, I would not want to holiday there... :)
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    "Vote Remain in the EU" Facebook page poll buddsy
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    I’ve got a pair of tanks out of the S4s you are welcome to if any use
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    I go over to the Playground every now and then, normally last a day and then just retreat back as they really are a bunch of turnip gnashers at times.... However, the only "buyers remorse" I can see on there is that they didn't buy a Porsche, which is what most of them seem to want to chat about the most. TLF is a far more welcoming, and tolerant place in my modest opinion.
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    But it does also raise quite a few issues that Lotus should, and I hope, already have learnt from. Things like Cup 380’s being pushed out to dealers without buyers, JMG claiming they were sold out, now dealers stuck with cars they need to sell at a loss. 50/50 finance driving depreciation of nearly new cars. Constant special editions and model revisions leaving buyers of brand new cars feeing ripped off. Terrible availability of spares. Much of these are being addressed, and I hope continue to be. Overall it does seem to show (for me) that Lotus tried to move up the ladder price wise, but seemed to misjudge that customers expectations adjust in line with that. And this is me being a Lotus fanboi after dailying S1’s and S2’s for hundreds of thousands of miles, but the M111 platform is the same as I was buying when I got my first tatty s1 in my early 20’s. But all of those cars were modified, including the latest which was stripped out the first week to fix issues like lack of harnesses, poundshop stereo etc and is now on an ongoing journey. Hopefully Lotus are open to learning now they have the backing to invest, not just trim costs. Saying that there are some utter tools on there that just seem to have buyers remorse. Anyway back on topic, 410’s are nice
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    It’s been a while since I updated this thread...! Due to a house move and general day job workload I’ve had very little Esprit time! Good news is I now have a garage at home so I haven’t got to take it anywhere to work on and I can basically tinker as and when I get a spare bit of time... A few updates, I’ve bought some new tyres for my SE wheels - Went for 225/50/15 and 245/55/16 Toyo T1-R which was pretty much the closest to original sizes I could find... Fairly reasonable as well, around £320 all in for the 4. I’ll be getting the wheels refinished in “JPS” gold before they are fitted and will post some photos. The car needs a clutch, LH fuel tank, cambelt and a few other small jobs (gearbox oil flush, a few oil leaks to look at and a jolly good engine bay clean/spruce up) which I’m aiming to get finished for MOT time which is early feb. I’ve stripped it down and made my first attempt at removing the tank. It’s so bloody frustrating!! Almost comes out, it’s literally 10mm too tight! I removed the exhaust camshaft cover which helped a bit but not enough. I think I’m going to just cut up the tank and either have it modified or get a smaller one made. I know a highly skilled fabricator who should be able to come up with something. While I was in there I removed the balance pipe which is on it’s last legs, and simply cut off all the old hoses which are way past their sell-by date so they’ll all be replaced at the same time. heres a few pics... more updates coming soon...
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    Spiderman de la India.mp4.mp4 Poliskontroll1.mp4.mp4 extreme_sheep.mp4.mp4 Car_WashWithOneBucketOfWater.mp4.mp4 1974.mp4.mp4
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    The first outing for Gran Turismo on PS4 has been 'launched' today. I see an Evora! Fingers crossed for an Exige V6. and another....
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    Just to add to the Evora love, I bought my 2010 Evora from B&C in Feb 2018. I have not been without one Lotus or another since 1992, having started with a S1 Esprit and through every variant of Esprit (except V8) plus a few Europa (Type 65), Elise, Elan (Type 100) and Excel. I have always wanted an Evora but various events and other toys stood in its way. I debated about a 400 or 345bhp S but decided to dip my toe with an early 276bhp car. For me, it had to have CR gearbox, sport button and 'anything but black' interior. B&C came up trumps with a 50,000 miler and offered a full one year warranty (as the clutch was still the one it left the factory with...…). I have had a few fast cars in my time, so I thought 276bhp would feel very tame. In truth, I was anticipating seeing if I liked the general feel of the car and if smitten, I would switch to a more powerful version. 6,000 miles in and I am more than delighted with the sensation of speed the singing V6 provides. Many a time (and every day this week) I have steered my steed in the early morning light to a deserted country road, just to flick it from 2nd to 3rd at 6500rpm, back off and do the same again, corner after corner, straight after straight. Roads that my Twingo 133 would balk at as too bumpy and uneven are dismissed as mere trifles by the supple and sublime Evora. And, to be fair, so do other Lotus successfully negotiate the dodgy cambers down that same causeway. The Evora, in my eyes, exceeds these other Lotus as it offers more in a host of different circumstances. My word, I love my Excel but I am not sure, no I am certain I would not want to do a 2 week road trip across Europe in it. Especially if it rained a lot. Likewise the Elise, one of my favourite cars of all time but nothing like as versatile as Evora. And nor should it be. The Evora gives me all the thrills of other Lotus, mildly diluted but still a winning cocktail. Justin
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    Stunning pics, yelow G turbo with good year tyre decals looks super cool
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    When you pull, on the s1 (ie not the 4x0 series), you need to pull perpendicular to the car, ie not to the front but rather to the side. i am pming you pictures
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    It was, great noise between the two!
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    So here is my purchase, being collected from the seller today and brought down south next week. It is chassis 953 and waiting to hear back from Andy Graham a bit more about it. Off the road since 1992 it needs some reviving but was an opportunity I couldn’t miss
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    I've been up at the launch event all day, there are quite a few Lotus cars in it

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