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    I went to an open-to-all breakfast meet last Sunday - you know the sort, anything from an Austin 7 to an Aventador is welcome. Just as I parked, a Panamera pulled in opposite and the driver virtually leapt from his car and sprinted over to me. Fearing the worst, I tentatively got out to confront this potential assailant. I can't remember his exact words but it was something along the lines of: "I had to catch you before you disappeared in the crowd. That car is I-N-S-A-N-E" pointing at the Evora. "You passed me on the motorway and it was like being overtaken by a jet fighter at take-off. I saw you coming in the mirror but as you went past, the wall of sound was unbelievable. What a beast - absolutely amazing!" There then followed a conversation lasting several minutes, during which time he examined my P&J from every angle and took a load of pics. When we eventually went our separate ways to look at what else was 'on show', his parting words were, "I never realised Lotus produced things like THAT!" Hopefully another future convert from 'the dark side', .
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    The problem with high speed isn't so much when you have the roof off, but more with the soft top on. The soft top will lift at about 120mph ish IIRC. I managed 169mph with the roof off and there was so much wind noise I couldn't hear my 2bular road exhaust!
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    First run of 2019. 22 years of continuous service....
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    Took the roof off today as wife and kids away and ended up taking my favourite route along the B3227 and did close to 120 miles just for fun. After a quick false start and trip to tool station (5th time it’s done that trip) to pick up some safety Torx as all my tool kits had solid ones was a 5 min job to whip it off. I didn’t follow any instructions either being a bloke. Wow is all I can say they come alive with the roof off. The noise in sport is addictive. Absolutely this car so far - I’ve already done more miles in 1 month than I did in 6 in my GT4 which shows what a great drivers machine they are. Away for a few months now on holidays so won’t get chance to use until March and for the first time ever will miss driving a car.
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    Little parcel from JAE today. They have been really good to deal with and hopefully next week I can pick up the liners from Westwood and the engine build can commence. have just dropped the turbos in at AET turbos for a stripdown and quote on rebuild.
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    So the S4 manifold and turbo fit well. The Engine is now back in the chassis and the gearbox had a quick once over inspection. Confidence is high.
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    Dealer told me anything above 90 was dodgy with roof removed as air turbulence over open roof impacted effectiveness of rear spoiler. Took the roof off mine and did a tad more than that at IOM least year and survived , but I do get their logic
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    Just wanted to say a big thank you to @Guy Munday. Guy just gave 15 Norfolk Bumpkins a fantastic and informative tour of Classic Team Lotus. Guy is a wealth of information of all thing Lotus. I can’t belive how he can remember dates, points scored, drivers, races etc etc. You can’t just remember the information he tried to impart on us , you must live and breath it. Thanks Guy we all had a great time
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    I used a bit of heat shrink over the joints, no more leaks
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    I get a regular ripping for these, usually followed by an admission that they think it looks pretty good.
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    Head fuzz Andy........leave well alone. Buy an Esprit if you really have to
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    FWIW: Actually, Lotus ECUs have been encrypted going back to the S2's at least....they were never open-source. Koldfire (I think affiliated with Komotec) back in 2011 opened up the ECU and was selling tunes. Around 2014, BOE through its FASTWORKS programing was doing tunes for the S2 variants, initially only on the "white-dash/K-line" cars, then subsequently on the "black-dash/can-bus" cars.
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    Good point, Tom. The thing that got me was that all the rubber hoses I took off my S4s were vintage 1995 (dated on the hose), so probably the originals, but none were actually leaking. After the poor experience with silicone, I reasoned that if the rubber ones lasted 22 years from new, then I’ll be well past caring when they come up for replacement next time around, and if they’ve lasted that long, then why should I buy silicone anyway? So far the rubber hoses have been leak-free, so I’m sticking with them!
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    Had a good feel around this evening. Under the driver's seat is soaking! Nothing higher up or further forward is damp so at a guess, it's getting in through the door seal at the B pillar and running in through the bottom of the door. I'll have to get it replaced and make sure it's all a good fit!
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    Thanks John ill give them a try, I also have the XKR as my Sunday drive. Thanks & regards
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    (Uh oh, the engine is already out!? ... )
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    Ah the joys of internet forums, for every one positive experience you get one negative. Given the price of them I'm tempted to take a punt, but I might wait until I've drained the coolant and properly inspected the existing hoses before making any decisions.
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    Hi Richard I have the same vehicle and same year, been working on it for the last couple of years, rebuilt the rear suspension then last year the front suspension and brakes all around, still work in progress as I'm doing bits at a time, live near Worcester I will try and help if I can, don't have any spare parts, not that are any good anyway. Regards Rick
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    Note to self, avoid meets in summer
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    @Bibs thanks, I'll give Snows a call who supplied the car to me and the original owner. I'm pretty sure it's factory fitted, but worth a call. @DBG in the UK, I think the the PPF might evolve into some form of basic life and crawl off the car, before the sunshine warmed it up enough to loosen it!
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    Simply Sports cars have finally posted some figures, 400 for the non charge cooled at the crank.
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    I was at a new years lunch/party yesterday with English Harbour 10 Year Old on tap so couldn't say no and I'm volunteering in my local pub this evening for the staff party so they can all have a nice time and the offer of free booze is too enticing. Tomorrow it is!
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    I also never wash any car I like with a pressure washer. Apart from the real risk of damage, they dont get the car clean - it needs direct contact for that. Pressure washer great for cleaning paths, rejuvenating garden furniture, washing dog (jk) but not cars. Invest in a good bucket with grit guard and if you are feeling really picky, buy 2 - one to load the sponge/mitt, the other to rinse, such is the danger of grit.
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    Blimey, by day 14 you'll be getting up half an hour before you go to bed!! (cue 4 Yorkshiremen sketch)
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    In Scotland - plod seem to be a bit Nazi about it. I got pulled over on boxing day last year (they even turned their patrol car around as they were going the other way) to issue me with a fine for spacing on a plate that nobody in England had batted an eye over during the previous 9 years.... To rub salt into the wound - it wasnt even my car - (belonged to my wife). I was just driving along at 30mph in a 30 zone in a non-descript car. Merry Xmas to you to Cuntstubble.... Mind how you go Orificer.
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    As a longtime Lotus enthusiast I'm glad to have been accepted in this forum :-) Here goes my first contribution, a write up about the 1978 F1 season. I hope you enjoy it: 'BLACK BEAUTY. How Lotus dominated Formula 1 in 1978'
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    I think they look great topless
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    Thanks Timothy! Great video to relive a wonderful day.
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    Newbie here, delighted with the comments and compliments I get on the car. Similar response of fascination and respect that I had for years with my replica AC Cobra - no negative "rich bastard" style comments from either vehicle. My current favourites - "that ass looks like a flying thong!" (comment from a "tradie"), and a "is it a McLaren" from a cycling buddy. (current favourite) photo from a nice drive in the Adelaide Hills with lunch at a picturesque Adelaide winery...
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    Here's a link to a nice article by Marshall Pruett on the 1978 season.
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    All sorted and squeak free. Added bonus that I could clean a few bits that are otherwise impossible to get to. Rear inside bolt made a bid for freedom into the centre tunnel and had to be coaxed out with a hook but otherwise painless.
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    When you do, maybe ask Andy Graham the question. If anyone knows, it will be him.
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    Laurel and Hardy were so funny back then
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    One little shot from my side. I don't post here too often
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    Still not got my outdoor cover fitted, . The rain has finally relented only to be replaced by gale-force winds. I suspect trying to fit it now might result in me becoming a hazard to aviation, .
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    Back from the 1st MOT and 3rd year service, so given the 400 clean and fitted the cover. Its a really nice fit, might need to adjust the front abit but all good.
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    I’d like the gravel the same colour as the wheels please...
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    So here is a garageshot of the S2.2 with my recent new toy , a triumph street triple. ( hooligan bike with stylish car, both UK products) The light in this picture is weird. A lot of backlight from the window behind the car SAM_8074 by Geert Vijncke, on Flickr
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    I think it's something to do with the wheel arrangment on a steam locomotive.
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    It was my twin girls 8th birthday on Friday and yet it was a deeply bittersweet day. Day started with girls coming to our room to open their presents, and thankfully my sisters came to help spoil them and lead Birthday cooking. Reason for it being bittersweet sweet... I fear we’re into the decline with my wife’s brain tumour. Alex (my wife) has lost most feeling in her left side (she is left handed) so cannot write, cannot use cutlery in her left hand etc. We’ve had three or four falls over the last few days, including one outside where the girls had to go ask for a neighbour to help Alex onto her feet. For sure, it’s been a tough few days It was the twins birthday on Friday and for them to see mummy falling over onto their presents is something I can’t begin to imagine how they feel. I sat and cried in front of them at breakfast yesterday, I just cried, no reason, fuck me it’s tough. You try and hold it together for their benefit and every now and then it spills over. Thankfully our kids are good kids and I’m deeply proud of the thoughtful, caring girls they are becoming, I took the girls to London last weekend so they could see the lights and it was the first time I’ve had to weigh up not taking them or leaving Alex alone at home, not a nice set of decisions but ultimately the girls need positive experiences to get them them through this. I’ve a feeling that was the first three person trip, but won’t be the last as I think that’s the new normal now. I’ve said before to a couple of people, but I’m almost certain this will be Alex’s last Christmas, not that I’d say that to her but I can’t see things improving. Today, we took the kids with their cousins swimming and Alex had to sit on the side, falling asleep at times (with my mum). Christ it’s heart breaking when you see your wife of 15yrs reduced to someone who can barely walk and coordinate their limbs. I feel this will be our last Christmas as a family of four and a high likelihood of me being a widower before I’m 40 (May). Hug your families folks, apologies for a down post. Lee.
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    The results of the scan on Sunday were processed today... “catastrophic growth” throughout the brain including brain/spine connection. Oncologist said she wouldn’t be surprised if it’s quicker than original guestimate.
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    Not at at all @Steve V8 I welcome your comments. I am of the same opinion. We have tried to keep the girls informed at all points, where possible. I think you’re right, it would bring closure for them, maybe not immediately but if we hide it away and shroud it in mystery then it is much harder. Just been up to tend to her, 4:45am, gonna make it a long day but we just keep soldiering on. Lee

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