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    I parked in a rather industrial-looking car park recently and the faded fluorescent lighting made my Evora look amazing...
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    It was about a year that my Esprit had problems,( the radiator fans sometimes turned on at low temperature and turned off when they wanted to) I finally discovered that the ECU had failed.I looked for used or new one but nothing, Finally thanks to a guy in the forum I found Esprit Engineering. I sent my ECM to them and they fix it in a short time, despite was Christmas, and now I have the Esprit again. So I have to thank Geoff of Esprit Engineering but also the TLF forum and its members for helping me ciao Roberto from Italy
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    Mine after a little play in the lakes last weekend. Its now all clean and tucked back up in the garage .
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    New secondhand lathe and milling machine arrived in the workshop with digital displays. Nice upgrade from the previous ones that Noah threw out from the Ark.
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    Good to see some old faces! And it's good to be back behind the wheel of a Lotus.
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    Hello Evora people. I’ve upgraded / gone soft (delete as you see fit) from an Exige 350 Sport. As you can see I have no imagination when it comes to colour choice.
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    Reminds me of modern day preacher
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    I did not agree with your thought , I just stated that clockwise was the safe direction moving from 100' toward 104' .. In other words if the blue dot was slightly above the line it would be in the better direction.. But moving 1 tooth when it is close is so wrong.. .. The cam pulley has 40 teeth that is 9' per tooth.. The crank has 20, so 18' per tooth .. As we are measuring crank angle , from 100' to 104' = 4'. divide by two allowing for crank/ cam pulley ratio which = 2' .. This is only 22% of one tooth for movement to go from 100' to 104 cam setting .. This is not a lot but cam timing is about small degrees of movement. There should be no reason why you can not get the two dots on the cam wheels close, unless the engine has had major head skimming done ie .040 to .050 and the thin head gasket that Gary kemp supplies.. As Sparky said you are seriously overthinking this.. With the std cam wheels you have one position which will be the best it can be.. People do get them one tooth out and run them like that .. What we a saying is get the tension correct in the area's as stated at TDC and if the dots are lined up within 1/2 a tooth then that is just how it is ...., If you want to get it spot on then fit verniers.. Sorry if this sounds abrupt but i don't know how i can say it any clearer..
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    'Gone sideways' would be appropriate. Lovely colour and great snap. Justin
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    Today I helped @peteyg install the calipers onto my S2. Bolting into place was easy, they go straight into the existing sliding pins. Handbrake cables - these go into the top of the caliper rather than the bottom, passenger side was no problem with a bit of manipulation. I was warned the driver side would need shortening but we were concerned about compromising it so elected to reroute. I initially we tried behind the battery box but it was too tight so elected to bring the cable in through the bodywork earlier and run to the caliper that way. There is a fair bit of slack on the cable but looks to be operating ok. Only concern we have is there is a raised ridge on the caliper and it is rubbing on the mounting bracket so don't know how this will affect its operation. I will speak to PNM to get their thoughts. They also suggested new brake pads and for the extra £20 I went with it. Will update more with pics when we test them. Oh and they are a LOT lighter!
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    Box in and car back together. Quick blast up the road - and yep - that box feels lovely. its a bit wet outside - when it breaks traction is wiggles just nicely and gets the power down. I must say I’m impresssed. the gear changes feel very nice and smooth - it’s never felt that nice and it wasn’t bad before. Think that oil @CHANGES put me onto was a fantastic choice. one very happy bunny. Wifes been niggling that I’ve been in the garage again instead of doing stuff round the house. Oh well......
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    This has been developed already on the electronics and software side , the sticking point is the mechanical fitting . A suitable screen size is 12.3 wide , but this would be too large at the corners , Take a look at the electric evora with Tesla drive , he had a 12.3 in there and holes were needed for the corner of the screen . I don't want to hijack the thread , so if someone wants to discuss this further I suggest starting a new thread . ..... back to this thread , it is possible to correct the mileage in an original evora instrument cluster , I have one for bench testing all the canbus codes . And correcting the mileage is part of the instrument clusters canbus messages So if someone buys a used cluster the mileage stored in it can be corrected to your cars mileage .
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    This is going over old ground, I think this stat first surfaced during the referendum debate, but i find this very interesting in the context of the 'take back control' moto Or in other words, the UK would pas 98% of EU legislation whether in or out. Only under a brexit agreement it will have no input, no ability to influence, and no veto. Mental.
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    No. I've been of the view for some time (including much earlier in this thread) that Brexit will go away. Unfortunately its going to be a long road to get there though.
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    I still do demand EU, especially Mrs. Merkel, to provide you with an appropriate parachute which you must not leave behind, no matter what the outcome will be next week!
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    Weekend in the Dales/Scottish borders has just done something similar to mine!
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    I suppose he thinks that by calling for, and winning, a general election he will be able to defer article 50. Then we'll have another right clusterfcuk as Labour in power rips itself to pieces. We should have been clear from day 1. The people have spoken we are leaving, deal or no deal but we'd prefer a deal as it would be best for all concerned. But no, straight away we had a campaign to derail us leaving and it looks like it has finally been successful. In my view the next thing that should happen is for laws to be looked at very carefully to see if Mr. Bercow has breached any. I do not think I will ever trust a politician from any party or of any persuasion again. Corbyn will be a complete disaster in power, but I suppose the upside is with no Brexit I can just go and fcuk off and leave and go buy a house in France. Better weather, great bread and butter, super cheap wine.
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    Spotted Red Elan at roneo corner this morning, nice to see, shame is was in my family wagon
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    The exhausts we're all within spec so I've left well alone A bit of a relief after having to drill one of the inlet tower bolts out. If that had happened with the exhaust it'd have been engine out to get a drill to it... All sealed and bolted back on now with 2 SJ replacement bolts and a new oil feed O ring too. In the end I decided that tight enough was tight enough for the bolts. I borrowed a 3/8 torque wrench but even set at 15 ft lb it was still going after my mk1 wrist told me they were plenty tight enough. Better safe than helicoiling... Next weekend cam belt, carbs, alternator etc back on and hopefully it'll be alive again.
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    All I can think of is those coloured rubber tyres used for burnouts and differnet colours of smoke... now that really is burning money hahaha
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    10 months on. Pics taken 10minutes ago. Washed the car yesterday so discs are a bit corrosion-y.... ignore. it’s definitely faded a bit, and one of the rears has a scuff through it where I must have brushed a kerb or something, but the slightly weathered look doesn’t offend me. Certainly not enough that i’ve Felt like going out and sticking a fresh coat of paint on.
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    Nice to meet you today Wayne G. Was a Great drive out today. A bit damp this morning but dried up early afternoon. Pics below taken at the Snow and Rock on princess park way. Had a nice lunch at The Church in Mobberley. Will meet up again soon if anyone else around Manchester fancies hooking up
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    I hope Essendon Country Club meet was fun...…..I went South to meet a chum at Goodwood for a bacon butty. Twingo 133+ is a neat match for SE on the road.
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    A Little teaser of the new smaller tires on Little Red Riding Hood. Seems to suit her just fine. And the 315/30-ZR18 have exactly enough space under the arch. Haven't had a chance to drive the car, as it's laid up for the Winter, so Suspension is rised compared to normal, so will lower Again once driven. Anyway, looking good I think, and nice and sticky rubber. Kind regards, jacques
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    Yep you can get many spacers for the standard wheel. Elise-shop, Eltech, Komotec. At worst you may have to drill through, but it’s very easy
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    Thanks for all reassurances everyone, kind of agree with @Barrykearley thinking. I might do an oil filter change today too as I have a spare K+N 2004 lying around from the S4. I assume this filter is OK for the 907 engine too
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    Are you referring to David Lammy here? I had to read this a few times but appears so. Good grief the mans a disgrace. He is from the Diane Abbott school of thinking. He preaches positive discrimination and divisive identity politics of the worst kind. He said shoplifters should target larger stores rather than small ones amongst other ridiculous statements.
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    Lovely colour that! Enjoy getting to know your Evora.
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    My issue (which isnt 100% gone, but dramatically improved) was resolved with a MAF sensor mounting change (fixed with cable tie as part of recall) and updated car software which had some throttle related tweaks. In general its loads better, but still have the occasionally jerking, but not enough to complain about.
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    Congrats, burnt orange? Did the dealer supply and fit your decals?
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    I personaly agree with this vision . I'm just collecting feedbacks on my own as I saw this thread. As my wife works on that kind of topics in the Company, I know it will be taken in account with interest
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    I would expect it to last the life of the tire if added by the manufacturer. I also wouldn't expect any increase in price. Factory produced white letter tires have been around for decades. They are still stock tires for many car brands. Its not new technology. So, really no reason for added cost. I would actually think tire manufacturers would love to produce them as they are a never ending source of advertising.
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    Hi all As per the discussion re changing the meeting to a Thursday: I have contacted the Club Lotus group that meet at BIH and the general consensus is that it would be good if we amalgamate into 1 group. It seems that this group is not just CL members and in fact there are probably more non CL members than members. They would normally meet on 2nd Thursday so for January it is gone. February falls on 14th. As it is valentines day for one month only they have changed it to 21st. I am tied up with work for any remaining evenings in January so I will be joining this group on 21st Feb. From the previous comments I truely hope you all follow me. I understand they organise occasional runs so should be nice evenings with a good crowd all with similar interests. see you there
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    all procedes will go to GREAT ORMOND STREET HOSPITAL all cars are invited any age sunday 19 may 10.00 til 1600 huge raffle refreshments of all types craft fair childrens entertainment etc a great day out for all
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    Wednesday 16th January 1830 - 1900hrs At Wetherspoons Retford sort out the remainder of the year?
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    Hi, It is time for me to step out from the dark, after being a FFM for some years (too much work/too little time for Lotus passion) and pay back to this great community. I would suspect your left front brake HOSE have delaminated inner wall material inside, creating a kind of unwanted valve-mechanism (unless you also changed the HOSE). I had that issue in my (LHD GT3 1997) right rear original brake hose. It also took a while for the brake pad to retract from the brake disc, after releasing the brake pedal. Cutting the old hose confirmed the situation. Problem solved after changing to SS-braided new ones
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    The key is to neither sit nor stand, but to crotch...I mean crouch:
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    First Thursday is no good for me. Any other Thursday is fine.As Phil says i will not do politics either . I will park were i choose.
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    Today I see this Exige 410 Sport in Cyan Blue Metallic. Awesome.
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    As posted in the Lotus 70th thread - passed 260,000 miles/420,000 km last week - not looking too shabby for those miles! There must be some other high-milers out there? Iain
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    Hi guys, I did my first ever track day which was at Silverstone this week in my 3 eleven and had an instructor with me the whole day (Dave Pitttard) who did an amazing job of putting my nerves at rest and teaching me the lines etc while getting me quicker throughout the day. Im curious what is considered a good lap time around the GP circuit? My times were obviously very average but Dave did 2 laps in the car himself which were obviously considerably quicker than mine and so i was wondering what was considered a good benchmark. Its the first 3 Eleven in the UK to have the Hangar 111 470 Upgrade and the increased torque in the car, along with the extra power feels insane to someone with very little experience like myself. Ive put a copy of the rolling road below with the pre and post upgrade figures. My best time of the day was 2:36 and Daves was 2:21 with me in the car (6 foot 4, 15.5 stone passenger). He only did 2 flying laps so i would be curious how much quicker he could of gone if he was on his own and had a proper run of it. Happy for you comments positive and negative.
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    Re the decals, the dealer (Hofmans) subbed it out to the guys that did the ppf. Very happy with it. Repair job required after the run out today as a pheasant fancied crossing the road at the wrong time when I was doing a decent speed. Nothing too drastic. Basically the grill in front of the passenger side radiator is wrecked and there is a small tear in the ppf. Not best pleased but could have done a lot more damage.

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