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    I missed this by a few days but we're passed through 50m page loads on TLF. Wow!
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    Damn indeed. None of them doing their jobs. Corbyn has showed his pathetic cards, utter joke putting his interests before the countries. Vote of no confidence, now.. what a joke. I’m unsurprisingly to those that know me a remainer simply because I don’t like taking unquantifiable risks. I like the freedom of movement across Europe and welcome trade with our Geographical Neighbours for long term sustainability. I think it’s better to buy Beef from Ireland not Australia. If you ignore the rhetoric from the Australian-Born America resident 19.7 Billion Media Mogul (The Sun etc) and his Sky “News” (its not news, it’s Dallas!) empire stirring us all up every morning (It’s the Sun wot won it” etc etc) and coincidentally making millions out of this controversy... you're left with In or Out based on the facts. Those facts have always been available for individuals to work out, they were there before the referendum. That’s an individual responsibility to do this before you vote. But after two years I actually think the complacency in our way of life and the system (Europe included) needs to be outed (no pun intended)... Lets go WTO, I don’t want a second referendum, it’s too late for that.. I think the people have spoken, let’s take back control and trust the “Bloody Fools, Idiots and baffoons” to run our country.
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    Maybe, time will tell. I am starting to think that I am out of kilter with the majority (nothing new there I suppose) but all this talk of electric, luxury, etc and I can't help but feel we are going to get more of the same - i.e. 500bhp plus barges (you need at least 500bhp to move the bloody things as they are that heavy) with leather everywhere and cupholders and heads-up displays and every gizmo under the sun. Do we really need all this in a Lotus? I do hope I am wrong. I use a Renault Clio for daily driver. It has keyless entry (which is a right fcuking pain in the arse at times as sometimes it decides to lock the doors when you don't want it to etc). It has friggin' stop start technology that means if you park up to make a call or listen to the radio then at some point the car decides to turn itself off - argh - halfway through a bloody bluetooth conversation. But then it could be worse i suppose. The wife has a Qashqai and that has a sodding "automatic handbrake". I mean, really, wtf is all that about? Is it really so hard to just pull a freakin' lever that you need a computer to do it all for you? Hill starts - well, maybe it will release, maybe it won't. Stop start technology that decides to switch of the engine just as you want to pull away from the lights - at best, a delay to progress, at worse the friggin' car stalls. It also has keyless entry, but woe betide you if you pull up and let the engine switch itself off (that lovely stop:start tech again) and then open the drivers door - argh - bing bing bing, bong bong bong, friggin' thing. You need to close the bloody door, hit the bloody engine start button, let the engine start, then hit the button to switch it off, then open the drivers door a second time. Argh!!! It used to take me less time to reboot a mainframe in the 80's!!! FFS, really, is it that hard to just insert a key and turn? And then to top it all, the bloody keyless systems are so easy to scam and copy cars are flying off drive ways stolen to order! Wonderful, talk about moving with the times. 80% of this so called luxury tech is just absolutely useless. When it works its OK, possibly a minor irritation, when it doesn't the cars shagged! And expensive to fix. And off the road whilst they order in the special parts for the tech as they are never in stock. I had a hire car with the radar cruise control - argh, hated every minute of using it. Just did not see the point and it would over zealously slow you down on the motorway - driving on the inside lane (as one should when not overtaking) and you come upon someone in the middle lane usually in a day dream, so just as you continue to pull out to "fast lane" -whooo, steady on there - the friggin' radar detects the middle lane hogger, gently applies the brakes and cuts the throttle - argh - really - FFS - Nooooooooooooooo! If you want toys, go to Smyths or Argos, now that Toys R Us, Woolworths and Beatties are long gone (ooooo, Beatties, the hours I used to spend in their on a Saturday morning as a kid drooling at the scalextric, Hornby trains, Airfix and Tamiya models - swooooooooon). If you want a car to drive, and feel part of, then go to Lotus. I do hope it stays that way. My god I haven't had such a good rant since before Christmas. That's better......
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    Hi Mark, I'm sorry to say that the car still looks pretty much exactly the same as in my last post. It's stuck behind a number of other projects, the major one being a house renovation (which the Mrs seems to think is more important) and a few bikes. I've been stockpiling parts though. I have everything to replace the fuel system; alloy tanks, new pump, new hoses and the carbs have been rebuilt. A new stainless exhaust including 4-1 collectors. And loads of other bits and pieces. I've also got my hands on the intake manifold from a later, injected car including the throttle bodies and fuel rail etc as I have a longer term plan to run injection. I'm determined to get this thing on the road this year so hopefully I'll be posting some updates soon. Cheers Darren
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    And tomorrow is the dawn of a brand new day. these politicians should hang their heads in shame for all the hero’s who gave their today for our tomorrow
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    But your assuming that Lotus will want to go all out to just chase volume. I have no problem with Lotus having an SUV really (but stick to the DNA and it will be better than anyone elses anyway) and no problem with them having a DB11/Bentley GT type of rival, but again, stick to the heritage principles and it will be better than the rest! However, I disagree that the market for real driver focused cars has gone away. You could argue it has gone upmarket (Ferrari had a record year and their V12 engined cars were the sales leaders). Porsche sells enough of the GTx cars (911. Cayman) to make it worth their while and yes they subsidise that output in some way through the SUV's, but the SUV's also subsidise their considerable racing activities which bring the cachet to the brand and around it goes. What they have done is clever in that they have leveraged their heritage, developed more mass appeal cars, to then allow them to continue the heritage. For whatever reason Lotus has not been able to do this (well, funds and aspiration of its owners really). Lotus will never sell 200k cars a year like Porsche. Well not in my lifetime anyway i would suggest. it could get to 50k, or even 75k cars I believe and that would be a great portfolio business for Geely especially if they build on the DNA and the heritage - just like porsche has done. Porsche was lucky, even though their sports car business was dying they were still one of the most raced car brands. So they had plenty of media coverage and they kept plugging on refining the core product whilst they rescued themselves. it took a leap of faith but they did not mess with really the core values of the company or the DNA. The worry for me is that if Lotus does (I don;t actually think Geely are that stupid) then all you are left with is a "me too" brand. At that point what would you choose: A Nissan GTR/Toyota Supra/Mazda MX5/Lexus XF/Audi R8/TTRS whatever clone with a Lotus badge (because what would be any different or special about the Lotus?) or would you consider going upmarket to a used Macca, Huracan, 458/488 or new Vantage? I get lotus needs to move, but I do feel if, as some seem to want to happen, it just becomes another me too, same old same old product in a different body remanufacturer then would we, the current owners, still choose to buy and run a new Lotus? All I am saying is that i would probably be just as likely to go elsewhere, and it pains me to say it, but that would probably be to a Porsche GTx car. If you actually look at the Bahar model range, and if that came to market with Geely/Volvo powertrains, i'd be tempted. But not if that also meant they weighed 250 - 600kgs more than the current cars even though they had 400 - 600bhp to shift it. I'd go for a lightweight spec'd Porsche GT or the used Macca MP4/570 as i do actually think they would then be the better drivers cars with a stronger ownership proposition at that point. I do feel that with the Evora especially, Lotus is just about there and with volume it could have knocked out the GT430's at around £100k list (what a car for the price against the competition), with the GT410 at around £80k (again, what a car for the price). But without volume they are about £20k over what the market will pay IF THE MARKET KNEW THEY EXISTED which it largely doesn't.
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    I think you'll find the pressure gauge transducer is the large canister on the right, the pressure switch on the left.
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    But can we just also make sure we send the 650 Buffoons to the Buffoonery as we leave? I'm totally dismayed at the self serving nature of our current crop of politicians - all of them! We had a peoples vote back in 2016 with the largest ever electoral turnout so why there are calls for another "peoples vote" are beyond comprehension. What do we do if remain wins. Then have a 3rd vote and so on? Corbyn has completely cooked himself here - he has shown his card and the only thing on is a tantrum that says "I wanna be PM no matter what the cost to the country". If he had any principles at all he should be holding his head in shame. Damn the lot of them. Bloody fools, idiots, and buffoons.
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    They absolutely have to get us out. They are our servants in this. If they dont, all 650 should go. NI issue has been expanded out of all proportion. EU massively to blame. They are clearly desperate for us not to leave which makes me even clearer that that must be the right thing to do.
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    I am very close to pushing the button on this. I would do it with my 18 yr old son before he goes to university (pending grades!!!) as its a week before freshers. Good to bond without pressure of time, as happened with my dad and I. If 2 or 3 from here went, pooling of resources would make a big difference for the luggage-poor of us!! Thoughts chaps?
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    off course, for the moment only one pic config is: metallic orange alcantara pack black with orange stitching radio, air conditioning, orange AP-Racing four-piston black two piece high performance disks floor mats
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    Spotted at Howards in Weston-Super-Mare today. What a stunner! Looks terrific in those colours, great job.
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    Happy new year all! So whats the venue for next weeks meet? Shall I just drive around Stockbridge until I see a Lotus! (Mine is SORN'd now for a couple of months so I won't be in mine 🙄) oh look - read the previous posts Deano! 🤣
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    Very interesting well done with the pictures The oil pickup and engine internals look nice and clean
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    carry on with chassis modification by adding Ohlins 2 way and anti roll bars : We are thinking about installing a GARW IC7 like the one in @GFWilliams car, but we have to check that the device is compatible with the IPS and can display the engaged gear. A rear towing bracket will be installed, but I will come back on that later in February for a very specific part of the project : moving the car with a trailer 😜
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    Nah. It's just stoned.
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    Porsche have a huge racing following through the various Porsche CUP national and international series and the LeMans/WEC series that has generated huge publicity for them. As iconic as the Lotus cars and their liveries are, there cannot be many people over the age of 20 who do not remember or who have not seen a Rothmans for Martini liveried Porsche 911 streaking around a track on a poster or in other advertising mediums. You're quite right re F1 victories, Lotus absolutely kills Porsche in that comparison, but, and it is a huge but, they have generated a huge following as a "clubman's" racing brand that is much stronger and visible than Lotus who are best remembered for F1 with the last victory in 1987 at Detroit I believe. That was 31 years ago! The Enstone Lotus Team did not exactly do the brand any favours really and if anything took prestige away with its performances. How many Porsches have entered races in the last 31 years? Compared to how many Lotus cars? No wonder we here comments like "Lotus, are they still going" and "wow, i did not think they made cars like that" as marketing as practically been nil, the brand has survived on 20 or 30 year heritage and awareness only. I do passionately believe there is a market out there for Lotus' kind of cars - fairly lightweight, well engineered, reliable (yes, they really are these days), analog and a real shock to the senses in a good way (handling, feel noise etc.). The problem is they have just not been visible enough at all. interesting article on the MX5 i read yesterday, apparently very few of them are leased with the majority being bought as they are viewed as second cars/toys and apparently buyers prefer to buy these cars than lease them as they want to "own" them. I really am hoping that with Geely's financial muscle and aspiration Lotus can really press on. Volvo sold c660k cars in 2019 worldwide I believe. Jaguar around c440k. These are "small" brands in reality. Ferrari sold c9k-9.5k cars, Aston Martin between c5.5k and 6k, and Lamborghini 4.4k to 5k cars. So given this, and the lack of visibility, and branding, and marketing for Lotus to sell 2k cars was a bloody fantastic achievement. There are buyers out there, but they need to understand the brand, the range, the capability and the DNA and then i do believe they will buy. A 400/GT410/GT430 is a good match for a Cayman/911 and it is remarkable Lotus can compete on a similar (maybe slightly more expensive) price basis given the resources and reserves of the competition. I still say it does not need a 500 or 600bhp near 2 tonne leather clad gismo'ed out luxo barge. It just needs to make the incremental gains, get the message out and watch people come.... Bahars models will help though as to be honest, they did look good to me...... Lotus is the right way, it's just that not enough people know it yet. There has been a thread on the Lotus Evora facebook page recently, with people declaring how old they were when they got their first Evora. it staggered me the number of people who responded at 21 (the youngest), to 25. So there is hope.
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    I think in general it is just that it is more mainstream - what people expect and also it dealt with a few (minor) ergonomic issues (like finding buttons and controls). The red lit dash was horrible as well. That said we lost the shift lights and temperate gauge which are distinct negatives. I wouldn't say the quality was better personally, but the ergonomics as a whole are. Personally Id have preferred just a bit of a tidy up rather than a complete redesign. This assumes you had Premium Pack or an SR.
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    Well that does it I'm stripping the head completely and aqua blasing after Inhave checked the valve guide tolerances and seats. There's lot of measuring kit on the way!
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    Just back from holiday and got an email from Andy Graham with the Certificate of Provenance for the car. It is the 2nd of 4 UK Monaco White cars with Brown full leather and roof stereo (FYEO spec) across all model years. 6 RHD cars were white with brown leather (half or full). It is the 28th UK Turbo and the 7th non Essex production car produced. Now I just need to finally see it in the flesh
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    Thanks Pete. If the boot floor was in the car I'd have more of a clue! I'll study it when I'm next in the garage and see if I can suss it out. I definitely have inboard brakes though.
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    And best ever numbers. So maybe the market is waking up! Stats, always a number of ways to make them support your argument! The biggest thing for me is that EVERYONE on here practically comments, especially with their Evora, that the first response they get from non Lotus owners is along the lines of "wow, i never knew Lotus made a car like that". So again, you can only sell in a market that either knows about you or sees you. Jonny's post was a bit like a market stall owner in Leeds complaining that he had never sold anything in Bradford, a place he had never been too. i suspect it was a tongue in cheek response though.
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    Brexit? It's concerned about Brexit.
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    I took this pic recently in the woods by my village. That rock on the left seems concerned about something!
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    Reversing so the front wheels are at full turn as they approach the kerb will heighten the front......or alternatively approach the kerb side on and then reverse in at 90 degrees up on to kerb with one side of car so front and back wheels are on the kerb and reverse turn in? Or use another car park.......or buy a Porsche😉
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    I really like the seats in my 400 however I have found the lumbar area of the seat lacking and my wife has complained it gives her a sore back after a few hours as there isn't much lower back support. I as we all do researched the Be Google out of this looking for Ideas. Inflatable lumber units were the go for some types of seats. Of the ones I found were to be honest expensive and only available in the UK and then there is the postage etc. I stumbled on these inflatable units which are for want of a better description for getting access to car doors, presumably by professional AA type people, I leave the rest to your imagination . They are made out quite a tuff material, due to their inteneded purpose. I contacted the company wanting to buy just these But no have to buy all three at $22AUD for three I bought 2 sets. as you can see its like they were made for the seats, this picture shows the size and the location is about right. I have looked into getting the trim off previously and found with the seats forward you can remove the seat trim at the base. you need to put one hand under the seat back base and compress the foam and trim up, using a plastic trim tool, release the trim from the channel its retained in. Once that's pulled out and some of the cabling disgorged you can actually get up in between the foam and seat back Thankfully the foam isn't stuck to the seat back so you can feed to wedge up into place. I will be honest, this is a bit awkward with the seat in the car. I managed it so I figure others can. It does go in quite easily as there is an internal stiffener, but getting up high into the place you need to push it up as high as your can but hand and the final place is trial and error. the best bit is that there is a nice wide slot in the seat back to bring the tube out and when its in place the pump doesn't catch on anything and can be reached with the door closed. Very happy with the result and all for total 300 grams of extra weight.
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    Your reasons for changing sound very similar to mine. I adored my Exige and had some great times with it, not least all the track days I did with my son in it. In particular, I’ll never forget doing Spa with him and the Exige and each of us seeing who had the biggest kahunas when it came to taking Eau Rouge. He did! 😁 But all things must change. My son now lives in the USA and my knees have finally cried enough at getting in and out of the Exige. My wife was never particularly comfortable in the car either. Not a height thing, she just doesn’t like riding in a car with, to use her words, ‘my arse scraping along the road’! 😁 I really love the Evora and find it so much more useable than the Exige, my knees are more grateful and the wife likes it too. She’ll never go so far as to say she loves it, but I’m working on that. As for the blue, I have to confess it is a slightly different shade to your ‘Metallic Blue’ and is, in fact, a BMW colour called ‘Estoril Blue’. I chose it in conjunction with Scott Walker during a pre order visit to the factory. I look forward to hearing your further thoughts about the car after you’ve driven it some more and become more used to it.
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    No deal. Out out out. That's what i voted for.
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    Lotus only managed to sell 1,600 cars last year. In the entire world. The market has spoken, unfortunately.
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    I'm not sure it is hugely overpriced for the miles and age. Yes it is a bit lacking in the internal spec department but the exterior looks good. You will not find a 2014 SR S for £42k unless it has a significantly higher mileage than that car or is a private sale. It is definitely a MY12+ car not one of the 2011 cars registered late. There were so few built at that time there are few to compare unlike the 2009/10 cars or the 400's.
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    Winter tyres... still looking good 😉
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    UKIP was Farage and without him they are screwed. Their recent embracing of BNP/EDF type people means that even if I did strongly agree (which I don't!) with their Brexit policy I could never even consider voting for them.
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    A few pics to add to Neil's post. They bolt straight on. As Neil said we may need to chamfer a couple of edges to stop them fouling the brackets but only by a very small amount. Rerouting the right hand handbrake cable was the only real irritation - solved by drilling a hole through the body a little further back than the original exit point. There's no way whatsoever it could be put in place using the original exit point. This does create quite a bit of slack as the cable it too long but you can lose it in the cavity next to the fuel tank and the cable still slides happily. Left-hand cable just needs to go over the top of the gearbox as opposed to round the back of it. We will probably need to add a P clip to hold in place. Can't believe the weight difference @GTK, you'll be a happy boy if you go down this route! PS Ignore the 'plumbing'. That will be put right in due course!!
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    Delighted to say my dry sump PTO 188X mentioned earlier in this thread, has now completed its 15 month mechanical restoration and passed its mot today first time! Now back on the road after a six year lay off 🙂
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    I have to try to avoid this thread as it is very tempting
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    I think we've had four wheel drive cars in various guises for about 100 years, so hardly moving with the times is it? In fact, arguably the greatest Audi R8 of all time was released last last year, the RWS, and that is rear wheel drive only I believe. I can see why some people want Lotus to produce cars just like everyone else does. I get it. But they won't be for me. If I want a continent crushing GT car, able to take me and the missus for two, three weeks touring around Europe in style, then I'll have a DB9/DB11 or a Bentley Continental GT please. All the heritage and plushness you would want in a GT. If I want a "same old" supercar, then the McLaren/911GT/AMG GT or the Huracan fit the bill - enough cupholders and vavavoom for everyone. However, if I wanted something different. Accomplished. Slightly old school (in a good way). Solid and analog. not pretentious and slightly flying under the RADAR - then i really cannot think of anything more desirable right now than an Evora GT410/430 or an Exige 380-430. These cars are true Lotus cars - they link in opinion to the past - wonderful but slightly flawed and a work of genius (especially when you consider the budget and manpower that Lotus had at its disposal to do the job). If Lotus does move with the times then I can imagine my little 410Sport being a keeper for a very long time and when or if it came to change, then if Lotus cars where just like all the others than I would need to consider the Vantage, Bentley GT, AM DB11, Porsche 911 GTx etc and maybe Lotus would win, maybe it would not. However, it stayed true and evolved the car, to retain some of the characteristics around lightweight, simplicity, feel, lowish volume then I'd order an Esprit! I'm a dullard or a luddite I guess.
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  45. 1 point Thats what I have ... 1.9 kg and you can fully control the battery via your cell phone (incl cut off etc) ...
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    I parked in a rather industrial-looking car park recently and the faded fluorescent lighting made my Evora look amazing...
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    Found two more sets of Olin MK VI skis, these ones are 195 long. Will keep checking for 205s if anyone needs them.
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    Hi All, I got the refurbished wheels back today, anthracite centres with diamond cut rims and new Falken rubber. Before: After: Sweet! Cheers Darren

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