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    Just been to the launch of the Black And Gold book. They had the biggest selection of JPS cars ever put together. The book is awesome and available now.
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    Windscreen trim on, which I have to say was hard work getting it to line up and stick down. Hope I never, never have to take it off.
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    Steve wish I had known that I just bought a 119cdi crew van didn’t know your son worked a Rygor! Got a decent deal as it goes comes on first March. Yep you need the 2.2 auto with comfort seats, on my third never had one issue with any of them bloody brilliant vans. Actually thinking about it Barry if you want it you could have it for the settlement figure which I could find out for you. Its pretty much mint, full Merc history and 46000miles I am only getting rid of it because of the twat Khan and the Ulez
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    Had a look at this car today. Amazing condition and just had £15k spent on it. It has a LEW tax disc holder, anyone recognise it? I noticed the car was featured in Evo a while back:
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    I must admit that I have developed a bit hooligan habit. About half mile from my home is a roundabout when coming from a motorway and after that is the gas station where old geezers are sitting and talkin shite with the friends. This place is near but not visible from the roundabout. So, when I am heading home, I just can not resist the urge to do little power slide In the roundabout on the second gear or on third if it is wet weather. It is childlish I know, but so rewarding... The current tyres, Kumho Ecsta sports make quite a sound and when coming to the sight of the old men sitting outside the gas station, I just pass them In the fourth gear and near idle revs... I guess that next I will buy some tyres with better grip.
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    It's Trevor's (old?) car
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    A few late afternoon winterpics when darkness fell, hence the bad resolution and grain. Just to show the fitting of the new Wheels. Kind regards, Jacques
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    Came across this on the BOE site: Not heard of BOE personally. Shame it is US based as import duties and fitting costs may make it uneconomical. Out of interest, are there any other aftermarket kits to improve the IPS so that it gets closer to 400 territory - not that I find the IPS that bad now that I am more used to it?
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    I'm guessing something to do ABS sensor / Wheel speed sensor if the traction control light warning light is coming on. Either a sensor that is starting to fail hence sometimes working sometimes not or a dodgy connection?
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    Yep my old car and it was a good one when I sold it and know the owner spent lots as stated over the last year, not because it needed it but because he wanted it to be the best. Must be very nice now, I’ve not seen it but will call down some time. Trevor.
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    Their words I don’t need to add anything.. There really is no stopping Lotus as its 70th anniversary year comes to an end. It continues to set the benchmark when it comes to pure driver’s cars, so nothing makes us happier than finding the key to a Lotus in the office and nothing in the diary. With new owners Geely securing its future the attention can once again turn to the fabulous cars that have continued to be produced during even its darkest hours. Cars such as the Exige Sport 410. It’s a genuinely fabulous piece of kit, engineered with an obsessional zeal for driver entertainment and finished with the sort of care normally reserved for vehicles with far chunkier price tags. Once you’ve clambered over that vast sill – removing the roof panel makes this considerably easier, of course – it’s a lovely thing just to sit in: everywhere you look there’s something to delight, from the exposed gear linkage to perfectly stitched Alcantara and beautifully cast alloy pedals. > Click here for our review of the Lotus Exige Sport 410 But really the 410 is all about movement, and once you’re underway you revel in a machine that weighs just 1108kg. It’s a timely reminder that it doesn’t matter how much grunt you add, there’s no substitute for minimal mass. There’s just a glorious lack of inertia with the Lotus, with every turn of the steering, prod of the throttle and squeeze of the brakes resulting in an instant and accurate response. The extremely talkative steering (unassisted of course) is heavy at first but once up to speed requires nothing more than wristy inputs, the Exige diving through corners fast and flat, its sense of balance simply sublime. It’s freakishly quick, too, the 410bhp supercharged 3.5-litre V6 pulling with relentless energy once the revs rise above 4000rpm, accompanied by a nape-prickling howl from its titanium exhaust. How is it possible that an engine from a mundane Toyota saloon can sound this good? It’s time for a new Lotus adage: Lots Of Thrills, Usually Sensational.
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    seriously - don’t rush something that could end you in a world of pain for the sake of waiting a day or so
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    Cheers Chrome yez I tried the steps you indicated but for now I will ignore the email and when I change tyres in next few months will get front sensors changed
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    We used a small oil transfer pump - cheapo 12v thing. It worked at the first time of asking. So hold your nerve. dont let that engine fire until you know you can get oil pumping from the pump
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    Thanks Barry I'll give it a go tomorrow with the big syringe Comforting to know some other folks have had similar problems!
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    I am in the shadow of @alias23 posts. I think about the same thing than you but with 2 years delay Just place an order on SL website.
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    I will find out on Monday for you, you can have it for the settlement figure I am not interested in making any money out of it as I have traded it for the new one. I will get them to send me the paperwork and scan it over to you. I will need it until 1st March and need the deal done on that day so I can swap it over. Honestly, it is perfect, tiny dent in back door, and a 25mm scratch on the front near side bumper, that was me putting it into a car lift. I can send you the full spec as have all the paperwork I know there is nothing wrong with it. I am sure it will have a few kerbs on the wheels but happy to get it all cleaned up and send you the pictures as it is filthy at the moment Let me know, you could if you could be arsed, buy it, decide you hate it and make a couple of grand selling it on
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    Any one thinking of a classic trackday this year - don't seem to be too many options? I could go with this... or I could go with that...
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    For what its worth, Lotus Service Notes, Section GJ.2 page 2 (TPMS), states... "Note that the pressure sensors are powered by integral batteries, with an average service life of 10 years. It is recommended to renew all pressure sensors at this time interval."
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    Finally seen the car in the flesh. The interior is even better than I expected from the photos. The headlining has dropped in places but for originality I’m tempted to leave it untouched. Under the boot lid and bonnet everything is disconnected/unplugged/taken out but crucially the parts are there. Sparky and I had a good chat and now have a plan of action for the car so should be getting this project underway next week
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    My youngest is a Merc commercial vehicle service technician. His advice, avoid the front wheel drive sprinters with Renault engines, when asked why, "cos they're shit" he says stick to the Rwd Merc engined vans. If uncle Barry wants to spec one up at Rygor Mercedes, he would have a look at family discounts...,
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    Since the body is off, you can get an idea if any major 'twist' is present by placing a straight edge (4x2 wood works) on top of the front box section, or spanning the front upper shock absorber chassis mountings, and a laser level (one that emits a straight line beam) on the rearmost crossmember and seeing how they line up.
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    Yes, that’s what Jim told me and quieter with valve closed.
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    I have a CTL Tour this morning at 11am......I think 3 spaces left.
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  27. 1 point SCREW A VAN.... GET A RAM! (yes, it has to be orange :P)
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    Plenty of horror stories about them as well @Steve V8. It seems that modern vans are similar to running the Esprit V8 gauntlet
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    I think that when the original Evora came of it lacked one thing proper marketing around it, then it came out at the time when toys on supercars were becoming a must. Still I do think that if the car did not sell in the number earmarked for it initial (2000 cars per annum) it comes more from the fact that it took Lotus a long time to get its US variant out and about, then DB messed up the GTE roll out, shelved the roadster siné dié and decided not to invest much into the car to focus on vaporware then was ousted which literally did put production of all cars in jeopardy. Then at the the Evora 400 relaunch, the car still did not have the tech which was by that point beyond necessary for casual sportcar buyers, the roadster was mentioned but never saw the light of day and the lack of company marketing money did hurt just has much as the lack of a cost effective leasing/financing solution. A very significant number of F-types and 911s are using these schemes in North America. Then if you factor in the limited network, complete absence of media presence... non sensical marketing campaign ( It's not for you...WTF!) I do think the car has conquest power, if properly equipped, marketed, priced, supported and why not rebranded, if the problem is in the name by all account they should change it. DB wanted to rebrand it Elan after all... If the problem is in the design well people should get other options soon from Lotus hand have had options from others for a while, and also for a lot more money... Regardless what any Lotus car need right now is a lot more support from the factory, the dealers and the service centres. And the car shall be compared with the stuff from Stuttgart so there's no point calling it cottage industry product or smaller carmaker offering... Nope it will have to be as good if not better than a 911 on almost every aspects that casual sport car buyers deem essential, ease of use, feel good/wow factor, available branded tech, after sale service, financing...
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    I like other on here and especially out side the UK no one knows Lotus still makes cars and as for the Evora " I didnt know Lotus made that, are they made in China" is standard comment. I have to give Renault their due with the ALPINE A110 the marketing on that was probably half the design budget, but its worked with lots of teaser stories. Lotus could do the same thing at least outside the UK. Journalists aren't interested as LOTUS is not a "Fashion brand" that they can sensationalize and they aren't thrown incentives and yes this happens, I'm good friends with an Aussie Juno and I have mate who was contracted by Toyota for pre-release of new cars, its a game, play it or get left out. I "discovered" the 400 not because of advertising, but it was sitting in the departure lounge at the Sydney airport and that reignited my interest due to styling changes, I had not seen one add or one magazine article up until then. Having said all that, I bought a 400 because it is a bloody good uncomplicated exceptionally competent car and it isn't a fashion brand, and in this era of "individualism, you deserve" and all that crap, its to me a good thing.
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    I've ordered the barrel for mine now as lotus seem to think a locksmith can adjust the tumblers to match. When I piece it back together I will let you know what you need to order.
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    Product placement and notable reviews are useless unless backed by long term brand awareness strategy. Something Lotus simply haven’t had the cash to establish. I am convinced that if they threw even a marginal amount of cash now at advertising they would see a fairly immediate return in sales of the existing cars (Evora included). Considering the profit margins on these cars it would seem a no brainer and a way to start building more awareness of the name but I can also understand how that might just be seen as pointless if they are planning a complete brand relaunch.
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    Don't agree with that @Advantage. I think the Evora is an amazing car, they've struck very good balance between a raw drivers car with bags of feedback and something with some comfortable mod cons. I genuinely think they have not sold in better numbers purely because no one knows it exists. I've spoken to lots of people who like and are into cars and they didn't know the Evora was a thing. I really do think many more could have been sold if people simply knew about it. I'm not expecting Cayman or TT kind of numbers but a more than the current sales numbers.
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    BOSCH number is 71042
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    It's all noise. I originally ordered a valved exhaust from Jim but after a chat with him I changed to a non-valved as I had planed to do UK track days (booked 3, didn't make it to a single one ). Basically, valved closed it quieter than non valved and valved open is louder than valved. The valve must open at 4k rpm and would fail UK track limits. I don't regret going with non-valved at all and have since added headers and sports-cat, sounds amazing above 3k rpm in the car (and awesome all the time outside the car or with windows down and something for the noise to bounce off) and is not intrusive when cruising. Always fun to start the car in the garage and this is only 3k rpm and a phone can't capture the low rpm dirtiness of the noise. Gives you a better idea of the low rpm dirtiness and this is pre-headers....
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    In this instance Michael, you were out of order, you took a chance and got caught, accept your fine and move on. In the UK the blue disabled badge is abused by the majority, too many grannies let little Jimmy borrow the badge to pop down the shops, and I'd like to see them prosecuted, those people borrowing out their badges should have those privileges removed. Taking away free parking for disabled would help redress the balance, they're disabled not broke, with all the benefits received are better placed to pay for parking than the avaverage person.
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    Hi Sparky .Get well soon .What a fab car .in your safe hands .Cheers Mike
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    I wish Lotus made sexier changes to the Interior of the GT430, but I would choose it over any GT3 or 570s everyday! Even over a 720s, which i drove on road and on track: i know it is much faster, but it is less macho and less emotional than a GT430. this is my car, shot by a professional without my knowledge
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    I confess to having an alpine a110. I still have my esprit gt3, which retains its crown despite being 20 years older. I have been lucky enough to drive almost every super and sports car apart from mclaren. And only one exceeded expectations... the GT3. One other made me think it was what ferrari and maserati were aiming for: a Porsche 997 classic.. which surprised me as all 911 I have driven were appalling... the evora did nothing for me.. it's lineage is too elise/exige. The alpine reminds me very much of a lotus. The steering, roadholding and performance are familiar... but it is the nod to its heritage, the clear design DNA from 1955 to the 2018 combined with the oldschool way it delivers is what won it hands down. It really does feel like a modern lotus more than a modern lotus does ! But writing this has made me realise that the 997 classic is in a similar vein.. a modern twist on the classic.. maybe I am a sucker for auto boxes, ESC and ABS... it is nice to drive in the rain without fearing a sudden turbo induced sideways moment... Or is is that I am sick of faux 4x4 clogging the roads... lotus should be embracing thier heritage for the next esprit and +2... never an suv. Maybe I respect the guts and innovation it took to bring the alpine back, true to its origin.
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    Love this colour really think it suits the car. Bonnet on with aluminium grill still a bit to do.
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    Hi Robbie Attached is a picture of the tensioner you need, they have them at Lotus bits, the belt is available from there or SJs. The compressors can seem ok but usually the clutch is knackered so check. I replaced the air conditioner radiator with one from Car builder solutions and all the parts you need for to make the hoses they supply plus they will also make them up for you as the original one is huge but it doesn't need to be hence I put a much smaller one on. I will use a local company to fill and check the system probably there are a few about. I used the original loom stripped it and repaired, then altered it by extending it etc. Mine is in and finished but can help if you need any info..
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    Nicest car to brake down in though.

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