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    Just wanted to say thank you to @alias23 for this new badge for the engine. Finishes off my engine bay nicely!
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    I had a phone conversation this morning and can share some very exciting news! We will soon be able to buy new elite and Eclat galvanised chassis made to the original specification. As we know from the restoration threads on here, it’s been getting harder and harder to source decent second hand chassis’s, with Lotusbits unable to source used ones in sufficient quantities to meet demands of owners embarking on restorations. im absolutely delighted that someone has picked up the gauntlet and made an investment which will not only safeguard our card on the road, but also see laid up examples suddenly become viable restoration projects. Prices are expected to be in the region £2.5k +vat. contact Lotusbits directly to place orders. As always with Lotusbits, it’s best to call them with the telephone rather than email. Dunc
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    Bought them both. This should be interesting.
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    Pleasure! Thanks @GFWilliams for supporting this little project right from the start!! After quite a few requests I'm looking to kick off an initial production run (in small numbers). If anyone would like to get in on the run please give me a shout. The plates are anodised in black, then CNC machined to design, for the eagle eyed among you note the slightly bevelled edging - My aim was to do a proper job to replace the cheap plastic you get from factory. Im genuinely chuffed with the end result, never done anything like this before, and blessed to have folks around me who can help put my ideas into action!
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    Hand crafted in the West Midlands Great idea for a V8 - allows for easy collection of pistons and rods
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    I'd be a little concerned with the extra gasket moving the front cover too far away from the pump, allowing oil and vacuum to bypass the rotor. Not that I'm familiar with the setup, but it doesn't sound right.
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    I believe the carburettor snapping at the float holder support is common and can be repaired. I prefer to replace as the carbs are pretty critical to your investment not going up in smoke. Of course I will have the engine bay fire extinguisher mod. Arguably even more important in a turbo than an S1 because of the increased fuel pressure and lots of extra leaky bits. Here's the extinguisher as fitted to my S1. 4.5L of extinguishant. The only problem being an inquisitive MOTer pulling the red handle to open the boot!
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    Well I'm glad I took the carbs apart, look at this!Look at the float holder. It had a very crude resin repair. Has anyone got a top carb bit going spare? If not I will have to source a new one. I'm getting a feel for this car now. Every nut, bolt , pivot and pipe needs the full treatment. What's that plate for? Don't recollect it in the parts manual?? I wonder what awaits with the other carb? Well the restoration process has to be two fold. Aquablast and sonic cleaner. Apparently aqua blasting can leave glass shards imbedded in the casting. So that would mean aqua blast first then sonic treatment. That's what I intend to do unless any other advice. Axminster they are making my tanks. They made me a header for the S1 and I have to say it was perfect. Judging by the pictures their tanks are the best. A small mod I am having 1/2 size reduction on the long side to aid fitting. I'm an ace now at removing the tanks and rightly so having lost count of the number of times they have been in and out on this and my other car! Richard has pointed out to me I should now go full Essex and fit the bulkhead speakers with the fiberglass protectors. Well now I have the correct Maystar grilles who am I to argue. The holes will be cut and let the fiberglassing commence! please can no one order anything till my tanks are made, THANKS! The ultimate tank upgrade!
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    too funny! [race at 7min, but don't miss the Japanese craic beforehand]
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    Actually did decide to give up on the Lotus branded Motorola unit that was supposedly factory spec'd on my car, and got into a two week long obsession with learning everything I could about classic car stereo of the early to mid '80's. the net result was a load of fun info and this full logic baby for the Esprit...
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    too much Land Rover stuff George ffs, don't come on here unless there's Lotus content. F^%kin' nark
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    Long time ago now but would guess the "back wall" was 2008 the foyer 2009 & 2010 was the last Donnington show.
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    Thanks for the heads up Steve, if the company looking into it don't come through its another contact in the book. Hi Ben, Failures are all part of R&D. I don't actually see them as failures just exposed weak area's needing a solution. We had a few gears box/clutch upsets which gave great data for load level failures along the way.. There was a thread on the GTO conversion I did somewhere. And yes we have the GTO set up fitted. Interestingly when we did not have the ATB diff fitted and more run of the mill tyres it handled everything we threw at it.. Kevin at GTO did say the CWP would be the weak point in the box once the conversion was done. But a lot depended on grip level.. As stated earlier it was only when the ATB diff new suspension and grippy tyres were fitted that the new limits were reached. To be honest the new grip levels were beyond impressive , being able to put all that power down without sliding all over the show ( like we did in Barry's video at Brooklands) is so satisfying. So the next step is finding a solution.. We are hoping that the specialist that makes these type of gears and box's for the racing fraternity will have the answer. they are confident and with extra treatments should exceed my requirements. The main reason for the development into more mechanical grip was to establish the drivability under power, something that had gone awry. But with the new wider stance AD08r tyres ATB diff etc it all came together, so that solved that. Then the CWP gave out.. Progressive R&D. It must also be said that the GTO kit is not that suited to a road going 4 pot Esprit. The tall first needs a lot of clutch slipping in traffic and will eat the clutches. However we have also established that its only when you get over the 400 ft lb torque mark that problems with the STD 026/7 box's occur needing the GTO solution.. I am hoping to solve the gear ratio issue with the CWP which should make an interesting development exercise. Just to up date spec pic's , here is a couple showing new set up with wider slightly lower stance completed .. Hope that answers you questions..
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    Made it home last night. the trade deal is done from my Audi TTS to a low mileage Evora S. Even at 4000 miles it needs some love on the inside. Planning on an extensive leather cleaning and treatment tonight. Car is so nice I am over the moon and I officially declare that I am done with the car search. I looked at everything available in my price range and this was the winner. New tires and full service was a requirement before purchase. Thanks to Carlock motors for an excellent PPI. TJ is a great tech who knows his stuff. He even explained the first 2 gears and why they are a little noisy. I looked at the 400's and for me the S was better for many reasons. The 400's are awesome and Carlock has an awesome red 2018 400 on the show room. It was great to sit in it and compare the interior. I am a happy, first time Lotus owner. the PPI really gave me peace of mind on the big ticket items. there were some items to sort out before the purchase but the car lot did it all and it could not have been smoother.
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    Just put a deposit down on a 1983 Excel that needs some restoration. Mark
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    Looks like a nice project for someone at the price
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    Mine's always taken 5 or 6 seconds to show on the gauge (normal I believe) but suddenly started to take a minute, hence the stripdown and replacement of all possible culprits. Tomorrow I guess I'll find out if I've solved that original problem or not...
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    Dear Thanet Council. thank you for your message, I have visited your office on many occasions and I still stand by the fact that I would be happy to move from Margate but as I have one child, 4 cars, 3 cats and the current wife, I will need a 17 bedroom house with a 4 car garage, I have never done a days work in my life but I do own a 88inch TV which requires a very big wall and I visited Dreamland in my youth. It’s disappointing really but I would happily move anywhere to get away from my weird neighbours who have a green car that looks like a bit of cheese and his wife, well where do I start, every time I meet her she is talking about “Limited Slip Diff’s” and “ BHP” I think English may not be her first language. Then the husband playing Bros greatest hits on his guitar every night does get a little annoying. So help is required, but please get me out of here, obviously I won’t be paying for any moving costs or anything really but a big house would be lovely yours sincerely MR D. E
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    It was taking ages before, which is why I stripped it in the first place so if it's still the same I guess I won't be sure if it's the original problem or the gasket. I'll see what I get tomorrow and go from there. Thanks so much for all the advice here so far. I may well be back for more..!
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    Yep. If you pull it apart now, you are tampering with something that you've proven already works, but may or may not have a fault (nothing says it has, nothing says it hasn't). If when you start it for a 2nd, 3rd, 4th time etc, you find it takes ages to get up to pressure, then you may have found that there's a problem, and so warrants investigation.
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    Success! Well at least a big step forward. After much priming with a litre and a half of oil and some 1:1 advice from @Barrykearley over the phone my car just produced this from the pipe tapped into the sender port whilst being spun over with the plugs out. About a litre of oil Its a little grimy so logic says that has come from the cooler pipes (which were never drained), pushed through and into the pump by the oil I've pumped into the gallery today. The battery is getting low and it's bloody freezing in the garage now so I've called it a day and left the charger on. I guess I'm ready to go for a start tomorrow now with the manual pressure gauge plumbed in and see what I get? Big question is, do I need to revisit the pump gasket now or should I leave well alone as long as I have good pressure? It's in the back of my mind now but would mean dropping off the cambelt again and losing the prime on the pump to check the 'feel' according to @andydclements advice above. Anything else I ought to/not to be doing at this stage??
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    Please hurry up and move, you're lowering the tone of the neighbourhood. Thank you, Thanet District Council.
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    Yes, both new parts and came as a set from SJ. As only one had a dimple on it, even if they were machined as a matched pair (i.e. Both need to be fitted the same way round as machined) how could I know which way round the second part should be? So are we saying that definitely the orientation of the rotors can't be the problem? If so then I'll persevere tomorrow with priming the pump when the battery is fully charged. If necessary I can revisit the double gasket thing but I did try it initially with 1 and wasn't happy it was spinning freely. One thing I am sure of is that my engine is spinning the right way.
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    I really really do not want to start this thing until I know I have some life from the oil pump... Following some phone advice from Barry (thanks!) I'm finding that spinning the engine for a few seconds allows the 12v pump to push in more oil via the sender port. I've now pumped in probably 1.5 litres in total and the sump level hasn't changed so I can only assume it's topping up and maybe moving along air in the system somewhere on its way to the pump? The battery is on charge just now, then I'll give it a proper spin over and see if I can get any out flow. Beyond that I'm starting to worry that I've got something fundamentally wrong with the oil pump rebuild. But what? New inner and outer annulus from SJ, assembled as per the manual, using 2 gaskets as advised because it didn't spin freely with 1.
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    It wouldn't be unreasonable for an engine at tick-over to take 30 seconds, and that;s at c1000 rpm, so cranking at c400 rpm could take much longer. Bearing face damage due to lack of oil needs lots of force and/ or heat, so you're safe to crank it over for a long time. Just watch that the starter doesn't over-heat.
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    Regarding cleanup of your carb casings, I also found that ultrasonic cleaning didn't bring them up as good as I'd like. So I made a home-made soda blasting attachment from an old tyre pressure gun on my compressor. Couple of quid of soda powder from eBay and they came up pretty ok - not quite as good as aqua-blasting though. But the beauty of using soda blasting is that the soda dissolves in water, so a rinse back in the ultrasonic tank and there's no danger of leaving any cleaning media inside. Oh, and a liberal spray of ACF-50 on the carbs and manifold (in fact any exposed alloy) helps to keep the surface corrosion down.
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    picture from Belgium back in 1981. at a car show in Gent,
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    Welcome to the forums Mark , Congrats on the new purchase, nice choice of Lotus. The forums has a restoration/project thread section that you update your build with, it also gives you the chance of taking the wealth of knowledge given by members on here that will always be happy to answer any dramas you have from the repair or parts finding for your model. You can always look at becoming a full member that gives you more upload space, discounts and free lotus manuals for your car which come in handy. is your best place imo for the Excel, they offer a massive selection of used parts, upgraded parts, new parts and a wealth of knowledge to go with it, not good with answering emails, so always phone and ask for Mike the owner. Best to go down to visit, it is like an alladins cave, just make sure you fill your wallet as they stock plenty of shiney parts that always catch your eye lol. Also SJ Sportscars sell parts for your model. Good luck with the project and keep us posted
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    Hasn’t been a problem in my ten+ years of Lotus ownership. I’ve generally done the intermediate services myself and then taken it to Sydney for the major stuff. It is a pain when life gets busy (3hrs each way), but I’ve mostly used the time while the car is getting serviced to explore the city a little more, so it’s kinda nice. I have a diagnostic reader (which I hope also works on the Evora) and a very well trusted local (non-Lotus) mechanic if needed. The Sydney dealer (SSC) has also been excellent (even driving the car half way on on occasion and trailering it up on another as they were local supporting a track day), so that helps. I’ve also never bought new, so warranty work hasn’t been an issue.
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    Planning your ICE already? I admire your optimism/forward planning...
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    I think there might be an issue with the Members Map Looks like if you enter "Herts" as your location this is translated as Haifa, Israel. I've changed my location to Welwyn Garden City, but am still in Haifa on the map. Maybe I should start a Regional Group for is
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    All Set For A Fyne Open Day! Hi Everyone, This is a real quick one just to say that the roads are very clear round here so it is full steam ahead with out Fyne Audio Open day. We spent all day yesterday setting up and we have now got 4 demo rooms running with a combination of Fyne Audio speakers ranging from £599 to £17999, I have to say that what impresses me most about Fyne Audio is that 10 months ago they hadn’t released any speakers to the world and here we are now with a full range and everything I hear from them I am always impressed, I know they may be a new company but they have decades of experience between them and it really does show. I had my first listen to the F1-10′s last night, they really are fantastic, very different to anything else I have heard before really, very captivating giving a really big and ethereal sound, look forward to trying some more tunes on them today. Please see a few pics of the rooms we have setup for today’s Fyne Audio Open Day - F500′s on a Naim Uniti Atom F501′s on a Naim Uniti Star with a Rega Planar 3 F702′s on a dCS Rossini and Audio Research Ref 160M Mono Blocks F1-10′s on a full Naim 500 System fed by a Melco N1SZ I have to say all the rooms are sounding great so hope you can make it over today. Oh yeah don’t forget the Whisky and Stovies Cheers, Paul
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    That "ear" on the support snapping is caused by someone putting the shaft in wrongly and simply bashing it in from the other end without supporting the "ear" end on a vice or suchlike. Eurocarb have top covers listed but do they have the turbo carb version? Maybe its the same as standard but many parts are different. BTW SJ are supplying the wrong accelerator pump diaphragms if you order one for the turbo, I had to send them back, Eurocarb have the right ones.
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    Went to London the other day as my son had an appointment at the BBC. Pulled up on a yellow line thinking we could use the blue badge to park. There was a traffic warden there so we asked him if it was OK. He said that the blue badge wouldn't let us do that in Westminster but, as long as we didn't leave the car and didn't stay there too long, he would turn a blind eye. Traffic wardens are people as well, it turns out!
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    This is an interesting thread for me, because I made a similar move. I have owned two TTS's (with a gap between), the first one manual, the second was an auto. All I have to say is the Evora is in a different league altogether. Obviously the RS has more power than the S, but other than that they're very similar cars. So that you're aware, I've gone from a Mk2 TTS to an S1 NA Evora. While I owned the TT's I always felt like they were a good compromise between a practical car and a sports car - they had a surprising amount of room in the boot, were pretty comfortable and were quicker than most things on the road. The problem was, I always felt they were a bit emotionless - the four wheel drive makes it fun to just plant your foot mid corner and get dragged out of it, but ultimately I always felt like the car was doing most of the work for me. Being a turbocharged engine there was plenty of torque when on boost, but it faded massively towards the redline, and I ended up getting a bit bored of the lack of excitement at the top end. It was actually when I bought my motorbike that I started craving a naturally aspirated car again, that feeling of it pulling all the way to the limiter is so much more exciting than low down torque in my opinion. I still like the TT, but I don't miss it. Evo magazine described the TT as "effective rather than exciting" which I agree with - it'll go quickly, but you don't feel that involved. Anyway, here's my thoughts on the two. Where the Evora wins: Steering: As soon as I drove the Evora my eyes were opened. The amount of steering feel was one of the first things I noticed - with the TT you turned the wheel and knew roughly what the wheels were doing, but you couldn't really feel anything through them. The Evora has a much sharper rack, and you get a whole lot more feedback when driving. Suspension and chassis: The TTS had adaptive ride, which initially I loved, but have since come to despise in modern cars. The normal mode was fine, sport mode killed body roll but was far too hard for British roads so rarely got used. Lotus have a different way of doing it - rather than just make the suspension ridiculously stiff so you don't get body roll, they allow a bit of roll so you can feel what the car is doing, and also have a reasonable amount of comfort. Turning into corners you feel like you have so much control over the car. The TTS had good traction, but ultimately wasn't controllable in the corner - if you went in too fast it just understeered, the Evora on the other hand is beautifully balanced and gives so much confidence. A lot of people on here say that the Evora rides better than an executive saloon etc, but I'd have to disagree there - maybe my car is firmer than theirs or something, but the Evora definitely has a pretty firm ride. That's not a criticism - a sports car should have sports suspension, and while it's been fine for all of the journeys I've done, don't expect a Rolls Royce. Engine: As I mentioned earlier, this was always a bugbear for me with the TTS - it pulled well at first but didn't have much character, and especially lacked an exciting exhaust note. (It seems the UK is full of 4 cylinder, turbo charged VAG engines which all make that stupid parp as they change gear). This will be less of an issue for you because the 5 cylinder is a much nicer engine both in power and sound, but the Evora 400 still sounds better to me, and will pull to the redline. Desirability: I like the design of the TT, and still think it looks like a cool car, but the Evora is head and shoulders above it. I didn't buy the car to get looks, but there's no denying that it's a head turner. I got fewer negative comments than I expected when I had the TT - just a couple of 'hairdresser's car' or 'golf in a frock' comments, but on the whole most people quite liked it. On the other hand, the Evora has only had positive comments - people are desperate to sit in it or have a ride, and the only negative comment I've had so far is my mum saying 'it's a bit ugly isn't it', but she never has anything nice to say about my cars, so we can all ignore that. I've taken it to a couple of local car shows, and both times I was asked if I would display it as I went to pull in to the public car park, I definitely wouldn't have got that in the TT. Where the TT wins: Practicality: I regularly pick up the weekly shop in the Evora, and have a car seat for my 10 month old son which fits in the back, as well as a pram that fits in the boot, but we were very limited in options when it came to choosing those. In comparison, the TT could easily take my bicycle or snowboard in the boot without any issues. Build quality: The interior of the TT is really nicely made, I never had any squeaks or rattles and in fact I never had any reliability issues in either of my cars over the 5 years I owned them. In comparison, the Evora makes a lot of noises while on the move, and half the interior is just stuck on with velcro so don't expect the same standard as your RS. Before anyone jumps in with the 'hand built car' comment, I don't have a problem with the noises - the driving experience more than makes up for it, but it definitely needs to be said, they aren't as well put together as most mass-produced premium brands. All weather usability: To be fair to the Evora, I daily drive it, and have been driving it to work in the snow we are currently experiencing, so this is a bit of an odd one, but being 4 wheel drive, and slightly higher off the ground, the TTS was a more reliable choice in bad weather. I have definitely had to be more careful with the power in the Evora, so although it's not let me down in the bad weather, the TTS is the winner here. Reliability: Again, this is going to be very subjective to each car, but as mentioned I had two TTS's for a period of 5 years, and they were bulletproof, just required regular maintenance. I've had my Evora for 6 months, and so far have had to replace the AC compressor, AC condenser, radiator and rear lights, and one of the displays on my dashboard doesn't work. It's a 9 year old car, whilst my TT's were around 5 years old while I owned them, so that's worth taking into account. So far the engine in the Evora has been reliable, and I've not been stranded by the side of the road, but it was a close call on one occasion. Where they draw: MPG: I get around 25-30mpg on my commute for both cars, not much more needs to be said. Right, I think I've bored everyone enough now, but to summarise, I absolutely recommend the Evora.
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    Between the triangular brackets (4 and 6) and the u-shaped bit on the main column. IIRC I got 3mm of washers in before the column hit the shroud. That becomes about 10-15mm at the wheel. There is a thread on the playground about it if you do a search. Edit. Here you go: https://forums.the
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    That's great John .Have fun ....Mike
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    It's not how big it's the way you build it. Once SWMBO had been convinced that my mid life crisis had made the purchase of an Esprit inevitable, the race was on to create suitable Lotusery to keep it in. Carpet on the wall is a necessity in a narrow space.
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    Aquablasting as part of a full rebuild process does make them look rather nice.
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    Now't wrong with carrying a pair of womens stockings in the car to replace the fan belt if it breaks well that's what I told 'er indoors when she found 'em under the pax seat.
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    Well, just to put all you guys minds at rest. This car is now mine. I originally put the previous owner in touch with Stuarty almost 2 years ago via LotusRescue. He spent a fortune on her on a full mechanical rebuild, then had a change of plan. Having known this car while Stuart owned her and knowing all the work that has just been completed , I wasn't happy at the prospects of her going to another dealer and then them taking the piss with a price as happened with my Yellow S3. So after having silent discussions with she who must be obeyed. I bought her and she is now firmly parked at the front of my house. Went for a short drive in her late yesterday for the first time and other than a bit of a misfire on 1 plug, due I suspect to damp as its been pissing down rain all night, she runs fine. Current issue is with having several other projects on the go I will have no chance of doing any further work on her until time and funds allow. However, she will be in regular use once I complete and oil and filter change as she is now coming up to 1,000 miles since her complete engine rebuild. This is in fact her 2nd rebuild. Invoices showing £19,800 being spent over the first 58k of miles by her original owner, and now a further 20k just spent on her again, only 10k miles later. So, she now has a freshly rebuilt engine with new pistons, shells big end bearings, all ancillary's, stailess steel fuel tank's, carpets, boot liner and bag, boot carpets, sun visors and a bonus of a complete set or original compomotives fitted with nice new tyres, two of the compomotives require a bit of a refurb before fitting. Steven, if you have any further pics of when you saw her in the garage, a copy would be much appreciated. Stuart, likewise. I have some I took when I was at your place a couple of years ago, but would like to start a history for on her.
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    Nice drive this afternoon. Re- the viration mentioned previously, I can actually feel it through the steering so maybe a wheel balance issue. Anyway, here are some pics.
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    Had adjusted them up too much. - 5 minutes when i got home brought them back down half a smidgen. You get the idea though - I think this is an improvement. Off Dips Mains

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