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    I booked my Exige in a local garage and just got a phone call saying they can’t do it be because of 2 reasons 1. The car is too low to get onto the ramp understandable 2. The MOT tester can’t get into and out of the car because his to fat LOL
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    One of my frustrations is the standard plastic engine plaque that fits on top of the supercharger. Im on my second one where the paint flakes and just looks crap. So about a month ago I decided to find a better solution. Taking inspiration from the carbon plaque off the LF1... I designed a similar themed plaque but instead of carbon decided on black anodised aluminium with CNC engraving. After a number of attempts and some help on a CNC bench from a friend I managed to get what I think is the perfect addition to my engine bay - Have to say I'm pretty chuffed with the results! As soon as the car comes back from @Hangar 111 this will be getting installed.... albeit the engine bay cleaned first lol
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    A bit of progress on the sticker front - here is the planned design which incorporates both the Elite and Eclat anniversaries. I took the font design - basically a stretched Eurostile outline font - from the front of the factory workshop manual, and have tried to get the character overlap as close as possible. I'm getting quotes for white pvc cling stickers to go on the inside of the window.
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    Would you give me her email so I can ask her if she has any Esprit spare parts for sale?
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    There’s a million reasons not to buy a Lotus and only one reason to buy one - It’s the best drivers car you’ll ever own. Unfortunately that only matters to 0.0000000001% of car buyers. Buying one is a leap of faith
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    Still no word or response from Innovative Mounts ref the wear on the engine/gearbox mounts! Unbelievable! On a positive note, @Hangar 111 are nearing completion of my car
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    Mine is still rock solid, Jack, so not sure it's purely thermal. It must be said I never clean my engine bay/supercharger so it's never been wiped with anything either. It's great to see an attractive alternative to what seem to be a very common issue. From what I've seen, they're understandably flying out the door too. Well done, Imran.
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    Great job Imran! Interesting that mine has held up well after more than 4 years. Perhaps due to less heat in the engine bay?
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    there is the Gold Cup at Oulton Park which like to celebrate things like this...... I can sort free tickets abut Id need to speak to them about a 'parade' lap.......if it helps any August Bank Holiday Weekend by the way........Oulton Park Cheshire........the test track used by ACBC and Jim Clark just a thought.... Donington have the GT and F3 championship mid Sept
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    They've changed the name of the insurance write off categories...
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    Well I was, until last July... Dad told me "if I ever see you on a motorbike you can pack your bags" so I got myself a paper round, saved hard, and a few weeks before my 16th birthday bought myself a little FS1dx off a mates brother for £25. Here she is and that's me the long haired scruffian on the right. That first ride, the freedom, all of a sudden the world is your oyster, I was hooked on bikes for nearly 40 years have owned, built, raced, and customised many over the are a few of them.
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    They are correct for traditional straight grooves - outer of slot leading in terms of rotation:
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    “The costliest model Lotus had ever developed, the Evora aimed to combine Elise dynamism with refinement, 2+2 practicality and the electronic tech to make this a liveable Lotus. So liveable, Hethel reckoned, that it would sell 2000 a year. Sales barely reached half that in its best year, and while the car improved and power climbed, so did the price, turning the Evora into a niche seller. It’s far from a bad car, and the chassis is sensational, but annoyingly for Lotus, Porsche – mostly – does it better.” AKA the best car that nobody knows about. (This one’s for you, Tim).
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    A good soaking did the job, and I split it today. As feared, it's going to need pretty much everything: pistons/liners/rings/regrind/all shells. Not forgetting valves/guides/seats as well. It's also going to need a new oil tank, water pump will need rebuild, A/C compressor will need looking at (graunchy), and I've yet to have a good look at the towers/cams and - especially - the oil pump. Seems the only sealant used in the entire engine was Blue Hylomar. Previously I mentioned damage to no4 combustion chamber - something had danced around in there. Today when I pulled the pistons and laid them out in order, I noticed something curious. They're etched 1,2,3,4 but were placed in reverse (4 at cambelt end). I put this down to someone numbering from the wrong end. BUT... I then noticed pitting in the no1 position piston that exactly matches the damage to No4 chamber. So it seems someone has refitted the pistons in the wrong order. Surely not!? At this point I was doubting myself, so I checked back through my photos and was able to confirm - pistons have definitely been replaced in the wrong cylinders. Anybody's guess what this might have meant for bearings etc. I've taken masses of pics; a few relevant ones below... Blue stuff Mains Big ends Crank
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    I love the GS...guess it’s a sign of me getting older but I’ve always had a soft spot for big trailies and Dakar lookalikes.
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    Ha! Yes I did, but proves my prediction correct! Very nice job. Almost makes me sorry I traded in the Exige for an Evora (almost).
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    If you are on a round profile tooth, why not just do it by frequency? (endorsed by Lotus) The twist 'method' is nothing more than an informal check for an experienced mechanic.
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    You are right @Sparky but I'm on my 3rd Krikit- tensioned cambelt and so far so good (and that's not because the previous 2 snapped!). @eeyoreish We can certainly give it a go Neil. I only need to get to the long bit of belt at the top and it should give you a ballpark to work from. PM me and we'll sort a time. Pete
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    It only occurs in extreme circumstances i.e. full lock, low speed, and most noticeable when reversing. It is actually a better set up for performance driving as it maximises the tyre contact patch during cornering.
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    For the 4 cylinder cars, from the SE onwards, see
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    @eeyoreish more than happy to have a look Neil, but not sure i'll be of much use. You're welcome to borrow my Krikit gauge which I've found perfectly good for tensioning the cambelt. Pete
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    I had a phone conversation this morning and can share some very exciting news! We will soon be able to buy new elite and Eclat galvanised chassis made to the original specification. As we know from the restoration threads on here, it’s been getting harder and harder to source decent second hand chassis’s, with Lotusbits unable to source used ones in sufficient quantities to meet demands of owners embarking on restorations. im absolutely delighted that someone has picked up the gauntlet and made an investment which will not only safeguard our card on the road, but also see laid up examples suddenly become viable restoration projects. Prices are expected to be in the region £2.5k +vat. contact Lotusbits directly to place orders. As always with Lotusbits, it’s best to call them with the telephone rather than email. Dunc
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    At least now we've got gifs!!
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    Great news Dunc but that's 'viable' in the altruistic sense I take it? Maybe (hopefully?) it is actually more of an indication that perhaps the longer term value of these iconic vehicles will begin to be recognised. However fantastic the Esprit is, Lotus was never just about 1 car. Even Colin Chapman liked an Elite as a daily driver...........
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    Sounds about right what Ian says, That it is the wrong slave cylinder. Only other option is the release bearing mechanism has snapped off at the end, i.e the bit that the pushrod presses into when you put your foot on the clutch pedal. remove his slave cylinder and look inside the opening with a torch, it should be fairly easy to spot. If its a project car, could even be someone has fitted the gearbox back in with the release mechanism, i.e a rush job to make a car look more complete, stranger things have happened
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    someone looks excited..... congratulations
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    It’s a Toyota engine, just fire it up!
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    From memory it’s just a standard double pole relay
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    @PhillC Wins the best Lotus contents of a garage prize & others are still discussing electrics wiring?
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    Have used Chris at TVSC for both Ultimas I’ve bought and sold, for enclosed trailer. See no fun in driving your new pride and joy in current road conditions, but each to their own
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    Confirmed as a scam. Listed for £31k on Autotrader:
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    I remember seeing this post a while back from davetoff re splitting the MBH. Looked like the best way to approach it.
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    Hot feet,,, Not in this car you dont. Left the house 08.30 this morning, -2 Deg C. Ice on the inside of the windows. One hour drive to meet up with some friends and frozen stiff. Job No1, set the carbs,. Job No2, fix the heater. Job No3, fix door handles,. Job No4, respray. Did I enjoy the drive, mostly.Would have been far better if the carbs hadnt been playing up and it wasnt so bloody Coooooold. Dont you just love em. Oh, and the trainers worked fine.
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    Hi Dan, part 46. I have a studied thread I made up for the S1. I have already bought the new parts but havn't had time to fit them.
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    Bikes were my passion since I was 11, last one I had was a Ducati 748...I adored that bike. If I wasn’t riding it I was cleaning it. Termis, jhm airfilter, chipped - gorgeous. Then one sunny Saturday it all ended, unbeknown to me. All I remember is two weeks later being woken by a nurse repeating my name. I was incredibly lucky to survive; they called my wife to my bedside in intensive care four times to say goodbye. But I wasn’t going! It’s left me with long-term injuries including a tbi. It was an unavoidable accident according to the Police, I had no time to react to the car driver who was trying to pull off an incredibly stupid move. In a split second my old life and career had finished and a whole new world of pain and struggle was replacing it. A grim prognosis was the outlook. But you know what, 17 years down the line I think I’ve proved them all wrong. I’ve learnt to walk again, learnt to talk again, working part-time, still a dad to my 18 yr old son and still a husband to my wonderful she’s stuck with me christ only knows. The only thing I want you guys to take away from this is this: You may think you’re an experienced and safe rider, I did. But on that day, I can’t remember seeing a car, reacting to a car, grabbing the brakes, nothing. Apparently I was resuscitated at the roadside before being airlifted and I can’t recall a god damn thing. They are out there guys, and they are waiting for us...just have that in the back of your mind on your next ride out. But above all, enjoy riding your bike as it’s a feeling that can never be matched, no matter what car you drive. Here endeth the lesson
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    Well I'm glad I took the carbs apart, look at this!Look at the float holder. It had a very crude resin repair. Has anyone got a top carb bit going spare? If not I will have to source a new one. I'm getting a feel for this car now. Every nut, bolt , pivot and pipe needs the full treatment. What's that plate for? Don't recollect it in the parts manual?? I wonder what awaits with the other carb? Well the restoration process has to be two fold. Aquablast and sonic cleaner. Apparently aqua blasting can leave glass shards imbedded in the casting. So that would mean aqua blast first then sonic treatment. That's what I intend to do unless any other advice. Axminster they are making my tanks. They made me a header for the S1 and I have to say it was perfect. Judging by the pictures their tanks are the best. A small mod I am having 1/2 size reduction on the long side to aid fitting. I'm an ace now at removing the tanks and rightly so having lost count of the number of times they have been in and out on this and my other car! Richard has pointed out to me I should now go full Essex and fit the bulkhead speakers with the fiberglass protectors. Well now I have the correct Maystar grilles who am I to argue. The holes will be cut and let the fiberglassing commence! please can no one order anything till my tanks are made, THANKS! The ultimate tank upgrade!
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    Long time ago now but would guess the "back wall" was 2008 the foyer 2009 & 2010 was the last Donnington show.
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    I bought a new leftover Evora 400 with about 70 miles on it last May for 23% off MSRP and I know that there are still 2017s sitting on lots so you can probably get an even better deal. I wasn't looking for an exotic necessarily (was actually looking at Hellcats and GT350Rs, but also kicked around R8s, GTRs, GT3s, etc), but the Evora is really the last of the old school semi exotic, hand built, mid engined, manual transmission'd semi supercars available. I cannot say enough about how wonderful the 400 is, honestly. I have driven a lot of sports cars over the years, and it is so full feedback, power, handling, braking, and just plain old charm that I cannot imagine anyone being even remotely disappointed with it. It is not perfect and it is not my daily, but I love driving it to the store almost as much as a good, ahem, "brisk" drive out on backroads. It is so special feeling and also just so plain useable that I cannot think of another car even close. 911s obviously would be the closest but, I am sorry, they just never seem to have enough personality for my liking (although I have not driven any 991s). I am kind of all over the map with my cars, but they have to be quick and they have to have a sense of fun and the Evora 400 fulfills that 1,000%. FYI my other current cars are a Trackhawk (7.6mpg!), Boss 302 Laguna (my forever car), and a Focus RS (angry little bastard!). I get bored with the 'perfection' of most modern cars. The Evora is a delight for all of the senses and it's imperfections make it more perfect for a lunatic like me.
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    I'm here and I drive mine! Welcome to the land of the few, the proud, the brave. Right here In Nashville, even. There are a few other owners in the area, but you're the first Evora person I've been privileged to hear about. Mine's the racing green 400 that can be seen around if you keep your eyes peeled and has even been to Franklin for the C&C twice or thrice. I always get a lot of traffic when I do go there. You probably will too. We're lucky to have Carlock and TJ. It makes it a lot easier to own one here. Congrats. I'll keep my eyes peeled for you!
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    Wow listening to this thread it sounds like there is no future for Lotus, never have I heard so much negativity in my life especially at a time when under a new ownership there are positive things happening at Hethel, big recruitment drive, obviously a massive cash injection, don’t let the lack of information of future products be a negative, Geely are operating in the way they know best and have made a success in the past. Me for one I am looking forward to some great products in the next few years.
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    Yes they are rare here. I doubt I will see very many out. Nashville Cars and Coffee rarely have a Lotus. You will see a Lamborghini and more than 1 Mclaren and several Ferrari but no Lotus. Strange as Carlock sells several Evoras a year
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    Lovely and welcome to family of lotus owners
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    Very nice mate, congratulations
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    So dumb. Your exhaust is too loud and anti social so we're going to hound you and threaten you because of a small number of idiots who road race. Your gun is so loud its beautiful and despite the fact thousands of our citizens are shot dead every year by a small number of idiots we ain't gonna do a thing. I guess priorities are different.
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    Front view, with fog lights.
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    Here is a rear view of mine. The rear Fogs are also Hella, the switches are located to the right side of the steering wheel above the air vent. Neil
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    Mating faces are rock solid. The sealant of choice on this engine is blue, and it's been used copiously on pretty much every joint. It's present inside too.

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