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    So I thought I'd do a bit of a build thread now that I am coming up to the first year with the car. That and I've got some time on my hands waiting in Frankfurt airport, so I though I'd bring together some of the little bits I have been doing… Previous to the 350 I've had a reasonable handful of Lotus's, S1's and S2's Elise/Exige with a K20 lump in an Elise and a komotec tweaked S2 Exige S, so though I had done my time in them. But for some reason decided I want to get back into the fold. After looking around for several weeks, I decided to order what I wanted. I know financially not the most sensible decision, but I thought I would get what I want as each previous time I'd settled on a colour and spec and always wished I got something else. This isn't going to be a thread about monster build (yet anyway), but general updates and tweaks I've done and am doing as people seem to find it helpful. So after plenty of umming and arring over what model etc. I settled on a 350. Reason behind it was I didn't feel the power was enough to justify the 380, and the 430 was north of £100k at the time which was more than I wanted to spend. I also knew I'd be tweaking and changing things, so paying extra for carbon and power on the 380 made no sense, if I was changing parts and going down the Komotec route eventually then it would again be wasted money. So car was ordered early 2018, and arrived April. Dark Metallic Grey, usual extras like aircon, stereo, NVH, carpets, 2-piece discs, yellow stiching, interior packs and brakes, and carbon access panel. Some would say I should have gone for a shouty colour, but it's just not really me. Car was delivered, and was getting PPF but when I went to look pre PPF for the nose there was micromarring in direct sunlight, so I went back the next day to polish the front end and remove the marring. All done and it looked a bit like this: So car delivered and after a days driving, the first thing to do was to add in harnesses, stick on a 2bular, add reverse camera, satnav headunit, and a sub. So put away in the garage and start stripping it. It spent the first night in my possession having the interior taking out, floors off etc. The exhaust was a lightly used one I picked up way before the car arrived - 2bular track non valved. It arrived looking like this: and after a day of conference calls one Friday looked more like this after I'd been listening and going through plenty of Peek, wire wool and rags (pointless I know, but I was bored and once I got started I needed to finish: 50/50: Finished: Then installed with fresh gasket and bolts, just incase. Nicer sound, and much much lighter Then I installed the reverse camera, flip out head and sub as well as swapping the speakers for focals. Head unit: Also added a remote stereo control for when using harnesses and not wanted to use a pen: I won't repeat everything, but there are the full fitting guides here: And here: Finally fitted the harness bar, and harnesses. I used the Lotus MS version, as I preferred it being behind the roll hoop rather than using the v-force that mounts to the top seat belt mounts. In previous Eliges you would tighten the harness par through the speaker holes, but since Lotus started chopping bits out I don't have them. So getting the harness bar on, tightened, torqued and panel back on was an absolute nightmare - but I didn't want to hack the panel. So after lots of pulling, bending, poking and very very bruised arms they were all fitted. It would be far easier to fit and remove the v-force bar however - and if I hadn't done it a few times already cutting and the back panel to fit the bar would have been something that would put most off. Note to anyone else, if you are doing this just cut holes where the speakers should be and get covers, or if you do it the hard way - DO NOT let the interior light cable fall behind the panel so you have to take it out and do it again! Anyway, harnesses and sub in place: For the new seat subframes (they don't wobble :)) You mount the harnesses different, you do not need the mounting kit I've previously used , the existing hardware works. I found this out after having the kit obviously… Normal belts retained Finally put it all back together, then added front towing eye (colour changed to yellow),and a shortened number plate plinth for a smaller but still legal number plate. Then a couple of days of polishing to correct all the imperfections (buffer trails everywhere, some sanding parks but nothing major). The paint (as it always seems to be with modern Lotus's) takes a while to find the right pad combo, as the paints so soft. In the end it was major correction with M105 and Menz 2500 on a green Rupes pad, stepping down to Menz 2500 on a Rupes yellow. Before a yellow pad with Menz 3800. Going to a softer pad introduced plenty of marring, so remember to keep the slightly harder pad. Then full ceramic coat (Gtechnic CSL and Exov3)
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    We're now in the thick of the build and progress is being made... we have unfortunately had a few folks not pay (after multiple promises) which is frustrating but opens a few of the build slots if anyone wishes to take one. Thanks
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    Lotus staff got free hot drinks vending machines back in August, was a very welcome move and much appreciated from the people who work there. Sometimes the little things can make a big difference
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    Okay, so I didn't manage to replace the ECM at the weekend as hoped but I've just been out and swapped it over and the fans live once more While I was poking about in the ECM I popped the top off the memcal and took the following snap of it. Do these markings mean anything to anyone? According to Espritmon the EEPROM ID is 6CE5.
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    Dear god. Does he also only put it in half way to save his wife?
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    Always wanted to see what one of the members fromm ZZ TOP looked like without the hat and sunglasses lol
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    Managed to get the re-trimmed wheel fitted yesterday, looks and feels great now, the alcantara matches well with the original lotus alcantara in the sports racer. Top job by Royals, thanks to the opening poster for the recommendation in this thread!
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    I just watched that. Amazing episode; best yet. New found respect for JC. Greatest racer ever.
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    Challengers Charity are organising their annual motor event. The rally is between Dorking and Farnham in Surrey using tulip using professional Tulip Guide and ends up at an amazing private museum . Its all for charity and a great cause. I attended in 2017 in my red HC and will be again this year there are limited spaces so if it’s of interest follow the link.
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    I would think the strap is used because it has fine strands, whereas the cable is less flexible, so it is more likely to fracture and break more quickly than the strap. 170A should be enough I think, but don't forget, the battery is rated at 320cranking amps, so the more current capacity the better.
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    Don't forget ohms law, V=IR so for example 0.8 R @ 40 A = 32V, which is of course impossible When cranking, say 150A(a guess) you don't want to lose much, but typically the voltage across starter drops to 8V maybe(battery internal resistance plus external resistance(cable and connections), hence why the ignition ballast resistor is shorted by the ignition switch. So, say you don't want more than a volt loss across the cable @150A, you want R = V(1)/I(150) which gives about 7milliohms(.007 ohm), and no 3 1/2 digit multimeter can cope. Hence reason why a very small bit of corrosion can really stuff things up.
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    Ever see a grown man play with holes?
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    I think I'll leave the chassis bare -I think the look of galv is reassuring, but the previous owner went for the hammerite option - without the etch primer. It's his paint not mine! I'd love to have monstrous p.o. repairs on my "Things that could be wrong with a Lotus" post - I mean glued on seat belt mounts surely make my sump bodge discovery look trivial.
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    Excellent Advice. Mine only goes half way in, next month ill try to redine it to see if it goes to the top.
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    Simon was in the 997, Stew was in the GT-86.
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    (Preorder a Lotus van ... err I meant SUV?)
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    @Barrykearley I am not going to tell you again, you know what to do
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    Agree with that, too nice to hide
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    Check out Manning for insurance policy inc track days
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    @R1chr1ch - so much better! It makes me want to get my winter wheels redone!
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    Thanks! No airbag delete, went for normal wheel but added some gold stitching on the underside: It's not on the "normal" order sheet, you have to be creative with the Exclusive Programme!
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    Thanks mate, you can follow her on FB at "Wendy Kimberley Art". She has a painting in the Queens Private Collection. Next month she has 2 paintings in the Royal Society for admission to their ranks and you can see her at Colchester Art Fair in March and Newbury in May!
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    Thanks for the moral support! I felt a car continually in use since the 70s would be a better bet than a hedge find but now I'm seeing downsides to those extra years of bodgery and cheap fixes. Still, it's a lot more interesting than "rust rust rust" I mean I can't find any corrosion on the bodywork at all!
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    I agree, sad part is I wont be able to afford one, I would also like to see than use more English expertise, ie a Quaife box. for the cup version perhaps as there are conversions already from what I have read As this is a new era, I believe new names, sentimental I guess I plan to keep my EVORA 400 as its the end of an Era. Interesting I saw the word Evangelise on a screen and interesting Lotus have the Elise what about Evang. evangelise verb (OPINIONS) [ I ] to talk about how good you think something is.. or the EMOTION, a car I wish the "Beep Beep" that they had made, as still looks good today.... big ask I for Both I suppose.
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    Should the top tier of TLF membership be called 'Black and Gold'? Justin
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    Another engine update. This is the water pump, which, after much debate, will be sent away to have new internals fitted. Oil pump, which sits at the bottom of the distributor drive. Another example of Colin Chapman’s philosophy of making parts do more than one job. Take the cover off and we see the rotor and annulus. A closer look at the annulus reveals scoring to the top There is also some scoring to the inner part of the housing as well (left) Looking at the rotor you can see some gouge marks. The annulus also has some scoring on its inner edge. Although the rotor and anmnulus could be re-used I’m not going to, it will be replaced. Two reasons for this, one, it is responsible for pumping the engines oil and crucially maintaining oil pressure, and two, we’ve come this far, it may well be foolish to start penny pinching now. This is the sump now. That baffle you can see has two other bits which sit next to the “wings” to stop the oil surging from one side to the other when giving it some round corners. They make it very hard to get the cleaning agent into and the crap out of the wings. Took ages to do! And some more numbers revealed in the sump Now you will recall the “Monster from the Black lagoon sump” (above) It was mainly blocked with sealant. Several goes in the parts washer made very little impression. Time for some lateral thinking. Burn it off!! After several goes with the blow torch this is the result. You need to be careful that you don’t put too much heat into it as the gauze is bonded with what looks like some sort of resin to the plates, then clamped. Pleased with the results, means I won’t need to fork out for a new one. Inlet manifold. Just needs a bit more cleaning. Carbs. These will be sent off to the carb whisperer for a full rebuild. The crank has been taken to the place that is doing the cylinder head. When we took it in, told him it was the crank from the Lotus. He took one look at it and said " hmm, that’s a Vauxhall crank that. Bedford CF." It didn’t surprise me, given Lotus used to dip into the parts bins of other manufacturers. When I asked if the shell bearings were readily available for it he said “certainly are, and not expensive either”. Another parts scource. Result! Managed to get a look at the cylinder head. All stripped and cleaned, has new valve guides in. Should be ready soon. Roland
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    Just discovered your awesome car in this epic spec. I´m really obsessed with special configured cars and your car is a really incredible example. I have one question: You got the whole dashboard covered in alcantara. Now I´m just wondering if you got the airbag deleted or not? Only saw the full alcantara dashboard on cars without airbags so I thought it´s just not possible to order full alcantara with the airbags. Greetings Nicolas
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    As Spinney has already said a Desiccant Dehumidifier would be the be the better choice in a garage due to the fact that they perform better at lower air temperatures a typical refrigerant dehumidifier only really works efficiently at ambient temperatures or 20 deg C and above as the air is warm and can hold more moisture so more suited for indoor use. Where as a Desiccant dryer works with the same efficiency down to much lower temperatures of around 1-2 deg C they basically consist of a rotating drum of a desiccant material usually Zeolite that traps the water molecules as the room air is passed through and then on the other side of the drum that is not being used and has already caught the moisture its heated and dried out via separate heating element and fan that then usually expels the worm moist air outside like a tumble dryer. They usually cost a little more to run but are fare better suited to low ambient conditions.
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    Since the word "wishbones" has been mentioned a million times in this thread thought i would post for general reference what GTE longer arms look like and versus stock arms.
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    When I had my visit to CLT a whilst back I asked about that, and they told me that some of the new owners are within less than a second of the actual F1 lap times of the period. So I'd say they are being raced hard.
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    Without even a new set of plugs, giving the car a good warm up up/down the A12 and using a small independent garage the car passed its MOT with just a warning about the join between the manifold down-pipe and my custom SS exhaust (looks like I need a new gasket and studs). I'm really chuffed and can now plan to get it fully serviced and a few treats in the spring when that finally arrives.
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    A VIP (Very Important Package) has just arrived It took just over a week to be delivered from the US which seemed pretty good to me. Hopefully it will cure my fan problems when I get chance to fit it later tonight or over the weekend.
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    Hi George, In 2017 I had a broken radius arm bolt, while driving the car. Trust me You don't want that.... topic: So after I repaired it I decided to measure and set Toe in/out in the rear and in the front .....this topic After setting Toe in the rear, I can confirm that on my car the number of washers is not the same right and left. I really had to measure and adjust both sides to get the settings right. so I don't think you have to expect that the esprit is perfectly symmetrical. Just use the washers , do a good measurement, take some time and it will be fine. Geert
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    I had a chance to have a chat with the lovely @Laura Lotus today who's settling in nicely to the sales role at Leven Lotus. You folks have got no chance, you'll all be in new Lotus cars before the years out, she's a big car nut and loving the Lotus brand so welcome Laura to the Lotus world!
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    for setting front and rear toe two equal length pieces of wood or metal at either end of the car with fishing wire tied between them is cheapest way and used in a lot of motorsport so is definitely accurate enough. Rest the beams on axle stands and set the string so that the distances to wheel centers are the same at the front side to side and rear side to side then measure the toe as normal. I did this on my chassis before the body was fitted. Not ideal as without the weight of the body the ride heights are wrong but gives you an idea of twist and at least you can get the steering straight at the same time. BTW in the photos of the turbo esprit above the bolt is definitely not sticking through the nyloc lock nut enough on the top picture and is pretty marginal on the other. Rather than fitting a longer bolt just remove 2 of the 3 washers nearest the nylock as they are doing nothing (IMO). cheers C43
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    Within 2 months and immediately after a "Winterdiscount" of € 9.000,- sold for € 29.895,- = GBP 26.200,-
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    Have you got your CO2 and Hydrocarbons readings? You are a brave man taking it to Halford/Kwikfit etc...
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    Here`s a couple of rare 90`s icons that you don't see many of, especially parked together Audi RS2 and the Lotus Carlton sat at Weston super Mare
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    Two weeks Vauxhall have had my van last week they moved it from Worcester to Cheltenham without me even knowing as their commercial ramp broke. today - they confirm it’s in bits - needs a new engine they think - pending approval from Vauxhall. date of return - unknown - can’t seem to be able to put a date on that
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    Ah I remember the chassis. I wonder if it will turn out to be easier to replace than the engine block, or more difficult. Which one will be more fun? Can't wait!
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    39 years old, apparently left husband a month ago and living in secure house several miles away, carrying one pre school child whilst on the school run to pick up her other 3 children when someone mounted the kerb jumped out of car and stabbed her to death. Two in custody within 2 hours. From the photos taken from Facebook looks like she lived down our road.
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    You could always do what Ford used to do, and I believe a number of modern cars still do. Have an auxiliary air pump somewhere pumping air directly into the exhaust to thin out the emissions!
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    I think it might have been riveted a long time ago Steve. Now you can see the clutch fork has been "uprated" with about half a pound of mig wire. Are they really that expensive?
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    Absolutely agree. Very interesting about Clark. If only he’d chosen to race at Brands Hatch.

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