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    Well after waiting over 4 years with my deposit down for a new TVR and no car in sight I started to look around, and eventually settled on an Evora. looking forward to it arriving on Thursday.
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    Hi guys, I picked up my first Lotus yesterday, and I'm still buzzing. Shocked, would be an appropriate adjective to describe my experience with these cars. The car is so good. I can't wait to get it on the track to see how it is. Our Aussie spec differs slightly from the UK spec. The side pods aren't the larger CF ones (I plan to change this), front splitter isn't CF (I don't mind...I would be worried that a CF splitter would explode on me), and non CF seats as far as I can tell (bummer). Otherwise, all else is the same. I was looking for a car that was fit-for-purpose, that didn't compromise for the sake of luxuries someone else would need, and didn't make my wallet tremble every time I was at the track looking for tenths of seconds. This car ticked all the boxes. Well, a couple of 2013/2014 Exige V6S's ticked most of the boxes but both got sold out from under me, and I'm a little impatient. So this is where I ended up. Hopefully I don't ask too many stupid questions. I'm very very green when it comes to Lotus's! Below are some pics I took as soon as I got her home. (temporary number plate location)
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    Just put a deposit down on a lovely 15 Evora Sports Racer from Leven Lotus in Edinburgh. Can't wait to pick it up! I used to own an S2 111s and I absolutely loved it. Not sure what it is about Lotus but they are a hard habit to shake! Good to be back :) cheers Michael Doris
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    I've had my 400 for a few months now, and I want to briefly share a couple of aspects of my ownership experience, so anyone thinking of buying an Evora who has come to TLF to do some research can find this. My Evora is my daily driver, and I do up to about 12,000 miles a year. Aside from short trips and early morning blasts just for thrills, I travel long distances with a decent amount of luggage for work and my sport, which is skydiving. And as you can imagine that involves a fair bit of kit. So how does the Evora cope with this life? How well does it meet the combined demands of short-distance blaster and long-distance hauler? In a word; flawlessly. The Evora is nothing short of brilliant. Miraculous even! I am totally amazed and massively impressed by how well this car deals with every demand I place on it. (Well, OK. Maybe not every demand. I drove it to IKEA once and you can't get a wardrobe in it. But, you should have heard it in the cavernous carpark there! Awesome!) I'll share with you two real-world examples of why I'm so impressed by the Evora. Firstly, luggage capacity. If you're thinking of buying an Evora but are worried that it can't carry much, think again. Wardrobes aside, 'lack of cargo space' is not a valid reason to deny yourself the pleasure of Evora ownership. I've driven to the airport with four parachutes in the boot and a full-size 25kg suitcase on the back seats, and I still had the passenger seat for more stuff. On the more domestic side of life, the boot plus rear seats easily swallows a massive Sainsbury's trolley full of shopping. Brilliant! Secondly, long distances. Yesterday, I had a 170 mile drive home from Milton Keynes to Exeter, which went like this; 90 minutes of blasting through Oxfordshire with the sun shining, windows down, sport button on and me laughing out loud at the sheer bloody hilarity of it. Followed by settling onto the M4 for 90 minutes of serene and comfortable motorway cruising with windows up, sport off and stereo on. I hopped out at home with zero aches and one massive grin. Seriously, I'm astounded by how the Evora 400 can be equally excellent at totally mental blasting and smooth cruising. I'm 6' 2'', and over distance I'm honestly more comfortable in my Evora than my previous C-Class Merc. I bought the Evora because I was bored with the Merc, and having owned (and loved) a couple of Boxsters before (sorry), I wanted to get back into something FUN. Before I bought the Evora, I looked at the Boxster/Cayman again, but was put off by the latest 4cyl engine. The 911? Too soft in my opinion. I wanted to get the driving experience back, unfettered by too much padding. My Wife has a Suzuki Ignis, and that thing is is a right laugh because it's pure driving. I wanted that, but not in an Ignis. I know the analogue driving experience isn't for everyone. I guess the majority of the marketplace wants the extra padding and tech in cars like the 911. But for me, the Evora 400 is the perfect car. I think it's miraculous that a small-volume, niche manufacturer in Norfolk has created a car that is this damn capable! I know this is said a lot in the Lotus community, but why the hell does every journalist use the Cayman and 911 as the benchmarks for comparing other sports cars? They're awesome cars for sure, but for anyone after a truly special driving experience - this is it right here. Evora all the way. Oh - final point for anyone not convinced yet. The drop-dead looks and rarity of the Evora makes you feel like a goddamn rock-star driving it around! This amount of head-turning usually costs £200k+ Right. The sun's out again. I'm off for a drive.
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    The old man came round and demanded a picture while I was cleaning the car. He was chatting about it all and how he signed off every stage personally and how he cocked up because he doesn't have a single picture of him with the design team and engineers who did the car from start to finish. he considers it a total Team effort but secretly I think he considers it his swansong from the Motor Industry he loved so much and all the designs he has either personally been involved in or that he instigated/oversaw. And didn't he do well. It's a stunning car with amazing engineering from top to bottom. Very proud to own something so personal to him. Also interesting to note that he considers both McLaren and Ferrari to have used the design for the basis of their cars. true when you look at them!
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    For the same recipe but with much better ingredient
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    A few years ago a young frizzy haired chap called @Barrykearley asked on here where he might find a set of carpets for his S3. Being a domestic carpet supplier/fitter with a wife who's a wizard with leather, I thought, we can do that, offered my help, and armed with a roll of paper and some carpet samples headed off to Worcestershire. The rest is history. Things have come a long way...Barry no longer has his S3, or any hair, and tomorrow morning our 50th set of carpets will be shipped off to the USA. So a huge thanks to all those people who have recommended, supported, and helped us get our little cottage industry off the ground.
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    900 miles at the weekend, mainly based around the NC500 route in Scotland. Excellently organised by the team at Rev. Limits. Some pictures of my car from the event.
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    Enjoyed that drive home tonight
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    Season openings in Austria .
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    So the Paul Daniels of Esprits @Sparkyhas excelled himself today. Now I wish this wasn’t true and would rather have ended up with a large invoice, but sadly this happened this morning Talking nonsense over text with the Sparkster whilst needing to move the Elan and Esprit out the way to get the van cleaned as it is going back next Friday. Elan starts first time after 3 weeks, go fill her up with some super unleaded £49, happy days. Tell Sparky to place his bets on the Esprit starting after 5 weeks and there is no other way of doing this, so here is how the texts went, word for word. Me: Well that went well nearly fired, now nothing from the starter motor. Literally nothing any ideas Sparky: Lights/wipers working? OK. wiggle the solenoid feed spade Sparky: Tap your heels together 3 times, say “there’s no place like Hethel” Me: Lights ok, where the f&£k is the solenoid feed spade, you should move to Chislehurst Me: You are not going to believe this, it just started, what the fuck. Sparky: It’s the heel clicking. Works every time Me: Properly Laughing Sparky: No charge, great service and a smile at very reasonable rates. Me: The thing is I told Sarah what you said and she said try it and pissed herself laughing as I done exactly that. When it started she was falling around she reckons you might be related to Harry Potter. And Its been fine all day #weirdwatfordmagic
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    Sun out today so took the old girl out for a spin to a local classic car breakfast meet.
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    Car is now cleaned again and tucked away safely under the TLF cover. I also received my new helmet (Bell GP3) which I got painted by KSD Custom Paint. He managed to turn it around in less than a week and it's absolutely stunning. I'm really happy with the design I did, nice and simple, and the black is Lotus Motorsport Black, so has a bit of flake in it.
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    Finally!! And the S1 started first time and didn’t miss a beat after 4 months hibernating. The Essex on the other hand......paging GST - incoming!
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    Met 2 more Esprit owners yesterday and couldn't resist posting another group photo:
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    After an absence of approx. 10 years, V8 Project GT1 is back ! There are more options available now to extend the performance of the project, so the general plan is to loose more weight, completely exchange the transmission and upgrade the engine to provide power in excess of 550bhp. Externally the car is going to have the genuine GT1 replica treatment in the form of the #22 Jan Lammers/Perry McCarthy car. As the car has spent very little time running over the last 10 years, so it's going to be a case of get the engine/gearbox out and inspect everything. Looking forward to sharing progress over the next months. Here she is on the trip yesterday. It was physical impossible to reverse the car onto the trailer due to the width, so front first and very carefully driven.
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    Picked mine up from B n C today
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    Thought I'd say hi and introduce myself, my son and our recent addition to the family. As a 10 year old boy my son is car mad. At three years old he could recognise any car logo we showed him and he now takes it the the next level with models, stats and the like. Let's just say he put's his dad and grandad (former designer and engineer) to shame. As a boy who's face was constantly stuck against the glass of the local car dealership (who also stocked and serviced Lotus cars) and whose dream car was white and turned into a submarine it's great to have grown up sufficiently to finally own one. The look on my sons face when we revealed it to him was worth every penny. So we'd like to introduce 'Jeremy' (the name given to the car by my son). There's something a bit special about this car so we're going to have a little quiz. You have 10 attempts to guess why this car is special..... Hint there are two clues in this post.
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    Haven't really done anything to my car in a while... So here's a photo of it from last night in a bit of a rain storm! Ceramic coating worked well, the water just ran straight off it
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    First time I've ever had a car professionally photographed... i'm looking forward to receiving the hi-rez images over the next week (I'll post them in due course...).
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    Collected my first Esprit today. Anyone know this car? The guy a bought it from claims it is the only GT3 in Nautilus Blue. Anyone know differently? And another couple.
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    Today, 15 May 2019, is the 45th birthday of the Elite, launched on 15 May 1974 - also a Wednesday. Happy birthday Elite!
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    Some I took this morning. I had some black vinyl added under the doors from the scoops. I think it really finishes off the car
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    Today I woke up super early and drove to North Wales. Loving the stance on the car now!
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    So, I am a long-term admirer of Lotus and the Evora specifically is a car that I have wanted to own for many years. And the time was right in Feb this year as the right car in budget came up (2015 2+2 IPS) I have 1 child (4yrs old) and a wife, therefore the 2+2 is used by the 3 of us and he has plenty of room in the back for him and some his toys / backpack on the 4th seat. (The way the seat is higher in the back with a raised roof in the back, ensures he is sat safely via ISOFIX and he has a great view of the road, plus he loves being near the engine in the back and so close my me at the same time) I still think the Evora is the world’s only mid-engine 2+2? I am mid 30’s and my last few cars have been Automatics and the last was a Jag 3.0d Auto. I like Auto Transmission as my daily commute for work is approx. 100miles, and therefore I do a lot of Motorway miles then slow town traffic at the end of the journey. Therefore, this led me towards the IPS gearbox for the Evora. When I first drove the IPS on a test drive and even since ownership my view is that the IPS gear box is great, it changes gear at the right times, its smooth and Its not too different to my previous 2014 XF gear box for ease of use. BUT, this is a big BUT, when you select the ‘Sport’ mode, the car is AMAZING, its so different to any other car that I have ever driven. It downshifts the gears so quickly and gives you so much speed and excitement. The car really fells like a Super car when in Sport. The quick downshift, the responsiveness isn’t all that’s positive, the noise is great as it opens up the exhaust and also the downshift ‘blips’ are very addictive as the car makes a ‘blip’ sound and revs when downshifting which sounds great and the excitement of that isn’t wearing off! When driving with friends (Who have owned sports cars, including Porsche) are amazed at the quality of the leather, the seats, the dash, the door handles, the way the door closes with a reassuring soft shut, and not a clanky bang, the ride is comfortable. The Sat Nav and the Stereo work really well and a smooth connection via Bluetooth. As I say above, I could drive 100’s miles in one sitting with no negative side effects in comfort. I’m currently on 29.5mpg which I think is amazing (As above, I do a lot of Motorway miles, which helps) To summarise, there was no reason for me to wait all these years to get an Evora. Prices haven’t gone down, it easily can be used as a daily car and I love driving it every time. There’s a lot to read on these forums, and this will help us all make the right purchase, and being patient is key. I wanted to write the above as I’m sure there’s other people like me, in a similar position who are pondering and reading this forum every day multiple times (As I was!!) – Which actually drove me to a point of frustration and a addiction of searching classifieds on every possible website. So to now own a Evora is a welcome ‘relief’ (Not sure if relief is the right word, but I’m sure you know what I mean) I recently parked the car at a restaurant and when leaving followed a few mid aged male friends who I didn’t know, and I heard them look at the car and comment that my car was a nice model of Ferrari. To make the purchase even easier / smooth, I purchased via Silverstone and Aimee who were brilliant. Very supportive in the sales process and providing information and detailing etc. I’m certainly not a lotus expert or a technical / mechanical expert, but If anyone has any questions, please ask me, Ill be more than happy to help. Loving this website and forum and always a joy to read and even today I saw 003a make a post introducing his new great looking Top Gear car and he also shared a Evora transfer sticker, which is great!
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    Little local meet with @Gordon S @RRSSS @BatMobile and a couple of others today
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    Bought my Evora SR from Leven in Edinburgh last weekend - I've been loving every minute in this amazing car. Car only had 3.5k on the clock so feels brand new. It's been pishing down constantly for the past week though - looking forward to a dry day and a decent run out! Car feels like a tank - Lotus build quality has come a long was since my 111S!
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    Hi everyone, In the next several weeks, many of us will be waking our Esprits up from their winter hibernation. If yours is carbureted, especially those of us with non-Turbo cars, after you do your visual check of fluids and belts, do the following: 1) Check tightness of fuel hose clamps 2) Check tightness of banjo fittings 3) Check tightness of screws on underside of carburetor -- four for bottom cover and four for accelerator pump diaphragm of each carb. If you don't have a short stubby screwdriver, buy one -- it's cheap insurance. Doesn't hurt to check the top cover while you have screwdriver in hand. 4) Inspect flexible rubber fuel hoses for cracking or hardening. If they are more than ten years old or you don't know their age, replace them as a matter of course regardless of how they look and feel. If you have braided steel hoses, replace them with rubber; the steel serves no purpose on a low pressure application, and only prevents you from seeing the condition of the rubber underneath. 5) Put the key in the ignition and turn to "run" position but DON'T START IT. Let the fuel pump fill the float bowls, and keep it turned on. 6) Get out of the car and inspect for leaks/dampness. Smell for fuel. Use a small mirror to see where you can't see. 7) Use a paper towel to pat the underside of the carburetors to test for leaks. Also by the carb-to-intake O-rings. Easy to see the wet spots on the towel. Pull the throttle cable to manipulate the accelerator pumps a couple of times, and pat the underside again. 8 ) If your stock fuel pump is still making the tap-tap-tap-tap-tap noise, keep fuel is continuing to pour somewhere; find it. Start by removing the air cleaner. If not, step 9. 9) Of course you have a fire extinguisher handy, because you know that is essential with old cars. Start the car and watch. Let it run a minute or a few. 10) Turn off the car and repeat the visual inspection and patting with paper towels. Assuming the rest of your car is road ready, you are now ready to drive your carbureted Esprit. Keep an extinguisher in the car. After you run it up to operating temperature a couple of times, go back on a cool morning and re-check the tightness of the clamps and screws when the car is cold. Cheers, Tony K.
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    Car wash day today. Not only do I have good taste in cars but women too. My better half offered to help and she did. I must say the some of Singapore women are among the finest in the world. Guess I can consider myself lucky, better don’t try this at home in the Western Hemisphere
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    Back on the road today and still running in. I also replaced the painted carbon spoiler with an OEM naked carbon spoiler.
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    Multi-class race + pole + race2 win = FUN
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    TA DAAA! My super duper supercharged Elise S! I worked on the theory that, supposedly, if you buy something like a 134bhp CR, then in a year or so you'll want a few more bhp, and we all know that selling/buying a car loses a few £grand, so I talked myself into spending a bit(!) extra and going for something that already has ~220bhp*! Tragically the rain today meant I couldn't really unleash all those horses (I'm new to this "amusing" power/weight ratio world, remember!) but I am certainly looking forward to having some fun in this soon! (How many exclamation marks have I used in today's posts?!!!!!!!!!! Anyone would've thought I'm kinda excited!!!!) *Yes, yes, I're going to say that this time next year I'll be sniffing around some crazy-bhp Exiges.......!
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    First trans-pennine run on 2019. Westerdale area of North Yorkshire
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    New owner and member as of this weekend
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    Hi all, I'm in!!! I bought the Persian Blue / Cream Leather car from a few pages ago. Thanks all for the tips and advice on this forum...helped me buy with confidence!
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    Better not be or there goes the loft conversion Trevor.
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    Some kind of Porsche I think
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    Once again Steve Fulcher Has worked his magic on my seats! New Hyde and the James Bond colour matched by myself to a sample from Connolly Leather, who trimmed the car for the movie.
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    I know I keep saying this, but getting close now. I have taken the opportunity to get the seats retrimmed as they were looking a bit tired, other pictures are of the black detail being added to the body, as well as the referbed wheels, and the reassembly of the body.

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