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    Evening folks! So a guy I know from a Jaguar XJ-S forum (apols in advance for cheating!) has sent me through some behind-the-scene on set shots from TSWLM he has which he doesn't think have ever been published - they were from a private collection from a friend of his who used to own the Cars of the Stars Motor Museum. I certainly haven't seen them before, so thought I'd share a few of them as some of you might be interested
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    A sheared stud is something you are very likely to come across during restorations . Getting them out can be a pain , in a lot of cases leading the the need to Helicoil repair the thread.. When this work is done with an engine still fitted the results are to say the least basic.. This is due to the space constraints. As an engine builder i have seen the results of these, oh dear some are not nice. This does not need to be the case , a little preparation time and a simple DIY jig can make the job so much easier with professional results. The same principal can be used to set up Helicoil insertion on the correct alignment. Helicoils that have been drilled and inserted out of square or proper alignment , create so many issues and are my biggest head ache to rectify. Hopefully the following info will help you get quality DIY results without the hassle .. This is what we have all seen at one time or another.. On this occasion , inlet manifold center stud. As it turns out i do not have a jig made for this position ( not so common to shear) , So lets make one .. I always tend to use pieces of 10mm thick alloy plate , If you don't have any in your garage they are easily found at your local metal recycle center in the alloy scrap bins.. cost is pennies.. First job is to mark out accurately. use calipers and a coat of black aerosol paint if not in possession of marking blue. Next making sure the plate is flat and 90 degrees to the vertical , using drill press or in my case mill head, drill through pilot holes then in this case 8mm drill .. NB. The manifold will be drilled 8.5mm clearance , we want our holes to be quite tight on the bolt , no wiggle room , this will help the job be more accurate. Next job is to drill the hole relating to the sheared stud at the tapping size for thread on your chosen guide. In this case I have used M10. If you are going for Hilicoil M12 is better. Set the tap up in the mill head / drill press , use this method to insure your thread will be perfectly square... this is very important , If your thread is just slightly angled the job will go wrong. The next step is to use , in this case a M10 allen cap bolts , Purchase several, You may need to go to local machine shop for the next process to be accurate , Using a lathe, drill down the center of the bolts with different size drills, I use 2.5mm .. 4mm .. 5.5mm and 6.5mm for an M8 stud.. If repairing stripped thread, you just go up to the size of the Helicoil drill ... You will then have 4 or 5 allen bolts core drilled in different sizes.. That is it Jig is made.. To set up , clean the face on the area to be repaired , if like in this case the head of the stud is proud , using small file flatten the face , then pin punch the center. Put jig in place , bolting down with two other holes, if you have done this carefully the M10 tapped hole will align perfect over the sheared stud. ( Make sure this is the case before going onto the next step.. ) Now fit in position the first bolt with the smallest core hole . Screw down till it lightly buts up against the stud face the lock of with a nut. Next thing to do is measure the depth of an adjacent hole to the stud you will be drilling. Add this figure to the height of the jig from the head face . This will give you a safe drilling depth without damaging the head by accidentally drilling through into water jacket or oil gallery. Believe me this has been done !!! Set you drill in the chuck to this height , or put tape on drill bit indicating safe depth. Apply suitable cutting fluid and proceed to drill . Do this in stages , cleaning out swarf and adding more cutting fluid.. If your stud does not bottom out in the hole you will feel the drill free up as it enters the free space , if not stop at pre set depth. Once you have drilled the first pilot hole , Remove the bolt, blow off and inspect work. You should now have a perfectly central hole that stays true all the way down the sheared stud. Next move to the next size core drilled bolt, insert into the jig and repeat process.. In the case of an M8 thread , i go up to a 5,5mm drill then see if the stud will come out with an extractor.. Unfortunately in this case it was not interested , even after penetrating fluid being applied down the hole and being allowed to soak.. So on to the next bolt core size ... This will be 6.5 mm which is just under the tapping drill size of 6.8 for the M8 thread.. Once this is drilled down , I remove the jig , then using a pick tool i can clear the top couple of threads, this then gives a start for a tap.. In cases like this i use a pug tap as i want it to chip out the remaining thread rather than cutting which a taper tap would try to do. Use plenty of cutting oil when doing this and the desired result should be achieved. Job very nearly complete.. just need to test the quality of the thread. So i insert the new stud and torque to the require level of 12 ftlbs ... In this case it was spot on ... However , if it had not tightened to spec and puled out the thread then we would refit jig and drill to Heliocoil size , tap and fit coil. with the confidence that it is in perfectly straight.. Hopefully this will help you successfully resolve your sheared stud issue ... I use this method in all sorts of guises to facilitate this type of repair.. Happy restorations ... Dave (Changes)
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    Hi guys, I picked up my first Lotus yesterday, and I'm still buzzing. Shocked, would be an appropriate adjective to describe my experience with these cars. The car is so good. I can't wait to get it on the track to see how it is. Our Aussie spec differs slightly from the UK spec. The side pods aren't the larger CF ones (I plan to change this), front splitter isn't CF (I don't mind...I would be worried that a CF splitter would explode on me), and non CF seats as far as I can tell (bummer). Otherwise, all else is the same. I was looking for a car that was fit-for-purpose, that didn't compromise for the sake of luxuries someone else would need, and didn't make my wallet tremble every time I was at the track looking for tenths of seconds. This car ticked all the boxes. Well, a couple of 2013/2014 Exige V6S's ticked most of the boxes but both got sold out from under me, and I'm a little impatient. So this is where I ended up. Hopefully I don't ask too many stupid questions. I'm very very green when it comes to Lotus's! Below are some pics I took as soon as I got her home. (temporary number plate location)
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    Well after waiting over 4 years with my deposit down for a new TVR and no car in sight I started to look around, and eventually settled on an Evora. looking forward to it arriving on Thursday.
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    Just put a deposit down on a lovely 15 Evora Sports Racer from Leven Lotus in Edinburgh. Can't wait to pick it up! I used to own an S2 111s and I absolutely loved it. Not sure what it is about Lotus but they are a hard habit to shake! Good to be back :) cheers Michael Doris
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    Are we talking about Racing Green Lotus'? Here's the most recent one of it being clean, at Caffeine & Machine. 8,300 miles in five months means it's rarely clean!
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    Hi all, thankyou very much for your kind thoughts and messages. As a nice ending to this tale I can confirm my GT3 has been sold. As you will know it was just as important to me personally who bought it as how much it went for, and it has gone to just about the best person I can ever think of in more ways than one. I don't think he will mind me mentioning his name (as he said the car will probably be even more famous in publicity pics in the future) but it was bought by long-standing Lotus staffer Gavan Kershaw, Director of Lotus Cars (Vehicle Attributes) and all-round Lotus-Nutcase-for-Life. As he knew about the circumstances behind the sale Gavan organised a day out at the factory. I delivered the car to him and in return he treated me and my wife to an incredible few laps of the track as a passenger in an Evora 430, a guided tour of the lines by another Lotus hero, Richard Rackham, and a meeting with Clive Chapman who let us look around the Classic workshops. I haven't worn as big a smile in many months I can tell you, and my deepest thanks go out to all involved. I must say the amount of interest the GT3 generated at the factory was extraordinary, even when mixed in with the current exotica. Fifth Gear were nearby filming some retrospective on the Elise and you could see them looking at it - who knows maybe they will do an Esprit vid soon? Another factory staffer has recently bought a red GT3 which featured in some corporate press photographs of a new director, and that owner was the one who persuaded Gavan to take the plunge. Actually Gavan told me he bought the first production press car, also orange, when it was released so he's no stranger to them. Lotus guru Scott Walker who is now a senior staffer inspected the GT3 long and hard and pronounced it a "good'un". I must admit was a bit apprehensive when Gavan asked to take it out on the road for a test drive but must admit he drove just like me, i.e. like a pensioner! He says he gets quite enough speed on the track and takes it easy on the roaad, very wise. All in all one of the most memorable days of my life. To top it off we went for a quiet drink in local pub to calm down later that evening and just happened to pick the night of the monthly Lotus meeting at the Bird in Hand - hello Owen! I must admit I did get a bit emotional when time came to hand the keys over. When thinning out the history file I came across some pics of the car on the driveway, you know the sort, when the kids bikes are on the garden, all the plants are half as high as they are now, and you realise just how much your special car has become woven into the fabric of your life and your family. But time moves on and I can tell you parting with a car does not even register compared to parting with one of your children. I may get back into Lotus ownership one day - it occurred to me when experiencing all these amazing things that I would not be allowed on site at the next factory event and would be lucky to be allowed in on the park and ride bus! I might have to cadge a lift from one of you lot as a passenger!
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    I've had my 400 for a few months now, and I want to briefly share a couple of aspects of my ownership experience, so anyone thinking of buying an Evora who has come to TLF to do some research can find this. My Evora is my daily driver, and I do up to about 12,000 miles a year. Aside from short trips and early morning blasts just for thrills, I travel long distances with a decent amount of luggage for work and my sport, which is skydiving. And as you can imagine that involves a fair bit of kit. So how does the Evora cope with this life? How well does it meet the combined demands of short-distance blaster and long-distance hauler? In a word; flawlessly. The Evora is nothing short of brilliant. Miraculous even! I am totally amazed and massively impressed by how well this car deals with every demand I place on it. (Well, OK. Maybe not every demand. I drove it to IKEA once and you can't get a wardrobe in it. But, you should have heard it in the cavernous carpark there! Awesome!) I'll share with you two real-world examples of why I'm so impressed by the Evora. Firstly, luggage capacity. If you're thinking of buying an Evora but are worried that it can't carry much, think again. Wardrobes aside, 'lack of cargo space' is not a valid reason to deny yourself the pleasure of Evora ownership. I've driven to the airport with four parachutes in the boot and a full-size 25kg suitcase on the back seats, and I still had the passenger seat for more stuff. On the more domestic side of life, the boot plus rear seats easily swallows a massive Sainsbury's trolley full of shopping. Brilliant! Secondly, long distances. Yesterday, I had a 170 mile drive home from Milton Keynes to Exeter, which went like this; 90 minutes of blasting through Oxfordshire with the sun shining, windows down, sport button on and me laughing out loud at the sheer bloody hilarity of it. Followed by settling onto the M4 for 90 minutes of serene and comfortable motorway cruising with windows up, sport off and stereo on. I hopped out at home with zero aches and one massive grin. Seriously, I'm astounded by how the Evora 400 can be equally excellent at totally mental blasting and smooth cruising. I'm 6' 2'', and over distance I'm honestly more comfortable in my Evora than my previous C-Class Merc. I bought the Evora because I was bored with the Merc, and having owned (and loved) a couple of Boxsters before (sorry), I wanted to get back into something FUN. Before I bought the Evora, I looked at the Boxster/Cayman again, but was put off by the latest 4cyl engine. The 911? Too soft in my opinion. I wanted to get the driving experience back, unfettered by too much padding. My Wife has a Suzuki Ignis, and that thing is is a right laugh because it's pure driving. I wanted that, but not in an Ignis. I know the analogue driving experience isn't for everyone. I guess the majority of the marketplace wants the extra padding and tech in cars like the 911. But for me, the Evora 400 is the perfect car. I think it's miraculous that a small-volume, niche manufacturer in Norfolk has created a car that is this damn capable! I know this is said a lot in the Lotus community, but why the hell does every journalist use the Cayman and 911 as the benchmarks for comparing other sports cars? They're awesome cars for sure, but for anyone after a truly special driving experience - this is it right here. Evora all the way. Oh - final point for anyone not convinced yet. The drop-dead looks and rarity of the Evora makes you feel like a goddamn rock-star driving it around! This amount of head-turning usually costs £200k+ Right. The sun's out again. I'm off for a drive.
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    (Photo by Peter Gunnars)
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    So I was contacted by Scott Walker a couple of months ago to ask if I’d be interested in having my car exhibited at a show in London? I said yes in principle but could he let me know a bit more about the show, so he then put me in touch with the exhibitors. Turned out it was only Eon Productions and their Bond In Motion exhibition! My car is now proudly covering for Wet Nellie until September, when she returns from a world tour - super chuffed to have been asked
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    A few years ago a young frizzy haired chap called @Barrykearley asked on here where he might find a set of carpets for his S3. Being a domestic carpet supplier/fitter with a wife who's a wizard with leather, I thought, we can do that, offered my help, and armed with a roll of paper and some carpet samples headed off to Worcestershire. The rest is history. Things have come a long way...Barry no longer has his S3, or any hair, and tomorrow morning our 50th set of carpets will be shipped off to the USA. So a huge thanks to all those people who have recommended, supported, and helped us get our little cottage industry off the ground.
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    So after being made an offer I couldn’t refuse by Ken at Snows Lotus, I picked up my new GT410 Sport this morning. Felt like a child at Christmas picking it up. Even though this is my third Evora it is still a buzz! First impressions are really good, even in running-in mode the car feels livelier and more purposeful than the 400. Ride is still excellent and although there is no doubt it has a much tauter feel it is by no means uncomfortable. Looking forward to more miles tomorrow!
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    The old man came round and demanded a picture while I was cleaning the car. He was chatting about it all and how he signed off every stage personally and how he cocked up because he doesn't have a single picture of him with the design team and engineers who did the car from start to finish. he considers it a total Team effort but secretly I think he considers it his swansong from the Motor Industry he loved so much and all the designs he has either personally been involved in or that he instigated/oversaw. And didn't he do well. It's a stunning car with amazing engineering from top to bottom. Very proud to own something so personal to him. Also interesting to note that he considers both McLaren and Ferrari to have used the design for the basis of their cars. true when you look at them!
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    I have a Nurse and a Doctor in the Family and it's not said enough how proud I am of them. I always was but having to go work at this time is awful and I know both have had patients die in the last few days from this awful Virus. So big thanks to all Nurses and Doctors, Care staff, people working to keep beds free for those most in need and yes, Administrators who I know are working tirelessly to keep the wheels from falling off. Volunteers giving up their time to drive and clean and everyone who is a private Carer and has to go our to keep someone safe and alive. You are all appreciated no matter what you do to help society! Thanks
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    Classic Cars magazine at Hethel.
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    Afternoon folks - I commissioned drawings of my two cars awhile ago and have just received the finished artwork and am proper chuffed with the results and thought some of you might like to see! Adam Gompertz is the artist - @revseventandart /
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    Couldn’t keep me away for long It’s taken me 3 years to find the right car , so over the moon to have taken delivery this week. First day out did 100 miles around the Cotswold roads around me , followed by another 50 today. Love it ! Dave
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    Finally got my hands back on it
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    It makes a lot of sense to have a 'face' and it makes even more sense to base that face on the Evija. Maybe that render isn't a million miles off, Autocar have to get it right one day with their endless attempts  Anyway, have a shot of a car at rest. 9,800 in seven months, very sad I didn't manage to crack 10k in six, but oh well. If the travel restrictions are relaxed in time for summer I can easily see 20,000 miles being clocked up in 12 months. Evora at Home by Alex D, on Flickr
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    Great view from the window this morning.
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    After about 40 years of dreaming of owning one, a year spent researching and preparing, I finally took the plunge. There were other candidates cosmetically prettier with lower mileage but, after trawling TLF for buying advice, I went with one that was mechanically sorted, owned and cared for by an experienced enthusiast and had a well documented history. So yep, I bought Barry's S4 Having been besotted with Lotus for nearly all my life, certainly well before I could even drive, I kind of didn't realise that in addition to the engineering pedigree and beautiful aesthetics, how incredible they are to drive. There's a world of difference between reading how much fun they are and actually putting the pedal down. The wastegate chattering (like quite a few of the horses neighing) literally made me lol! Barry has been superb, what a gent and a great help. Sure there will be things popping up over the next few years that require attention but I've gone into this eyes wide open with wallet prepared. Better half thinks this is a mid life crisis. There is no crisis at all, just sheer pleasure
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    Hello everyone!! I'm so excited to finally be a part of the Lotus family. Picked up my 2018 Evora 400 last week. It came in bespoke Kawasaki Green with matching interior stitching. I absolutely love it. Definitely a head turner. Right now I’m still getting through the first 1000 mile break in and trying to find a solution for a cup holder hahaha. I’m also trying to find out the actual paint code for touch ups if and when I need them. I looked in the maintenance log book and they just wrote “Kawasaki Green” and the label under the passenger side carpet doesn’t have a number ?? It’s my little go-kart from hell!
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    So around 8 years ago, I changed a tacho on a mates Eclat. I asked what he wanted to do with the old one and as it was going to go in the bin I asked to keep it . seemed a shame to bin it as it had the lotus logo On the face fast forward now and I came across it in my old toolbox, and , used a scrap piston from a compressor at work to upcycle piston was machined with a flat to stop it rolling and turned out to accommodate the clock. new bezel made to fit Clock assembly and now on the mantelpiece Clock assembly and now on the mantelpiece
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    After an eight week COVID-19 shut down, imagine my surprise when it started first time. What was supposed to be a quick round the block ended up a two hour drive in the countryside Photo to mark the occasion. Good car!
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    After 5 years of hard work and graft my Downton mini fired to life this morning and sounded absolutely amazing, everything has been rebuilt so big smiles. Just lots of loose ends to finish off now like air in brake system, new smiths dual oil/water gauge was defective and leaking from temp bulb preventing running for more than a few seconds. Fit windscreen washer pipes and await a couple bits of trim to be manufactured by newton commercial. A little electrical work to finish like horn and spots then off for a suspension set up and the running it in before rolling road tune Lost track of the places this cars been moved and stored, been to two paint shops before Thompson’s who painted both Fabians cars got the finish and shut lines right. Happy day Dave
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    Lovely day in Yorkshire today
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    Well after 7 months in my 2015 NA Evora - I thought I'd write up a short summary of my experiences to date!! Issues OK lets get this out the way first...:) the engine warning light & traction control light kept coming on, forcing the car into crawl mode. Really frustrating. Leven swapped out the throttle body as it looked like the DBW throttle sensor was not communicating correctly. This seemed to make a difference as I went for a few months with no issues until recently, where it came back with a vengeance! After some trial and error I found I could fix the issue by wiggling the connectors on the throttle body so it seems to be related to the wiring. Leven have had it in and done some work - and so far so good!! Hopefully the issue is now resolved. I had one instance of the car reporting no fuel (when I had a full tank) - cleared after a restart. Bizarre. I got a slow puncture and when I was trying to get air back into the tyre the TPMS sheared making the wheel lose all pressure. Leven replaced the TPMS a few weeks later. After having the tyres replaced the other rear tyre seemed to be slowly de-pressurising. Turns out the issue was related to the valve needing to be tightened. It's now sorted. The boot lid was sticky and needed to be realigned. Dealership experience Leven Lotus have been absolutely brilliant throughout. I've received really good customer care - the car came with a 1 yr dealership warranty and fixing any of the above has not cost me a penny - nor has there been any squabbling. it makes such a difference having a good dealer and good after-sales. The car has always been returned to me valeted which is a nice touch. Gives me peace of mind when I make my next purchase... Leven have a breakfast club and organise regular track days for their customers - this is ace. I need to get my arse into gear and get along to these! The sales and servicing staff care about the brand and are passionate about Lotus. Impressions of the car I bought the car as a daily driver - it only had 3.5k when I bought it so was basically new despite the fact it was a 15 plate. It's such a comfortable drive. I've now done over 7000 miles in it and it has been brilliant - you could cross continents in this car easily. It might only be the NA variant but I'm still the weakest link in the chain Being honest - the car is so much better than me - I'm only really just starting to explore it's boundaries. It's a hoot!!! The handling of the car is absolutely sublime - it's really hard to get it out of shape. Feels so planted. The looks you get from everyone is genuinely amazing - so many thumbs up, and smiles. It's such a pleasure and privilege to own such an amazing vehicle. Despite the niggles the car build quality has been really brilliant. No rattles, no squeaks - everything feels really tightly screwed together. Solid. There is a surprising amount of room in the back - my 9 year old gets in no problem The boot is surprisingly large too - so far haven't really needed more space Inside, the ergonomics are terrible lol - none of the controls are visible but I don't care - it looks awesome!! I prefer it to the more recent Evora interiors which look a bit ..meh in comparison? The driving position is brilliant but could do with sitting an inch or two lower? Gear change is positive, and quick - notch free thankfully. Sounds great when pushing on Thank God for reversing cameras! No cupholders <joke> Summary I absolutely adore the car!! Can't fault the dealership - great sales and after sales team if I lived a long way away from a dealership it would have been a bit of a PITA as I've had to take in in several times to sort out the niggles When can I drive it next....
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    Hi, I’ve just bought a mint 2015 Evora S sports racer manual in motorsport green. I’ve come through Peugeot 106 & 306 rallye, S2000 (crashed ), then kids, Megange R26, MX5 mk2, FPace, Panda 4x4, M135i before the Lotus. Some are still in the garage. This Evora brings all the passion and fun back to car ownership I’ve missed since the 306 & S2000 days. It was expensive compared to what else is available for the money, but it is bloody amazing to drive, stunning to look at (I love the green, bright but not too shouty) and really rare. Plus the kids fit in the back! My only niggle is creaky door cards (if anyone has some advice on this?) otherwise it feels genuinely very well built. I think it’s a keeper. I’d be interested in the cars history if anyone knows.
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    My Dad came through his open-heart surgery successfully.
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    Here are some pictures from the weekend. in one picture, I let my creativity run free. In addition, I would like to say that I'm not a Porsche hater
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    900 miles at the weekend, mainly based around the NC500 route in Scotland. Excellently organised by the team at Rev. Limits. Some pictures of my car from the event.
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    For the same recipe but with much better ingredient
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    Enjoyed that drive home tonight
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    hello lotus fans. here 2 photos from my little tour today. I took the photos on a street that was still closed of course with the permission of the local police and community
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    Greatings from Germany. Here some pics from the sportsdriver training XL on the nuerburgring in Jul. 2019.
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    34 years to the day after it rolled off the production line.
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    A couple of pics taken yesterday in the balmy weather by a local pro car photographer:
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    Miles. Bar the first 8k, all mine. 7 years.
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    So after three and a half years of owning an S2 K-series Elise, i decided it was time to cut my losses and move on In those three years ive had many issues from head gasket failure (twice), a hole in the radiator, brakes seizing, battery dying and even the engine not igniting on startup I had a few replacements in mind..Jaguar F Type, Ford Mustang 5L V8 or staying within the Lotus community. I will admit i was so close to walking away from Lotus until this beauty showed up on the works intranet one day. So i enquired and within a week the deal was done 2011, 32k miles, Tech pack, Sports Pack, Premium Pack, Titanium Tipped Stage 1 Lotus Exhaust, Upgraded Alpine units and the 2012MY dash ...and what a difference it is The power, the comfortability and even the smoothness. Its completely own league compared to the Elise and even many standard cars. The sheer power from the 3.5L V6 (Sports mode on or off) makes it great to drive on the country roads and noisy in the town while taking the corners at maximum speed with little effort Ive put on about a thousand miles in around two weeks and what i can definately say is i will not be getting bored of this anytime soon
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    Going tomorrow but I've already had a sneaky peek. This for me is one of the most remarkable figure from the press release, I'm not sure many have grasped the significance of it yet - 4.4m long, near identical length to an Evora! In other words, it's no XJ220 or McLaren Speedtail. All I'll say for now is that Russell Carr is a huge talent and true Lotus man.
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    South France - FOR THE DRIVERS
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