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    I have the same experience.....26 years of ownership and 52.000 km on the odo......with my '90 Esprit Turbo SE I have all the invoices since purchase in 1993; total cost of maintenance during all those years € 6300,- = GBP 5.500.- (GBP 200,- per year) incl. 1 set of 4 new Good Years; 1 revised turbo (after too heavy duelling with another sportscar); a very tiny piece broke of a turbo fan blade.... Actually the total cost of ownership (incl depreciation) are equal to those of a small 2nd family-car like a Fiat Panda, etc.
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    Shan’s Valentine’s card: - She was well impressed.
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    He's not a very good parent, his kids are always getting kidnapped!
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    Valentines day. Spend Spend spend or you are made to feel guilty, on what is basically a made up day to part you from your hard earned. It used to be a card, now it (price inflated) flowers, or even jewelery and a meal out. Well bah humbug. I've signed up for an extra shift tonight, 1800 to 0100. So NYAHHHHHHHHHHH!
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    By all accounts it does make a difference as it removes some unneeded restriction but I did mine same time as backbox so hard to quantify. I think I have one knocking around in the garage if the new owner doesn't want it. Yours for postage cost and a few £ in a charity tin of your choice if you want me to check?
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    Remember it? Alexander Graham Bell was in my class at school!
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    Haha, it's true. I did drive an RS turbo and it's fun. But I am thinking of the more ordinary variants of special cars. Soooo boring and worthles in my humble view. I mean as a special collectors item. With only a few exceptions. Btw, I saw a spanking brand new (-like) Delta HF Integrale in complete original Martini livery, when I was in Siracusa on Sicily. Now THAT's a nice car! But I do stand by my Words of not liking special sellers like for example auctions, special self-made persons etc. trying to make extreme profit by sucking on anything that their co-writers on mags and online mags can come up with in articles. People and organisations who take a special interest (profit) in inviting you into their fancy decorated luxury selling facilities with big fat carpets, gold and silverware, famous paintings, smart looking Young women who advertise themselves, sleek fast talking sellers who don't know a Jack s..t about anything outside what they can look up or dig up from the web, and are trying to sell you a super nice story of how this particular car is one of only 3 ever made, and only touched by special incarnated tibetan munks, using highly esoteric mantras and special collected yoke from a super rare cliff-living now extinct bird from Iceland's North side, only colleted in stormy weather with a middle Wind of no less than 250 km/h being equal to the average speed of this car on auction on a Monday morning being hit by a special interstallar Sun prhnomenon's light particles, having been underway for lightyears, and treating the surface of the car's paintwork, with only the content of a salvaged one only bottle of 350 year old rum, dug up from the seafloor of the Bermuda Triangle with the aid of a special trained sealion, and only ever being driven by His Masters Voice to two car exhibitions apart from the first ever international Car Rare Art Product display held on the South Pole by the decendant of King George the 5'th, and whose total selling Price will donate 1 pence for every million Pound generated in the selling Price, to South African Apple Farmers Associarion, and the Whole auction is blessed by the ghost of the late Mr. Enzo Ferrari himself. To those Guys I say: Keep clear of Lotus, please! But as I said: I don't know if even I would jump that bandwagon if I ever were to sell. It may come suddenly one day, when I least expect it. Kind regards, Jacques ps: I don't agree that something often breaks up on a Lotus Esprit, neither cheap nor expensive. But we can have a talk about certain other engines and gearboxes from other car brands Anyway, I just don't recognise the often told rumour that the Lotus Esprit is super fragile and often breaks down. Quite the contrary in fact.
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    Finally got round to getting my 70th event poster framed proper like. In Lotus Racing Green!
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    Hi all the F1 season is upon us and teams have been presenting their new cars or liveries this week with just one team left (Alfa Romeo) to officially unveil its Car. The 2019 season is shaping up to be probably another Mercedes-Ferrari showdown with RBR stealing the odd race and Renault contending for 4th place in the final ranking while Alfa Romeo, Haas, Toro Roso and Racing Point (formerly Force India) will end up in dog fight not to finish bottom to Mclaren and Williams. A few interesting tidbits from the season unveils a few team seems to have found a title sponsor or new title level partner: Rich Energy Haas F1, Sport Pesa Racing Point, even Williams and McLaren which both had dismal season last year found Rokit and BAT. While some other have also rebranded Sauber or have failed to rebrand Racing Point. as a result the liveries do look less "blank" also to note the resurgence of Big Tobacco in F1: last year Philip Morris (Marlboro) came back on display - they never left - with the Mission Winnow on the Ferraris, this year BAT is displaying their "A better tomorrow" message on the McLarens... Officially it is not a title sponsorship but by just looking at the amount of space on the car and the race suits, it's pretty clear to me that McLaren just got their new whale sponsorship. This tobacco sponsorship is disguised as no tobacco brand is displayed but it is almost certain that it will raise a few eyebrows within certain circles, including some in position of having a say about these sponsorship program... The designs of these cars is getting very edgy, really refined some are borderline pretty to look at the Merc is so clean looking. As for the racing we wont know much before Australia but it could be the tightest racing for a long time in the midfield if Renault and Honda have effectively closed the gap, and if McLaren and Williams haven't designed dogs that is.
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    I’ve just seen these advertised. These are Gucci trainers designed specifically to have the ‘used’ look already built in. Obviously made for label obsessed branded dickheads with too much money. I genuinely think the people who buy this stuff are plain stupid or infact have some sort of illness. Unbelievable. Notice the cost.
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    Pretty sure it would rub
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    Hi Richard Thanks for the message.. I did hear of that story, I think it was Graham Arnold who had backed that up.. According to Andy at archives the first sprint had painted decals which must of proved to be unnecessary due to time and cost, mine is the second sprint which went onto have the vinyl decals, according to the build sheet remarks.. I'm on my third 521 sprint, pure sentiment I must add.. however I have seen quite a few differences between them all.. My first car had a few options, black vinyl roof, BBS type Alloys, Rear fog lamp bumper.. Decals were slightly different, black pin stripe around the decals themselves etc Second sprint being a Dublin car naturally didn't have a Union Jack but was standard in every way Current sprint is standard Pics are of my old car.. Any one who knows where I can obtain these wheels and rear bumper, please let me know! Cheers Rich
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    Now if I'm not much mistaken... ...these are both 5e camshafts. Thanks TAR! (Nov 2 2017) 102.5 degrees after and before tdc. The pulley wheels are marked with red dots (110deg), should be yellow, but I think the paint might not be original equipment. It certainly ran well.
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    Thanks to Tom I've been able to compare the 0x6CE5 calibration to the 0x1496 'BNUB' calibration and it is very similar with only the following items adjusted: PROM ID PROM checksum VE Low RPM table (values decreased slightly in the rpm range up to 2400 rpm between the MAP range of 0.3 to 1.12 bar) VE Idle RPM table ( mix of increased and decreased values in every cell) Idle RPM vs ECT A/C Off function (target idle RPM increased by 25 rpm in the 80 - 103 deg C range) It appears that the 0x6CE5 calibration is a preproduction version used before GM produced the 0x1496 used on the majority of S4S cars.
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    "Black & Gold - The Story of the John Player Specials" is now available for worldwide shipping.
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    Getting ready for the 2019 season! Unfortunatelythe Lotus Interior Colour Pack isn't available in gold, so I improvised. Also installed the side skirts from @alias23, but added a rubber lip to reduce the ground gap.
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    Clubs 10th anniversary cake presented by Tim and Tina
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    Are there any +25 year old cars that require no maintenance or don't have to worry about parts availability? I suspect the average Esprit now fares pretty well, especially against steel bodied 'supercars'
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    Thanks to our American connections and Thomas, the two aircon knobs are on their way! Rapidly traveling in the opposite direction is the graphic panel below, happy days!so due to secondary dealings with Andy, who will be in possession of one of the knobs I have the correct and original graphic panel for my Bond car. I have managed to obtain the correct switches for the mirrors. Got one from Southwest Lotus centre and the aerial L/R one from S and J, except its blank and listed for a later Esprit! . So I will use the blank for the aerial and the L/R for the mirror change over. My car should of had the earlier mirrors, don't know why it didn't. Maybe someone switched it out? Anyone a simple matter to upgrade the loom to click click mirror Ops. Thanks Thomas for getting fed up with my pleading!
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    Just working near to RAF Scampton and heard the Arrows flying past so went out to see this... Typically Ryanair broke it
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    Perfect, thanks Arun.
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    No problems on road and track. Mine are on the standard cast wheels. 215/45/17 front 265/35/18 rear
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    I fully second that!!
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    People actually use the groove to tighten them? I used to just gently nip them up by hand using the outer diameter and never had an issue.
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    That's because it's not coffee cup holders, but the cup's it won over the years Kind regards, Jacques
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    Yes I agree, just had my lower front valance resprayed £180...The PPF on sills and rear valance has stone chips and has discoloured so will need replacing too.
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    Type 14 Elite spotted driving through Tenterden high street yesterday 12/02 ,couldn't tell you the main colour(as I'm colour blind) but had a silver roof,don't think the colour would matter as I probably won't see another one driving through
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    One carb brass bits all cleaned up, you need compressed air and some very thin soft brass wire for cleaning. A sonic bath helps. Overall the sonic bath is a bit disappointing. The best result I got was soaking the parts in Cilet Bang for five minutes then rinsing after the sonic bath, they came up really well! Obviously the jets must be clean and clear. Only way is to used compressed air. Took quite a while to clean the parts to the required standard. Now the other carb to do! Top bag is done, bottom to do!
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    Wheel lips now at the polishers, can't wait to see the results! Had to post this pic Andy sent me, I really like the white!
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    The thinner "exciter" wire goes to the dash light doesn't it? In which case you might expect some resistance from the bulb in that circuit. Pete
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    Fixed! I asked Howards Lotus in Weston-Super-Mare to check with Lotus if it's a known issue (and also cover my backside in case I brick the headunit!). They kindly asked both Lotus and Alpine, and Alpine advised a factory reset, which sorted the issue.
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    I'm with Ant. What he said was that was what he wanted to do 'at the time'. Little relevance to the man he is today. In fact, it may even make him better than others as he has realised what he was thinking. If you want to find politically incorrect people, start with politicians.
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    Lotus staff got free hot drinks vending machines back in August, was a very welcome move and much appreciated from the people who work there. Sometimes the little things can make a big difference
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    I was going to say Wendy is the new Rolf Harris but that sounds wrong now. What I am referring to is "Slapping" paint on willy nilly....damn, can't say that either.....erm....putting paint on so it doesn't look like anything but getting an amazing result.
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    Here are mine I had rebuilt with new foam inside. I think any coach trimmer should be able to rebuild them. buddsy
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    Played around in the parking house.... (and in Lightroom)
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