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    We all know Lotus cars are built in Hethel, but from my experience over the past few days they are properly finished in Mendig. So Sunday saw me drive the not incomsiderable distance to Germany via the Chunnel as I was advised to be there by 8:00am. I duly arrived about 30 minutes late on Monday, as I really did need to give the car a clean. As perhaps you know most places, including car washes are closed on Sunday. First person I met was Marcus, who showed me around the workshops, dyno and show rooms. To be fair, I was really impressed, everything I looked at was impecably clean, well organised organised and all the bits and pieces for my upgrade were already laid out ready and waiting, definatley a good sign. Next met the two guys who were going to to the installation. Flo, who did the majority of the spannering and Alex who did the software update, some mapping and the dyno runs. Being a strange dude I asked Daniel could I stay during the install, my Mrs didn't go and I wasn't up for drinking beer. Anyway, they accomodated me and all my stupid questions throught the fit. I have to say I was really impressed with the way the job was completed, it was methodical, detailed and tidy. The fit and finish was first class, even down to fitting then removing the rear engine bays covers to ensure the clearances to the air box was just right, that really is good to see. If fact, the kit is so good you wouldn't know it was there, air box being the exception as its huge. The other thing about going is all the other stuff you pick up about what they are doing, why they are doing it or how they got where they are with the current kits. The KT kit was superbley well made the intercooler especially as you can see from the photo below. I also fitted a 2bular EPK, which went straigh in and just looked the dogs. Anyway, kit installed, ECU updated and onto the dyno.... impressive results. On the road the car is just spectacular, this is the car Lotus should have built, it is just phenomenal. It just pulls like a train in every gear, the car feels much smoother to drive. To be fair, Daniel scared the crap out of me on the test run, I really don't make a good passenger. Did I mention the HOWL.... I kept the standard 380 box, but the HOWL now is just an audio experience in its own right, music to my ears. The drive home was interesting as I had this 460hp monster with candle bright headlamps, lets just say I kept my foot off the gas 'till daylight appeared. To summarise, people were great, the kit is great, a really good Italian restaurant next to the hotel. To summarise, people were great, the kit is great, a really good Italian restaurant next to the hotel. So all in all an EXCELLENT three days and if any of you ever decide to go this route and you have some spare time, I promise you that you will enjoy the experience.
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    Very cool! Well thanks to Thomas, our American connection I have the two Aircon knobs. One for Andy one for me so we can both complete out cars. Cheers Thomas. The graphics panel should arrive today in the US! This resto knows no geographic boundaries!
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    Better that way than a girlfriend in bits indeed!
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    I'm the opposite. I have a very reliable girlfriend and a very understanding Esprit.
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    I don't think @Lotusfab is going to get much sleep tonight... What are the chances of another one of these in this spec appearing at affordable money?
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    2000 S1 Lotus Exige 38,000 miles approx (New Stack unit at approx 31,700, so now showing 5853, therefore approx 37,553 miles.) MOT to 13/09/2019 Azure Blue Black leather seats Part Alcantara dash and Alcantara door cards 190 upgrade Bluetooth stereo First registered in Jersey and then brought back and registered in the UK in 2004 Having owned Lotus for 10 years, I finally bit the bullet and bought an S1 Exige in July 2016, my favourite Lotus of all time. I purchased from Snows Lotus, but I knew the previous owner who had part exchanged it for an Evora after 8 / 9 years of ownership. I’ve spent approx £11,000 getting running and handling properly, it had sat in a garage for about 4 years with almost not driving. Work carried out (in approx order): New sill covers late 2016 Momo Team steering wheel (300mm), plus original wheel Yokohama AD08R about 1500 miles of wear New gear linkage kit - Eliseparts - October 2017 Serviced - Analogue Automotive -October 2017 New Fuel pump - Analogue Automotive - December 2017 Eliseparts lightweight 48 litre fuel tank - Analogue Automotive - December 2017 Emerald K6 ECU (original ECU included, but I was told it was faulty) with 3 way map switch Coolant system pressure checked - Sportomotive - September 2018 Head Gasket and head skim - Sportomotive - September 2018 Rings and Bores checked at the same time and given a clean bill of health. - Sportomotive - September 2018 Gearbox rebuild - Sportomotive - September 2018 New Clutch - - September 2018 Serviced - Sportomotive - September 2018 Mapping on 95 Ron - JKM in Portsmouth (massively better than the original ECU and map) - October 2018, switchable no pops and bangs and MOT maps included. New Nitron NTR Fast Road shocks and geo - Back on Track - November 2018 Featured in Evo magazine in March 2009 (copy included in the sale) Stacks of service history 2 sets of original matts, plus grey aftermarket matts. Whilst most sane people would then keep it having done so much work to t and as it’s probably running better than it ever has, things change and I’m back into doing trackdays and sharing a track car with my Son. We have been using his old Mk1 MX5 which I bought off him, as it didn’t feel right to thrash the Exige around track (I did do Brands Hatch in it). The MX5 has been great fun, but it’s sooooo sloooow on the straights that we have decided to get something with a little more power, so both the Exige and MX5 are going to be sold and replace with one car (probably a VX220). Selling at a sensible price for an original Exige. All the VHPD engined cars are £41,500 - 57,500 on Pistonheads. The bodywork isn’t perfect with some cracks and scruffs, reflecting its age, but overall it looks nice enough. I’m pricing it at a bargain basement take it or leave it price of £36,995 because I want it to sell and don’t want to have to spend ages dealing with people making silly offers.
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    Had a brilliant day out at Silverstone today. Came along to have a natter and some passenger rides with @alias23, but ended up doing a few laps in my car too which was a bonus. I was very impressed with Imran's car, the setup on the Ohlins is noticeably better on track than my 3 way Nitrons, his car felt a lot more planted! Machined hubs on the front also helping I'm sure, although my car doesn't have a problem with front end so not sure if it's something I'd want to do really. Thinking about it though, as the Nitrons are better on the road and still very good on track, I'll stick with them. All in all, I'm pretty happy with my car now. Need a new set of Cup 2 as Nankangs aren't up to trackdays really. The moment Imran passed @Tex, it reminded me that driver tuition is sometimes a better route than buying the fastest toy... I'll be booking some tuition for my next day on track to try and find some extra time.
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    I try and get into both of mine as much as possible
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    @swindon_alan it isn’t sadly. I do however need a reliable tool box to take to site with me - and since the Vauxhall is now having its third engine installed under warranty - I’ve had little or no choice but to fork out for a decent truck
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    Couldn't afford both, so I made the only sensible decision... aaand now you know why I sleep with it. Sleep next to it.
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    I’ll agree with that, even on track I find I don’t use all the revs as there’s so much torque with the kit!
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    One coming up for auction
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    The MoTeC kit we developed operates all of the OEM functions faultlessly and has been used by Simply Sports Cars on their Australia Production Car championship winning race cars which were also operating the charge-cooled TVS1900 supercharger. The charge-cooled TVS1900 Exige 360Cup that has been converted by Back On Track runs one of our MoTeC kits and the customer is very happy. The ECU drives as smoothly as a stock car, largely due to the advanced fuelling strategy that the MoTeC M1 system operates which works by accurately modelling airflow. On the TVS1900 conversions the MoTeC ECU often drives a lot better around town then the standard ECU does. Additionally to this you get the benefits of fully closed loop fuelling, advanced data-logging, customisation of power output [Low Power in Tour, High Power in Sport, Race and Off]. We have base maps for Evora NA, Evora S, Exige 350S, Exige 360 Cup, Exige 380 Cup, Exige 410, Evora 400, Exige Chargecooled TVS1900 and Evora Chargecooled TVS1900. We would recommend that each car is tuned on a dyno to receive the best results, but the base file and recommended sensor package allow these cars to run very well on our base files. As for the chargecooled TVS1900 kits VS the Komotech options... it's a no-brainer. The standard TVS1320 supercharger is on the edge of it's efficiency range on a standard car, on track an Exige 350 will be consistently faster by short shifting due to this. Why would you want to spin the supercharger past it's efficiency range where you run risks of damaging the screws etc and associated engine damage? Especially when there is an option for the TVS1900 to be installed, which is operating in it's safe range and will make consistent power as a result. At Mount Panarama earlier this month I witnessed chargecooled TVS1900 Exiges accelerate away from the Exige Cup 430, both driven by pro drivers at Lotus Cars Australia/Simply Sports Cars annual customer track day. Having tuned a few of the chargecooled TVS1900 now they reliably make 405-415bhp at the hubs with the MoTeC and SSC Chargecooled TVS1900. As an example, the Exige 360 Cup that has been converted by Back-On-Track made 290bhp at the hubs on the factory specification [a 70bhp transmission loss...], made 315bhp at the hubs with just the MoTeC and was recently tuned by another company with the TVS1900 upgrade and it made circa 410bhp at the hubs on their dyno. If anyone would like further details on the ECU kit or the supercharger upgrade please email via the address below: [email protected]
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    I have one here in Las Vegas as part of a collection. Let me know if you're interested, if you want ANY more pictures I'd be happy to get them to you, just tell me what you want. We're looking for $25k for the car as it's in great condition. Feel free to give us an offer!
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    There have been a few such events over the years. I went to the first FoS, then first Cholmondeley, first La Vie en Bleu Prescott, first Coventry Motorfest, first Chateau Impney etc. They all follow the hill climb theme, rather than competing wheel to wheel. FoS is still the daddy, with major manufacturer and F1 teams in attendance, but is now too big and busy for me to make the effort. I don’t know if Supercarfest will be any good, but it’s good value, so worth a try.
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    The sweaty hands have returned! Unfortunately money and the divorce costs have priced me out of this one!
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    I'm pretty sure Lotus will be there this year
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    It isn't very Evora shaped Barry?!?!?
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    Not too different from my own machine? Trevor.
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    Pete, cant help with this myself, but... I was down in the SouthWestLotusCentre last week and James and Phil showed me around a lovely dry sump Turbo Esprit that they are recommissioning to "as new" condition. Its stunning and was ready to back out under its own steam for the first time when they found they couldn't get reverse. Further investigation revealed symptoms almost identical to those described above including the snapped/welded lever. The guys were actively making a good lever assembly from two or three others, each of which had some sort of issue. Maybe you could give James (and/or Phil) a call and talk it through with them?
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    I believe the cooled TVS1900 is offered by Back on Track and Hoffmans. I know of one kit installed by Back on Track, but otherwise it has been very quiet regarding this system.
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    Working as I do and have in the industry for over 25 years and doing what I do now we see the whole picture (not small sections) from every manufacturer as we deal with them all. JLR just doesn't make cars people want anymore. They invariably have large thirsty diesel engines and their cars are too heavy and cumbersome to do what everyone else is doing and use small, high output Turbo charged petrol engines. (Kia have just released a 1.0 Engine in the Rio with 118HP and others have similar sized engines at 130hp. Which is crazy! Plus their most recent Disco is widely considered the Ssanyong Rhodius of our time. Its just so ugly at the back. Then they cancelled their most iconic car without a replacement being imminent and now many others have stolen their Thunder. Suzuki even bringing out a Mini Defender Clone in the new Jimny. Honda don't make desirable cars for us anymore. They have truly lost their way. I commented above on my thoughts on Honda and this and what others have said is all correct. Sad because their cars used to be the most innovative and desirable out there! Everyone else has really been hit by the swing in Worldwide demand for petrol over diesel (led by Govts and the Paris accord trying to reduce particulates). Manufacturers work 3 years in advance on design, production and parts. As such this has caught them out and this year is a "Change over year" where supply is negligible as they change production lines, suppliers etc to deal with the swing in demand. This has resulted in many manufacturers having no supply of certain cars (mainly petrol). VW petrols are May June production, Petrol Peugeots some you have to wait till Sept for (Such as the new 5008), etc etc. This has also resulted in many large fleet buyers such as Leasing companies having their terms curtailed or even withdrawn all together on these a time when everyone wants them. Govt taxing has got to a level where company car buyers are buying their own car or using pool cars, meaning instead of a 1/2/3 year lifecycle many of what would have been company cars aren't being replaced for 5 years or more. Even longer in terms of Kia's which have 7 year warranties. Company car tax on Diesels incurs an extra 3% in the UK making them even less desirable. And company cars/Fleet Cars are 50% of the market If you look at CAP values some diesel models book worse as a used car now than their Petrol equiv. Yet cost £1500 more up front. Making people even less likely to swap their old Diesel cars. this has also made demand for used diesels plummet. Meaning there is more supply than demand and this is further pushing down values making them even less desirable and you are in a downward spiral. The UK car industry has consisitently been screwed by the EU, even before the Japanese trade agreement Brussels had given Ford a huge amount of money in grants to make a new production plant in Poland, effectively making half of their Dagenham plant redundant and losing the UK 2500 jobs. Lastly Brexit uncertaincy.....not Brexit itself, the absolute cock up the Politicians have made of it in delay delay delay, which has caused uncertaincy of which way to tread, has made everyone stop and take a breath. Buyers, sellers and Manufacturers have stopped and are waiting to see what happens before resuming their trade. The last thing Companies like PSA Group, VAG Group etc want to do is commit to importing x number of vehicles to the UK at x Price and then find out a 10% Tariff has been imposed and they make massive losses. (Like I said above, they have to work on supply way in advance). So this will have a roll on effect even after Brexit has happened while they ramp up production again, of RHD cars.
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    More to the point, you're missing 2 throttle bodies. Seriously, I do love the V8s, it's a terrible shame they were limited by the gearbox. In Flanders, the larger capacity makes the V8 a lot more expensive for road tax, so I settled for a 4-pot. And extremely happy with it I must add, especially with a V8 Range Rover (commercial) to satisfy my need for that lovely V8 burble. On both the MAP is in the intake of course (hence the name), and the BOV should be before the throttles to be able to vent with closed throttles. I'm sure we mean the same thing, just wording it differently. @MrDangerUS that's a very clean install on the plenum chamber! I never considered that, but now I'm tempted to look into it. Filip
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    Pilots get bored pretty quick here.
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    This is the high tech super duper upgraded version of the Sherpa, I had a Somerset mustard yellow version, it was the ugliest van available at the time but beggars can't be choosers , it did have character and the A series OHV had that wonderful farting sound on overrun.
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    Discovery channel, Sky 161, Monday 25 Feb.
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    I’ve actially had one of them - utter shit - but like a 2cv strangely satisfying to drive. Smoked like a sixties steam train on start up every morning
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    Thanks @BatMobile Going by your username this was yours?
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    Dash panel back from the trimmers after being trimmed in Alcantara, I had initially wanted a yellow stitching piece on the big curve, but found the reflection too much. It did make the dash easier to trim as it was in two parts. But in the end it was removed and replaced by a single piece without stitching Here it is with the speakers mounted back in ready to put in the car. At this point in time I am using the focal grills, but may switch back to OEM - haven't decided yet And back in the car
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    Just seen your car at bell and colvill. Wow, it’s even better in the flesh
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    ...they'll take all your money too if you let them, but they have those flirtatious eyes. To be fair to the Esprit, when it has a problem it usually requires you to go in the back door
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    Jean, I'm convinced there all females. They need special care or will throw a tantrum. And men can't stop looking at them. Yesterday, somebody walked up to me as I was parking to ask if my silver one was a Lamborghini. He had heard me drive around the block looking for a spot and came out to see just what exactly it was. He did know Lotus and congratulated me on my choice.
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    Were the brakes especially good?
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    If Honda Swindon is only selling 32,000 cars to the entire EU each year, then there really isn't any point in Honda retaining 3500 jobs at Swindon with or without Brexit. They're clearly not a significant player in the EU marketplace at the moment, so they can easily supply European demand from Japan and the EU/Japan trade deals makes this easier still. To be honest it's probably just "convenient" timing to announce what they were going to do at Swindon anyway and divert attention from Honda's own failings. And this is from a Remainer! I wonder if Toyota, Burnaston will be next?
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    Hasn't made me unhappy, but has made me angry. Young girl goes off to become a terrorist. know's exactly what she is doing, apparently likes the life, has no regrets, totally unfazed with seeing "heads" in a bin and no regrets at all. Wants to come back to this country as she wants her baby to have the best health care. It's not about her, it's about her baby. She "know's my baby and I will get the best care back in the UK" yadda nadda. Father on TV in tears saying we should let her come back. She was young. She didn't know what she was doing, yadda nadda. Bloody made my blood boil to be honest, so suppose that did make me unhappy. The approach in the Uk elsewhere seems to be to forgive the young easily their stupidness and to not allow them to be blames for their own selfishness or stupidity. After, all bless, they are only you and it's not their fault... Well, need to hop over to the "Happy" thread now, as it seems are Home Security has found some gumption from somewhere with the statement "I will do everything in my power to make sure she does not get back in to the UK". Of course, Jezza C, the hip dude friend of the young and well know Terrorist sympathiser will probably be grumbling into his corn flakes "yeah right, over my dead body Home Security, she's a cast iron sure voter for me so I'll make sure she gets back in....." Am I being too harsh and do I need to be more forgiving/understanding? Genuine question.
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    Meant to have added earlier that if you still have worries about damp in the garage, don't ever leave the car standing for any length of time in there with the handbrake on.
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    Agree completely. For me the Evora has to have the black pack, otherwise I think it looks too fat from certain angles. And for no other reason other than you all love photos, here was the photo I referenced earlier to make the point. A great looking car against one of the most iconic designs ever:
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    I think the above sums up the situation very nicely. The Prime Minister and the government have spent the past two years desperately trying not to leave the EU. I can only hope that their incompetence results in the thing they fear the most - a no-deal Brexit.
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    My s2 Eclat rear brakes were the same 1 flexi to one side and a link out of the bled screw appature across to the other side and then a link to a remote bleed screw on the diff frame.
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    interesting... mine is different.. it has one flexi from the main line, to the right cylinder, then from the outlet on the right cylinder a pipe crosses over the diff to the other side and that has a bleed from the outlet on the that cylinder, so one bleed for both rear cylinders.
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    Hi to all, They will of course be rusted solid, a good soak in wd40 for a few days is required, its a total pain when they snap. John
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    As seen in a public car park in Llangollen yesterday afternoon. Not parked together, don't know if they were associated or not. Great to see them being used though!

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