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    Hi guys, I picked up my first Lotus yesterday, and I'm still buzzing. Shocked, would be an appropriate adjective to describe my experience with these cars. The car is so good. I can't wait to get it on the track to see how it is. Our Aussie spec differs slightly from the UK spec. The side pods aren't the larger CF ones (I plan to change this), front splitter isn't CF (I don't mind...I would be worried that a CF splitter would explode on me), and non CF seats as far as I can tell (bummer). Otherwise, all else is the same. I was looking for a car that was fit-for-purpose, that didn't compromise for the sake of luxuries someone else would need, and didn't make my wallet tremble every time I was at the track looking for tenths of seconds. This car ticked all the boxes. Well, a couple of 2013/2014 Exige V6S's ticked most of the boxes but both got sold out from under me, and I'm a little impatient. So this is where I ended up. Hopefully I don't ask too many stupid questions. I'm very very green when it comes to Lotus's! Below are some pics I took as soon as I got her home. (temporary number plate location)
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    For the same recipe but with much better ingredient
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    Enjoyed that drive home tonight
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    Season openings in Austria .
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    After an absence of approx. 10 years, V8 Project GT1 is back ! There are more options available now to extend the performance of the project, so the general plan is to loose more weight, completely exchange the transmission and upgrade the engine to provide power in excess of 550bhp. Externally the car is going to have the genuine GT1 replica treatment in the form of the #22 Jan Lammers/Perry McCarthy car. As the car has spent very little time running over the last 10 years, so it's going to be a case of get the engine/gearbox out and inspect everything. Looking forward to sharing progress over the next months. Here she is on the trip yesterday. It was physical impossible to reverse the car onto the trailer due to the width, so front first and very carefully driven.
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    Picked mine up from B n C today
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    Haven't really done anything to my car in a while... So here's a photo of it from last night in a bit of a rain storm! Ceramic coating worked well, the water just ran straight off it
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    So, I am a long-term admirer of Lotus and the Evora specifically is a car that I have wanted to own for many years. And the time was right in Feb this year as the right car in budget came up (2015 2+2 IPS) I have 1 child (4yrs old) and a wife, therefore the 2+2 is used by the 3 of us and he has plenty of room in the back for him and some his toys / backpack on the 4th seat. (The way the seat is higher in the back with a raised roof in the back, ensures he is sat safely via ISOFIX and he has a great view of the road, plus he loves being near the engine in the back and so close my me at the same time) I still think the Evora is the world’s only mid-engine 2+2? I am mid 30’s and my last few cars have been Automatics and the last was a Jag 3.0d Auto. I like Auto Transmission as my daily commute for work is approx. 100miles, and therefore I do a lot of Motorway miles then slow town traffic at the end of the journey. Therefore, this led me towards the IPS gearbox for the Evora. When I first drove the IPS on a test drive and even since ownership my view is that the IPS gear box is great, it changes gear at the right times, its smooth and Its not too different to my previous 2014 XF gear box for ease of use. BUT, this is a big BUT, when you select the ‘Sport’ mode, the car is AMAZING, its so different to any other car that I have ever driven. It downshifts the gears so quickly and gives you so much speed and excitement. The car really fells like a Super car when in Sport. The quick downshift, the responsiveness isn’t all that’s positive, the noise is great as it opens up the exhaust and also the downshift ‘blips’ are very addictive as the car makes a ‘blip’ sound and revs when downshifting which sounds great and the excitement of that isn’t wearing off! When driving with friends (Who have owned sports cars, including Porsche) are amazed at the quality of the leather, the seats, the dash, the door handles, the way the door closes with a reassuring soft shut, and not a clanky bang, the ride is comfortable. The Sat Nav and the Stereo work really well and a smooth connection via Bluetooth. As I say above, I could drive 100’s miles in one sitting with no negative side effects in comfort. I’m currently on 29.5mpg which I think is amazing (As above, I do a lot of Motorway miles, which helps) To summarise, there was no reason for me to wait all these years to get an Evora. Prices haven’t gone down, it easily can be used as a daily car and I love driving it every time. There’s a lot to read on these forums, and this will help us all make the right purchase, and being patient is key. I wanted to write the above as I’m sure there’s other people like me, in a similar position who are pondering and reading this forum every day multiple times (As I was!!) – Which actually drove me to a point of frustration and a addiction of searching classifieds on every possible website. So to now own a Evora is a welcome ‘relief’ (Not sure if relief is the right word, but I’m sure you know what I mean) I recently parked the car at a restaurant and when leaving followed a few mid aged male friends who I didn’t know, and I heard them look at the car and comment that my car was a nice model of Ferrari. To make the purchase even easier / smooth, I purchased via Silverstone and Aimee who were brilliant. Very supportive in the sales process and providing information and detailing etc. I’m certainly not a lotus expert or a technical / mechanical expert, but If anyone has any questions, please ask me, Ill be more than happy to help. Loving this website and forum and always a joy to read and even today I saw 003a make a post introducing his new great looking Top Gear car and he also shared a Evora transfer sticker, which is great!
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    Little local meet with @Gordon S @RRSSS @BatMobile and a couple of others today
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    Bought my Evora SR from Leven in Edinburgh last weekend - I've been loving every minute in this amazing car. Car only had 3.5k on the clock so feels brand new. It's been pishing down constantly for the past week though - looking forward to a dry day and a decent run out! Car feels like a tank - Lotus build quality has come a long was since my 111S!
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    Hi all, I'm in!!! I bought the Persian Blue / Cream Leather car from a few pages ago. Thanks all for the tips and advice on this forum...helped me buy with confidence!
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    Better not be or there goes the loft conversion Trevor.
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    New season of Game of Thrones, Avengers End Game, Star Wars "The Rise of Skywalker" teaser and now a proper (at least on the face of it ) Lotus announcement at a major car show? I am, to all intents and purposes, squealing in a most un-masculine manner this April. After the almost weekly special editions of the JMG Era, I'm kind of excited... there's been lots of infrastructure announcements... now hopefully for the real deal. I'm off to sacrifice a goat.
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    Some kind of Porsche I think
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    This isn't a resurrection of the thread, but it will be ten years since I bought the car next month and its been a pretty significant week. The car last run in 2014 and failed its MOT that year on emissions and brakes. I took the car off the road as I knew the front calipers were basically done, to refurbish the whole braking system. I gave it a damn good go but it defeated me and I basically left the car in the garage, unfinished. Step in @peteyg who took the car off me just before xmas, did his magic and the car passed its MOT this week! I can't believe it now works! Despite coming so far there is a few things which need attention - mainly suspension, although the body has never been off so the chassis is original and, although OK, will probably need to be done at some point. In the meantime, I am just pleased I can get to know it again. As a 10 year special, here are some before and after photos to show the cars condition when I got it, to how she looks today...
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    May as well write this down. Who knows, maybe my children will be curious about their dad some day and want to read it . . . As a young child, about four years old in the late 1970s, I was with my family at my aunt and uncle's house for a holiday (pretty sure it was Thanksgiving). While waiting for dinner, I was sitting in the living room watching the color TV. At this point in my life, I was already a car nut. Loved cars. There on the TV was a white car. In beautiful scenery. I loved how it looked. It looked faster than all the other cars. I really liked the shape. I was mesmerized by this car. It was perfect. I didn't quite understand when the car went into the water . . . really, to a young child it was kind of confusing. I liked it better with wheels . . . was hoping to see more of the car after that, but there was only a little bit. Then it was time for dinner. Never forgot that car. Later that year for Christmas, my brother and I received a slot car set as a gift. It had a yellow car and a white car. The white car looked exactly like this: This photo is from eBay (not my actual car), but I still have the original actual car. As I grew up, I saw Lotus Esprits here and there on television. Rockford Files. Knight Rider. Miami Vice . . . Then in video games, like Test Drive and Rad Racer: (That's an Esprit on the left. Unfortunate that in playing the game you had to drive a 328...) By the late 1980s, I was reading car magazines like Car & Driver and Road & Track. Couldn't wait to read reviews that included the Lotus Esprit. When I was a freshman in high school, in our Public Speaking class, I managed to include the slot car as a visual aid in a speech, in saying that I hope to have a *real* Lotus some day, not just a toy one. Total car nut. As I read the car magazines in high school, I became fascinated with the technical aspect of the Esprit, and with the ethos of the car. In the 1980s and ealry '90s, it was a very advanced car -- 16 valves, DOHC, turbo charger, later a chargecooler, aerodynamic, and the body was made from some kind of a composite, not just boring old-fashioned steel. And of course it handled better than anything. And it made all that power and speed from just a 2.2 liter four -- that was impressive technology compared to the others who needed six, eight, ten, or twelve cylinders to go fast. It was cool. And the nature of the car as I understood it was a good fit for my personality; if I were to express my automotive values in a car, it would be the Esprit. I dreamed of some day owning a Lotus Esprit. Not long after getting my driver's license, I bought the "poor man's Esprit." "This is the closest I'm ever going to get to a Lotus," I thought: I had also been fixing things my whole life -- clocks as a small child, motorized toys a few years later, radio controlled cars, mini bikes, and then at age 15 I started learning to fix cars. I had owned about ten cars before even finishing high school. While I was in college, in the 1990s, the whole world changed. Pretty things, happy music, electric guitars and synthesizers, beautiful people, bright colors, and cool cars were out . . . and a general disdain for beauty, miserable "grunge" music, "unplugged" coffee shop culture, and olive drab were in. Affluent kids at colleges across the country went to Salvation Army and Goodwill stores and bought old clothes to try and look like they lived in hard times. And most of all, cars were very, very uncool. Especially sports cars. Especially exotic cars. If you liked or owned an "impractical" exotic/sports car, it meant you were a simple minded, insecure, egotistical jerk who was "compensating" for his three-inch thingy. Pop culture had taken a complete 180-degree turn from the halcyon days of Miami Vice and Cannonball Run. I never cared too much what other people were into, though. I still wanted a Lotus Esprit, and still liked my cars. I probably owned another dozen or so cars through my four years in college. All of them were uncool -- mostly sports cars. Did not care. I was browsing a news stand at a big box store one night in college, looking at one of the magazines where they sold exotic cars (Robb Report or DuPont Registry), hoping to see a Lotus Esprit. Found a few. Strange, though, I thought -- there must be some mistake on the price; they cost no more than a new Lexus or Infiniti. On subsequent trips to the news stand, I began to realize that those were the actual prices. The Esprit SE that was $100K when I was in high school had fallen to $24K-$35K. At this point in my life, I had already been involved in a few car clubs. When I started to ask car people I knew about the affordability of a Lotus or other exotic car, the line I most often received was "It's one thing to buy them . . . but servicing them is where it gets expensive..." I thought to myself . . . "People who do well in college and get good jobs can afford new cars like Lexus and Infinity . . . . so if I do well in college, I should be able to get a good job and afford that kind of car . . . and I've been fixing things my whole life and taught myself to fix 'regular' cars; I don't see why I can't teach myself to fix a Lotus . . ." So I decided that the dream of owning an Esprit was a lot more within reach than I had thought. All I had to do was work hard and get a good job . . . So to motivate myself to study and do well, I bought one of these, painted it white, and put it on my desk: I also bought books and buyers guides about Lotus and Esprits, and read them cover to cover multiple times. Still have all of them. When I finished college, I got an entry level operations job at an investment firm. I started saving for my dream car, a Lotus Esprit. I invested and saved, and also bought more broken "regular" cars and fixed them and sold them. Like these, for example: As an intermediate step on my learning curve of teaching myself to fix cars, I bought a Porsche 944 in mediocre condition and needing a clutch to learn from and use as a daily driver: That was the first of about ten 944s I owned, racking up over 350K miles driving them daily, and servicing dozens of them for others. Then, after about a year at my job, I sold 2 or 3 Fieros, added some cash I had saved, and bought my first Lotus: In the months leading up to it, I couldn't decide between a Turbo Esprit or an S1/S2. Every buyers guide at the time (late 1990s) told you to avoid the S1 at all costs, and that you should only buy something S3 or newer. Buying a notoriously unreliable, rare exotic car that everyone says to avoid, at the age of 23 on an entry level salary -- what could go wrong? On the other hand, I thought it would make a good first Esprit, as it was simpler and might be less expensive if I did have a catastrophe. And while not fast like a Turbo, it did fulfill the imaginations of my young childhood, of that magical white car that I saw on the television so many years ago. Indeed I had every catastrophe that S1s were known for. But by this time I had been fixing cars for 7 or 8 years, I received some good guidance from a few club members, and I understood that with something like this you have to be careful, not heavy handed, and most of all READ AND FOLLOW EVERY WORD IN THE WORKSHOP MANUAL. So I enjoyed every moment of it. I enjoyed every moment of servicing, fixing, improving, washing, waxing, and most of all driving my Esprit S1. That was twelve Esprits ago, twenty years ago, sixty-five thousand miles ago, many journeys and adventures ago, and most of all it has been through many great times with the many great people I have come to know and call my friends along the way. Cheers, Tony K.
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    delivery of my friend's evora :
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    We're producing a small range of merchandise to support the 45th anniversary of the Elite and Eclat. The design is as shown below: Revenue from sales will be used to support 45th anniversary activities, and cash accounts to demonstrate this will be available on request. Window stickers are now available at £5 each plus 80p p&p per order. These are 22.5cm wide x 5cm deep. To obtain sticker(s) send me a pm with your requirements. We are planning to produce a limited number of mugs with the same design, which will be available at the events we attend this year as posted on this forum. We considered T shirts and caps, but I don't want to get into the complexity of stocking different sizes and colours, so if anyone wants to have their own printed, I can supply the image free of charge - just let me have your email address. All the best Richard
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    Just for interest factor - I received my cert. of provenance from Andy Graham today. My #002 was purchased new by me back in early June 1999. The data from Andy confirms what I was told at the time. 1 prototype car produced #002 was the first European S350 to be finished, so first of 42 for Europe and the only S350 registered without A/C. If you don't have a cert. I would recommend contacting Andy Graham, as it's nice to have some additional detail on our cars. Mike S
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    This is why I disagree with people who say that the hypercar is a terrible idea. Yes, most of us here can't afford it. The goal of the hypercar is not to make money directly. In fact I won't be shocked if it loses them money (directly). Honestly a hypercar is probably the cheapest (relatively speaking), quickest and easiest way to bring Lotus back into prominence. The only way this won't work is if its a terrible car. That way when the new line-up launches or 4 years Lotus will have some clout. Will the hypercar fix all of Lotus' issues? No, Lotus still needs better dealership networks, especially in the U.S. I don't think Lotus is oblivious to this. However to get new dealers or a better network they need cars for the dealers to sell, but the cars also need to actually sell. The hypercar helps this. You can't afford the new Lotus hypercar, but you can afford the new Elise, Evora or Esprit (whatever they would be called).
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    Not much on today, so decided to visit the heritage transport and classic car show in Detling, Kent as the first car related outing of the season. We were walking through one of the indoor sections, saw a dark blue Cortina 1600E and I idly said to the wife, oh look there's a 1600E like the one we had. Then looked at the registration and blow me, it is our old car, the actual one we owned! Not looking bad for 49 years old is she? I was only the second owner back in the 70's, the car having been originally owned by a soldier, who bought it for use when he was stationed in Germany, hence it was export spec with a cream interior, not available in the UK. Current owner is, apparently, the 10th. It was great to fill him in on a bit of the cars history that he didn't know about and when he let me sit in the car, I was immediately taken back over 40 years by the interior which still smells exactly as it did all those years ago. We exchanged email addresses so I could send him copies of the pics I have of the car in period so he can add them to its history file and which he was highly chuffed about. He then said that due to ongoing health issues, he may be forced to sell in the near future, which obviously set me thinking.................... What do you reckon guys?
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    Another old and new theme... thatched cottage is a few hundred years old but only when looking at the photo did I notice the similarity between the curves of the thatch and the line of the Evora. Perhaps I'll have to reshoot that one and line them up... (Next shot will have silver summer wheels & tyres.)
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    There is always something exciting about the delivery truck arriving with fresh Lotus stock. Thought we would share a little of the enjoyment of our latest batch arriving:
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    I was thinking i had never put a picture of the car up, since owning it. It's not long back from paint, and while there is still a bit of fettling to do. I'm so pleased with the way she looks just now. I know not everyone is a fan of the rear light conversion. And i had the kit for 4 years, before deciding to go ahead. I love this look, but understand some people prefer originality. One thing the paint guys did say, was that with the spoiler off for painting, they thought it looked much sleeker without it. I agreed when i saw it, and may take it off at a later date.
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    A public car park today - more common than Fiestas...!
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    Last images of her up together - as of tomorrow, she is coming apart.
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    Up at 4:30am this morning unable to sleep. So I went for a drive and took a photo. link to a pic without the weird compression
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    Once again Steve Fulcher Has worked his magic on my seats! New Hyde and the James Bond colour matched by myself to a sample from Connolly Leather, who trimmed the car for the movie.
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    My 400 is two years old and is already at 19,000 miles. My old Elise made it to 175,000 and I'm hoping to beat that in the Evora! Cars are meant to be driven.
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    Over the last few days I've been taking feedback from fellow owners and doing more research to which has led me to re-think my intake design. This morning I called Litchfield and re-scheduled my 'after' dyno for the 12th April. The intake is for me quite an important piece of the performance puzzle to get right and the market doesn't really seem to support the community by offering a fair priced system. I personally can not justify near £900 for an intake and know from my own experience that the HKS SSC system even though around the £500 marker (all in with taxes and delivery) offers possibly the worst filtration of any filter and therefore not something I will be putting back on my car! So the changes im now going to make to my initial design. No More Carbon The carbon pipe is going, yes externally it looks nice and is super lightweight, but the internal surface is rough, that can't be good and credit to @Jack for opening my eyes to this and the knock on effect this can cause to air flow and AFRs. With some help a test pipe has been made to replace the carbon tube. First, modelling and making the MAF flange, before welding to the correct size aluminium pipe and finishing with a swage on both ends. Must say very happy with the result and looks very professional. I guess I do debate whether to go powder coated (black), leave as is with the brushed ali, or cover in heat resistant gold wrap... at the moment it's not important so will leave the decision to a later date. Happy to hear what folks think on this... I sometimes wonder if too much gold in the engine bay looks a bit too bling. Bigger is Better I had been a bit worried that I'd played it too safe on the size of the ITG I'd ordered, and the thought isn't going away, so I've decided to go for a bigger box which would be more than sufficient to cope with any 'potential' future power upgrades such as manifolds and sport cats. What this means is that the original position of the intake needs to slightly change, equally my nice new ali pipe is likely to get cut up again as I re-work the new bigger filter. I'll also have to make a new mounting bracket for the intake box as the CupR solution will no longer work. Bigger box mean more work but I know its the better and right thing to do vs just try the easy option and make compromises. Give it a RAM! With the slight relocation needed with the bigger intake box, there is an opportunity to now incorporate a direct 'ram' feed from the side vent into the air intake inlet. At high speed this could provide very good benefit especially on track (eg Hangar Straight at Silverstone as a perfect example). Finding a balance... This is one that's hard to explain, the original design positioned the ITG far away from the main engine block and sitting directly above the side vent (hence originally not feeling the need for a 'ram'). The idea behind this being to help as best as possible to reduce heat soak. With the bigger intake, by the nature of being bigger, the intake will push out from the side of the clam and closer into the engine bay. I need to try and ensure the right balance of the intakes position to take a suitable ram feed, account for the bigger intake, and try and keep as far away from the main engine block as possible. Basically I don't want the intake to be sat next to the engine bay. So lots of work still to go... most likely ill be testing on track before dyno...
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    After a considerable delay, we now have the replacement sidelights in stock in our shop - link below
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    Life, work, and family time has been nuts since Silverstone... today I managed to download data (off track) and have a look at my performance from the session at Silverstone back in February. Funny how I felt I was slower than last year, but in reality managed to achieve a new personal best which was two seconds quicker with a further two seconds possible as my ideal. Very happy as you can expect, first track day of the year, and learning a new car setup... I sense the LSD did play a part. To some of the questions relating to the LSD, now I've had a few more miles under the belt, I concur with @Arun_D his response it sums it up perfectly... and on the road a little hooning has been enjoyable within reason of course. I would suggest anyone going down this route also looks to mill back their uprights for more camber at the front, I did this quite a while back but fell it genuinely helped counter any of the understeer concerns people may have as I had non to mention on track. What I would also like to add is that @GFWilliams did admit on his passenger ride with me that he felt an immediate difference in my cars grip and stability with the Ohlins... so I guess that little argument is now set - Gold is best On the topic of Ohlins, I've been playing with a new road setup which im pretty chuffed with but need to re-do the clicks to remember what the settings are, once checked ill post if anyones interested. As a future thought... this week I hope to get my car on the dyno at Litchfield Motors to get a standard measurement before I start my next new project Laters.
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    Built the new “ zorst” should sound nice
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    I have had my NA Evora for just over a year now so thought it was about time to introduce myself. I have been a life long fan of all things Lotus, even painting the lotus symbol and a JPS logo on my bedroom wall at the age of 10 while my parents were away. Mother was not too bothered until she realised I had used gloss paint. I also carried the theme on, 24 years later, into my son's room painting a lotus emblem onto a hot air balloon. So owning my own has always been an ambition. But at 6'4" I had been unable to fit into one comfortably until the Evora. I first sat in one in 2010 at JCT600 in Leeds on the way back from looking at a new shape Europa in Malton, which again I could not sit in without getting a bad neck. That was me decided and for the next 8 years I wanted an Evora in red with black pack. That was until I saw what I have now at Hedge End the front end just did it for me.
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    And then they wonder why the high streets are struggling. I made this point before but: Park and rides are supposed to encourage people to leave their cars outside of town and get the bus in. On my biennial visit to Norwich with my wife to buy some clothes we have used in the past the park and ride at the top of the A140. Cost was per car. Now the bellends charge per person. It is now cheaper to park in town if there are 2 or 3 of you, or it was last time I went which admittedly was a while ago now. You can not believe that the whole point of park and rides is being undermined because we are back to the big problem in the UK.........greed. The answer now, probably, by the dicks in charge will be to tax/increase rent for NCP or whoever owns them so they have no choice but to increase their prices. To be honest I dont know as I rarely go but I bet it will happen if it hasnt already. What I do know is when their greed makes parking my car for a few hours a piss take I will resort to the internet. Not the ideal for me but If they want to rip me off before i get to a shop to spend my wages in their town they will need to find another way.
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    Thank god! It was with me also the fuse box!!! It is fixed now, such an easy fix.. topic can be closed.
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    I disagree with this sentiment that mileage should be a premium. I have many Ferrari friends and some Porche that simply can’t drive their cars other than special occasions because every mile devalues their cars so much. Ironically, it forces them to be garage queens which are then prone to problems caused by lack of use. Lotus is all about the driving experience, I hope as a community we recognise that a driven car is more reliable and hopefully more desirable.
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    My new favorite song! buddsy
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    just playing around with a little hand held cam

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