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    Bought my Evora SR from Leven in Edinburgh last weekend - I've been loving every minute in this amazing car. Car only had 3.5k on the clock so feels brand new. It's been pishing down constantly for the past week though - looking forward to a dry day and a decent run out! Car feels like a tank - Lotus build quality has come a long was since my 111S!
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    delivery of my friend's evora :
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    It's usually the same very small number of people who quickly point out your doomed with a +0 as they are unloved and you will never sell it lalalala. It then quickly becomes "internet fact or folklore" and gets quoted by people who believe it must be true because they read it on the internet. Fake news lol! I think it's the Russians fault and Huawei who are turning public opinion against +0,'s for their own political agendas. We need to get a Congressional and Parliamentary review to get to the root of it. Some believe its an anti Brexit campaign from the EU. They know that +0 owners are the happiest so they are trying to throttle our enjoyment so through our general state of unhappiness we blame it on Brexit and revolt. In my head its all crystal clear. Or is that crystal meth? Doh, I'm confused now.
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    Well... Who could resist a woman with bushy eyebrows
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    Hi, I've posted a couple of times, but thought that it would be worth saying hello properly, because I've purchased myself a real predicament! Over the last couple of years, I've rebuilt my Chimaera 500 and, having work with TVRs some years ago, and it being my perfect combo of 5ltr engine, imperial blue with mag. hide, I thought that for sentimental reasons, I'd never sell it. Trouble is, a one-family-owner from new, genuine 'barn find' Turbo SE cropped up a couple of months ago - which is I've car that always loved and hankered after. The Lotus is in a bit of a state as it has been sat in a barn for 10/15 years and is being stripped down for a refurb, but I've managed to persuade my long suffering wife to let me keep both, until the Lotus is done, so that I can drive them back to back, to see which one will stay and which one will take a trip to Pistonheads! I'm really intrigued as to how the Turbo SE will drive, as the Chimaera is truly brutal and one hell of an adrenaline rush to drive, but is very (very) loose, especially on greasy days. Watch this space!
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    I am a big fan of Lotus, with four cars at the moment but this LED problem really should be solved by the factory not the owners. The cars don't need an MOT until after 3 years, then they will fail the MOT if more than half the LEDs are not working. So the car is judged unsafe and unusable and the only factory help is to buy a new headlight unit. This is ridiculous, given the widespread occurrence of this safety issue. The construction of the LED unit is simply not fit for purpose, it is considered a safety item and should be part of a recall. After all, it's not as if thousands of Evoras were sold. I am in the market for a new Evora but I don't want to spend £100,000 on a car whose headlights will need replacing just as the warranty expires!
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    I did not apply sealant between inner mating surfaces, as they can sometimes make things go wrong and not sit straight. This would make a wheel dangerous and wobble. And I applied the Pactan 7043 in two rounds with two beads laid down each time, then smoothed out with a wet finger or a tool. I made sure there wouldn't be any edge that a tyre being fitted can get caught on, thereby risking the quality and integrity of the sealant. With a few days in between each of the two layers, to give it time to cure. I would personally remove any lacquer or powder coating or similar from the mating surfaes, before bolting them together - for the same reasons. From factory, there's no sealant and no paint or lacquer on those mating surfaces. And it's not because it's just sprayed all in one go. Each part is done individually and in different materials. So for safety reasons and sealing well, no stuff in between. That's how mine were from factory. I also specifically bolted the parts marked 1-1-1, 2-2-2, 3-3-3 and 4-4-4 together with just a few bolts and then went to a tyre fitter and had them spin it up on their computer controlled measurement machine, which measures balance AND road pressure, to see if it was mated together correctly, or you will seal it all for nothing and will have to remove it all again and undo it all again and rebolt it again etc. After this check, bolt it all up to spec and check again by measuring if it jumps or in any other way is not centered. Then seal it up twice as described and then fit tires and redo balance again, this time with only a few grams of weight Make sure you tight them correctly and not to much or too Little. I've seen people mantioning lesser torque on old used bolts and that is maybe something others can comment on. I used factory spec and bolts are 10.4 grade steel then hard cromed. Nuts are more mundane. Each bolt is clearly marked O.Z Other bolts can be bought (not originals) and should be 10.4 is used. I did not trust those and used the OZ bolts again after having cleaned them completely, so no old stuff on the threads. I spoke to a Wheel cpecialist about this and he said they are safe to use. Others may think differently. I just think all this is worth mentioning. Those numbers mentioned are suposed to sit aligned to each other and balance the Wheel. Those numbers also sit exactly in front of where the valve stem hole is positioned in the outer lips. So all should be aligned: inner star, inner drum, outer lip. The road pressure can counterbalance for any grams of weight, saving you problems, and lowering road tear as much as 5000-8000 kms extra on a set of tires. Worth doing. I also only used strong metal valves, no rubber stuff here. After this, my wheels are perfectly running smooth, straight and cemtralised and is completely air tight. Kind regards, Jacques
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    So an update. Currently working in Southampton but will be on the 2100 to Edinburgh tonight, quick stop over in an airport hotel and then pickup my little silver Type116 from Craig Moncrieff who has been looking after her this week! To make sure she is ready for the start of a fun filled year of events off and on the track she has been undergoing some fettling: New nitron suspension fitted and setup Full geo to 340R spec New hub carrier bolts Spitfire chassis brace - the VX subframe is not as stiff as the Elise and these works with the toe link kit to stiffen the whole rear up Spitfire VRSAS - Full service and general pre-track day checkover including new SRF brake fluid etc I'll pick her up around 0930 tomorrow and will be heading off North to home via some lovely isolated, empty twisty roads A week later she'll be in the paint shop to get the front bumper resprayed due to 20 years of stone chips and a few track days in my ownership and she should then be in fine fettle for her first track outing at Knockhill the end of March, quickly followed by a 1,000 mile weekend trip to include Blyton park and then a the 3 day VX220 Highland Hoon and the VX national at Bedford where i will hopefully get 5 laps before being black flagged for noise thanks to the SC and Larini back box! Don;t get me started on the numpty that chose that location for a VX meet....... The next 3 months are really shaping up to be fun months with the VX and plans are afoot for a complete strip down, repaint and rebuild during the coming winter so the car should be better than factory fresh and ready for the next decade of road and track fun for me. (oh, and possibly a mild uplift to stage 3 SC and circa 300bhp!). So, come on you VX owners out there, what you doing with your Type 116? The Evora 410 Sport will still be feeling some love as also just signed up for the 3 day Highland Hoon with rev limits in April, we're all booked up for the IoM S.E.L.O.C. annual pilgrimage in September and some other nice things planned too. Roll on the summer.....
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    A friend of mine, and a DeLorean nut, is the producer of this film and heavily involved in the development of it. He showed me the first 10 minutes of the film where Alec Baldwin is preparing to play JZD, looks like it will be a very good film and Tamir’s attention to detail will be spot on as he knew JZD and also interviewed him. Tamir spent time in the UK interviewing MJK and various other people involved with Lotus and the project at the time.
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    My current S is 2+0 and I am occasionally reminded by 2 people that if I want to sell it etc. Last week a 3rd asked the same question, did I want to sell. (I don't.)
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    A funny video featuring my 89 Esprit Turbo
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    Averagìng 40 mpg across four countries in 4 and a half hours drivng the Evora. A very successful trip indeed.
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    Use tvcatchup app
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    Not a Lotus I know but I have baby Austin coming home tomorrow to keep the Firecat and Elite company
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    It’s getting to that sort of mileage when it could possibly need a clutch if it’s not already been replaced.
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    That feeling you get when you leave the gym feeling absolutely drained and exhausted is probably the thing that made me happiest today
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    I overlooked a couple of decent cars on paper and went to lotus dealership just for some assurance I didn’t get a brilliant after sales but it was decent to sort out some warranty work. The last thing you want to plough your hard earned cash and dreams is into a car from a dealer who gives scant warranty however you don’t know unless you enquire with the seller could be a decent place so if you like the car have a closer look maybe be a little investment of time & money ?
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    Is it wrong to be automatically suspicious of any car that's for sale in Keighly?
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    Yes. Also, with an AU reg plate, it is very likely that it was an ex-Lotus car. Probably a management car but there are also some ex-test mules about. Unlikely with that low(ish) mileage though.
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    Yes a rose joint there makes so much sense. They used 4 of them on the headlights so why they didnt use one more there is a mystery to me. The 29 lever I fitted a ball race to the pivot and bolted the inner of the race firmly to the engine leg. Took out all rubber in the linkage except for the one at the bottom of the lever. The rubber in this linkage seems to have no purpose, there is no additional noise/vibration without it.
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    The Lotus service notes specify a range of 3 thou. Specifying a tolerance is good engineering practice and they were good engineers
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    A proper barn find 1 even has the hay/straw by it lol. Welcome to the forums, As buddsy says, the Esprit is a real head turner for looks, Although your tvr is a great looking car it will turn heads due to the engine roar, which tvrs fitted with v engines have always been for Still makes me feel sad that the factory closed, such a shame to loose another british made sports car marque, chaps very proud who built them also, as the same as lotus cars folks used to write their names under the dash,body and trim parts etc. Always rememember watching the old top episode , when the three studes walked around the empty factory, still had old tuscan bodyshells outside also, horrible to see the factory bare after so many years, at the time i think it was been used to store classic cars nowdays Cheers for the pics of the Esprit, You will fall in love with it, totally different drive than any car you will of ever driven , and no the steering wheel is not bent out of place, its supposed to be not straight before you ask. You can start a project thread on here, all of the members will answer any questions or quiries, take a look at a member called Sparky on here, he has a thread on a silver turbo se that needed lots of work and was in really poor shape.
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    I do not agree that the Esprits brakes are delivered to perform at a rather high level, either I do not see how they should act progressive. As far as I can see and experience the Esprit's brakes; they are a match of suitable parts off the shelf, non vented to sheed weight, and not up to the task for a sportscar in this league. My old Corvette 68 or 70,ties Volvo 240 had better brake force and pedal feedback. Albeit much heavier. But I do agree that these modifications should be done wisely and not at least balanced. There are several upgrades for the front, but I do miss a matching upgrade for the rear. Any one who now what year these VW calibers are from? Seems as they are made with both 38 & 41mm bore?
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    George adds another good observation to the thread, that the Esprit brakes as delivered perform at a rather high level. I have been recently reminded of this by a mate who's owned his S1 since the early '80's and has plenty of on track and over the road experience from which to draw. We are collaborating in an effort to maximize the performance limits with the greatest attainable pedal feedback on our two Esprit. Too early in that effort to report results but we are exploring servo delete, dual master cylinders on balance bar, proportioning valve for the rear circuit, larger discs/calipers all around and, for good measure, some sort of electric e-brake. We have a substantial appetite for intellectual stimuli.
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    Thanks Bibs! Looking forward to receiving it. I'll send a pic when I'm back on the road!
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    Yes sir should be ready in a few days.
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    Andy Brilliant advice!! On a similar note, never ever sell a special car you love for a house or other in this case, marriage, you never be able to afford it again...
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    Cut back on the free bar, honeymoon, drop two bridesmaids and buy a cake from Greggs. That'll add about £5k onto your Evora budget and no one will think any the less of the wedding. If she complains, well, you need to ask yourself if she is a keeper and if not then call it all off and get yourself a GT410. Sorted. Think I need to change career to become a "life coach".
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    Built the new “ zorst” should sound nice
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    Nope, even got a mate over to help me replace a battery. They have grease on them and that may get behind my nails. Couple of pints for helping and job done!
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    Hi Chris, looking forward to seeing you Saturday. Trevor.
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    I think he's just being helpful and letting people know you can't convert a factory 2+0 into a 2+2 I didn't know that so useful info
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    My personal view based on selling a +0 is that's not the case from my experience. I had two buyers keen on mine and the dealer snapped it up without hesitation in px and sold it same day. There is such a small market for cars available and buyers that anyone too choosey as a buyer or inflexible as a seller will need to wait. Even superb +2 cars can take a while to sell, for example the lovely red SR at Leven for 6 months plus that has recently sold. Buy based on your need and condition and sell accordingly.
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    Lovely car, nice to see silver wheels too. Parked next to an Ro80 I believe. I've a friend who used to own one, apparently owners used to wave to each other in passing - whilst holding up a number of fingers that corresponded to how many replacement engines they'd had fitted under warranty.
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    It does look really smart in gloss. It was like this from ne, though I imagine it's not too difficult to do. I clean seamless line may be difficult to achieve where it meets the colour at the rear. My keyboard or my brain can't write a sentence proper like!
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    Bought from a gypsy encampment?
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    A BMW DCT box in an Exige? Bloody hell, that would be some piece of kit. Would cost heaps though.
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    The MR2 does not stand a chance. The Type 116 (VX220) is a genuine Lotus car. Designed by lotus, and importantly, BUILT by Lotus in Hethel. There is a big difference between Lotus doing development on a car (they have done tons of these) and Lotus actually designing and building the car. The Vauxhall branded 2.2 NA engine in the VX220 was actually designed by Lotus too and is a lightweight, all alloy, super little engine and goes someway towards explaining why the NA is a very sweet handling car. By contrast, the VXTurbo uses an iron deadweight of an engine from GM and whilst it does provide significantly more performance with i believe i around 195-200bhp, you can feel the extra weight of that engine and the turbo etc (the VXT is a not inconsiderable 60kg heavier than the NA) in the back and the boost does kind of kick in - although you can remap to smooth this out somewhat successfully I believe. I'm biased, but for me, the 2.2 with the supercharger upgrade (which can be bought as an OEM bolt on upgrade from GM) provides the best £ for performance bang. It keeps the lightweight 2.2 alloy engine but boosts power from around 147bhp to anywhere between 220 and 260bhp easily which really does transform the VX into a little pocket rocket. Some have gone to 300bhp+ and there are turbo cars out there with 500bhp or more which must be quite a handful when you consider the car weighs around 930kg. So, I'm a self confessed convert and fan of the VX220, you might be able to tell. Cracking little cars. Great value for money at the moment. Easily upgradeable to Elise Cup 220/250 performance levels for a fraction of the price with that special Lotus DNA and know how. Really, what is there not to like about these cars? So sad that the factory/Lotus want nothing to do with them, I guess they should have been called the Lotus Snow!

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