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    Final Drive update The good news is the new spec CWP has been settled on and ordered. I have gone for a custom 4.3:1 not the 4.11:1 as previously mentioned.. This came about because the design /spec I settled on was different to the 4.11 racing version I had in stock and considerably stronger. .. As a result the costs were that of full development prototype regardless of ratio.. This gave the opportunity to get the optimum 4.3 ratio rather than the closest option available which the 4.11 was. The CWP along with the whole box will be getting the full treatment to isolate the weakness in this area. The down side is the lead time is 12-14 weeks.. baring complications , which unfortunately means by the time i get it all back together most of this year will have gone by.. But is that not the way R&D goes..
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    Speakers done! Sounds really good with the bulkhead speakers! Now just need to fit the door cards when the new brush seals arrive and the seats. Interior finished! So just the gearbox and engine to finish and install. Then the last jobs tailgate, ski racks and skis.
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    I am not sure why people mess about with different suspension bushes as Lotus were, and are, world renowned suspension experts and spent a lot of time getting them right. Exception is if the replacements are the ones qualified by Lotus in the more recent upgrade programme. Having said that, the rack mounting bushes seem to be an anomaly. On earlier cars, the Elan had rubber rack mounting bushes but then the Europa had its rack solidly mounted to the chassis with no rubber at all. The Europa never suffered from any downsides from this. The same poly bush discussions happen on Ferrari forums and the same applies, the original manufacturer knew what they were doing. Some people fit semi-solid rotating wishbone bushes to their 308/328 which ruins the suspension, but some people have thrown away the rubber rack mounting bushes and fitted solid spacers and reported improvement.
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    Found this pic, but there's something very suspicious about Mr Bonds car???
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    Reactions to a Lotus in Germany? My best friend looked once at my Evora and stated wisely … aha this is a British plastic kit car with a Japanese engine? Looks quite solid. But why didn´t you buy a Porsche 911? 10 minutes later he could not even remember the brand name and referred to it as the Barchetta … It is amazing that some German car guys really do not know anything about Lotus and that they are unable to keep the shape and make in mind for some minutes and refer back to the 911. I am sure this happens with Corvettes, GTRs and McLarens too. But: Lotus Barchetta - not a bad idea indeed. Evora GT 410 with a small windshield, two seater, rear seats fully covered and no roof and no rollbar … not a bad idea
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    It is rather the other way around, if you put a tariff (which for goods you are likely to be limited by wto rules) then you get slapped a tariff back and you end up less competitive at export. If you put regs (pollution/crash) in places that are discussed first with local carmakers, then you can agree something that they intended to do anyway or that fits their current models so minimising the implementation costs for them while requiring full redesign for competitors. Many countries not producing l’argent engines have special environnemental tax on large engines, that is an easy win. Because the US is such a big market, then the big three are sure they get the volume to amortise and this makes it a less attractive markets for people who don’t have a client base so minimises new entries.
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    If we were still at 412 bhp I doubt we would have had such a problem. We were only generating 365 ft lbs of torque at that point which is only slightly over the std V8 spec using same 027 box.. We started to run into g box issues when we went to 425 bhp and the 409 ft lbs torque,, that is when it only took a short time to blow 5th off.. The GTO conversion fixed that issue and things seem to hold together well until the latest spec build.. The 461 bhp with 450 ft lbs that we have now is what exposed the power break point of the CWP. This was not a spike load that broke this ,it was straight power run . So using this info we can say the spike load of the 3.89 CWP in the 027 box is > 450 ft lbs .. I have been advised that the actual recommended load on the STD CWP is more in the region of 300 ft lbs. This means it is being used well into its top loading with the V8's as std. This would explain why quite a few V8's blew the CWP out under power starts , where they could reach the spike loads especially with sticky tyres, or when snap changing into 2nd which creates a reverse loading that will fracture a lot lower down the scale. What it does show us though is actually how durable the 3.89 CWP is.. As long as it is not abused it takes quite a bit of loading over the recommended limits.
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    Just picked up my Lotus Elise S 1.8L 2007 model. Had to wait to the age of 74 for my first Lotus.
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    @Steve V8You think that's chaotic? Not even close mate!
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    Ready for main engine start, well almost if the engine was in!
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    It’s been a while however things haven’t ground to a halt. Progress so far: climate control system and heated screen works great and the carbon dipped parts look really good (photos to follow). The alcantara head lining is significantly better quality than the previous material and doesn’t wrinkle up in different climate conditions like the old one used to. The carbon fibre sunroof not only looks great but it has stopped all the irritating bumps and rattles that the glass one made (thanks jacques)!! seats now spaced and will actually nice on runners (thanks eeyorish). inner door handles and surrounds replaced with new ones as they were looking a bit tatty. Also replaced the drivers door lock clip which kept coming out every time you closed the door. So now got central locking back yey!!!! lotus shadow lights fitted into doors (the more gauges and lotus badges the better)! All front lights converted to LEDs which has transformed driving at night. Definitely worth the money as I can actually see where I’m going now. Not forgetting how cool the white light looks as opposed to yellowy originals. Bumper meshes secured properly and Rad undertray modified, which at least makes the front look better. and finally I have a new set of front brakes!!!
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    well i typed this up when i removed the front bumper so it may help others Front bumper removal. This will take a few hours if you are lucky and 10 – 20 hrs if unlucky Tools needed:- Blanket / Chair / screwdriver / 10mm spanners and sockets & extensions / dremel with flexi attachment / grinder / good light / nut remover / gloves to protect hands Remove under trays. Remove horns and oil cooler air intake (both sides) Turn wheels and remove x 4screws inside wheel arch (2 per side) Remove front lip. Remove front fogs (unbolt and disconnect wires) Remove front grill & number plate holder disconnect ice sensor Remove lower front spoiler (note if the nuts are rusted and the plates begin to spin then the rivets holding them have come away as the stud is riveted to the bumper and you may need to remove the bumper and lower spoiler in one, also some of the lower spoiler nuts will be hard to access. There are a couple of studs pointing down that attach the front bumper with 10mm nuts and can only be got to with the lower spoiler off, you will see two small slots at the back of the bumper a long 10mm socket and a long extension will access these.(if you cannot get the lower spoiler off there is another way. undo the front indicator lenses and pullback the rubber tabs to expose the screws that attach the indicator housing to the bumper. These may round or snap or just spin. Drill the heads off and the housing can be turned to allow access to the hidden nuts) the screws in the indicator housings can be drilled out later (easier off the car). x2 per side 10mm nuts on the inside of the wings (inside the bonnet) if they are held on with nylock nuts then grind the stud down to the top of the nut (this will save much time) only on the one nearest the headlights access is tight so be patient. You will also need to undo the bracket holding the abs to get in (this is the one where people have cut through the outside of the wing to get a spanner on it) don’t do it. Once the stud is cut. If the nut rounds put a nut remover on it (silverline do a set that you use a spanner on and work great ) better than repairing the wing. This is where a blanket to protect the wing and a chair to sit on help. Remove the nuts and brackets on the floor of the bonnet. Its one bracket underneath but two on the inside of the bonnet. there are x5 nuts in the recess at the front of the bonnet (small slit get a light in there) if these are rusted and begin to round off you can get a standard size grinder in (upside down) to cut off the middle one and the ones next to it (the two outside ones are best got at from underneath as once everything else is undone or ground off then the front spoiler can be pulled forwards and you can get a grinder up and into where the head of the two bolts are and grind them off.
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    I was thinking i had never put a picture of the car up, since owning it. It's not long back from paint, and while there is still a bit of fettling to do. I'm so pleased with the way she looks just now. I know not everyone is a fan of the rear light conversion. And i had the kit for 4 years, before deciding to go ahead. I love this look, but understand some people prefer originality. One thing the paint guys did say, was that with the spoiler off for painting, they thought it looked much sleeker without it. I agreed when i saw it, and may take it off at a later date.
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    Hi guys Whos up for next Thursday 11th. Now it is a Thursday i believe a number said thursdays work for them. Come along and show your support. Now in summer time so bring those cars although probably another month for my car. Hope to see you all there Phil
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    And the HyperCar may be a no cylinder car to bring the average closer back to 4!
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    I understand that the tires are in principle wobly and deform to a certain extent, where as the rims are same size and shape always. But the number is varying if I use a far smaller r (the rim) in stead of the complete wheel. Just for fun, I'll bring a ruler and measure the hight with wheel on the ground and say 2,2 Bar and then with 2,5 bar and see what it does to the radius, thereby affecting the arch length. A minimal difference, but none the less. Yes, I did some comparisons with this mothod vs. using Sin vs. a third method. Anyway, as long as I got the method to calculate, it's easy enough. And when not having my trusty HP41CX nearby in the garage, I like to have a method to calculate it with the highly sophisticated piece of paper with a pencil Sinus work well for me too if the plastic brain (41cx which I've had for 33 years) is around. Yes, I am being anal about it. Precision is good. Detail is good. I am also counting every gram (or as close I can get) I subtract from the car The Esprit is a precision road weapon, not a people carrier. It's about search and destroy (911 Chaos cars). Anyway, I'll stick to 12,4mm arch length. There's impression in this as well, as it it was to be calculated precisely, one would have to divide the arch to the horizontal ine into small objects, and calculate those to get nearer a true value. I think it's good enough for now. I cannot adjust it so precisely anyway. But I can strive to get say 12,4mm. We'll see how it handles with that setting. Or I'll redo it with just 1 degree equaling 11,3mm. So what are peoples experiences in real life with camber values? By experience, is it better to stick to factory values, or maybe something different, while still avoiding too much bump steer? Kind regards, jacques ps: Oh no! this post now show 727 nonsense points... I hope that they don't lead to 737MAX8, which would unmistakeably lead to a crash in calculations... pps: in fact I'd better make a small programme on the plastic brain that asks for data and throw the result. Yes, I know in this case, it's quicker to just calculate it, but it's just for the fun of it. Love OPN or RPN as you say over there, so here's my plastic brain my HP41CX with a couple of math and stat modules and it's back up siblings:
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    2.34 I would say is very respectful time
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    I finally decided to go with new bolts ARP !! I guess it is better to be safe than sorry !! The car is 18 years old, so who knows if 1 bolts snaps when torque is applied !! No reason to take chances !!
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    I hope all goes smoothly Fabian, and you get to drive it in the decent summer weather, well deserved i say
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    Not sure a second referendum would actually be legal without instigating the result of the first. If they got around the legality I still believe it would be unconstitutional and not enforceable regardless of the result.. I say this based on the premise of the rejection of the first referendum.. When suggesting a second referendum you must ask the question WHY.!! The answer is because the politicians can not agree on how to administer the first... On that basis how can you expect them to administer the second.. Or you could say the answer is because the bulk of politicians did not like the result of the first , so they will keep asking for a vote till they get the answer they want .. Now that is undemocratic.. What we actually have is an unholy mess based on the democratic peoples vote result not being what the bulk of politicians wanted.. The Politicians should be responding to the peoples vote regardless, They are there to serve the people.. if the EU is playing awkward and divisive and a suitable negotiated settlement not obtainable , then leave with no deal is the only option.. This is not the ideal solution but it fulfills the obligation of the politician based on the democratic vote.. Anything short of leaving the EU without being tied to constraints will be dictatorship by proxy..
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    Hi Mike, yeah I did them a little while ago, although didn't bother with the window switches. Thought I'd tackle the bigger items first. Was pretty easy and straight forward, just required a little fishing about for those metal clips that drop off the gear linkage surround when you pull it off! Went for Mazda Soul Red in the end, look brilliant!
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    100% agree with Barry on the oil cooler breaking, so be prepared to pay out for a new one. Repairing with coupler is this easier and far more practical fix.. But be aware on cold start , depending on your engines condition there can be 75 to100 psi in the pipe. So get quality coupler with griping groves not the cheap ones. Also as Barry said quality clips. When pulling through the chassis remember, first to take out you gear leaver mechanism complete, to access the pipes. You will need to do this as they will have wire ties holding them which will need snipping first... This will also assist the threading through of old/new pipe, as the unions tend to jam on the cross members within the chassis itself... Yo will see what i mean when you get in there.. You will also be able to replace said ties to prevent new pipe rubbing with in the chassis as per spec. This preferably is a two man job , but possible on your own with extreme patients..
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    Fact is, May should have involved Corbyn from the start, 2 years ago, for the simple reason that all MPs including Labour have a vote in the house, so if they are not involved they will simply vote against. Also that would have exposed Labours huge divisions on the EU, namely leader and a few of his mates having the opposite view to everyone else. Also giving her someone else to blame if/when it all goes pear-shaped. She has instead gifted Labour the ability label it as a "Tory Brexit". All of this seems to have dawned on her 2 years late. She seems to not be quite all there and some advisers not either. Maybe the same ones who advised her to hold the last election.
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    Thankfully not, otherwise it wouldn’t have been an EVORA , or even a car in a garage
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    Welcome to TLF Shaun. Didn't a famous actor say in a movie "Does it come in black?" Any questions or issues with using the forums, feel free to ask one of us mods. We're here to help. 
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    You will almost certainly break the oil cooler where the pipe bolts onto it. The flanges seize together and will break removing them. you can repair that pipe cheaply and easily with a pipe coupler and a couple of jubilee clips from pirtek. It is not a high pressure hose and you won’t have any issues doing this. id use a nylon rope/string as a draw chord through the chassis. And make sure it’s massively long so if the pipe pulls off - you still have some chord at each end of the chassis to allow you to keep trying
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    No they can't ask for another exemption, they did way back in 2010 and got denied. the exemption was for the smart airbags and no car maker got an exemption on the smart airbags since 2010. Since then the regulations have gotten more stringent and the side airbags are now mandatory, the cost of reenginering the doors of the exige to fit these airbags is stratospheric for the few hundreds of car that could be sold, considering the car is at the end of its life span. The US are getting the Evora GT4XX this year, deliveries are set - or were set - to start end of summer or early in the fall, production has started. it doesn't have a number yet because of re-homologation at EPA level. Then in 2020 we all get a new car based on "VVA+"...
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    the wheel arch screws are sheet metal screws, maybe covered with wheel well undercoating, maybe vibrated out. 10.23A item 17 of the parts manual. nutplates? my SE has all factory stud plates
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    Edinburgh based @Andy Norman thank you for your help
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    Why would Lotus ‘just not want to’ sell cars in the US? I’m sure you are aware of the difficulties and costs of federalising Non-American cars. Aside from the process being made intentionally arduous as a form of protectionism and dealing with a litigious culture, lemon laws and the like, Lotus, like any other business has to weigh up the risk versus potential rewards. I can’t help but wonder how many of us would be signing off a project involving such a huge amount of time and money for such slim potential rewards. By far the most likely outcome, whatever Lotus do to the GT, is that Americans just carry on buying 911 GT3s regardless. That’s afterall exactly what’s happened in all of the other markets. Getting a version of the GT430 road legal in the US is a virtual act of charity, a token of understanding about the frustration caused by the lack of road legal Exige V6 and reward for the faithful, patient few.
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    Recently fitted an Aliant YLP30 purchased from Demon Tweeks. Produced in house in Italy. Just 1.7kg and has started the car 5/6 times without any issues. Will report back in a few months with any issues.
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    One bulkhead hole drilled. I'm using Sony speakers 4 inch. The speaker rear covers are being made by S and J. Just need to wait for them to arrive and the new fuel tanks, then the rear covers can be fitted. Should finish the interior tomorrow minus final fix of consul (crossgate adjustments), seats and door cards and of course a delay for the new drivers side window motor. Can't wait to see all the interior done. It's been a long time but nearly there. Then I can rebuild the gearbox with the new third gear and get the engine back in! Who knows this might be up and running for the summer!
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    No. you need to get those from JAE Parts in USA
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    For the purpose of full disclosure, I voted remain but, it seems to me, that the main reasons for voting leave were to a) improve control of immigration, b) move away from accepting laws made in the EU, c) to stop having to send loads of money to Europe, and d) moving out of the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice. The first 3 of these set Theresa May's red lines for negotiation. Staying in the single market or custioms union does not address those 3 issues. If you're going to have to accept freedom of movement, obeying European law and contribute to the cost, then you may as well stay in the EU and have a saw in how it's run. Corbyn, in my view, has been peddling a false dream in which the UK gets a special deal where we get the benefits of membership without the negatives that many leavers felt. However, up to now, Brexit has been the Conservative's problem with Labour being difficult to try to force a general election that they could win. May's latest ploy to invite Corbyn to the negotiations is, in my view, quite smart as it makes it Labour's problem as well. They now have to firm up their position instead of waffling and wobbling. I do believe she has been trying hard to deliver Brexit but she's made a hash of it. Now, Labour can't say no to everything that's proposed as they are being involved in the plans. Hopefully it will break the deadlock.
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    When positioning the grease nipples, make sure they don't foul against the lower arm also.
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    Wow what a circuit, amazing experience to drive around the same place as the greats have done. Albeit a lot slower! So track day number 4 and a first time at Silverstone gp and it was amazing. Spent the day with @Jack Layton and we saw all the weather, sun, rain and hail! The track though stayed mostly dry from 11ish so we were incredibly lucky. Jack was amazing to work with as normal and taught me so much. given I’d never driven Silverstone and I hadn’t been able to practice the circuit in any way due to the PS4 making way for a switch 12 months ago, meant the first few hours were an overload of info and me thinking “whats the next bend/straight again” more times than I care to remember. morning laps started off somewhere in the early 3mins - typically between 3:10-3:20 but as the day wore on, the track dried out and I started to remember what was coming next we ended up with a best of 2:34; have no clue if that respectable but it was an amazing improvement given where we started the day! I had a few ye haaa moments but this was great to learn weight transition and when to use brake or acceleration to shift it where it’s needed. I went from a deer in headlights doing nothing to correcting over steer and applying acceleration to increase turn in on fast corners. By no means an expert but I felt I took a leap skill wise today thanks to Jack’s tuition. I am now super excited to get the new wheels, tyres, geo and nitrons as feel they will be worth a good few seconds a lap given the corsa’s were again a let down and lost me time in numerous places where they just wouldn’t grip. Car highlights were the huracan super trofeo evo blitzing round. Amazing looking car and the sound Goldtrack were superbly run, best tdo todate and i will be doing more of their days for sure. Never too busy.
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    As part of the Lotus weight saving programme, read cost cutting exercise, they deleted the Elise/Exige stowage net behind the seats. I found it handy and wanted to fit one to the Elise. It is £25+VAT on the DeRoure site but a bit of digging, I found this. £7.19 inc P&P.
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    A public car park today - more common than Fiestas...!
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    This forum is now focused on the proper more important debate, the Prexit (park and ride exit.)
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    Considering Lotus will be building e-vehicles the proper names will be: e-SPRIT e-LAN e-XIGE e-LISE and e-VORA
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    Not the square, the blue dot in the square.
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    Short video clip from Saturday.
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    Pictures as requested. Fred M
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    We need a bit of this
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    Trouble is a General Election will just replace this bunch of self-serving idiots, with another bunch of self-serving idiots. We can't vote them all out. Whatever happens you'll still end up with yet another Conservative, Labour, Lib Dem or provincial Party MP. Depressing.

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