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    There is always something exciting about the delivery truck arriving with fresh Lotus stock. Thought we would share a little of the enjoyment of our latest batch arriving:
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    A few pics I've taken of my Sport 410:
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    Wasn't really looking but was offered a starship mileage Elan that was mechanically very good but with slightly tired painwork. Couldn't resist it as a Spring/Summer daily driver. Wow these cars are so seriously underrated. Driven 400 miles since I picked it up last weekend. Fun car.
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    Not much on today, so decided to visit the heritage transport and classic car show in Detling, Kent as the first car related outing of the season. We were walking through one of the indoor sections, saw a dark blue Cortina 1600E and I idly said to the wife, oh look there's a 1600E like the one we had. Then looked at the registration and blow me, it is our old car, the actual one we owned! Not looking bad for 49 years old is she? I was only the second owner back in the 70's, the car having been originally owned by a soldier, who bought it for use when he was stationed in Germany, hence it was export spec with a cream interior, not available in the UK. Current owner is, apparently, the 10th. It was great to fill him in on a bit of the cars history that he didn't know about and when he let me sit in the car, I was immediately taken back over 40 years by the interior which still smells exactly as it did all those years ago. We exchanged email addresses so I could send him copies of the pics I have of the car in period so he can add them to its history file and which he was highly chuffed about. He then said that due to ongoing health issues, he may be forced to sell in the near future, which obviously set me thinking.................... What do you reckon guys?
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    I remember leaving that excellent pub - but not where it was or its name - then it's all a blank until around 0600. What a blast!
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    Hey Stu, yes still about and looking to sell my organs to buy your Active Esprit mate Hope life is treating you well too
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    I think we got 2 tubes together and said bye 8 times in 5 minutes! I'm sure you ended up at Victoria with me! We had 4 portions of snails, there were about 3 actual snails between them all, the rest had done a runner before being popped in the pan!!
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    I was thinking i had never put a picture of the car up, since owning it. It's not long back from paint, and while there is still a bit of fettling to do. I'm so pleased with the way she looks just now. I know not everyone is a fan of the rear light conversion. And i had the kit for 4 years, before deciding to go ahead. I love this look, but understand some people prefer originality. One thing the paint guys did say, was that with the spoiler off for painting, they thought it looked much sleeker without it. I agreed when i saw it, and may take it off at a later date.
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    Don't forget the CSCA Supersprint series where most of us Lotus types hang out. Next event is on the 14th at SMP.
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    I like these for an early Turbo, a 17" BBS style 42 I think, not mine though.... I think BMW runs these in a 17x8 20mm / 17x9 26mm combo on the 530i with a 5x120mm bolt circle, but with 12mm lug bolts.
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    You wouldn't think VW would refuse Bugatti finally generating a bit of cash would you? A Bugatti SUV would probably get to use as much commonalities in underpinnings with the like of Bentayga, Urus and Q8, all the while being significantly bigger, better, stronger and more expensive ; and that Bugatti W16 in the front... The ultimate status car for your valet or butler, or the one the significant other will be able to use. In the meantime the bulk of the development on the SUV is probably continuing at speed in one of Geely's secret lab at one of their R&D site "Geely is the fastest-growing automotive company in the world. They have tremendous resources we can tap into," Popham said. "Although Lotus is increasing quite rapidly our number of engineers – 150 came on board last year, and we'll probably take on the same number again this year – we are also subcontracting packages of work to Geely engineering teams."
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    NOW FIXED. In case it helps someone else. The breakdown guy managed to reset the immobiliser by holding down the lock and unlock buttons on the key for simultaneously for 3 seconds. It took a few goes but then it started working again. He told me the fault also happens on some Fords.
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    According to some reports the GT3 is the one to go for as it drives so well but personally, out of the three, I would go for an S4S and leave some money aside to do the brakes if they've not been updated. I prefer the look of the S4S. Performance would be relatively similar and probably depend on how each one is set up.
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    At least it'll be quicker to get it dried out now with the improved ventilation.
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    I know, I know, but I've only recently stopped my car buying habit and moved on a couple of old classics due to my own arthritic knees. But, I did love this car at the the time and it has been well looked after in the 40 odd years since. I hate these dilemmas!!!!!
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    MOT passed second time through, with new radius arms fitted, and following some carb tweaking, much lower CO emissions (2.68%) within both MOT and Lotus factory specs. Tester did point out a couple of things which could do with a look at: Front wheel bearings need tightening up ever so slightly. One of the rear exhaust clamps is cracked Rear driver's side handbrake, whilst within spec, is close to not being First two of those shouldn't be a problem. Hopefully the third won't be a big issue but is a little annoying just because I know how I had to contort myself to put the new cable in and adjust it last Autumn.
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    L-R @Dan E, @Sparky, me, @JNW3 I had a wonderful afternoon and evening chaps, thanks very much indeed for the wonderful company, great good and drinks and very enjoyable banter! This was snailgate.
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    I’ve swopped my old steering mounts for poly ones a few months ago but wasn’t too happy with them. Some micro vibrations, it just didn’t feel right. Next ordered a set of OEM lotus rubber mounts from SJ. There are 3 variants on offer at SJ. The poly ones, aftermarket rubber and Lotus OEM rubber. The OEM lotus rubber mounts are about 3x as expensive as the aftermarket set but they both fit perfectly. With the polys the smaller mount needed trimming at the sides since the are too wide. The mount is quite hard and not easy to trim as you can see in the pics below (including my poor trimming skills..) one thing I want to point out is the small mount thickness difference overall and at the base in particular. The OEM rubbers are noticeable thicker and softer and the steering rack sits at least 2mm further forward on the passenger side. Micro vibrations are gone, all feels good now.
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    I'm hoping to get Bart Mawer. My partner had lots of time on the track with him, and I've watched back the incar video and listened to what he's saying. She improved massively after he was in the car with her.
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    Although not active I have continued to maintain the register so happy to take any further updates.
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    Hi Steve No currently without Lotus, been restoring a 1967 Works Cooper I will be buying one later this year hopefully but not decided what yet, just dropped by to see what’s happening
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    Hi Jon, I have the standard Lotus spring (new provided by SJ) and AVO shocks on mine (PMN provided) - much happier with these. I also had Mr Sparky replace the rubber top mounts as well as these can collapse / compress / fall to bits which means the car is too low. Mine still sits pretty low (as you will remember) but I think that is more to do with how it was repaired back in the 80s when a new nose was put on...I guess you could try air con car springs? Which might raise the car a little? But I would guess that sagging springs are likely to be a lot of your problem...
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    Ah, phew! Cheers @Suddabym, knew I couldn't be the only one.
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    Up at 4:30am this morning unable to sleep. So I went for a drive and took a photo. link to a pic without the weird compression
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    Hand crafted in the West Midlands Great idea for a V8 - allows for easy collection of pistons and rods
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    I relate to "Price Really Sucks," but when you come across a PRS that's so versatile in tones, so light/comfortable/ergonomic, and so sexy that it's easy to decide to sell a few lesser axes in order to pay for it, then it doesn't suck nearly as much, and you can actually end up with more money than when you started. which is what happened to me. So I sold a Custom Shop Les Paul and a Grosh P-90 ElectraJet and ended up with a a PRS 509 "10-Top" in Blood Orange, and I don't regret selling the other axes for a second because this thing is so fantastic and versatile. It's my #1 go-to guitar.
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    my reason for changing is that I have a left knee problem and I don't want to give up driving my lotus
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    How does the phrase go? "With a heavy heart..." Well mines so heavy right now, there's real danger of it spawning a black hole. Due to an unexpected change in personal circumstances, I have to part company with my Evora 400. Bugger. I'll be back though! I've had nice cars before and never really gave a toss when the time came to sell them on. This thing though, jeez. It's been a joy to own and drive, I'll be coming straight back to Lotus as soon as I can! For anyone interested in a mint, rock solid, issue-free Evora 400:
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    Slight problem has cancelld today’s plans. Thankfully the wife wasn’t injured when it fell down.

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