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    I agree with this view. There is so much confusion and misinformation being spouted about future power plants in our vehicles. The average car owner is being completely misled in thinking electric is the future. As C8RKH has said, there just isn’t the infrastructure in place to be able to cope with the demands of widespread use of electric cars. It wasn’t so long ago we were being told the UK would start seeing the lights go out in homes unless we had way more investment in power generation and this still isn’t happening. So, given that scenario, how on earth is the country going to be able to provide power generation for all the cars, never mind the logistics of plugging into it from those parked outside rows of terraced houses? Unfortunately, clean though hydrogen power is, it also consumes a lot of electricity in its production but I still see that as a far more practical solution in the short to long term. As an aside to this, I also wonder if all this confusion is partly responsible for the downturn in car sales over recent times. Most folk just can’t make an informed decision about their next car purchase until we are able to see a practical way forward. Do they stay with diesel, which is being continually demonised, do they go hybrid, all electric or just stay with petrol for now? I have always changed my daily cars every 3-4 years but decided to stick with what I currently have and probably run it into the ground. It is a big engined diesel but happens to suit me perfectly for what I need right now.
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    Thanks to a new press fleet, Lotus is back to being a darling again. Despite being 10 y/o and facing the latest offering from Stuttgart the Evora GT410 Sport is getting glowing reviews. It bodes well for the upcoming sports car they are going to present next year.
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    Never saw this when you first posted Wil. That's what we like to see. Up at 4:30 and can't sleep. Merde. What to do? Warm milk and try to go back to bed? Naaaahhhhhh. Get dressed and take the Exige out!
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    Another film, this time from last year's actual event, shot and edited by some 'real film' enthusiasts (i.e. NOT video!) called Derby Film Makers
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    Hi team. My name is Josh and I’m based on Brisbane, QLD. My dad Paul has brought me up around lotus (a series 1 Elise, series 2 Elise and now an evora). Has been a goal to one day pick one up and that time is here! I’ve just picked up (in feb) a 04 111R in black and it’s been a dream come true! These cars are seriously epic, the power is plenty! Needed some love, still does a little but getting there. Keen for a little bit of track/sprint stuff but mainly weekend twisties. You’ll definitely find me on Nebo/glorious most weekends. Looking forward to meeting more Elise nuts @111Ratt - my lotus files. @driverscircle - my car photography.
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    Autocar have just done a back to back against the new Porsche 911 v Audi R8 V10 and Lotus Evora 410 Although the 911 Comes out top - the Lotus does really well -
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    If I were you Id sell the N/A and buy a turbo. The N/A cars are desired in their own right. I fear you would be making your car less valuable while costing the price of turning to a turbo. No doubt it could be done but unless you are really emotionally attached to this car I dont see the point. buddsy
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    We're producing a small range of merchandise to support the 45th anniversary of the Elite and Eclat. The design is as shown below: Revenue from sales will be used to support 45th anniversary activities, and cash accounts to demonstrate this will be available on request. Window stickers are now available at £5 each plus 80p p&p per order. These are 22.5cm wide x 5cm deep. To obtain sticker(s) send me a pm with your requirements. We are planning to produce a limited number of mugs with the same design, which will be available at the events we attend this year as posted on this forum. We considered T shirts and caps, but I don't want to get into the complexity of stocking different sizes and colours, so if anyone wants to have their own printed, I can supply the image free of charge - just let me have your email address. All the best Richard
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    Mines now done 105k... and about half as bad as that, time for new shocks, springs and arm bushes..
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    You certainly had some very good weather for the drive home. The transmission is a bit louder than other cars and is completely normal. Enjoy!
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    Car collected and now on the train over to Europe. All I can say is it’s awsome One question though, the transmission is louder than I expected? Is this normal? I assume so as it’s just had a service including gear oil change.
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    And you turned him down???
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    Straightforward. 4 bolts. when you lift the seat you will see the heated seat and the seatbelt warning light connectors. Just unplug them, remember which goes back where. Put the seat bolts back in the sliding nuts to stop them dissapearing. DO NOT turn the ignition on until the seat is reconnected to the seatbelt warning light. It is said that the warning light will need a dealer reset if you turn the ignition on with the connector unplugged. I haven't tested this though.
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    It's a Vauxhall actually! A friend of mine delights in telling me that every time he sees my keys for it.
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    Have you ever taken it for an MOT, Alan? If so, did the tester sport a white stick by any chance?
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    I have to agree with Andy, i drive my car most days, its not a garage queen ! plus i don`t have a garage
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    Owning a dancing donkey is a disease that makes you blind to anything else. It a disease only a vet can cure.
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    At least they said something. I ran into a bunch of them at a car meet in WA. Only 1 was interested in talking to me. The others would only talk to other Ferrari owners. I sometimes see one on the Coast Road down here. I wave from the Esprit...................................What do I get back?
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    Although the car that Sparky is currently working on is perhaps a bit worse tan most, I'd say that typically a car in the UK will be closer to it's state than the state of Travis's, just given the climate meaning that cars get driven on damp roads at least occasionally, and ten don't get to quickly dry out.
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    Any automotive trim high temperature contact adhesive will be sufficient, I'd recommend a brush on rather than a aerosol, it contains far less solvent and is more controllable in use. Apply with a brush then smooth with a roller or notched plastic spreader.
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    Hang on .......yeees.....I think I can just about reach the cruel knife sticking out of my back! You guys
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    Working on ride height today - something that always niggled me. The front splitter will need to be raised a couple of cm, but that will be taken care of when the front bumper comes off.
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    Worked a treat! Thanks!!!
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    That seems a bit counterintuitive. We are on petrol now. Move to petrol/electric to full electric, to then go back(?) to fuel cell(?)/electric. I would have thought, looking at those three, that electric would be the end goal? Unless something drastic happens, my wife will keep her 1.5ltr turbocharged Skoda, I'll keep my Holden Rodeo dual cab (with what I swear is a close ratio gearbox). My children may see themselves buying electric or whatever somewhere down the track. I don't think any change like that is going to happen with me in the time I have left on this planet. I'm just hoping I'm not here for the Wall-E outcome. (those that have little children or grandchildren will know what I am talking about)
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    1 & 2 Ian Corse + 1 - Breakfast and Car Collection 3 & 4 Andrew Laing + 1- Breakfast and Car Collection 5 & 6 Allan Matheson + 1- Breakfast and Car Collection 7 Brian King - Breakfast & Car Collection 8 & 9 Archie Buchanan +1 - Breakfast and Car Collection 10 Jim Selkirk - Breakfast & Car Collection 11 David Boyd - Breakfast & Car Collection 12 Andy (C8RKH) - Breakfast and car Collection 13 Tony Samuel - Breakfast and Car Collection 14 Clive Swantton - Breakfast and Car Collection 15 John Diamond - Breakfast and Car Collection
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    Another pic. Went to chase a sunrise on Saturday but was foiled by the clouds. Then today got to meet up with Martin and a few others at Sydney Motorsports Park South Circuit. Friendly bunch, and it seemed well organised and pretty chill. Will definitely look at joining the next day at SMSP North! (Hmmm, are all my pics loading for everyone, or are they not showing up on these posts? I just noticed a bunch weren't, then I refreshed and then they popped up.)
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    Not many days I would say I’d rather be at work but today is one of them. Arrived by Ambulance at Torbay Hospital last night. I’ve had kidney stones before so gallstones decided to make an appearance yesterday. Kin painful little blighters. On the plus side - what bloody good stuff Morphine is
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    I fitted a 490hp Chevy LS1 + Tremec gearbox in my trackday Excel so I'm sure it can be done! I'm currently restoring an Elite and building a 2.5 engine for it - I'm making some mods to my diff in the hope it will survive a good thrashing! I can post details if you're interested. Pete
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    Season openings in Austria .
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    Kicked off the Summer season in earnest today, starting with a suspension refresh on @temple's GT3. Plenty of corrosion and nastiness for a relatively young one! This is going to be so much more than just bushes. Sheared/seized bolts, very nasty brake pipes and unions, shredded balljoint rubbers, a coilover that I doubt will ever move again - and that's just O/S/F. One final cut and the lower arm will be out, but Tracy called time, and she is a very very good cook. I shall resume tomorrow after verifying Alan's credit score.

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