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    Pulled the S4 out of the garage and cleaned off the layer of winter dirt and grime.
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    If I were you Id sell the N/A and buy a turbo. The N/A cars are desired in their own right. I fear you would be making your car less valuable while costing the price of turning to a turbo. No doubt it could be done but unless you are really emotionally attached to this car I dont see the point. buddsy
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    Little bit of a noise from the front left. Decided to have a look. The anti roll bar bolt had undone! I can't blame anyone as I built it! Still torqued back up, both front wheel bearings adjusted and I made it to Newlands corner. Engine needs tuning constantly, else the shutdown backfire comes back! Running real,well with a small leak from the cam shaft cover! A young lad was telling his dad how he had that car at home. I laughed to myself, I remember being in that situation in July 1977 - but no longer!
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    I’ve recently upgraded from an Exige Sprint to a 350 Sport, so far so good really enjoying the extra grunt and superior build quality. Just ordered a 2bular Valved Road back box to add some more pops and bangs.
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    Excellent progress today - sunning and drinking in the garden in glorious weather. Sod the GT3.
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    @Mark030358 - it's on a ramp. No idea how it's mounted to be honest. Got a lovely new engine badge from Komo-tec! Still want carbon engine covers, but other things always take priority... If anyone wants to buy my @alias23 Lotus Badge, please drop me a dm
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    Thanks for the advice! I discovered yesterday the water pump was the source of a strange noise and water leak, so I'll be lifting the engine anyway and I'll replace everything I can get my hands on. Here are some better pics of the car
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    Compression ratios are different, so would be complete strip-down and replace lots of internals, carbs are set to have boost both sides of the fuel, lots of differences. I'd agree with Buddsy, easier and cheaper to sell NA and buy Turbo car. In your original post you stated "..the options for moderate turbo boost (nothing extreme) and therefore greater reliability...." I'd say the NA is more reliable.
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    Cut the leather and installed the dash vents. Scary, but happy with results.
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    @GFWilliams -- Hey GF, when did the striping go on the splitter and barge boards? I, obviously, think it looks good.
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    Congrats! Yes, the transmission noise is quite loud, you'll get used to it, goes away over 2k RPM.
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    thanks, went together ok eventually.
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    Fantastic picture, the retro Esprit in green blends in so well with the rural location
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    I have had my NA Evora for just over a year now so thought it was about time to introduce myself. I have been a life long fan of all things Lotus, even painting the lotus symbol and a JPS logo on my bedroom wall at the age of 10 while my parents were away. Mother was not too bothered until she realised I had used gloss paint. I also carried the theme on, 24 years later, into my son's room painting a lotus emblem onto a hot air balloon. So owning my own has always been an ambition. But at 6'4" I had been unable to fit into one comfortably until the Evora. I first sat in one in 2010 at JCT600 in Leeds on the way back from looking at a new shape Europa in Malton, which again I could not sit in without getting a bad neck. That was me decided and for the next 8 years I wanted an Evora in red with black pack. That was until I saw what I have now at Hedge End the front end just did it for me.
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    Speak to Mike at lotusbits and get a fully developed engine, you can use your own powerplant and get the 2.2 made up to 2.5. I know the work is not cheap, but 5k to spend on tuning your n/a engine will go a long way, that way you keep your car and factory engine nuber, just anther option you could look into
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    You'd not get S-like performance, unless you switched to Turbo as well (which would include internal changes to the engine), so although it would remove the reliance on carbs and all the work involved, it isn't really that different to a gas-flowed head with better flowing exhaust etc on a NA car.
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    As buddsy says, unless you are emotionally attached to it (like I stupidly am with mine) then better off selling the n/a and getting a turbo. If you do, then I’d suggest an SE or S4 rather than a carb turbo depending on what your budget will stretch to. Over the last 17 years of owning my carb turbo the only reliability issues that were specifically turbo related, as opposed to espritisms, were down to the carbs, dizzy or exhaust manifold. I’ve converted mine to fuel injection, electronic wasted spark ignition and fitted an alunox manifold and the car now runs beautifully however it depends on your view on modifying. If you want more performance have you considered what gains you could get by converting to fuel injection and wasted spark ignition? I’m fairly certain that you could get the same sort of power on today’s technology that the carb turbo had as standard and within your 5k budget. Think I’ve seen articles in the club lotus mag and absolutely lotus on this being done by excel owners. If you do go for another car, make sure it has air con as you definitely don’t want to retrofit that lol!!!
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    I just looked it up. 263 corners and 800m elevation in just 19km of road. I hope the link works.
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    Yeah about that, the release of a GT4 Concept would seem to indicate that the Evora will remain in production for a little while longer and that the new car will come in addition to it. That would mean the car comes either slightly below in terms of range or slightly above... Remember that JMG hinted at the fact that the Exige would be the first car replaced? Well I think the upcoming car may be an Evora based Exige, roomier than the current Exige, with all the bells and whistles Lotus can throw at it using Geely components, yet smaller than the Evora and priced lower at the bottom end but on par, if not higher at the top end. Then again the car would be more extreme than any Evora could be at the top end while being able to outgun the competition further down the range, a Cayman killer and at the same time 911 GT3 hunter. The absolute momentum car on track but with a powertrain that will pack very serious punch... 450bhp or more from the engine and because Geely has one on shelf and they will have plenty of time to make it bulletproof a 7 speed DCT gearbox, while still catering for the manual drivers with another refinement on the venerable Aisin BG6... With Geely backing them Lotus now has the legs to ask for a bespoke version.
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    Deadly thanks a mill! the more the merrier. I've never rebuilt an engine by the way, done a top end but that's as far as it went. So we're quits far as I'm concerned Got the windscreen top frame cut out the last few days and a replacement one back in today, so I'm going at the Range Rover all guns blazing now. Hopefully the windscreen still fits, doesn't break and doesn't leak.
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    I'm budgeting for 15K, including changer mechanism. Still need to come down on a clutch solution, so that the details for the transmission can be confirmed to XShift for a pricing. As I get more details, I'll be happy to share.
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    Thanks to a new press fleet, Lotus is back to being a darling again. Despite being 10 y/o and facing the latest offering from Stuttgart the Evora GT410 Sport is getting glowing reviews. It bodes well for the upcoming sports car they are going to present next year.
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    i will be there. Such nice weather and i won't miss an opportunity to take my Elise for a drive
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    Car collected and now on the train over to Europe. All I can say is it’s awsome One question though, the transmission is louder than I expected? Is this normal? I assume so as it’s just had a service including gear oil change.
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    Fuel pump playing up, diaphragm leaking internally maybe? Tappets will close as the valves get hotter so if they're too tight you'll loose compression. Otherwise I think you've covered everything. Good luck
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    Sorry I can't make this month Do we ever remember to use the meters?
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    Never saw this when you first posted Wil. That's what we like to see. Up at 4:30 and can't sleep. Merde. What to do? Warm milk and try to go back to bed? Naaaahhhhhh. Get dressed and take the Exige out!
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    It's threads like these that remind me of how little rust my car has... An 89SE with 84k miles. My rust is the shade of transparent...
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    Not sure what else I can say Thomas, except what I said earlier. Hook up the four headlamps for main beam, and it’s simply astonishing. I wouldn’t say that if I didn’t believe it. I drive a brand new Ford, and the lights are better than that. Oh, and don’t go into those woods on foot, I have it on good authority that bears shit in them.
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    Hi Dan. It's a nice honest car with good history. I'm only helping the current owner get it advertised, hes well into his 70's and not so good on his feet now, hence the need to sell. I recon for what it is, he has priced it very fairly. Sell the private plate for 400 squid and you have an even cheaper car.
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    If you plug in a usb lead to them I will diagnose your issue via the interweb. buddsy
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    I have to say and I am pretty sure I haven’t commented on this thread before, I think a hyper car is the right thing, I am amazed at the amount of people who have absolutely no knowledge of Lotus, the older ones are always surprised that they are still going, the younger lot have no idea who they are. I even talk to “car people” who have never heard of the Evora. Tragically! They need something to get them not only in the motoring press but on the 6 o’clock news, and first ever British electric hyper car surely that will happen? On that note though it must be brilliant and lightweight or lighter than the completion and handle like a Lotus. But I promise you 95% of them know the Bugatti Veyron (Not its heritage though) I have only ever seen one of them on the road going through the Limehouse link many years ago and spending a fair bit of time driving in London you would think I would have seen more. It’s marketing pure and simple and I do believe that Geely do know what they are doing. On the Rimac the only thing I know is it must have a 6 star Euro NCAP rating, it’s certainly where I would want to be rolling down a hill
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    Lots of the guys from the Porsche Club came over to have a look and ask a few questions between each session. Lots of people commented on how it looked and sounded on track, many were shocked when I mentioned everything was stock from the factory.
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    Regarding running in, something to remember during the process:
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    @blindside : and here's the installation video, from DailyDriven Lotus :
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    Kicked off the Summer season in earnest today, starting with a suspension refresh on @temple's GT3. Plenty of corrosion and nastiness for a relatively young one! This is going to be so much more than just bushes. Sheared/seized bolts, very nasty brake pipes and unions, shredded balljoint rubbers, a coilover that I doubt will ever move again - and that's just O/S/F. One final cut and the lower arm will be out, but Tracy called time, and she is a very very good cook. I shall resume tomorrow after verifying Alan's credit score.

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