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    After 5 weeks, I finally got my car back yesterday! So as mentioned above, whilst it's been away it's had: - New track rod ends due to wear - 3 way Nitron Dampers Rebuilt as one of them had seized adjustors - Front springs changed from 550lbs to 750lbs - Front uprights machined to allow for 2 degrees of camber - New Cup 2 tyres - 215/45/17 & 285/30/18 I got the car back and at first thought "what the hell have I done". The car was all over the place over bumps, tram lining badly, and just not pleasant on the brilliant Surrey roads... This morning I went for a drive and stopped a few times to adjust the dampers and got things to be really nice. To give reference, it was set as 10 clicks of rebound all round, and 8 clicks each for both high speed and low speed compression. I have only adjusted the compression as I need to jack the car up to do rebound, but I changed the high speed compression to 16 all round (so softened a lot, which gives more compliance over bumps in the road), then on low speed compression I did 5 clicks on the front and 8 clicks on the rear(so stiffer on the front for compression in cornering). My reason for stiffening up the front was in an attempt to change the balance of the car to get more grip on the rear. With 2 degrees of camber the turn in is absolutely insane, so the back comes round quite readily. I feel like softening up the rebound (more so on the rear) will make the car feel even better still on the road. Being honest, the stiffer front springs, plus more front camber, do make the car worse on the road, meaning it follows bumps in the road more and has less ability to absorb bumps. I knew this was likely to be the case, and on track I believe the car is going to feel a lot better now. Of course, I can't make a judgement on this until I've done a trackday. For track (depending on track and conditions), I will stiffen the dampers up a load and learn what settings work best. Overall, I'm really happy with the changes, the car feels more "alive" and sharper, so I have no doubt that on smooth roads, and on track, it's an improvement and I think it will make me faster on track. Still got an annoying rattle coming from the front of the car which will be investigated next week. One of the joys of having a higher milage car I guess. I try to replace bits when needed and over service it to sort problems before the occur. I'm a regular at Back on Track!
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    Both of the children back at home after winter hibernation!
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    I should point out that it won't be possible to operate the trigger on the timing light if you failed to remove your finger from the distributor hole whilst trying to start the engine.
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    I've had ignition problems that grow such as starting with occasional misfire , and others that are instantaneous where the engine just dies. Ditto fuel problems. Although the differing on-set can be more common with one type of fault, it's not absolute parity, so don't rule out fuel just by the way it manifests.
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    Tanks fit really easily, 1/2 inch off the long side. It makes a huge difference. I'm using s closed cell foam underneath. The new fuel sender is now fitted. I had to test the tank fit with the rear speaker covers in situ. No issues. Here's some pics. S and J sports cars made the covers.
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    Hello guys, first post for me after reading so many topics in this forum. So first of all, sorry for my bad English. I´ll do my very best My little upgrade story started in November 2014 when I finally got my Ardent red Exige V6 from Lotus Munic. Spec included aircon, red stitching, rear parking sensors and softtop etc. I really loved the colour and still do. It was a real step up from my previous car (Z4m Roadster) and I´ve driven it for some years without changing anything but the suspension setup. I did some trackdays and was a bit disappointed by the understeer compared to other cars i drove, whereas the overall performance of the car was (and is) still way above my skills. First time I removed the roof was a great experience: Recently i thought about upgrading to a 380 or saving money for a 410 but finally, after reading hours and hours in this forum, asking friends and Lotus fellows decided to keep the car and modify it. In my opinion, the best looking exige of them all is the 380 cup, so this will be my target to achieve. In addition, I really love trackdays and of course, all parts added should also optimize laptimes or at least don´t worsen them. I don´t want to use only Lotus parts because of the heavily price tag but I will if necessary. Since new I already did some upgrades, most of the parts are from KomoTec and I really can recommend the company. I will do several posts for every upgrade I´ve done so you can follow the upgrades step by step. Really enjoyed reading the other upgrade topics here and just hope you´ll have a good time reading and maybe some inspiration for your own cars.
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    New owner and member as of this weekend
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    That's a bit unfair Barry. Porsche cars are made of substances aren't they?
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    Generally the main place for refrigerant loss is the compressor gland as it requires a thin film of oil on the polished faces to seal and lack of use means the gland dries out.thus resulting in refrigerant loss. To counteract this my Mercedes runs and pumps the system down every time the cars started even if the A/C is turned off. Unfortunately I suspect that Lotus has not configured the system that way certainly not in my S2 Exige. So you must remember to run the system at least every 2 weeks and if the outside temp is to cold usually below 5'C the A/C is usually disabled as there's not enough air temperature across the evaporator to boil the refrigerant from a liquid to a vapour and you risk getting liquid back to the compressor and you cannot compress a liquid so it usually brakes the valves. To get round this run the car up to temperature and place it on recirculation and warm the cabin up then leave it on recirc and place the A/C on and run for a few minutes Also try to remember not to engage the A/C at high revs as the poor old compressor doesn't like going from 0 to say 6k revs in an instant dip the clutch or wait till your at a set of lights Hope this helps as it does seem the Evora. A/C does seem a bit fragile Also it's worth remembering that car A/C only holds around 700grams of refrigerant so you don't need to loose much to start haveing issues. Unlike the systems I work on that can require a top up if 400kg at a cost of around £20k depending on refrigerant used.
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    A - What does that have to do with anything? Owning a Lotus is not a prerequisite to having an opinion. B - Is that really all you have to say to that entire post? Nothing else in there stir any response with actual substance, opinion, discussion points?
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    First small updates I did were (as mentioned) changing geo setup of the standard suspension (no race pack so really soft) which already made a big impact. At this point I got from 0 degrees of camber on the front axle to about -1 degrees. After some laps on track it turned out that I really had to learn a lot more but I still had fun on track. Understeer was already better, but still present. After some sets of Pirelli Corsa, the next thing I changed was tires. Changed to Kumho V70 and loved them but they wore really fast so the next thing was upgrading to Cup2s. By that time, the 380 was already in my heart so I decided to change to the original forged rims. Just love the look and also reduced the understeer a bit more but I was still not happy with the ride.
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    Thanks for that Andy, could you also drop a line to my father's mother detailing the extraction of the contents of an oval object laid by a female bird?
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    Sign me up. I will try to get my Mk1 Escort along as well.
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    Yep. that's me. The short version of the link is just I'm a long-time Esprit owner, 29 years for my S2 JPS car, and over 4 years for my project Esprit "Charro". I continue to learn things all the time, and am happy to share my information.
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    Took the Evora to Hunstanton yesterday for a bit of a test run. Let's hope for better weather next weekend!
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    Latest diagnostic flow chart.........
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    I was in Monaco last summer and the showroom was still there. Here you see Lotus showroom of Thierry Verhiest in Oostende, Belgium.
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    Thanks all. Will fit this today although not expecting to start the car today. Special thanks to Steve V8 for his advice. Without that there would have been a lot of unnecessary head scratching
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    I can confirm that the Sparkletives package is very good value for money,. In fact I swear by it. The complete kit covers a range of jobs, including wiper motor replacement (always a favourite, that), and rear hub lower link replacement.
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    I can supply trade packs of expletives at a very reasonable price. Alternatively you can outsource - I'll come along and cuss to order.
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    In such circumstances I prefer to go full Tourrette's Syndrome and channel maximum rage just short of foaming at the mouth. Let the words stack up like some sort of foul Tower of Babylon exercise. Just a thought . . . . ...
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    Lotus building up its Arabic peninsula dealer network:
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    I went on track with them at Goodwood five years ago after a 20 year break, and it was commented that it was unusual for any Esprit to go on the track at this event. Was going the following year as well, but left the oil cap off after topping up and left a huge cloud of smoke behind me so went home. Didn't really enjoy it as the newer cars just go round the corners like they are on rails whereas the Esprit (with its' really crap brakes) was slow round them and I kept on having to let cars by, so one eye always on the mirror. Also compared with the late 80s early 90s when we had just 20 cars @ £50 each, it was a much more relaxed atmosphere, 5 cars on track at anyone time, 5 laps and off. With the current 40 cars, you spend the whole day in a queue - here's one from the March 1989 track day.
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    Not that this is a surprise, but the 430 Cup is considerably more powerful than my 380 Cup. Me and my friend were on the track yesterday, the first time together, he had a passenger with him so more weight and yet he was able to just zoom by me on a straight while I'm going as fast as I can making me feel so slow. 50hp makes a big difference
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    After rainy Easter, things are looking brighter! . My Esprit still needs lots of small details to be completed, but im still enjoying the process after almost 7 years!
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    Good luck with that, don't forget the wife will be standing guard. Will your car be arriving on the back of an RAC recovery truck as usual?
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    The old man came round and demanded a picture while I was cleaning the car. He was chatting about it all and how he signed off every stage personally and how he cocked up because he doesn't have a single picture of him with the design team and engineers who did the car from start to finish. he considers it a total Team effort but secretly I think he considers it his swansong from the Motor Industry he loved so much and all the designs he has either personally been involved in or that he instigated/oversaw. And didn't he do well. It's a stunning car with amazing engineering from top to bottom. Very proud to own something so personal to him. Also interesting to note that he considers both McLaren and Ferrari to have used the design for the basis of their cars. true when you look at them!
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    You think it is an improvement? Really?! It feels to me that this guy ordered the car on amazon and got it delivered and is only now discovering his car. I am starting to have a thing against guys who are buying cars and decides to review them, just because: a) they got a new car, b) they got a smartphone, c) there's that thing called youtube, d) everybody else is doing so why can't we ( My favorite Cranberries' album but I digress) Rant over for now. The guy said he gave it some juice... how high did he push it the car had 39 miles on the odo as of the first vid? third vid was 3 days later, Evora 400 deliver most of its go above 4000 rpm. Did he push beyond 4k with an engine that's not bedded yet?
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    Say the one that doesn't even own a Lotus.

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