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    The Evora is Type Approved so has been through the required crash testing. I believe the crash in the 2nd image is the USA test where several tonnes of concrete hits the rear of the car at a decent speed and the test is to ensure that the engine doesn't enter the passenger cell. You can imagine how tight this is as the engine is almost touching the firewall as it is! As I remember, the car passed this test and in fact was so intact after that with a new rear subframe and clam and some other parts, the same car was used for more crash tests. I think this was a first, the whole car is usually destroyed so it goes to show just how safe the Evora is in a crash. Safer than most other cars.
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    An as expected Pass/no advisories on the Evora at 8am today. My first with the car but the second it’s had. Three weeks overdue as had just forgotten. Up to 8600 mileage now. Anyone one else had one of those ‘oh shit I’m 200 miles from home and the mot’s out’ moments lol?
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    Well after waiting over 4 years with my deposit down for a new TVR and no car in sight I started to look around, and eventually settled on an Evora. looking forward to it arriving on Thursday.
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    Absolutely. So regular exercise is needed. Careful with gradually increasing loads & thorough warm up/stretching too, to minimise the risk of a sudden heart attack at that age, huh? A form of Lotus yoga, but for the car
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    My car's very human like. Living a sedentary, couch potato lifestyle resulted in clogged arteries.
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    Success! All the electrics work!
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    Hi Guys, Sol Bell & Colvill delivered my new toy on Saturday, thanks guys, great service have to say it just looks epic, I normally wouldn't choose this colour as I normally go more lary but it really does suit it. Hopefully after the stitch up that was the 380 Cup(that really did leave a bad taste and nearly moved me away from Lotus) that this will be a keeper, I'm hoping it's title as the fastest Lotus Production car will stand as the last of this analogue era before the Hybrid models kick in next, as I would guess this is the way Lotus will head with any new models. Now I just need to give it a spin Cheers, Paul.
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    Chassis now dragged from underneath and seems nice and solid. No sign of any previous repairs and doesn't look to need any Looks like it's been removed before and given a coat of Hammerite which has probably saved it. My mate has a sand blasting firm so it'll be off there to be cleaned up once I've made the engine / gearbox mounts. Body has to be higher than expected to roll the chassis out!!
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    You can see the way the front crash structure absorbs impact in this image, the way it becomes an 's' of metal to dissipate energy. It's incredibly well engineered for safety
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    Thanks @Bibs and @Bruss, that makes me much better about it, very good to know.
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    Since getting the vehicle in Dec, the people of Reading have been rather quite or unobvious in their admiration for my Evora which, having read this thread, was a little disappointing. Then, like busses, 2 in 2 days. Firstly at a country pub, I was approached by a nice chap with a V8 Esprit (not with him unfortunately), he is a SELOC member and clearly loves the marque, we had a good chat for about 5 mins. Secondly, following a rather nasty car accident (in an Audi) my wife is currently unable to drive. So over the weekend I drove her to see her horse and parked next to a chap and his family in a 911 Turbo. Within 5 minutes I had a crowd and a request to take a daughter of one of the gathering to their school prom in a few weeks. Mr 911 was gone by the time the crowd dispersed!
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    Brilliant, your all heart Bibs, I love how you are willing to suffer for your passion
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    I've just looked through all your posts (it's nice seeing pics of your car so it wasn't a chore!!) and couldn't find that. You can post links on here, we're very cool with it in reality if it's helpful to the thread - as you can see a moderator has done it.
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    I've got this on my desk - brand new and never opened if it's any good to you?
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    Mike, as someone once shared with me (and I found it really helped): it only hurts this much because the memories are so good.
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    Yes I applied two coats of the primer to the rubber also. I can’t believe the grip on the tape. I think you would struggle to rip it off it’s that’s tough. I only primed the rubber lip as that’s where the adhesion failed last time. The tape stuck well to the splitter. I cleaned both with IPA Once applied I left it at room temperature for a few days as this is what’s recommended on the 3M VHB notes.
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    Stunning, looks fantastic.
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    Many thanks to Richard at UK Detailing for spending 3 days polishing my car and applying IGL Kenzo ceramic sealant. The paint feels smooth as glass.
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    It's been a while since I've updated this thread. It's fair to say I have had a few issues which has frustrated me a little. Over the long winter break I was able to source a new drivers side door handle so my door handles match although, as I discovered today, the barrel change with the door lock that came off needs a look at but more on that later. I also had a bit of a tidy out with a few things sold on ebay. So the first thing to get to was to just connect the Speedo drive. This needed a coupler made up so should have been a simple job but the end is fraying a little which is making the tight squeeze harder so the Speedo drive will now need to go off for repair and an engine hoist to move everything to one side by a few mm will get this sorted. But one failed job... My rewiring has stalled a little too since I need to find an electric aerial that fits. I'm not precious about it and it doesn't have to be electric but since I'm doing the loom in the boot then I might as well spend a little time searching and have so far come up with nothing. At least I have polished up my wheel centre caps and got these on, and my waistline trim and pinstripes are now done. My A post trims need polishing and fixing at the base of the screen properly so these will have to come off to be positioned and I'm not happy with the gap on the passengers side also! So with all that backing up on the "jobs i must finish one day" list I thought I would a least have some success with refitting the door window surrounds. Getting the frames from the dark corner of the garage where they have been lurking for nearly 5 years, removing the rust and crusty felt and repainting them was almost as satisfying as fitting the new felt into the, now pristine, channel. This came from Woolies trim btw with the 16mm base and was an excellent fit. Now, getting the window frames out originally was a bit of a head scratcher and I ended up cutting the doors, but over the intervening years Mike at lotusbits told me that getting the window out of the frame with the frame still in the door is the way to go so refitting must the the opposite of removal right... ...Getting the frame in the door without the door glass is easy now. Getting the glass past the door frame into the door is also easy. Getting the glass into the door frame with the door frame in the door is a different story entirely. To cut a long story short I fitted the glass to the frame at the quarter light side, had to remove the door latch assembly to enable the frame to be lifted as high as possible that then allows the mounting lug on the lower part of the door frame to exit the door at the latch hole giving a few extra mm to bend the frame out. This took a lot of grunt. Fitting the door seal, refitting the door latch mechanism and bolting the frame to the door beam just meant I needed to check the gap at the top so I could adjust with washers to get that perfect seal. When I first fitted the latch mechanism last year i was cautious to check that it worked before closing the door. Since I hadn't changed anything I closed the door, found the gap at the top of the door frame needed adjustment only to find that the door would not open! Grrrr. I hadn't checked that the barrel I changed in the door lock worked and the mechanism had locked the door. Working the mechanism from the inside with a window in the way is really hard let me tell you, made more difficult since I hadn't fitted the interior door release but all sorted eventually. So the door handle will come off but I will finish this job next weekend which will include the window motor and wiring of course. That reminds me that I need to refurb my wing mirrors which will include re chroming the bases...
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    Photo gallery of the event right here Here's one of mine
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    Maybe Stu, not decided what to buy but considering a modern europa S as an option. Not rushing into it so just watching the market. Very tempted by the white S2 on eBay at the moment too. Mini is looking superb now, I will mail you a photo, still busy building it up hence not rushing back into Lotus ownership. Dave
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    Still awaiting a shedload of parts. Had a couple of hours free, so pressed in the rear arm bushes (except for one that's awaiting an upper link component), sorted the trailing arm bushes and attacked the N/S/F brake pipe, which surprisingly came out in one piece. Replacing it is not a job I enjoy. Unfortunately I'm nil stock on the necessary unions, so more shopping tomorrow...
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    Yep fantastic collection of Lotus parked up for the breakfast meet, really nice to see the really cool Lotus from the different era's right through to modern day supercar stuff, all stunning in their own way. Good to meet a bunch of you good folks, as typical it's difficult to have a chat with everybody but will try to meet more of you good folks at the next meet. The car collection was fairly impressive! Thanks Ian for organising. And had a nice wee blat back home in convoy via some country lanes too
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    At least he didnt want to swap it for an Allegro 1.3 of similar value because he "fancied something a bit more sporty..." true story.
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    HaHa, thanks Andy, still plenty to do on the Skill Set myself unfortunately Thank Mik, yeah I found it hard last year at Cadwell to commit as 100% due to the narrowness of the track and the closeness of the barriers but I've got insurance this year so there's nothing to worry about now
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    Couple of pictures from a nice run out after meeting the lovely LEGS folks for brekkie at the Anglers Inn in Guildtown, Perthshire. I needed to leave early to support my wife who was doing a cycling event but managed to get parked up in some nice spots
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    Some I took this morning. I had some black vinyl added under the doors from the scoops. I think it really finishes off the car
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    Well I have nearly got the second tank in on the real one. I want this finished fir the summer so will be going fir it after the next two weeks. Second tank is nearly in, so I'm back to where I was before. Gearbox figured out how to remove the reverse gear and spindal, just undo the bolt on the outside of the case that pins it in and slide it out! Very easy, I wish I. Knew that before the aquablasting! Now need to get this case aquablasted and then the gearbox can be reassembled. I have a spring balance for shim calibration and a new half shaft with new bearing from PNM. Should take too long to put back together, maybe a day of two if there are problems. The new gear wheel is waiting to go in with new synchro. O have just purchased a 12 volt blue tooth FM transmitter for £10. What is that you say? Well you plug it into the cigarette lighter. It links via blue tooth with your iPhone and converts the audio signals into an FM signal you can tune in in your cockpit stereo. Hands free telephone and iPhone music with no Wires! Sounds to good to be true, maybe the sound quality will be awful, but worth a try for £10. Downside I now have to wire in both cigarette lighters! My seats are finished, so just have to pick them up from Mr Fulcher in Norfolk and install them. The fun part of this project! All new Hyde from Andrew Muirhead and the original James Bond Colour, Lotus Gold. An incredible effort of months of work, but worth it - 1981 were back good as new!
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    Car is now cleaned again and tucked away safely under the TLF cover. I also received my new helmet (Bell GP3) which I got painted by KSD Custom Paint. He managed to turn it around in less than a week and it's absolutely stunning. I'm really happy with the design I did, nice and simple, and the black is Lotus Motorsport Black, so has a bit of flake in it.
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    TA DAAA! My super duper supercharged Elise S! I worked on the theory that, supposedly, if you buy something like a 134bhp CR, then in a year or so you'll want a few more bhp, and we all know that selling/buying a car loses a few £grand, so I talked myself into spending a bit(!) extra and going for something that already has ~220bhp*! Tragically the rain today meant I couldn't really unleash all those horses (I'm new to this "amusing" power/weight ratio world, remember!) but I am certainly looking forward to having some fun in this soon! (How many exclamation marks have I used in today's posts?!!!!!!!!!! Anyone would've thought I'm kinda excited!!!!) *Yes, yes, I're going to say that this time next year I'll be sniffing around some crazy-bhp Exiges.......!
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    It’s really solid - it is only small. Still a whole floor ain’t expensive - I’ll pop and get the grinder
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    I have upgraded my LED's with all new ones, LED's are not normal to fail under normal circumstances I agree. However there are some factors a LED's doesn't like: 1: Unstable voltage or current, most LED's used in the automotive industry have advanced voltage and current protection boards, the Lotus uses a simple version of this. 2: Heat cycles on the solder and the LED's themselves, if the LED's get to warm they will stop working after some time. I figured out that in my case it was the easiest way to just get the LED's renewed and the cooling advanced, so I did as you can see in previous posts. When someone change just the LED's or want to make a new PCB, rethink the factor of cooling. Inside the headlight in summer we have a lot of heat already, when the Xenon bulbs are on and the side lights are burning, I recon it can get around 60/70 degrees in there, without cooling the LED's can't cool enough and are having a short lifespan. I quote from THIS article: Temperature is not only important while talking about LED chip but also about environment conditions, an example of to hot environment of luminaire are lamps mounted on roofs or in another places liable to operating in too high temperatures. Another cause of LED life shortening can be an inappropriate choose of power supply or too high current or voltage of power supply. Temperature, mentioned over and over again is so crucial because it has very big influence on working time of LEDs. This, in turn is caused by Silicon used in process of diodes productions. Silicon influenced by heat loses his properties. It's important to remember, that LEDs are light source with multi-annual lighting time but we need to fill particular demands to preserve LED properties. If you have a set of LED's you like to have fixed including a cooling solution as I made please send the LED's to me. I will replace all LED's and install the cooling solution, I am sorry for all of you that can't remove the headlight and/or the lenses as I can't facilitate in disassembling the headlights in my repair shop. You can always PM me with questions. Thanks, Mart iCanFix Apeldoorn
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    Absolutely!! I'll be picking it up (the car, not the grin!) on Saturday, at Stratton's open day. That's if I can wait that long, and don't demand to have it sooner!
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    Well, I didn't end up travelling much - just 11 miles to Stratton, and today, this was me. And yes - ended up with a similar epic fail and spending far more than my original budget! Anyone care to guess what I bought?!
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    Today I woke up super early and drove to North Wales. Loving the stance on the car now!
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    Yellow, how thoughtful.
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    The Evora GT sound like the continuation of a ploy Lotus has had to employ in the past due to lack of a development budget: minor ECU map changes to get marginal increases in hp along with dropping weight thru the use of CF and taking things out that most people will just option back in (like AC and a radio). These days are thankfully coming to an end. The Evora GT is a placeholder, to keep Lotus in the US until truly new models start to arrive. It’s not that different from the 400 because Lotus either has not had time to develop a truly improved model or (more likely) resources are focused on new models. I suspect Lotus knows the GT will not be a sales success. Last time I checked, the GT wasn’t on the US Lotus website and there has been no advertising or press coverage of the car. To be fair, we have to give Lotus time to bring out some new product. It’s not like they have had the resources to do so before being purchased by Geely.
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    I reckon that calls for a few celebratory drinkies. I'll call @Dan E...
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    Finally!! And the S1 started first time and didn’t miss a beat after 4 months hibernating. The Essex on the other hand......paging GST - incoming!
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    Clemo, I really appreciate those words of encouragement.
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    The M100 Celebration is at Castle Combe in 3 weeks time as part of the Club Lotus Track Day. Will be a excellent day.
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    but its a volvo.....XC90 or XC70...or XC60 any which way....Im gonna get me one when they come out........... I need a lotus to carry bigger kids...........
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    In addition to the 45th anniversary of the Elite and Eclat it is also 25 years since Chris Boardman won an unprecedented triple crown (Tour de France Prologue and Double World Championships) on a Lotus 110. Seeing as the 25th anniversary of the Olympic Gold passed almost without mention it would be a shame if other milestones aren't celebrated.
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    May seems a long time ago, and I have now been without my GT3 6 long months. I thought it was time I updated on progress to date. The damage meant the car would need a total strip down and respray, as well as repairing the fibreglass damage, and other part. First thing on the shopping list was a drivers door as the original one was too far gone to be repaired. After some searching I found a Sport 350 door at DVB, for £550.00 which given it had all the fittings and glass I didn't think was too bad, most of the rest of the parts, such as sunroof fittings seals, and front splitter were ordered from SJ, and took 3 months to arrive, finally I needed a new rear light, which was very kindly provided by John Deighton, a fellow Esprit enthusiast. The posts above show the progress of the work to a couple of weeks ago. The car has now been painted and I went to see her this weekend, as Beaconsfield wanted to make sure I was happy before they started the refit, and also because B25 Chrome Orange is a tricky colour, and they ended up with a heavier pearl effect than normal, which makes it look like liquid in the sunlight, and a more modern colour. Below are photos I took yesterday, and I am super pleased with the finish and colour, the end is finally in sight. while she it being refitted they are sending off the OZ Nova"s for repair and repainting.
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    Result... I'll leave it a few weeks until I put the body back on and there a few bits and pieces still to do. I have to say I take my hat off to anyone who has adjusted the handbrake with the body on! this was an epic job with it off!

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