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    brilliant video, music and drone footage laid out lovely
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    I spotted the low riding red Elite AKA the Panther in Norwich today ouside the football stadium. It looked and sounded really good. I know its changed hands a few times recently and not sure if the owner is an active member on here?
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    Met up with two fellow Evora owners earlier today. First some inspired driving on the back roads south of Stockholm. Then lunch at a nice café outside Nynäshamn. The blue and the black one are built almost at the same time, only 8 numbers separate the VIN. They were both bought as demonstrators by the former Lotus dealer in Gothenburg.
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    As they are the same size wheels as the G cars, you might be interested in that a number of G Turbo owners (myself included) have gone for Vredstein Sportrac 225/60 R15s - check the following post for the images of the old/new tyres side by side. Added bonus for G cars is that they are designed by Giugiaro and have Giugiaro on the sidewall.
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    These pics date back a week, from when my wife and I went with some friends from the hot rod/muscle car scene for a couple of days driving around the NE corner of the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State. When there we all joined two local hot rod clubs for their 6th annual Bertha Benz Memorial Drive. Bertha was the wife of Karl Benz, and an accomplished and formidable woman in her own right, and I guess that marking her birthday gives a good reason for a rod run. We took the Europa - it was a well received outlier among 40 or so examples of American muscle. it can be seen reflected in the side of a very large, and very shiny, 1937 Packard.
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    Zandvoort last week end with @CocoPops. Its a brilliant track (and i took the music off the track bits :p)
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    OK, t'is back from the paint shop. It is a cheap and cheerful paint job in Carnival Red. It is quite acceptable. The engine is next. I have it out due to a bent valve. It needs a freshen up which I will do.........rings, bearings, gaskets and seals, timing belt and so on.. Then drop it back in.
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    Done loads, never broken one. I Always cut the stud either side of the bush and draw each half out carefully with decent nuts and spacers.
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    I any case change the brake fluid every 2-3 years, it is hygroscopic and the water it picks up will rust brake components. This applies particularly to low usage cars.
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    Aahh @Dan E thanks...looks tremendous! ill have a look at them
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    I had this happen three or four times in the first couple of years of ownership. Since I had the transmission control software updated three years ago, it hasn’t happened at all. it may be a coincidence of course, but the newer software certainly seemed a step up from the original.
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    Well this might have been one of the simpler mysteries I've had with the car. Went outside to a small puddle of oil under the car and the top of the manifold in the cylinder 2 and 3 area quite wet. Took the cam cover off and it it didn't look in shocking position, although the ends looked a little too squashed down. Only 8 months or so old but probably better to replace. Now I traced back my posts in various places, and I believed, rightly or wrongly, that with the rubber gaskets RTV wouldn't be needed. Wondering if that's not the case though. So my choices as it looks are: Replace with rubber gasket, apply with no RTV, hope for the best (although am guessing with current oil leak a simple replacement gasket won't work) Replace with rubber gasket, use RTV ( on Both sides of the gasket. Replace with cork sealant (although given my art & crafts skill, getting me an craft scalpel and punch could result in me losing fingers!). No RTV needed.
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    I will ask how much Shawn would like
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    Hi All Update on this is good and we are all sorted... my uncles (both mechanics) came over to diagnose this with me. It was handbrake related and at some point the adjusters by the drivers seat have been set really unevenly so we think when it went in for the MOT they have pulled the handbrake on really hard to try and get both to bite and it has done exactly what Andy WW said it would. Anyway we have stripped it all down, reset the callipers, new hoses and re adjusted the handbrake and all is good in the world again. Thank you all for advice, very helpful and I know a lot more about my brakes.
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    Old Esprit, new Esprit? The Mclaren 570GT, engineered by a bunch of ex-Lotus guys who defected to Woking. With Lotus on a hiring spree many are now heading back to Hethel. The next few years should be interesting.
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    I’ve got 2 WHVs ...they’re just the best !
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    Ps. Your posts have helped convince me to get the EX370 kit installed. Sounds like a solid improvement.
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    Well a month and half since she's been on the road and 1000 miles later she's running great I bought a new set of 15x8 rota kyushas wrapped in 195 50 15 nankang ns2 tyres , I know their not everybody's taste but their exactly the wheels I wanted since day 1 , hopefully now she will make it Sheffield to Goodwood this weekend
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    Just an update, I will firm up prices and contact info soon. The first is here which I will fit this week The kit includes two gaskets and stainless steel extended bolts The top section is angled to improve flow into the plenum. Mark
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    The Force is strong with this one - enjoy!
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    Suddenly unsold in the final hours implies a deal done with keen interest and at least eBay don't get too much money. Wonder how much it was - i guess 8.5-10k
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    You weren't supposed to point that out The car, as I'm sure you're aware from the original sales thread, was a cat C write-off in 1999. Unfortunately I have basically no information about the extent of the damage other than I know the damage was concentrated on the rear offside corner. I suspect this and various other bits of damage are all related to that write-off and have never been repaired properly if at all. The top bolt on the gearbox for example, aside from the fact the casting has broken, doesn't actually line up for a bolt to go into it even if there were threads and I think that is because the bolt through the gear change bracket has bent as a result of whatever knock it had. I'm sure that's not going to be the end of it either... Cable boot things are already on the growing list of things to order next.
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    Yes please. Need all the help I can get! We are talking about a driving instructor though, right...??
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    Just a quick little flyby video, the first car is the 430 Cup which belongs to @BAS and the second is my 380 Cup
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    New colour for Lotus - Crazy Plum pearlescent. Certainly different anyway!
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    Success! All the electrics work!
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    Or, given the tie-up with Williams, perhaps it will be the - umm - ion share? Ayethangkew. Please tip your waitress, try the veal etc
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    I have a business specialising in the provenance of vehicles. We research a vehicle to show its provenance and then package this in a luxury format. Book and case are custom made to each particular vehicle and bespoke to the clients request. All of it is hand made by us. We have documented the Ex Sir Paul McCartney DB5 and also the 007 GoldenEye DB5. Both sold at Bonham's Auctions for record amounts. We deal with all segments of the market from buses through to Le Mans Bentleys etc... We also hand make Motoring binders to keep vehicle paperwork in, all can be customised with the vehicle details. The picture shows the Sir Paul McCartney DB5 book and case both trimmed the in same hide as the vehicle.
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    BMW E92 ABS warning, necessitating replacement of driveshafts - in itself, outrageous. Worse is the fact that I have the rear hub assembly off the car now, and have put incredible heat, 20 tons of pressure and a sledgehammer into it, and the shaft will not come out of the hub. I despise BMWs.
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    Hi. Sorry to wake up back this thread. I buy a 2012 All packages IPS one. Everything runs good while I was driving constantly. Then after a 45 mins traffic jam I felt like a misfire and tranny when to 5th shift P0101 P0700 - transmission control (malfunction indicator lamp request) U0401 - invalid data received from engine control modue/powertrain control module A P1613 - degraded operation The usual P300, P301, P306 cylinder misfire codes. i cleared the errors and the car was normal again. The other day the car was running good and the same happens momentary but to 3rd shift. Was a partial limp mode, and the car was like running without gas. But no errors or telltale lights. I noticed that if I got a small pot hole or something similar the car behave like that momentary, like a loose connection. I checked some connections and everything looks good. Previous owner don’t remember anything about an ECU upgrade. My worry is that now the car is without warranty and I really don’t know the aprox cost of something like that.

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