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    Time to discuss thoughts about my car and things I’d like to do in the future... As I’ve said previously, I have no intention of ever selling the car, so the more I can get it to “perfection” for me, the happier I’ll be. With that in mind, there are a few things I’d like to eventually do. First of all, the gear linkage. While it’s accurate with the SSC cables, and I don’t ever mis shift, the exposed shifter from the Sport 350 onwards both looks a lot better, but also feels better. The 430 Cup press car I drove was very tight though, so I have my concerns that it might not actually be an improvement in some ways. My original thoughts were to try and get the factory parts, but unfortunately it seems like there are underlying differences which mean it might not work on an Exige S. The gearbox cables come out on different sides of the gearbox on the newer cars, well as they both come out on the same side on my car. I would have liked to change the linkage mechanism on the transmission side too, but it seems that’s not possible. I will try to measure the distance of throw on the cables on an exposed linkage Exige, then on mine and see how they compare. If the distance is close enough, the conversion may be possible. The problem still remains that it’s expensive to do at over £2500 in parts, without labour... The other option is to go with the Inokinetic ShiftR111. It’s a nice looking thing, but I’m not aware of any V6 Exige which have fitted it. I also don’t know how it compares to the factory linkage in feel. I’m hoping to visit their facility next week to try to have a proper look at it. My thinking is that if they have a version which works for Evoras, the Elise/Exige version should work fine, but it remains to be seen when I visit and work it out. The other option involves a bit of waiting, but is to install a DSG gearbox when someone develops it and makes it work. Several people tell me they’re working on it, but it’s not simple by the sound of it. It requires new ECUs to make it work, so also not going to be cheap. To me, the idea of a DSG gearbox appeals massively, with bonuses in how easy it is to drive in traffic, and also with performance benefits. Stick in a lightweight battery and you’ve negated most of the weight difference too. So moving on from the linkage, there are some visual changes I’d like to do. These are all things I’d like to do, it’s just a question of exactly how, and what order. I want to do: - Big Wing - 380 front service hatch - 430 Cup rear diffuser - Finish trimming interior Big wing - I was thinking that I’d like to eventually do a Cup R kit. Thinking about it, I think that compromises the car as a road car too much as I can no longer easily use the boot. Of all the aftermarket wings, Komo-tec have had the best looking one for quite a while, then IMO the 380 Cup wing is the best looking of all the OEM wings. Of course, the 380 Cup wing from Lotus is silly money so not a viable option for me to justify. The good news thought is that SSC in Australia have now started making a 380 Cup replica wing, which looks identical, maybe even better quality than OEM. It even has carbon end plates instead of plastic ones from Lotus. So I think I’ll go for this 380 Cup replica wing, it works out as about £1200 plus £200 in postage. It will likely have duty also when it comes into the UK. If anyone else in the UK is interested, then postage cost will reduce per person I’m sure (dm me). 380 front service hatch - I think this will freshen up the look of my car quite a lot, but I’m not a fan of the look in carbon as it breaks up the yellow a lot. I’ve been trying to decide how I’d like it for the last 6 months and still can’t make up my mind. Either paint the 380 hatch (may as well go for GRP if painting) in Liquid Yellow, or I go for carbon. There was a yellow 380 with a painted front access panel, and to be honest I don’t think it looked great, but it was solar yellow, which doesn’t really show the shape as much as Liquid Yellow. 430 Cup diffuser - not much debate on this one, I want to do it, it’s just getting round to it. Cost is about £600. Finish Trimming interior - this will be done next month with D:Class. I dropped in a few weeks ago to discuss it all with them and we decided to keep things fairly simple with design as I think too much can ruin a car. So we decided to do: - Dash top in Alcantara with black diamond stitch. We will also hope to trim in the race logic lap timer so it’s nicely integrated. I also want to get a clear section put in for my parking permit to slide into (annoying, but better than having it in the windscreen) - Steering cowling - Black Alcantara over full area. They’ll also make my carbon dash binnacle fit for me - Roof lining - Black Alcantara with black stitching - Door trims - Black leather and black Alcantara - yellow diamond stitching. - Trinket tray - annoying as the one bit which can’t be removed as it’s part of the chassis - will be trimmed in Alcantara with a yellow stitch along the leading edge. I'm not in a rush to do any of this stuff really, it all costs quite a bit of money, and my aim for this year is to spend more time on track, so I don't want to waste all of my money making the car look pretty when I could be using it for track time & tuition.
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    If the younger generation is anything like what I imagine it to be, they'll be wanting electrics. But for enthusiasts, and there will be those as long as we can burn petroleum, I agree and repeat that the Evora will be sought after in the years to come. I don't know what I'd replace mine with. The car has the underpinnings and the mechanicals to last a long time as long as one doesn't crash it, and it isn't reliant on electronics to suspend itself (rather beautifully I might add). It looks the part and drives the part. It is plenty fast enough and it can be worked on by the more ambitious and talented owners. No, not me! The talented ones! Apart from bodywork and Lotus built parts, replacement kit will be relatively easy to find for such a low volume car. People are going to miss them when they are gone. I think ,as an owner, what I'd like to see is just a nice letter from Lotus saying: "Thanks for buying your new sports car from us. We will fully support your car for years to come with all the parts, information and enthusiasm we have specially engineered into this car for your enjoyment." And then see them do that. That's all the statement I need. As regards my ownership experience I don't care about the new super/hyper car although I wish it great success and see no reason why it shouldn't be one. But I thought I owned Lotus' "supercar" already. It would be reassuring to know they aren't tossing the Evora series out with last week's news.
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    Told you it wouldn’t be long till you had a big wing again! Looking forward to you actually spending time and money on track this year with me vs buying sparkley helmets and Halfords pinstripes
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    I change my diff fluid on a continuous basis....
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    Probably accident damaged, because the frame is not what might be called 'structural', it doesn't carry any real weight apart from helping to support the silencer. That's the reason why I suggested having a go at repairing the stud first. If the frame's been bent by impact, it may be bent back into shape as long as the distortion is not too bad. As you can already see, it lines up on the sides and rear of the gearbox, so you have good reference points. The gearchange could well be affected if the cables are out of line, that would alter the angle at the translator, but it may be that the gearchange has been adjusted to take the bent frame into account when the car was repaired.
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    Yes, that's my car in the side of the Packard. Here is another shot of the two cars side by side to get an idea of the relative size. Our involvement with the local hot rod scene is through a local shop that does high end restorations and builds - they have sent a car to Pebble Beach and fixed up my wife's car (not to that standard) a couple of years ago. Better yet, they organise three day tours for friends and customers twice a year with usually no more than 15 to 20 cars. These pics are from this year's spring tour. Great bunch of people, if a bit hard on the liver in the evenings. I am adding an extra shot of part of our contingent parked in the street outside our hotel in Port Townsend.
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    I wouldn't get to envious @Andy Norman those mirrors will fall off soon enough lol Last time I spoke to @GFWilliams he was making progress but he's had to leave for the US for a few weeks hence the slight delay in updates I guess.
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    Totally agree, M100 very under-rated. Just bought a 24,000 miler, 1995 S2. Seriously enjoyable drive and just gets better the faster you go. When I checked the oil the first time, I wondered if it had any in. Eventually I realised the oil was so clean, I could barely see it. I am used to black treacle not golden. I did manage to break the header rail trim when first lowering the roof. I have removed it (and thankfully it appears I was not such an idiot as it has been repaired before) and frankly it looks better without it. Add lightness. Justin
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    So it's been a while since I posted but atleast now I have some pictures! First pictures I received from the Lotus factory. I was still in doubt of switching the color to isotope green but Lotus said it was already too late so I'm sticking with the Metallic Grey. I honestly prefer the isotope green color over the metallic grey as I think it's one of the most awesome colors to put on the cup 250, however it wouldn't match the wrap/logo's I'm planning on putting on the car so in the end it's not such a big deal. Counting down the days to the first week of june!
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    If you do the front access panel in carbon, for me, you need the carbon front lip and carbon side intakes too. This is the whole reason as to way I painted the side intakes and the 380 front access panel in gloss black, to stay consistent with all the other black bits (window surround, mirror mount, wing mounts, fuel filler surround, etc.
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    The 0x6CE5 calibration is from a S4S chip. There probably is a little benefit changing to a later S4S calibration but it is more significant to note that no S4S calibration is particularly suited to the SE, or S4, due to the VE tables being incorrect due to the different sized inlet valves and turbocharger.
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    Hi guys, I have just spoken to Shawn at STR Racing. Half day will be £250 full day will be £350 plus £20 booking on fee. Not sure if there is any VAT Obviously this will be split by however many drivers you like . best of to email [email protected]
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    Changed now, for 2 shades of personal favourite colour
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    Yes, that's why I'll draw instead of pressing. The tiniest fraction out on support and it's all over! Unlucky, hope you find a decent one.
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    Apologies for thread drift. Yep - that sounds possible Andy. Mrs mik had rented the e-type for my birthday from Caledonian Classics, but only for 4hrs so we tooled around the area. Drove up there in my VXR8 - essentially a 6.2 HSV Clubsport with better brakes and other detail changes. Apparently the next customer arriving to pick up the Healey 3000 was an Aussie. He got extremely excited and said he had no idea they had a "Clubby" too, and could he switch his hire to that instead? The owner said he was absolutely gutted to hear it was another customers car.
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    Maybe, but unlike the iphone the watch won't be programmed to slow down over time, with a face that cracks and breaks, to force you to buy a new one every couple of years and with regular servicing it will last a lifetime.
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    Now called The Forest Experience, I believe. Ross who owns it is a nice guy and they do teach you stuff but the limits are really down to how much bottle you have.
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    I wouldn't be surprised if SJ Sportscars decided to re-manufacture them in the future. A much needed part to be sure. I dread having a go at mine, although I'd just drill them out carefully. No use hoping pressing works.
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    Well this might have been one of the simpler mysteries I've had with the car. Went outside to a small puddle of oil under the car and the top of the manifold in the cylinder 2 and 3 area quite wet. Took the cam cover off and it it didn't look in shocking position, although the ends looked a little too squashed down. Only 8 months or so old but probably better to replace. Now I traced back my posts in various places, and I believed, rightly or wrongly, that with the rubber gaskets RTV wouldn't be needed. Wondering if that's not the case though. So my choices as it looks are: Replace with rubber gasket, apply with no RTV, hope for the best (although am guessing with current oil leak a simple replacement gasket won't work) Replace with rubber gasket, use RTV ( on Both sides of the gasket. Replace with cork sealant (although given my art & crafts skill, getting me an craft scalpel and punch could result in me losing fingers!). No RTV needed.
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    Have we left then?
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    Old Esprit, new Esprit? The Mclaren 570GT, engineered by a bunch of ex-Lotus guys who defected to Woking. With Lotus on a hiring spree many are now heading back to Hethel. The next few years should be interesting.
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    Measure the inside of the roof and add an extra few inches on, a normal scraper will remove the old glue, i.e the ones you would use to strip wall paer or apply poly filler. The foam backed material is very good, just be careful as once you push it down it sticks very quickly and if you pull back up to relocate it, the foam pulls off the back of the material ! I would suggest doing the A post screen cover trims just for a tidy clean looking job as the old material if you left it, would look starnge against teh new headlining
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    That is a lovely colour conbo of with theh green and black, looks very smart but mean loking at the same time, perfect drieway with the modern and classic lotus sports cars
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    I've had three British sports cars and two of them have been in green. People seem to like Motorsport Green or at least that's what they tell me as it gets frequent compliments on its livery.
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    Quick feedback, in fact quicker than expected (just a real experience from track) Thursday...take the car back and tow it for the first time, new real experience for me... I will remember that day for sure, but it's ok no real problem with this part of the story. Arriving to Magny Cours at 9 PM ? what ????? 9PM... I just forgot in my plan that I will drive so slowly with the trailer...Need to find a place to park the trailer (and my car, you know the one I LOVE ). And NO WAY, I am not able to do a reverse with the trailer I am too bad at this game (for the moment). Fortunately, the track is still opened, I parked the car. I AM HAPPY. AT THIS MOMENT, I am so happy. The car is safe, I successfully tow it during 2 hours... I am the best (LOL). So now, I need to find a restaurant and going to sleep. Sleeping ??? not really, too much stress. Night was really short. Friday morning, the D DAY !!! Before the first session of the trackday I decide to drive the car on road... first time since 5 months. Immediately : NOISE . NO , it's not a noise from the engine, but the noise from the high performant oil pump. So my first advice, be careful with this kind of modification (model of the pump ? position of the pump. ?).. if you use your car on road... But in my case, the car will be used at 95% on track so not a problem. 3000 RPM pump noise... it disappears. ah ah ah I have to play with the gearbox... first manual downshifting... wow completely new sound. very... hum... very pleasant. The shifting feeling seems to be more like Evora 400 specifically on downshifting. Upshifting is good, but no real difference on road. Found a straight line, immediately I feel the torque difference. This is not the same car for sure. The noise inside the car is much more important and very pleasant. I can't really describe it, but typical of the EX460 cars that I know. Come back to track... it's my session ( I paid for that ) First session, with a "new" car... mode turtle enabled... I just test the acceleration, and try to discover the car. As soon as a car is coming, warning lights... the slowest car on the track it's me, and I am proud of that Playing with the acceleration... absolutely no comparison with the stock car... huge accel... straight wheels... ohhhh I will like that... Then, the 7th lap comes... going to 4th gear at red line... shifting to 5th gear... engine default light comes.. car is not running normally immediately... ok back to the stand. I let the car to the engineer.... a range of cylinders stopped... strange. I KNOW that downsizing is in the mood, BUT give me back my 6 cylinders !!!!! PLEASE ! Going to coffee, let the guy works... Back to the car, reset the fault code, engine works normally. Need to try again . So second session starts for me. I will try to push a little harder, but with the previous incident I can't be too optimistic... safe mode always enabled, but turtle mode reduced... a little... (that little is important) New geo, new suspension, LSD... clearly i can't push too hard. I start to push... and see a brand new Exige 410... enjoying a track stroll... gas pedal, 3000, 4000, 5000, bam bam bam ... HUGE difference !!!! too easy to overtake the car... completely a new world comparing to my stock exige. I slow down and decide to stay behind... at this time no car overtakes me... I let the Exige taking some distance... and gazzzzzzzzz.... too easy really too easy to overtake him. Hard to write it in english, but with my stock Exige even at 110% of my capacity I was not able to do this kind of thing... and I am just playing with the power.... we should be in the 3th lap of the second session. The guy in the Exige 410 don't like my game, warning lights, he let me overtake him... ok so I decide to do a good lap, without pushing too hard... Time is passing... Then comes the 7th lap (yes the 7th lap, AGAIN !!!!!!!!!!)... don't remember exactly how but... engine default light comes back !!! Back to the stand, I explain to the engineer that it happens again. I let him check the car again... and decide to walk. Need to evacuate my frustration, my disappointment... Engineer feedback... exactly the same error code ( that I don't remember ) and same technical informations ( sorry I don't remember the details, I think I was too disapointed, in another world ) I did not drive again the car from this time. The engineer is optimistic it should not be a big problem, but for the moment, we don't know the root cause. End of story... Or not... I take back my phone, on which I started harry lap timer ( I like registering all laps, just to get the stats of number of laps that I have done since 3 years, even if I don't watch lap time during the session) Something strange... I immediately see the #1 in the bottom of lap time list... WHAT ???? 1m58 ? the last before 1m59 ??? wow ! I just understood at this moment that I destroyed my previous lap record... 4 seconds quicker... whereas I was clearly not pushing too hard. New theoretical best lap time : 1m54 ! I lost 4 seconds from my previous record, on the first sector... just crazy... Indeed, on the first sector, the double left (grande courbe), I was slow ... I didn't want to try to be quick here ( i feel strange things during previous corners, specifically in "the complex du Lycée", a little slide that I don't understand for the moment... maybe an effect of LSD) I have more than 300 laps at Magny Cours. I finish the day with in my mind : - a potential of 1m54 (easy ?) as target lap time ( and I can say that it's quick for a Lotus car) - a car that can't be driven more than 7 laps That was my story. Hope it's not finish. I will contact the engineer next week to get more infos, they will reproduce the problem then investigate. PLEASE, if you have any feedback, experience that could help, don't hesitate. Thank you if you have read this post.
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    My current car. First green beastie,
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    I think I am in a minority but I quite like the "pig snout" @MARTIN_S i think you are due some sort of prize for the smallest image ever added to a forum post?
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    Sun? Who needs sun? Nikon Speedlights into a home-made softbox and a bit of Photoshop...
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    Car is now cleaned again and tucked away safely under the TLF cover. I also received my new helmet (Bell GP3) which I got painted by KSD Custom Paint. He managed to turn it around in less than a week and it's absolutely stunning. I'm really happy with the design I did, nice and simple, and the black is Lotus Motorsport Black, so has a bit of flake in it.
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    - - - - - -
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    That's not to had the Rolex is around £450/500 and the Patek £1600 and it's away for 12/16 weeks you do get a new strap
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    I agree, not too bad if you take your time and work smart. My L/H side came out with no problem. I cut the stud on both sides of the bushing, removed the lower link, then worked the remaining two sides out with the press. I broke the R/H side out of stupidity. After cutting the stud and removing the lower link, I proceeded to press the remaining stud out W/O properly supporting the casting. An expensive mistake I won't be making again!

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