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    Today, 15 May 2019, is the 45th birthday of the Elite, launched on 15 May 1974 - also a Wednesday. Happy birthday Elite!
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    .........removing the rust from, then repainting, the mesh grilles. Talk about losing the will to live, . Worth it in the end though, as they now look a million times better than they did this morning and with the show season just about to kick off, I wouldn't want to give the Porker fan-boys anything to slag. By saturating a cloth in plastic trim restorer solution and attaching it to the end of a long flexible rod which was inserted from the engine bay, I even managed to get the ducts behind the 'shoulder' scoops restored back to pretty much as-new condition. I've now rewarded myself with a nice cold bottle of American hard cider which is going down a treat as I contemplate tomorrow's plan of action to deal with the literally hundreds of stone chips on the front bumper - don't know why that's the only bit of the car that didn't have protective film applied to it. What a great way to spend a couple of days off work but at least the weather makes it very pleasant to spend hours outdoors.
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    You pull T-shirts over your bottom?
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    Summer has arrived and so did 40,000 miles on the 340R. 19 years, as a few other cars have gotten in the way.
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    The TR is that little bit closer to being race ready once more. Last rallied 39 years ago progress on the engine is now heading in the right direction .
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    Met up with two fellow Evora owners earlier today. First some inspired driving on the back roads south of Stockholm. Then lunch at a nice café outside Nynäshamn. The blue and the black one are built almost at the same time, only 8 numbers separate the VIN. They were both bought as demonstrators by the former Lotus dealer in Gothenburg.
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    Another update After using shortly the Komotec 430 kit and finding it satisfying I tought I would do it properly and go to komotec to upgrade it to the 460 kit with the water cooler Since I had to wait a lot of time before getting my ecu update Daniel from Komotec was nice and found some time to work on my car just after one week and so I went there As everyone else say even if sometimes the impression they give by email and probably their marketing choice is of focusing on their kit choices and not being very open to other discussions is true once you are there they are really friendly and professional and the place is also well organized etc... I would not have any problems to just send them a car by truck to work on it as they will give you back the car as it was and they look to work in a very methodic manner They took my car fitted the upgrade parts in less than two days and so I ended up with the the complete 460 package I have to say that at the beginning I felt more difference going from standard to 430 than from 430 to 460 as the std car is less reactive and with the 430 kit you already have the noise of the new exhaust parts and airbox etc but once using the car at higher speed on taller gears you can for sure feel that it pulls much more and there is more torque and power and for sure the watercooling keep that working and is good for the engine What I can t say is if the final power figures would be the same on other dynos but for sure their declared power improvements compared to standard are there So if you use it on the track or fast road and like to push the car a lot for sure the ex460 is a better and more complete solution and is the way the Lotus should be but if you really want to save some money and you aren t using the car much on the track or at it s limits for a long time or are in a colder area for sure with the 430 kit you have a very good compromise even if you are still missing something I still think that there are other solutions that are technically even better or more powerful as ie a tvs1900 gives more torque even when not watercooled or the oem lotus watercooler is technically better and slightly bigger or even the ssc new watercooled tvs 1900 seems to be the best if you would do a complete tuned engine.... but I would not want any of them without also a good ecu remap and manifolds that remove the oem catalyzers as komotec or 2bular and if going for a lot of power or hard use also forged internals... With the Komotec kit you have something that really work and you exactly know what you are going to pay before fitting it and if they make the work you know exactly when your car is going to be ready and that is a simple but effective solution so at the end I would say well recommended Probably what Lotus would have done if they were not so much after cost savings and not limited by latest euro restrictions
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    Look kind of like mine actually but too wide for my liking. edited to add photos of mine genuine ones. My 380 has no rubber splitter though and think that looks gash!
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    Where's the Pistonheads parrot when you need it?
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    Very sorry to hear about your buying experience @ken2020 It would appear that US customers are not getting the right level of support on the sales side. Ordering a hand built sports car to personal specification; and then being able to view it on the production line during the build process is a 'bucket list' event for most petrol heads. My own recent experience of ordering a Lotus from new was first class, (including a few significant tweaks to the agreed spec mid-way through the build process). At every stage any changes were confirmed and agreed by email to follow-up phone conversations. My dealer arranged & coordinated the visit to Hethel to view the car at the 3/4 complete stage. This in itself plus the hosted factory tour with Scott Walker was excellent. It was a memorable experience and it's a pity that things have gone so badly wrong for you. I hope that things improve significantly from now on.
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    Appalling situations good luck getting that lot sorted, It took me a year to get the subwoofer fitted to my car that the car was ordered with. and when they did get the amp and the subwoofer there was no wiring loom installed.
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    Looks stunning Marc, Have never seen the rover v8 with qaud carbs, always seen them with the single carb ! Looks awesome
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    That's going to be my treat once the car is back on the road! I'm waiting to savour fitting them! Cheers for the photo and info re the radiator carrier support bars, I did wonder if aluminium would be strong enough but they don't seem to be taking much load - At least from what I can see. I'll be keeping a general eye on things under there when I start driving it anyway so if things seem amiss with them I'll get them changed...
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    I joined the Austin wedge forum and asked if anybody had one available to sell! They are a very friendly bunch and I had a very positive response. The switch has a slightly bigger switch lever and can be used straight out of the box but I took it apart and fitted the lever from my old Lotus one. I don't like to say this but even the Austin Princess doesn't wear out the hazard switch like a Lotus does!
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    Don't think that was a vote for the remainer parties more a protest vote against the main parties
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    It is interesting how Leavers & Remainers interpret results in completely opposite ways. The only thing everyone can agree on is that the Conservatives are f*cked.
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    Or Porsche, who stopped Aston using the ‘GT3’ moniker a couple of years ago. The Esprit GT3 predated the first 911 GT3 by a couple of years. (‘97 vs ‘99).
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    Another pleased punter here! Quality is unbelievable and Steve a pleasure to deal with (I'll be needing a boot carpet set soon as well!)
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    A long overdue update!! Fuel tank now in! Also replaced "while I was in there" Filler neck tube (as I had to cut it off to remove) Vapour balance pipe things (satisfying job as mine were absolutely shot). Re-routed the vapour pipes to vent underneath the car where the expansion tank overflow pipe is New stainless balance pipe (should never rust!) All new hoses between the fuel tanks with stainless Jubilee clips I also renewed all the expansion tank hoses, again very satisfying! Not many pics as I end up getting carried away working but here are some: Foam salvalged from previous tank: Tank slightly narrower (for easy future removal!) but was a perfect fit, here you can see it before it was pushed up against the fibreglass bulkhead: And she's in! In other news - headlining, seatbelts and rear window trim in (can't remember if I already posted this!) New header tank fitted (£20 ebay special but seems to do the job but some fettling was required Cam box O Ring replaced and heatshield cleaned up (photos from before, not after!), which cured another oil leak! Daily nearly written off by a HGV while it was parked!! Then to cheer me up my new carpet set arrived from @Steve V8 - Unbelieveable and can't wait to fit!! Some shots during and after a clean following the shit ton of work undertaken: Then after a sporting drive, look what I noticed underneath the garage door (a common site for Lotus owners probably!?) So after basically completely stripping and rebuilding the rear of the car, it was time to do the same to the front (sob) Some rust on the chassis, probably from a slow leak for many years! Needed a bit of TLC for sure: Sexy new rad and fans (thank you China) ready to rock and roll Yes I know people are nervous about cheap alloy rads but for what I paid I am will to take that chance). Mounted on shock absorbing bolts which should aid longevity. And she's in: New supports made from some tube ally I had! Decided it was also a good time to add another earth post in the frunk so I ground down a bit of the chassis to fresh metal and installed a cable/earth post and wired all my lighting, horn, washer pump etc grounds to it: I didn't take pics but I cleaned up all the loose crap off the chassis and then kurusted it before painting it all in black hammerite type paint. Looks miles better and should be protected now! Further updates soon!
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    Cant understand how Labour are getting 21%. They have two policies on Brexit, Corbyn wants it and the rest of the party dont. What exactly are people voting for? Change UK on 3% hahaha. A lot of people are going to be looking for other jobs after the next GE.
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    I wish Lotus well, but they should look at the second gen NSX as a cautionary tale. Honda tried to make a budget Porsche 918/LaFerrari hybrid supercar. What they appear to have ended up doing is creating a car that has more tech than any other car close to its price point. That is the good part. The bad part is that the car is not appreciably better than other cars in its price point and is, in some ways, arguably worse. I would argue that the NSX is not selling because no one is interested in tech for the sake of tech that does not result in a better car. By most performance metrics, the car’s performance is nothing special given its competition. The car does have instant torque due to its electric motors, but turbo lag in turbo charged cars has gotten to be negligible. It’s not like the old days where there was a very appreciable lag before the turbos spooled up. The other major feature of the car is true torque vectoring which allows for a car that is very easy to drive fast. The downside is that these positives as accomplished by Honda requires 3 electric motors and a battery pack, resulting in a relatively heavy car with few reviewers commenting on any emotional appeal of the car. I just wonder if engineers are thinking about whether the EVs/hybrids are actually fun to drive, which is the whole point of sports/super cars.
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    Yes please. Need all the help I can get! We are talking about a driving instructor though, right...??
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    Sun? Who needs sun? Nikon Speedlights into a home-made softbox and a bit of Photoshop...
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    Below thank you from SCAA for our collection. Dear Ian Thank you so much for the recent donation towards the life-saving service provided by Scotland's Charity Air Ambulance (SCAA). On behalf of the whole team at SCAA, I would like to thank you and your fellow Lotus car enthusiasts for the generous donation of £238.25 that was raised following your tour of the car collection last Sunday. As the country's only charity-funded air ambulance, SCAA receives no government funding and relies entirely on public donations to deliver expert paramedic care to the scene of time-critical emergencies, in every corner of Scotland, 365 days a year. We simply could not continue our life-saving service without the generosity of valued supporters like yourselves, and every donation makes a difference. In the past 12 months, these wonderful gifts have helped us to increase our hours of operation from 10 to 12 per day, so we are available even longer to fly to people in need. With the continued help from our donors, we also look forward to making further improvements to our service in the near future. As a valued supporter of SCAA, we would also like to keep you updated with our latest news, including fundraising opportunities and project updates. If you would prefer not to receive these by post, or would prefer to receive the information by email, please contact the SCAA office using any of the details below. Many thanks once again for your generous support and please pass on our appreciation to your members. Yours sincerely Katherine Farmer Administration Assistant Scotland's Charity Air Ambulance The Control Tower Perth Airport Scone Perthshire PH2 6PL Telephone: 0300 123 1111 Scottish Charity SC041845
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    Couple of pictures from a nice run out after meeting the lovely LEGS folks for brekkie at the Anglers Inn in Guildtown, Perthshire. I needed to leave early to support my wife who was doing a cycling event but managed to get parked up in some nice spots
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    I used the car a little more and also went on a local dyno with it After the EX430 kit the car feels for sure better and more powerful and free to rev The noise is just perfect as it s a bit louder than oem but with the same sound as the standard 380 that I like but still you can close the valve if you want The rev limiter at 7000 is also much better and at the moment I know only komotec who do that on a 380 On that local dyno the standard car was only around 343 bhp With the komotec exhaust manifolds pipe sports cat carbon fiber airbox intake and remap the lowest reading is 385bhp and the higher 396bhp They let the car idle a few minutes while they were attaching it and they didn t put a separate air fan directed to the air intake if that could make a difference and also on the first run I think I saw at one moment 414 bhp but it was probably just a power spike that is not there on the smoothed curve... FWIW the power at the wheels was 319bhp... So no with the kit the power is not near 430 bhp or at least not on that dyno but the difference of the 40bhp is there and that s good enough for just a few parts and a remap I think it s more about that the non watercooled Lotus usually do not give the expected standard power Komotec will let me know when they find out why the motorsport tc is not working
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    Thought I would share the love by posting this video of my drive this morning. - Initially couldn't get it started, think it was a fuel pump issue, anyway I managed to fix it and took it for a lovely drive in the sun!
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    Awesome pic James!!! My photos from brooklands
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    Cheers Mates! It has been a while since I have visited this forum. After selling my 89 Project off a few years back, I anticipated getting a V8 Esprit at some point but last year I found one. I have been busy with some family things this year and have visited somewhat sporadically to LT forums but forgot my password here and have been too lazy to reset it! I picked up this '99 Esprit from Guy Therien last February and have been massaging it over slowly as time has allowed. Glad to be back behind the wheel of an Esprit! Love this car and have missed the banter here! Artie 99 V8 Esprit 2006 Aston Martin Vantage
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    Not a picture as such but a video I posted recently of a couple of well known Esprits on here:
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    I've put these up under my own topic elsewhere but can't resist another opportunity to share the car a bit more so here are a couples just incase the other topic gets missed - hope you like as much as I do. These cars are just simply stunning and I can't get enough of gazing at mine!!!? Will look even better when it's back on the road!?
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    This picture of my car was taken, some weeks ago when entering a classic car wintermeeting at Brussels . I was very happy seeing it on the internet. Love the light and scene and of course the car. Geert
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    Picked up my dry sump Esprit from GST at the weekend. After 23 years of being stationary another Esprit is back on the road.
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    Hi all, thought I'd post here as my forum intro. Based in West Sussex and hoping to do some SE meets / Goodwood Breakfast clubs this year. This is the car I'll be bringing. Bought from UK Sports cars in Dec, an absolute joy to drive and amazing original condition. Cheers Dean
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    A beautiful night tonight with my other half viewing the Forth Rail Bridge in South Queensferry. If only every day's weather was as beautiful as today??
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    At this weekend's Coffee & Cars in Houston today. Wheels were just refinished in a hyper-silver and put on this weekend. Also did the big, wash, clay bar, wash, machine wax. It always helps to have an event to get motivated for these projects.
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    OK, for you sado's who asked for more pics. Well spent the day giving her a good clean and a polish. The new stailess steel exhaust looks good. I have now remove the original seats as drivers one had a split and I would rather get it repaired before it gets any worse so fitted a spare set of Black leather S4 seats I had in my previous S3, only had to drill two fresh holes and plug two old ones. The seats are in good nick so will do fine until the Red leather ones are properly repaired and I don't think the Black looks to bad against the Red interior. See what you think guys. Also thinking of spraying the wheel centers in Gold. Opinions invited.
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    I've seen lots of Esprit adverts before but not this one!
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    Shamelessly nicked from another forum this pic is mesmerising.
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    A modern dilemma: I was planning to get the Esprit resprayed soon and putting the bumpers back to the proper black. But at Brooklands today most of the people I was chatting to thought I was crazy to do that and I should keep them white.
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    A wee meet in Glasgow this morning. These two stole the show
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    Good Friday - proof it goes out in the wet!
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    My daughter is just about to take her driving test.
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    Think we need some more pictures of Esprits. This is at the Hurlingham Club in London.

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