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    Hi all - rest assured the Panther is alive and well and being thoroughly enjoyed and pampered by me, the new owner! I've owned many exotic cars in my time and a dozen or so Loti (including five Esprit) but it never ceases to amaze me the wonderful reaction this fabulous old Lotus gets wherever it goes! Testament to the original concept and all the hard work Charlie put in! cheers jim
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    Right, hands up, I owe Chris a very big apology, crossed wires on my side completely, this is NOT a scam, i have already apologised to Chris over email and he has been a complete gentleman about it. So I told him I would make it right on here. Dan E
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    Early start this morning - picking up a few bits from the powder-coaters.
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    Bolted a few bits back on this afternoon. Its squeezed in the garage, but I couldn't resist a few pictures of the finish.
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    Some Esprit related pictures from my childhood. 'The spy who loved me' Series 1, taken at Belle Vue, Manchester, in about 1979-1982. I remember that there was a hole in the body work, under the rear bumper, I always liked to think it was a result of the pyrotechnics used during filming. Whether this was the original car used, I don't know, it does have the correct registration and there was a board with a write up on it, but I can't remember. I believe two complete cars were supplied by Lotus, although I thought it was Colin Chapman's own personal car that was used for filming. May be someone reading this knows what happened to the originals, I believe Elon Musk owns the original submarine car. Mark Thatcher's Essex Esprit Turbo Taken in Downing Street in 1982. The 'For Your Eyes Only' Bond Esprit turbo, taken at Brands Hatch during the 1983 Grand Prix of Europe, weekend.
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    Hi all. Its my car, not sute where Dan got the idea it was a scam from. Had a few emails from him then he decided I must be dodgey. Genuine car for sale. Yes it's done a lot of miles but it's still going strong, a testament to Lotus engineering
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    She's only gone and bought it! I mention what a good idea a cheap little MR2 would be for the summer and we end up with this! This is what owning a V8 Esprit does to a relationship - any financial decision I may have a view on is vetoed with the statement - 'but you bought that Lotus'
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    So it's been 2 years since I took my S2 off the road for a quick engine out job to replace the manifold, timing belt and clutch.......... I've since discovered the phenomenon of 'scope creep'...... So this is where I'm up to: Chassis completely stripped...... Meanwhile, engine has been to Pete at PNM for a complete rebuild: full top end, bearings, liners etc Bought myself a blast cabinet and I've been amazed with the results So I've kept myself busy cleaning up the tub and the chassis; which was in excellent shape for a pre-galvanised unit. I opted for a product called Rust Encapsulator from a company called Buzzwelding, which will be finished with a product called Chassis in One which can be applied as a textured finish. It's a bit shiny so that will be gone over with a matt finish. Still need to come up with an idea to tidy up that hatchet job done by someone by cutting a hole in the bottom plate....... ideas welcomed. Refurbished radiator is ready for collection and I've treated it to a new grille, so having cleaned the tub, I've given it a quick blast to get rid of the stone chips and I'll re-do this area in body colour. Due to aforementioned scope creep, I missed having it ready for its 40th Birthday, having rolled off the production line on the 4th May 1979....... Wife kindly obliged with cake and party food So...... slow progress indeed and I really can't wait to have it back on the road but I'm enjoying doing it.
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    Are you sure someone from Norfolk can wear these Sorry @Kimbers, just couldn't resist
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    Hello and please let me introduce myself, my name is Ben and I work at Alunox as the sales and stock controller. I thought I would write a quick post with the current details and prices of the Esprit parts we make. Hopefully this will give some clarity to the pricing structure and make it easier for everyone to see what’s available! As I’m sure you all know these are a fantastic bit of kit! Leon and the team here work extremely hard to make these systems to a very very high standard. To give you a little insight into the sort of work we do, we regularly make systems and manifolds for ex F1 cars, current and classic race and rally cars, GT40’s, AC Cobras, Lister Jaguars, LMP2 and 3 cars, Titanium systems for V8 Hayabusa’s, BAC Monos etc. We make as many of our parts and components on site as possible to ensure the best quality. Yes, our systems aren’t cheap, but they represent fantastic value for money when you consider the time, knowledge and skill that goes into them as well the quality of the materials used. Below is the current price list of parts we have available for the Lotus Esprit: Stevens manifold (internal wastegate) incl fitting kit, £1350. 2.5” system with twin exit pipes and decat pipe £750. 3” system with twin exit pipes and decat pipe £850. G manifold (external gate) incl fitting kit and Turbosmart wastegate £1950. 2.5” system with twin exit pipes and decat pipe £850. 3” system with twin exit pipes and decat pipe £950. 200 cell sports catalytic converter option £400 for either Stevens or G models. Larger charge cooler, 3 times more core volume than the standard system! £1100 All prices quoted are plus VAT, packaging and shipping. If anyone has any questions, please feel free to contact me directly on 01978 851100 or email me, [email protected] Many thanks to everyone on the forum for you continued support especially Mark and Bibs!
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    Dealer told me on monday: 'good news, your cup will be delivered this week'. Now it's friday. OMG THE WAIT Did get confirmation on my vanity plate already: GOT APEX Suits a track car haha
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    My dad enlisted when he was underage, was shipped straight out to fight in the desert campaign and El Alamein , fought up through Italy where at Monte Cassino saw his friend save his and others lives by rolling onto a grenade that knocked my dad out. He awoke in hospital discharged himself and joined the combined force of yanks and New Zealander’s pushing up the east coast to link up with Titos partisan army in Trieste. There he met an Italian girl who he married and came over to live with him in England of one of the many war brides ships. He died in 2006 , my mum last year. They rarely talked about the war , either the fighting or living under German occupation, although loved to factually correct the many war films .
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    After a little more work, I think we're closer to a final design. Silver will be the default finish for people, so I have included photos of that first. Anodising will be an option available and costs will be split for the batch between however many people opt for it. The ball joint will be a separate piece so I'll keep that silver on all of them to keep it the exact size required and prevent any marking from moving the mirror. As it's fairly hidden from view, I think this is acceptable. I've been told there is a risk of the finish with anodising, if there are any issues (unlikely, but you never know), the stalks will be painted in matte/satin black instead by a bodyshop. The profile thickness is now 25mm which is 5mm thinner than the test piece. I am confident this will be totally secure. The stalk is attached using the two lower OEM mirror bolts, so no drilling etc is required which should make for a very easy install. Simply unbolt the OEM mirrors and bolt these on. The ball joint attaches by unscrewing the 3 tiny bolts on the mirror housing for the ball joint cover, you then slip in the mirror stalk ball joint and reattach them. Nice and simple! I suggest a small plastic plug for the third hole, although personally I will be getting a bodyshop to fill and repaint mine as I believe this will all be a permanent solution. Edit to add: The weight is expected to be 140 grams. Quite good I think for a very solid bit of metal! Aim is to get the first mirror stalk made up next week, test it on both sides of my car, then if it goes to plan we'll go ahead. Final costs will be revealed once the first mirror is made. It's slightly more costly to have one made first and I have to pay it as an extra upfront cost, so it might end up being closer to £300 plus anodising costs if requested. Here you can see the mirror in a bare silver aluminium finish. It will have small machining marks, if you're so inclined you could polish this up etc which I think would look quite cool. Here is the black anodised render
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    Had this beauty in today. Look familiar, @pete?
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    Thank you Filip - I think that I might well try that as a temporary solution, as I can always get it re-veneered at a later date. Its now home from the trimmers and on axle stands while the wheels are being powder coated. Just need to find some tyres next.....
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    Just for @Escape I've had it so long (32 years in 2 weeks time), it has to be my favourite.
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    All you S2 owner, what have you fitted to yours? @peteyg Trevor.
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    You have a Waitrose in Margate?
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    Have you bought it then ? It does look lovely
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    You see what this demonstrates is how the conversation ended immediately prior to posting the Ad: Wife - Put the car up for sale or I'm divorcing you Husband - OK dear, I've placed and advert
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    Also thanks to @CHANGES for his input! I'm still playing catch up to a lot of the Lotus side of the business so please bear with me!
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    Just what we needed a nice bit of clarity. Ive fitted these to both my cars - and they are superb and dead easy to fit. They make a very real difference as Dave @CHANGES has so very well documented on here
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    Can't believe I've only found this thread just now... Surely I must add my 2cents. Like many, I love the pure lines of the early G-cars. But growing up in the 80s means my personal favorite for looks is the Turbo Esprit. Aggresive, spoilered, louvered, it looks like fast as lighting even when standing still. Unfortunately, I haven't had the change to drive one (or be driven in one) yet. Which shoul motivate me to help my friend get his TE up and running, instead of just sitting in a corner of my workshop... I do have some experience with the later cars, though not a V8 as of yet. I'm very happy with my choice for a (early) Turbo SE. I prefer the Stevens designs to the rounder Thompson revamp, and especially love the interior, which has a much more classic feel. I'll take BL stalks and doorhandles over GM sourced every time. The last cars with the smaller dash just don't give me that cockpit feel I've grown used to. No driver aids and not too much electronics seal the deal. The Delco injection I do consider a big plus compared to carbs, especially in a daily driver. On the other hand, I did enjoy driving an N/A, with it's lineair power delivery. I certainly don't miss power steering or ABS. In fact, I'm so happy with my choice, that when I lost my first SE, it only took me no more than 2 weeks to realise I wanted exactly the same car again. And just another 2 weeks more to find one to my liking, thanks to TLF. The Sport 300 was and is a dream, though I was just a bit disappointed it didn't feel so special inside, certainly not more than an SE. No doubt there will be a very noticeable difference when driving! And of course the concept of a nice, Lotus designed V8 and a big racy spoiler make the Sport 350 a good contender as well. Despite my reservations about the later cars as stated above. Travis nailed it I think, with his vote for the X180R. Now that the secret is out, even less chances of ever finding one! Probably best we all have different opinions, that way all the variants have their following and we can admire each others pride and joy at shows. Filip
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    New paintwork looks stunning, always nice to put the Lotus badge on, wheels look top notch also, this will be a lovely car to own and you will benefit from knowing it inside out too, which is an added bonus. Keep up the great work and the pics coming too
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    Hi Welcome to the forum! buddsy
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    Top work. Can’t wait.
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    Rewatched Goodfellas, fantastic Film, but always though Ray Liotta made Henry Hill seem more likeable then he really was.
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    Now that does look a bit of fun for the summer. poor old farmers
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    I’m also of an age where grandparents were too old & parents too young. So my Dad’s Dad was an air raid warden in the city of Bath in April 1941, sticks his head round the door of his home one night whilst on duty & suggests to my Gran that she gets the boys under the table (my dad & his 3 brothers, the table was some sort of reinforced table), which she does & then goes upstairs to fetch a baby cousin that she was babysitting from upstairs. As she’s coming back downstairs, the second of many bombs to hit Bath over two nights, hits & destroys a house two doors down, killing that family & destroying my grandparents home. There was a picture of the cot balancing on the remains of a wall, that the baby had just been picked up from published in some papers, stating that the baby had been killed but that wasn’t the case. My Gran & the baby were pulled from the rumble after a couple of hours, a door arch had saved them. My Dad was 4 & a half, it was probably his earliest memory, the family slept rough in a car down by Weston for a few days before returning to the city. Can’t really comprehend going through that as a child now.
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    Thanks - you mean the tips? They are double walled so are quite good with dissipating heat. Also I prefer the tips to be silver. I had debated carbon tips but went against it.
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    My Grandad was a bus driver before and after WW2. In 1936 he joined the TA, not because he had any interest in being a soldier, but because it paid a small monthly allowance and having just bought a house and having a baby daughter (my Mum), he needed every penny he could get to make ends meet. As a result of being in the TA he was one of the first to be called up when war was declared in 1939. He was part of the British Expeditionary Force sent to France in 1939 and subsequently one of those evacuated from Dunkirk. He was then sent to India as part of the British force sent there to protect it against a possible Japanese invasion. The Japanese never did try and invade, so he appears to have had a fairly cushy year or so in India. There's some really good old family photos of him and his soldier mates posing in front of various sites in India. They all appear to be having a jolly time! It didn't last though. When the tide of the war turned against the Japanese, he was part of the British force sent into Burma to drive out the Japanese and spent the last phase of the war fighting in the Burmese jungle. His experiences there, and the things he saw had a profound effect on him. He didn't return until 1947 and when he did he only spent a few months back with his family before disappearing for 10 years! Nobody knows where he went or what he did during that time, but he and my Gran never divorced and they obviously stayed in contact because he returned in 1957 for his daughters wedding and walked her down the aisle (even though at that time he was almost a complete stranger to my Mum!). He and my Gran got back together at that time and lived happily ever after for the next 34 years until his death in 1991. The only thing she said about his 10 year absence was that he couldn't cope with normal life after his experiences in the war. I was born in 1963, and I just remember him as my Grandad and favourite person. He was my hero then, and still is now. He was just an ordinary man thrown into an extraordinary situation. Seeing those D-Day veterans on TV fills me with admiration for what they did as young men, and gratitude.
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    Ryan's welding was just superb and he fitted reducers onto the new tips to give a perfect fit. It made the original Janspeed welds look like an amateur had done it. As well as welding onto the original bracket he also added a supporting bar to overkill the strength and guarantee it was securely in place. And here is the final result which I'm very pleased with. Slightly louder but a lot more pops/bangs. It took around 5 hours from start to finish but Ryan believes its around a 3 hour job now he knows how to do it. At £50/hour it gives a great option for those wanting to change the look of the exhaust but not lose the ability to get onto a trackday. I can't speak highly enough of Ryan, a perfectionist and someone who takes great pride in his work. The tips I bought were -
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    My Grandad landed in Normandy.........on his 6th June what a way to spend your birthday...........fortunately he came back........... My other Grandad was in the RAF....mending "Spits"
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    Nice, I took my daughter to her prom in my V8, it went down a storm, hope you get done in time. Jaz in the Middle
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    Mine came with safety wire round the pipe to hold in the slippery otter.
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    Your going to need some PPE for your assistant
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    Yes via me .... that's how I found them looking through some old stuff.........
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    Here is a picture I acquired recently in this year of the Elite's 45th birthday. It shows the Elite in JPS livery as the course car at the 1974 British Grand Prix at Brands Hatch:
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    Cool. I've got one just like it only in more bits
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    Thought it was about time I posted up here.
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    Had an MR2 Mk3 last year. It was a bit frustrating as, in many ways, it reminded me of my, now gone, Elise. It was light and nimble and a bit difficult to get in and out of and lacking some practicality (hardly any boot) but the steering had no feel, particularly compared to the Elise. It just made me miss the Elise more. The issue with the engines was, I understand, the starter catalysts, which are small catalysts mounted on the exhaust manifold outlet, can break up and part-throttle inlet vacuum can lead to bits of these being pulled into the cylinders. As the catalysts use a ceramic or hard metal substrate, this does the bores no good at all. The forums say that the later, 6-speed cars do not suffer from this problem. Rusty rear crossmembers are another thing to look out for.
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    I made £300 profit flogging it to someone on ebay. Amazing that its the grottiest car Ive ever bought but the only one I made money one without doing anything. The problem was soon after buying the GTM I bought a sable grey Mr2 and loooking at the 2 side by side the GTM was always going to be 2nd rate compared to the Mr2. My wife uses the grey one all the time in the summer so for the price and a handfull of low cost repairs it was a no brainer to buy the blue one for me to use and engine swap later.
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    Only one in Fire Red, as far as I know. As with many colours, a dull day doesn't do it any favours. In production On collection After Paint Protection Film Recent trip to Reims
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    It does add to the experience! Would love to get some more high-res pictures and have them on the wall in my garage/car cave
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    So it's been a while since I posted but atleast now I have some pictures! First pictures I received from the Lotus factory. I was still in doubt of switching the color to isotope green but Lotus said it was already too late so I'm sticking with the Metallic Grey. I honestly prefer the isotope green color over the metallic grey as I think it's one of the most awesome colors to put on the cup 250, however it wouldn't match the wrap/logo's I'm planning on putting on the car so in the end it's not such a big deal. Counting down the days to the first week of june!
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    15 months in, 4000 miles, and still loving it If you're thinking of buying one, just do it!

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