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    Never really left but thanks all the same. Been very busy these past few months. Hoping to get the cars out soon, they are sat in the garage looking very neglected! Back on topic I'm sure some would argue that Lotus have form with performance through brute force, especially with the Lotus Carlton. I don't remember any attempt to make it any lighter than a regular Vauxhall Carlton. It was fully loaded with every possible electric option. I was fortunate to own one and absolutely fell for its sinister presence and outrageous performance - Testarossa go for half the price. It was at least an ultimate of its kind, so brought pride to the Lotus badge in that way, a modern equivalent might perhaps be what Lamborghini have done with their SUV. It was an incredible, world-beating saloon car, it really was hilariously fast, but a great Lotus? I'm really glad they made it and would love to see more collaborations with major manufacturers, but my first 100 yards up the road in the Elise S1 was more of a revelation. The fun started way before you got to the end of the throttle travel. As with all fast saloons and SUVs until you're using the giant performance you're just in another big saloon or SUV. I can remember being driven around Goodwood in the Lotus Carlton by former F1 driver Peter Gethin. He got it round in about 1.40, matching the sort of times set by the, then new, Ferrari F355. Pretty remarkable considering it was never meant to be a track car. I managed 1.27.1 two-up in the Exige V6 Cup with less power than either. Let that sink in for a moment. That's 13 seconds a lap over 2.3 miles and I'm no Peter Gethin! Of course road legal tyres have improved massively since the late 90's but there's definitely something to this 'adding lightness' business.
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    Not sure how well qualified I am to comment on this issue but I'll add my 2p worth for the hell of it! I own a 1976 Lotus Elite - at 6'5" it is one of the few Lotuses that I can actually fit in and drive ('drive' is very much in the potential sense, given the state of my rebuild!). I have 'sat' in an Evora but every time I turned my head to look right, all I could see was roof. I am extremely jealous of all you purists out there that have the luxury of physical size and budget to be able to afford a current, or even older 'sporty' Lotus in addition to a daily driver. If a Lotus SUV allows me the chance to have 1 car that has the right badge on it but that meets all my other needs (teenage kids, dogs and Mrs) then why is that so wrong? If I remember correctly. Colin Chapman's reasoning behind the 1970's wedge fleet was to bring Lotus up to date (and up market from a 'kit car' background) and allow those +2 owners to develop into a bigger car. Isn't that exactly what Lotus are looking to do now? Unfortunately economics is everything - I want to say 'these days' but I'm pretty sure that @Kimbers and his Dad would say that at Lotus, that has always been the case? Whatever Lotus need to do to be able to afford to keep producing the legend then, IMO, so be it.
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    Jonny, you may not have been away but it's good to see you posting again.
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    No - because you have forgotten that the silencer mount attaches to the rear cover!
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    Hmm sounds like what you need is a Racing Green 400 Auto with red leather. Preferably a Hethel Edition. There are 2 of them.
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    Just because Geely are in charge Andy, doesn't mean you have to go all-out fanboy and adopt the Far Eastern penchant for dining on our canine buddies, .
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    Welcome back doctor!
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    'No' to your PS.. I brought my copy along to show you in case you wanted to buy one, which you obviously did. I also have Nigel Bennet and Keith Duckworth in that series, which I'd recommend. PPS .. December .. not sure when I'll get up there but here's a photo I took with a Nikon and some Speedlights ... a proper camera !
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    First off - apologies for the dire photos - my cheapskate phone isn't great at dusk! @clivef38 Lovely Elite @paulho Lovely Éclat (with a dodgy 4.0lt V8 Mk2 Rangie photo-bombing the shot!) Neil's Lovely Elise Great to meet ex-Lotus Roger and his Son Neil (owner of the above). Sadly Roger's beautifully restored Europa wasn't present but maybe one day! We did get to see a nice magazine article all about it though.
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    Hey Guys I just purchased my first Lotus!! Hard to believe it still. Transaction went through now I need to get the car shipped to me across the country. Can anyone recommend a shipping company that isn't a broker and is decent? I want to get the car before the month ends or just after. Thanks Chris
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    Here's a very early pic of my car at Brands Hatch, best guess 1982. On BBS as you can see and wearing SAV 176X.
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    Hello friends. I went to pick up the car this morning and she is really superb. This is my second v6. So Lotus Exige's V6 cup Isotop Green model of 2015 (23/12/2014) 18500 kms No. 96
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    I'm obviously hoping that's not my car but would appreciate that everyone hang fire from any declarations that it 'must be' my car before we see more evidence! If it has been shunted it's been beautifully repaired, no sign of repair whatsoever. I know my car has had some paint on the drivers side front wing but that doesn't look like a part of the car that was damaged in the shunt. I'll have another close look at my front chin spoiler. It's obvious from those photos where it would have been touched up. I never had my chin spoiler resprayed and believe it to be the original paint with stone chips consistent with its mileage. The roof radio was fitted at the factory in my car so that would have helped narrow it down and my car was fitted with BBS from new and those do look like Comps in the old pics. Certainly no record of my car ever wearing AN12. Best I can to rule my car out for now is to draw your attention to the placement of the Turbo Esprit decals on the nose. Of course they could have been replaced but they have faded very slightly compared to the more recently applied red side stripes so I believe them to be original. No need to replace the decals on AN12 as they look fine. The b of turbo is just off the badge centre on my car. The decals are definitely more over to the right on AN12. The old pics of my car with the Essex stripes show the front decals in the same place that they are now.
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    Hi I got mine from TitaniumDan on SELOC this is his online business and I went for medium and matt finish as that was close to OEM. Agree with @MrP_ in that the warning stickers look a bit naff personally
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    Interesting Yellow 2011 S with a Swindon engine upgrade...
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    Hi Paul, I'm not familiar with the vacuum ignition system on the Elite except that it is vacuum retard, not advance (I think), and will retard the ignition by up to 8 degrees under full vacuum. On some cars, the vacuum take-off port is underneath the edge of the throttle butterfly, which means that it is blocked off at idle. If this is the case on the Lotus engines, then it may explain your symptoms, as a slight opening of the throttle would allow vacuum to be sent to the distributor, and this would retard the ignition by a few degrees causing the timing to move towards TDC, then as vacuum decreases under wider throttle openings, the retard effect is reduced as you observe. Do you think this makes sense? Richard
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    I can’t think of a reason why the pedal would drop halfway because of a mechanical clutch (plate, bearing or pressure plate) issue so I would think it’s more likely to be caused by a hydraulic failure. Might be wrong but hope I’m not (£££).. Hope this helps, Steve
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    Lotus Cars US posted a Facebook announcement of the Evora GT, sign up for info.
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    For others chasing authenticity, here is David’s pic:
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    I am sure it will be fine Fabian, your skills are pretty damn good chap with two Esprit builds under your belt, ok 1 and 3/4 lol , do not underestimate yourself !
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    Gearbox just set the endstop position on the 4 th gear selector. Core plugs back in and all wire locked. Rear casing just about to go on and the top covers - should be finished today! Very pretty, but will it work?
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    Car is scheduled for delivery. Pick up is next week and Ill have it the following week. Ill update this and let you guys know how the shipping went and who I used. Also how the car is once I receive it. This waiting period is brutal LOL
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    Here is the yellow one including reg number - a friend of mine knows of the car. Sold on by a family recently then it went to the dealer where the photos I’ve provided were taken and then onto Atlas Autos. Looks a whole lot fresher now on the Atlas site but you’d only properly know for certain how good, once the car is seen for real?
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    She does look very sweet, mind you so does the red one & the yellow one isn't bad either. Choices, choices.
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    Mine were Small, no border, Matt golden yellow as it matches the other decals Matt has made me. I ordered both mediums and small but the small looked better to me, also ordered with the warning symbol but it looked cack so I fitted the words only.
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    My side sills from @alias23 will be going on next week, so pretty pumped about that! Need some “No Step” stickers to go with them. Which exact colour/size did you go for @MrP_ and @anewtoy?
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    Thats a good point, maybe regularly filling up the angle drive with grease might help. Harry has mantioned this issue before, on the Citroen the rotation of the gear throws oil away from the speedo drive but on the Esprit it throws oil directly at it. Using synthetic such as redline makes gearbox oil leaks worse. I wonder why Lotus moved the right angle from the other end of the speedo cable on the S1 to the gearbox end. It would be much easier to seal up just the cable exiting the box. The only function of the right angle is to reverse the direction of the speedo cable so can be anywhere.
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    I thought it was great - I like the fact the new pair think Harris is a cock
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    Having had 2 SUV family cars I can say they are occasionally nice places to be but not nice things to drive. Any Lotus SUV that was great to drive (for an SUV) would make me wonder what it would have been like as a saloon.
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    Thought the car looked good in the evening light today...
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    Here's your car, it's mint and belongs to a long term TLFer, @Royal!
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    I completed a 3,200 mile tour to and around Norway in 8 days without significant issues. Here a couple of photo's. I'll put some on the Exige photo thread as well.
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    I’m going to stand next to one and shout in the microphone every time a car goes by I don’t like.
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    Sounds terminal, wanna sell it?
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    In final prep, I'm really happy with my unique wheel colour choice and apparently the garage like them too I think they complement the blue nicely.
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    Fusch an der Großglocknerstraße - Salzburg
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    Just goes to show then that despite the whinging and moaning everywhere that the UK is still the home of democracy and our system is better than yours. just a shame your weather is so much better than ours! I'd trade those two things happily - even under WTO rules. The next thing will be a whole bunch of people banging on about how we need an election for a new PM - we don't - we are not a republic and so we don't vote for a President or a person to be PM, we vote for the party we want to govern the country and that parties leader becomes the PM. It's really simple but so simple than a significant portion of this countries people don't understand it, headed up by Corbyn, a big chunk of MP's and 99% of the journos and media in the UK. The whole thing went to rat chit when May called the General Election to cement her position when she took over from Cameron. She should have just turned around and told everyone to "feck off, Brexit means Brexit and I am here to deliver it so let's rock on....". Instead, her political arrogance and greed (at the thought of increasing her majority) lulled her into calling a disastrous General Election that has largely contributed to the shit storm we are in now. Let's get Boris in. Deliver a hard Brexit in 2 months, give him 6 months to bed it in and make sure it cannot be "stopped", then have a proper election.
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    Dear god. Does he also only put it in half way to save his wife?
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    Hey Ruud, don’t get me wrong, I still love bikes! I can’t ride them anymore but I will always love bikes more than I do cars so please don’t feel bad about posting your bike history. I didn’t put my post up to make people think like that.
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    Congrats on the car Chris, I’m sure Cris,Chris and Chris will do you proud Chris. Trevor.
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    I wanted to give everybody an update. I’ve had some revelations since posting this. Truly a turning point as of Friday. I want to especially thank our fellow Evora enthusiast and our sister forum LTF. I believe there is a particular gentleman who went above and beyond and contacted the appropriate bosses at our flagship headquarter, across the pond. I also want to thank all the forum members who encourage me to maintain contact with Lotus and some of those who supported me during this process. You guys have certainly could have ushered me off or wrote me off as penitent consumer. I won’t say which forums specifically, but similar thread had been made, only for the poster to be tarred and feathered for having valid grudge again the manufacturer’s vehicle defect or shortcomings. Seems though TLF and LTF are self-regulated by conscious members and observant moderators. Shortly after posting my rant/thread, I received a call by an English gentleman by the name of Mr. Ryan Watson (his title is “head of Lotus cars USA” per voicemail). He sympathized with my frustration and has found solutions for my current situation. I didn’t even have to re-tell the story as I suspect this thread was presented to him by a concerned Lotus enthusiast/moderator/owner. That alone was a relief, as I hate repeating and re-living the same nightmare repetitively. Shortly after speaking with Mr. Watson, I was contacted by Mr. Brian Shepherd who is CS manager at Lotus USA. So, they are on it like white on rice. And again, followed by a different PPP service manager, Josh. Ryan is sending/flying over two technical engineers to Park Place Premier (PPP) and overseeing the warranty work. To my surprise, I received the call and a subsequent message from another service manager at PPP, letting me know that they are replacing my HVAC unit. Not surprising, the whistle in the HVAC unit was not normal, thank you very much Mr. Cody H. 1. instead of me picking up my vehicle, he is personally having engineers drive the vehicle to Fort Smith Arkansas, where I live. 2. Ryan also assured me those engineers are fully capable of figuring out any problems that I may have had and the solutions for these problems. They will be essentially test driving my vehicle from Dallas to make sure that it is in tip top shape. 3. Not interested in getting a better deal out of this, I just want my car back. As others have mentioned and others have forecasted, Lotus has indeed rolled out the red carpet for me. To be honest, I was grinning ear to ear while Mr. Watson prophetically apologized for my situation and that Lotus brand does stand behind their products. I was smiling because as a former Porsche owner, I’ve had my share of problems with the car, but I doubt any bosses from Porc would every call me, no matter how dire the situation. That and British accent is pretty freakin cool IMO. On an unrelated note, some have mentioned the “lemon law” or consumer protection law for cars/trucks known as “Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act” in the USA. Unfortunately, I’ve already had an attorney look into this matter. More than likely case, I would have followed up with pursuing this. Though I should mention, lemon laws differ state to state. And to note, in the state of Arkansas (one of the more fiscally conservative state of USA), the laws protecting the consumer from “lemons” are very strict. My attorney was able to checkmark every part of the Arkansas lemon law statute and consider the problems a significant defects, however it would have been a costly fight, as to consider my Evora dangerous or hazardous defect that is likely to cause death or serious bodily injury. This may have been arguable. Moreover, it would have been a heartbreaking experience to do something like that to Lotus, my favorite car manufacturer. Regardless, as aggrieved as I was, I was willing to spend my money to justify my anger until my resentment was satisfied. However, my antagonism was toward PPP and not Lotus. Thus, in the end, I was contempt with taking a significant loss on a vehicle that had 2700 miles. And lick my wounds as I look for another sports car. Though my primary reason to post this thread was to vent, my ancillary reason was in part due to my optimism that this thread would somehow reach the right person @ Lotus. And it did so with a help of a fellow forum moderator. Again, I want to thank everybody in this forum for the constructive responses and recommendations. I am looking forward to seeing her again, within the near future. If all aptitudes are fulfilled this time, I am likely going to keep her and cross my fingers that I won’t have significant defects. But I can assure you, PPP will not see my car nor my business. Ever! Though I was cryptic, I do want to single out Mr. @Bibs @ TLF… I want to especially thank you for going above and beyond to help another Lotus owner from State-side. I’ve had some issues with my Porsche as well. Even under warranty, my 987-2 had 3 visits to the shop. Especially that darn TPMS issue. But even with other significant issues, they were able to get the problem resolved under a week and notified me of the problem on a regular basis. Heck, a Chevy service center will do that. Moreover, they were only 1.5 hrs. from where I live, something I can live with. But Jackie Cooper (service) in Tulsa, has a good reputation. So the saga continues, I will keep every posted. -Jim
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    Was at a petrol station today. Man came up to look at the car and then this exchange happened: Man: "Wow, that is nice!....Lotus?!?!?!.....What is that, some kind of Porsche?" Me: "Uhhhh, no.....It's a LOTUS!"

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