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    I thought I'd share some pictures of a trip El-Torro, Clive59 and myself did last week. Sadly, my eclat blotted its copybook and got left in Edinburgh, but the Elite S2 and Excel completed this rigorous journey with aplomb! Stunning scenery:
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    Just driven past a red Excel when I was in my white one. This is the first time in 32 years of owning a Lotus that I have ever seen an Excel in the wild. Made my day
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    Cars like that are now bought for two reasons only in my opinion (1) to show off how wealthy you are and (2) instead of or to complement Art/Expensive Jewellery/etc. They are now adornments - in times gone by people would count the number of rooms/windows in a house. The number of servants employed. The number of acres of land, etc. to judge someones wealth. Nowadays, it is the number of watches, the £1m hifi, the statement cars in the drive. These people are taking us back to the middle ages and before we know it modern medicine will be banned and we'll all die from the pox. There will be a backlash, just not sure when.... Right now though, I don't care. Had finished all I needed to do yesterday at 2000. So just picked up my Evora car keys, popped my head round the living room door to say "bye" to the missus and just went out for a 2 hour drive to nowhere in particular. The evening summer sun was lovely. The roads were even more empty than usual, and the sound of my ASBO loud 410 Sports exhaust, at almost 7000 rpm, bouncing back around the hills and in the forests I was driving in was just immense. Oh, and I used just over a half tank of fuel somehow! I'm enjoying it whilst I can. As often as I can!
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    That's a new one. Mine hasn't been replaced and is in excellent condition. Good excuse for a picture though.
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    Maybe you need a set of the gold & silver wheels from the 410 GP edition:
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    Hi all My names Chris and I'm currently in the market for an Exige S3. This club is full of great info which has been useful. I've never owned a Lotus or a mid-engined car before, but after having spent 9 years with my dream car (modified Evo 6 TME) and being a couple of years without it, I'm now looking for something a bit different. Looking forward to getting an S3 and being part of the community. Cheers
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    ‘56 Lotus 6 and ‘19 Exige 410 going out on track together . Usual GRRC track day
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    I'm still a relative newb to the Esprit but with regard to the idle issue, that might be an effect caused by the throttle Jack and EBPV operating, assuming they're fitted still. Unless someone more knowledgeable wants to correct me on that. I can't offer any thoughts on the other two issues I'm afraid.
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    Quite simple, really. No gifts. Be prepared to be fed to the point of engorgement on the day, watch a lot of American football (best to find out in advance if they're Wolverine or Spartan ppl), and eat turkey sandwiches and pie for the next several days. And, like any family reunion, hope everyone gets along! Enjoy!
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    As I'm in the UK, my clock is only correct 6 months of the year anyway. Too much hassle otherwise. Re: TPMS, it's just a nightmare. Mine fixes itself, then occasionally throws its toys out the pram now and again.
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    "Slip Slidin' Away".......CupR in its natural habitat.....
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    Yep picked up the car on Monday and I'm pretty happy with the work they've done, car sounds amazing now and you can feel the extra power at the top end of the rev range. I'll make a new post with details of the work as its probably not appropriate on this thread. But regarding the questions you had earlier. Traction control - Basically put the Delta ECU that ES Motorsports use has ability to use what you want. You can put your own parameters or use the factory parameters and you can retain the race mode that the V6 Exiges and the newer Evora have. It is possible to add a rotary dial to easily switch between different modes but SCS (the ECU suppliers) or you will have to code this up on the ECU they don't have the feature currently but as far as they understand it is possible. The setting they have put on my Evora is a bit less intrusive than the factory setting even in non sport mode so should be a bit more fun and engaging when driven at the limit. Regarding CAM profiles - the profiles are defined by ES motorsports and sent to piper cams to get machined from blanks. They have been refining the profile over time and are pretty pleased with what they have at the moment. It shifts the torque further up the rev range so the engine keeps pulling in the higher revs, there is small loss at the lower end of the rev range but most if not all of that is regained by using the variable timing. They also said yes they can go more aggressive if that's what you want but as said earlier it turns it into a track day / race day engine and not so good for the road. The cam change required some other hardware changing to I think they said the followers or springs are also changed but did not mention the injectors. They know the Toyota engines well and run many race cars so think they know their stuff pretty well, have a chat to them with your requirements and I'm sure they can come up with a solution.
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    More small jobs - brakes stripped and prepared for clearcoat plus the revised arrangement for the ECU and loom adaption box.
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    Now fitted. Just need to retrim the rest of the car in yellow thread! Goes well with the gold wheels though First impressions are that they are firm compared to the Recaros, but at approx. 1/3 of the considerable weight of the Recaros then its worth it. Being the original 6 stone (all right 11 stone) weakling I wouldn't want to carry one Recaros mre than around 50metres. The cf on theother hand, both can be stacked and picked up one hand and hardly notice them.
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    Being below the windscreen I’m actually a little concerned about glare. Hopefully the grills cover them enough, if not I’ll have to get creative and find a solution... @Daveb99 - I also have the cheap Kenwood sub in my passenger footwell. Unfortunately it seems that the better quality subwoofers are all bigger and therefore won’t fit! i decided to leave the rear speakers for now, I might even remove them as I’m not sure they’re needed when there’s a sub, plus they’re fitted into a thin bit of plastic trim which can move a bit which won’t be helping sound quality!
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    I considered upgrading to the Focal 100AC front speakers, but thought it would be nicer to do a better setup while the dash top is away for trimming (which is a good opportunity to cut holes for tweeters). I’ll post more photos when everything is back together, but I went for Focal ES100K which are two way component speakers (so separate tweeter). The speakers were quite a lot more money (£260 vs £80) but they should have a lot more clarity and punch. Of course, it’s diminishing returns with speakers, but you do tend to get what you pay for. (Plus these speakers look nicer and are yellow!) To do things properly, I have also added a Focal Impulse 4.320 amp to give them some power. This combined with the sub I have in the footwell sounds amazing. Honestly much better than the Burmeister in my Mercedes!
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    So I sent the seller a message through Ebay asking if he had bought the car at the auction and he replied that he had and he had bought his missus a Porsche on the same day but he has had a low offer on a house accepted and now needs cash to renovate said house. Could be true.
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    I know that, you know that, a very very strong and numerous majority minority of people down south don't know that and yeah... Oh and you absolutely don't have to like pumpkin pie or sugar pie, if you feel iffy about it just bring some apple pie, apple pie is the great peace maker I found.
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    Nothing more to add other than from what I understand about the system I think Chrome Orange is correct. The sensors don't need to be programmed with a position the system is self learning in this aspect. I think the manual says to drive for ~7miles for it to detect everything etc ... but for me when I replaced all 4 sensors it only took 3miles for the system to be up and running. If you have faulty sensor(s) that need to be replaced have a search on here there is thread or two about replacement alternatives that cheaper than the ones from Lotus. Also I know your pain about changing the clock, how did they manage to make it so annoying to change the time!
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    Awesome photo Bazza Stephen - No.017 will be in the Coys Auction at Blenheim Palace later this month. The photo you posted shows the car being driven by the journalist Martin Buckley. It was for a road test review comparison Classic and Sportscar did back in 1995 - I'm sure I have added this before but this is the complete article - Paul who owned the Essex (now sadly no longer with us ) can be seen 'thrashing' the 308 - one of my favourite memories of him
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    If the tell tale is lit, there may be a fault code from the TPMS that the dealer can read. For example, there are different codes specific to tire/wheel location (LF/LR/RF/RR) for malfunction or dead battery. There are also separate codes for other malfunctions/communication errors. And, don't feel bad, I don't think you did anything. But on a side note, I do plenty of stupid things every day
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    As per Chrome Orange, drive it for a bit, you'll probably find that they sort themselves out eventually. It's good because if you need to replace a sensor you don't need to get them programmed.
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    As I replied to you in the other forum, I do not think you changed the pressure locations for the tires as they are not user programmable. The TPMS will automatically identify the tire/wheel configuration by interpreting the signal strength as a distance from the individual sensor to the receiver.
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    Of course you must have been in second Gear at best @C8RKH. As anything else you would be far exceeding the speed limit at 7000 revs
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    You are completely right I got mixed up! It’s still a good one though.
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    Has any thing been found out yet as to what has caused these problems? I feel very sorry for the guys who have suffered this in Italy, but so far, I still haven’t heard that it’s a problem in other countries. Any updates would be useful for all of us..
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    I'm helping organise again this year so will post details of a nice discount for the tickets shortly. Sadly it's very flat there @BatMobile so no hills to go up!
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    Andy, I'm sure you're not. You may have seem some like that but it doesn't mean that those in good condition have all been replaced.
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    Soft paint and being low means they get hit a lot. i was wrongly advised by a dealer not to get it but will respray the front when it gets really bad and put self healing ppf on. track days at places like silverstone where you get race teams who inevitably spin off and then shed gravel onto the track, make it a must have; I found this out the hard way.....
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    A couple more pics from the parade on Friday - the Esprit won “best entry”
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    So after a bit of further investigation.... I was just preparing to remove the starter motor and carry out a DIY refurb when I noticed that one of the solenoid connectors seemed loose. Removed it and put it back on, made sure it had a solid connection and it now starts without fail. I'm going to have to monitor over the next few days but if the resolution was as simple as this I'm a happy man. Updates to follow and thanks again for the suggestions.
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    Got to do em on the bonnet cause you aint doing anything inside! buddsy
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    Mine is as per Jonny's - OK not one of the earliest cars but a mid 82, early wet sump - and unrestored.
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    I was at Nissan at the time of the Qashqai launch and I can tell you first hand that they never had any idea that it was going to be such a massive hit. It was a total punt to nothing after years of struggling to gain C-segment market share! The timing was more luck than judgement.
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    To save money on huge new infrastructure costs, tackling this new crimewave sweeping the country will be the responsibility of an elite new Government department called the Noise Police. Recruits will receive expert audio training to enable them to tell the difference between standard and after-market induction and exhaust systems. These gifted individuals will then each be issued with a Hi-Viz jacket and a cassette recorder and told to stand next to speed cameras in known hot-spot areas of high Daily Mail circulation. It will be entirely self-funding on a commission-only no appeal basis.
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    Thought Id get shot down for my comments above Id not really mention it else where apart from here. Just seems the Orwellian 1984 State is tightening its grip everywhere you look, maybe track days will be the only place you will be able to "give it some" in a couple more years time? So with that said is travelling in comfort/style the only way to go? buddsy
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    I think the fact of the matter is the fast sports cars are becoming more & more least in europe. What I mean by this is cities are increasingly becoming 20 zones. 60mph are being reduced all over the place to 40. Average speed cameras and black boxes are making a car which can do 70 in second gear a bit pointless dont you think? (obviously I talking road usenot trackday) I feel bragging rights have gone from how fast does it go to whos got the biggest SUV...tell them it will do 200 mph and everyone's happy. Sacrilege I know but it seems to be the way its going. Recently I had considered a Exige Roadster but am thinking of going for a Caravelle. buddsy
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    Cover for the flux capacitor switch.
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    Changed color, added GTE front and Evora 400 rear on my MY11 Evora S. Courtesy : Winace
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    Nathan, @jonnyboy's brackets are what you needed in the 410 - they tilt the seat backwards and the fix the position issue you had as you can poush the seat forward for the legs but the recline of the back helps to not shorten the arm reach. However, I do understand why the carbon race seats do divide opinion. Personally, I love them, but if I wanted a super GT for 2k+ Euro road trips then the carbon backed Sparco's would be better, I can see that. Whichever Evora you go for, I hope you're able to make it a keeper as they really are fantastic cars.
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    That rather assumes Lotus knows what they are doing.
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    Owen Jones ? He really is a full on thunder
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    Just found some old images of my HC Turbo along with Essex No.017 - IIRC this was at the Shuttleworth Collection down near Bedford - early/mid-90's............................. The first and the last of the G Turbo's......
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    Car charging systems are often pretty basic, but if the voltage across the battery is >14.7 then you probably have a problem as said above. Extended periods of charging at 14.7V will cause gas(hydrogen) to be created, and the battery could also get hot, if the charging source/alternator can supply lots of current. Usually, once the voltage has reached 14.6-7 V then the charger should taper off to about 13.7, which is perfectly safe for extended periods. Sometimes, if a battery has been severely discharged, and has been jump-started. it may not hold charge until it has gone through a proper charge cycle. I had this recently on a battery, and it had been dead flat, and jump started, but after about half an hour I stopped the car and it was still almost completely flat still, so had clearly gone into a high internal resistance condition. I charged it at a constant 1 amp for about 36-40 hours(it was a 36Ahr battery I think), where it finally tapered off to about 100mA at 14.6V, then I reduced to 13.7V for a few hours to fully charge it. Now it seems fine. (Admittedly, I have a power supply which allows for constant voltage/constant current operation, so a bit lucky I guess). But any decent battery charger should do that sort of thing automagically, possibly allowing for variable current charging. Not sure where the voltage meter takes its 0V/GND from, but when there is current flowing, as you had with fans and lights on, it doesn't take much resistance to cause a variation in earth voltage around the car of a few volts. Say 20A was flowing with lights and heater fan, then only 0.1ohm will cause a 2V drop. (V=IR). Your volt gauge may just be reading 2V low, as it has roughly 2V difference for both high and low current. So, that is possibly a calibration issue. The dimming of hazard lights will be an earth resistance issue, but may not be possible to pick up easily with a normal multimeter, as low resistance measurements are difficult, and you may be only looking for 1 or 2 ohms or even less. But worth a go. And finally, the alternator regulator may be damaged. I don't think it should put out over 15V for any length of time, certainly if a battery isn't to be damaged. But I am not an automotive engineer, so it may be normal for some instances, but I haven't seen it when working on my cars. Good luck with the detective work.
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    You mentioned the lights at the rear are dim, are you getting dimming at the front? It’s worth checking the condition of the earth connections as well
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    Hi Dave.Whats the battery voltage with the engine the alternator charging the battery.It should be at least over 13.8v.If you rev. the engine the battery volts should increase.It's worth checking the alternator belt.If the alternator is doing its stuff then you have a faulty battery.
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    Well I was, until last July... Dad told me "if I ever see you on a motorbike you can pack your bags" so I got myself a paper round, saved hard, and a few weeks before my 16th birthday bought myself a little FS1dx off a mates brother for £25. Here she is and that's me the long haired scruffian on the right. That first ride, the freedom, all of a sudden the world is your oyster, I was hooked on bikes for nearly 40 years have owned, built, raced, and customised many over the are a few of them.

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