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    ‘56 Lotus 6 and ‘19 Exige 410 going out on track together . Usual GRRC track day
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    I think that Carr and his team are going to knock all these next generation cars out of the ballpark. I think he feels vindicated and sort of has something to prove. But I'm also super confident because his boss, Peter Horbury showed utter trust in him and his team. Horbury has done little to no wrong in his career, he's seen the designs and signed off on them, the designs are good, I think they are very good. Kershaw and his team are going to tune these chassis to perfection, that is not even a question and I think they want to one up Becker. Perceived quality of these cars is going to be second to not many because the parts bin they have access to is that good. That's how confident I am right now. Should the new sales, communication and marketing team do a good job promoting the cars they will blitz it. And by the way, the design of the next gen cars started well before Geely signed on the sales contract. Despite the spin Popham and Co are trying to put on it, these cars have been designed and engineered under JMG at the start and vetted by Horbury and Quinfeng before Popham was brought in. They are going to be based on an evolution of a tried and true recipe Lotus is familiar with: alloy chassis, possibly with some carbon fiber reinforcement for stiffness. The body of the next gen cars will be where things change a bit, less GRP more aluminium at the bottom end and more carbon fiber at the top end. The engine bay will be where the change will be felt the most, as lotus take on Geely powertrains should be very interesting. Yes I'm stating that Toyota engines will not remain a feature on Lotus cars, and Lotus will not get Mercedes Benz units either despite Geely purchasing equity in Daimler. Lotus will use 4 cylinders and V6 tuned in Hethel and made in China (not necessarily the Volvo designed engines either) Why ? Because it makes the most financial sense and it will bolster both Lotus and Geely's credentials on the engineering front. Geely's own engines are a great baseline for Lotus, as there are no licensing issue, no homologation issue, no emission, no production issue, no design issue and no management issue with Lotus Chairman having a small team of dedicated Lotus engineers on the ground for a while. He's the man that led the development on Geely's flagship luxury sedan, the only Geely car to use a V6. Geely's powertrain are plug and play and they'll come ready to be mated with 48v batteries if needed or required. Lotus is set to stun and I'm confident that the Type 130 is only the opening salvo, next year sport car is when things start really rolling. Geely is not kidding.
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    Let's not forget Lotus are still trying to sell their current range of cars. Early talk (and I mean, it is very early...) of the next generation of cars will just turn people off to the current range. There's not really a lot of sense in trying to sell 'the next car' to people who aren't really listening right now (hence showcase car, the Type 130). I'm not sure how much I can say of the new gen cars and what they'll be based on, but I think it'll be evolution rather than revolution...
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    You mechanic is correct - head gaskets are single use. You simply cannot reuse them. It's not so easy to see in the image, but one crankpin looks to have one big-end with some marking.... it could just be shadow, but I would be amazed if you don't need any work to prepare that before re-installation. Regarding the other parts: SWLC sell replacement PRV kits Hylomar 3400 is available UK and Germany - example here (but check with Gonzalo Mendoza at Panchos Speed Shop, as I believe that he uses a US substitute) The liners are a push fit into the block, so a small bead of 3400 on the sealing shoulder and a small smeer up the liner is sufficient. Once one bank is installed, the cylinder head should be torqued down with in a few hours of application.
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    Gale Trainer??? How does it do that?
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    You can also drive it fairly hard without instantly entering licence losing territory.
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    As many parts of suspension, brakes and drivetrain are from the Toyota Celica Supra MA 61, here a illustrated parts catalogue for ordering at Toyota dealers
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    Well I happen to have a 220 Cup. And you happen to have an automatic Evora 400. Car share?
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    Just driven past a red Excel when I was in my white one. This is the first time in 32 years of owning a Lotus that I have ever seen an Excel in the wild. Made my day
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    140mm clutch arrived today - now I can finalised the transmission spec and get that started. Nice meaty 1.16" spline on the hub. It's going to have a bespoke flywheel fabricated locally. Here compared to 4-paddle AP twin plate:
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    I think Rory Stewart's Mother (or father) played away from home?
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    Grilled missing , front clam not matching left to right
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    Eerm, sorry for the delay. @Barrykearley , don't remember the notification just happened to see this due to Buddsy's post. That was Footman James.
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    Was a really enjoyable evening. Some lovely cars there... and how epic was that Atom's supercharger whine!!!
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    My latest short vid buddsy
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    Fun at Knockhill yesterday. Was a good turn out with great weather. 4822ED48-269A-4394-AA44-AA3603E6789C.MP4 85B54850-CAB9-4FDE-9949-9AAD65D8E090.MP4
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    The NA is just unique. You can really grab it, ring its neck on the road and you feel the car. It becomes an extension of you. The steering and suspension are purrrfect. You have to work the engine, you feel it move on to the second cam, you feel the car come alive and the tyres just talk to you. Sure, an S or 4xx is faster, and a lot faster on the track, but if you really want to be at one with a car. To feel like you are integrated with it. Then the S is toxic. It's like crack cocaine.... I mean, I'm craving my next fix still after 16 months!
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    Only thoughts I had were: Pre-cats melting or breaking up; Loss of wool packing in silencer changing back pressure; Loose supercharger hose. You might be able to check the pre-cats by dropping the de-cat/cat pipe and using a borescope from underneath. Hope it helps, Steve
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    Found on a French ad — affiliation at all, I don't know the seller)
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    Arg God, I can't imagine anything worse! Stop start, stop start...... poor weak little bodies that they have to wear body armour. Get them playing rugby where the most you get is a headband to stop them ripping your ears off!! We had a "showcase match" with an American football team, way back when I played Rugby and they refused to play our game unless they could wear their armour. We suggested they join the cheerleaders......... Proper sport Rugby!!
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    Welcome to the forums and good luck with the search
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    Same here with my 400 not helped by the invasion of average speed check areas around here. I’m going to take stock after our trip to the IOM this year about whether the 400 will stay and/or what might replace it. Had considered a 220 sport but think an Evora is more me, but which one and is it worth changing. Oh first world problems
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    If its not mis firing, which could be plugs / coils etc, I would also look at possible Cat issues - esp the pre cats in the manifolds, although I don't know how you would test to see if they are breaking down - short of removing them. Sounds like a main dealer visit - any warranty?
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    Exibition display board is a more available solution, and you can choose the material you want to use. As there is not much curvature, it works fine! Cheers, Richard
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    Sounds like either the generator on the transmission isn't generating a signal or it is but it's not reaching the speedometer because of a short.
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    That's a lot of unfortunate events. It gives birth to a bunch of questions: - Did you determine why the car was overheating in the first place? - When the heads were rebuilt, what was done regarding flatness checks and inspection of the mating faces. It reads that is was just rebuilt and put back together with fresh head gaskets. Do you know if they were Lotus OEM gaskets used in the rebuild? - Was the engine turned over at all when the cylinder heads were off? The V8 does not have liner clamps specified, so it is essential that the engine is not turned if the heads are removed. - if the PRV stuck open, you would have lost oil pressure throughout the engine, meaning that you would need to check all bearing surfaces. Once you have an event that resulted in audible knocking - it is not feasible that there is nothing that needs to be rectified there. But, you are right that the cause needs to be determined before the engine get put back together. I would suggest that you should consider preparing for a fresh complete rebuild, having suffered sealing failures at both ends of the liner and oiling related issues. Get each component checked and replaced if showing signs of wear. No point in just having your mechanic re-assemble it.
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    Saw this on Facebook. Looked like a great trip and good to see the Elite didn't give any trouble. Clearly the Excel was going to be reliable. Liked how the Jag was the "Top Gear punishment car."
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    Admiral - that looks like an Excel part. If it is then yes - a slide hammer will do it - you do not have to remove the circlip fist. Dunc - there is a proper oil seal in the retaining flange that runs on the output shaft and the o-ring that Ant mentions. The key to getting the o-ring in place is to chamfer the diff housing where the o-ring enters it or the sharp edges can tear it. It is very un-nerving when you see the little sleeve that holds the entire drive-shaft/wheel etc to the diff . Pete
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    Hi welcome to the forum and your search! buddsy
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    Welcome and good luck with your search.......
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    Oh good spot! I just incorrectly assumed a 2015 car would be supercharged. Yep from whatI can see from the photo of engine bay and the rear diffuser it looks like a NA. hmm maybe the price is a bit high?
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    Welcome to TLF Chris and happy hunting!
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    Will be interesting to see what it sells for?
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    Spec / money ratio seems about right ball park figure. Its one of the later SR cars and low mileage so will be a bit more money but I think they've priced it correctly. I found Snows fine to deal with when buying the car but their preparation of the car was poor. They did not diagnose a faulty MAF sensor properly and called me very late to tell me the car was not working, I was literally just about to board a train from London to pick the car up when they called to delay the pick up. They also did not clean the car properly and did not fix the paint chips they said they would. I don't think they are shady just unorganised or lacking in quality control, so ring up before hand to check everything agreed has been done before you collect.
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    Of course. That's why I used half a tank of fuel so quickly and less gear changes wear out the clutch in less time!
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    I didn't notice it there yesterday, I tried to hold them up but no owner appeared and the ticket was already on the windscreen.
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    In the end I used 2 original mountings and drilled new positions for the other 2 mounting points. You then need to move the existing threaded backing plates to align with the new holes. The rear one is straightforward, just slide it in to place. The front one is a tad more difficult. There is a keeper riveted Inside of the ally box section that holds the nut in place. You need to drill out the rivet, and let the keeper drop, drill your new holes, and then move the keeper box to the new position and rivet back in place. The 400 seat runners then need to have a new hole drilled at one end. To spread the load in the runner section I then made up a rectangular 'washer' from some 3mm ally bar. Hope that is clear ish.
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    A couple more pics from the parade on Friday - the Esprit won “best entry”
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    Good to know there's still a place on the internet where fellow Esprit owners can discuss the merits of nose decal placement within 17mm! There's no arguing with Chris's magnificent car nor any question marks over its ownership history! But wtf was going on with that Deezer car?! Getting the decals a few mm off is one thing but how do you accidentally get the decals and the nose badge the wrong way around?
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    Mine is as per Jonny's - OK not one of the earliest cars but a mid 82, early wet sump - and unrestored.
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    Did you try to inflate the tire? I hope that helps! ....................
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    Here is me looking very youthful in those days with mine!
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    Finally finished the desired design for project Kermit, I tried the wing extensions slightly more narrow but it did not give the same effect. Mixed in some wing, spoilers etc from another kit. Sadly until I get my cars and bits shipped over this is the only lotus fabrication I can do lol. This design will be built on a badly damaged S2 that was stripped for parts by a breaker. Basically the work will be the same as the model, extend the wings and glass fibre in the gap, Sills will be aluminium, Wheels will hopefully be S2 speedlines cut up and built up to 17" and 13" wide rear 10" wide front. Not one for the purists, but the 80s group 5 cars I have a lot of love for the designs. Anyway here are some pics just need to change the design from 1.24 to life size lol.
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    Got my Exige and left the keys behind of the R111. The exhaust pipes where removable tips and coloring looks ok now!
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    So it's been 2 years since I took my S2 off the road for a quick engine out job to replace the manifold, timing belt and clutch.......... I've since discovered the phenomenon of 'scope creep'...... So this is where I'm up to: Chassis completely stripped...... Meanwhile, engine has been to Pete at PNM for a complete rebuild: full top end, bearings, liners etc Bought myself a blast cabinet and I've been amazed with the results So I've kept myself busy cleaning up the tub and the chassis; which was in excellent shape for a pre-galvanised unit. I opted for a product called Rust Encapsulator from a company called Buzzwelding, which will be finished with a product called Chassis in One which can be applied as a textured finish. It's a bit shiny so that will be gone over with a matt finish. Still need to come up with an idea to tidy up that hatchet job done by someone by cutting a hole in the bottom plate....... ideas welcomed. Refurbished radiator is ready for collection and I've treated it to a new grille, so having cleaned the tub, I've given it a quick blast to get rid of the stone chips and I'll re-do this area in body colour. Due to aforementioned scope creep, I missed having it ready for its 40th Birthday, having rolled off the production line on the 4th May 1979....... Wife kindly obliged with cake and party food So...... slow progress indeed and I really can't wait to have it back on the road but I'm enjoying doing it.
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    Just for @Escape I've had it so long (32 years in 2 weeks time), it has to be my favourite.

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