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    Car show this Sunday, actually it is more a village fete with plenty of stalls, brass band etc. At Horam near Heathfield West Sussex starts at 12...30 so get there for 11.30/12.00. No need to book, just turn up, usually about 50 cars all different makes, a nice day out. Just had a weeks holiday, did about 600miles in the daily driver. A 180K Merc. which was fine, everything you need, auto (good for creeping round the M25, A/C, Cruise, very quiet ride, good brakes, yes it was just fine. Went to top up the Lotus with fuel for Sunday and go for a run. Jeez, this thing just brings a big smile on my face whenever I drive it. It is running superbly (always has actually). Awesome! Long may it continue!
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    How can the fitment be seen as perfect if one needs a file to make the hole a little bit larger to fit the panel?
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    Yeah, and there was no cup holder neither so I cancelled my order and got a Kia instead.
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    @LotusLeftLotusRight Correct, I had my car dyno'd at 385hp with the Swindon engine. At the time I wasnt checking it for power output, I was checking there was nothing untoward such as knock and the engine wasn't going to lunch itself when I started to use it, it only had 33km on the clock when I got it. They did approx 10 runs on the dyno back-to-back all showing that power output within a couple of hp from each other. There was no distinguishable drop in performance at all and the dyno guy commented "it could do that all day". The dyno plot showing power and torque at 385 was super sweet, I couldn't have drawn the lines any smoother myself.... The supply of engines from Swindon (I saw them sat in boxes at Lotus brand new) were all marked up as "Swindon 420's" . I spoke to the head man at Swindon at the time, he said with a simple pulley change to a smaller one it would release the full 420hp. I chose not to go this route. I was really happy with how the engine was performing and an additional 35hp on a 1.5t car is not going to make a massive amount of difference imo (give it a day or two and I'd of been used to it...) and it would just use more fuel, more consumables and generate more heat on the inlet temps and in the engine bay on a 'non-intercooled' engine. So the Swindon engines are capable of higher output, how well balanced they are at those figures though I don't know and I'm personally not interested in finding out. For me, it's a 'whole package' thing - The looks of the car, the road presence it has, the rarity factor, the noise it makes, the fact people know it's my car when they see it or pictures of it. I'm super happy just as it is with the 385hp!! I have no doubts the Stratton cars are running higher outputs as described in the adverts, how they have achieved that I don't know, it could just be a pulley change, it could also be a different ecu tune or ecu altogether... best calling them and asking. Okay, so the gearbox on them. Of the original 30 or so cars made, there were only two true automatic IPS cars (No.s 1+2 on the register above, both in midnight blue) all the others had converted manual gearboxes to 'AMT' (automated manual transmissions) which were never developed properly. I converted the AMT gearbox in my car back to a regular manual, it wasn't that hard to do. I took out the AMT unit and gubbins and replaced the clutch pedal, gear change mech and cables for std items. I imagine this is what Stratton have also done. There were 6-8 of the original cars that were RHD from the get-go. All of the rhd cars were reworked by the factory as part of the 20 GT350's, so what's detailed on the register above is correct, non of them were converted from LHD. When I ordered my silver GT350 from Lotus (No15), I asked Lotus if they would consider changing it to RHD if I paid them, the answer was a firm 'no'! Like you say, the 2 GTE races cars that ran in LeMans in the GTE class were built to GT2 spec. The GTE road cars we own were not built to any race spec, they were simply modified standard cars for road use only that had only had a token nod to the 2 races cars that Motorsport built. The only issue I see with the Stratton cars above is the wheels they've put on them. They all have the longer front wishes as used on the GT350's but they've used normal evora wheels with spacers to mount the rear wheels so they fill the arches (front are fine) as there wasn't enough of them to put on all 5, look like they only had 1 set which went on the green car (not advertised as I can see, maybe already sold). I don't see this as a massive problem, there are loads of aftermarket wheel manufacturers that can make you bespoke wheels to the correct dims that will fit without spacers. Everyone who has one of the 20 factory cars is in the same boat if you knacker one, there are no replacements available (Stratton may have a couple of front wheels, definitely no rears) and you'll be having to look to the aftermarket to resolve the problem. I've considered getting a set of different wheels for mine and boxing the originals up... If I were looking at one of the Stratton cars I'd be pushing for a little discount to put towards a bespoke set of wheels (you'll be looking at least 4-5k for some) Other than that, I'd have no concerns. HTH Regards, Gav
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    My car at Cars & Cofee Grand Rapids. There were some amazing cars there that day. Pictures of the event:
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    Collected this morning, still quite quick at running in speeds! Am going to have to get the exhaust valve override button fitted, far too civilised below 4500rpm
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    Are you advising @Peter H. to invest in a V8....Excellent advice...why have cotton when you can have silk.
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    If you do a bit of engine work, fit a good exhaust system and mapped igintion you can move it close to a turbo ( without the wooosh). You do get a nice induction roar as a bonus. My old one is up for sale in Ireland . I sold it a few years back ( without the wanabe spoiler). It had about £15k worth of parts on it right the way through in depth not a tart up. The engine alone was £5k from lotusbits Its gone up from 18k pounds to 28k euros. He may have had it painted which might account for the uplift in price. Its been up for 2-3 months.
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    We should all be grateful to Dixie: if he didn't shelf out *a lot* of money to buy the OEM part and send it to Matteo for him to make the mould for it to produce the carbon pieces, we would all be stuck with the WinAce parts... Like I do . Which by the way doesn't need filing holes... (but doesn't fit as good as the Eltech part!!!)
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    I noticed this old thread and thought I'd volunteer the bicycle carrier solution that I went with for the Evora. A SeaSucker Komodo that vacuum mounts to the rear glass. It was the only ready made thing I could find that kept everything off of any painted surface. It's been working out well for last couple of months and is way more convenient than removing both wheels, covering the area of the rear seats in towels and carefully getting the frame in and out of the car without scratching any of the painted exterior panels (ugh). (I just noticed from the early posts: this rack is for Road Bikes only For Off-Road Bikes the other carriers vacuum mount to the roof but I didn't want anything touching any paint)
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    I already forgot , made the hole a little bit larger with a file to make it fit...
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    We finished installing the Sport 350 shift mechanism into an early V6S yesterday - works well Dave
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    I’d prefer not to confirm costs on a public forum in case my wife ever stumbles upon this and uses it as grounds for a divorce. Which, frankly, she would be justified in doing because it ain’t cheap!
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    Can you get this stuff over there? Seems like it might do the job (I've not tried it myself but) gets good reviews on the Internet.
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    210 miles in the Elise S1, to meetings in Poole and back. Allowed my colleague, a BMW devotee, a drive. He is now scanning the classifieds for an Elise.
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    Here are some pictures from the weekend. in one picture, I let my creativity run free. In addition, I would like to say that I'm not a Porsche hater
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    Hey all! I recently got a Lotus Evora. I’ve been looking a while and finally pulled the trigger. Love the Evora!! Looking forward to learning more from you all. Anyone know if there’s an active Lotus Club in Florida?
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    It was wrapped with 3m satin black vinyl by MKS customs Plates were made by four dot Plate mount and bracket removal done by yours truly
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    Cross & Morse might be able to help you source one.
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    So, a few extra cosmetics done today and very pleased with the results Some satin black wrap on the nose, tail and fin. Plus lotus logo yellow lettering, yellow calipers to follow... New personal plates with front plate moved to the grill...
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    Try only half depressing the clutch pedal, see if it want to go straight in then. Likewise ^^^^
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    Original panel I sended to Matteo was the same,I bought it from Komotec that was advertised as oem Lotus part...You can't do anything wrong with the pins I suppose,2 pins and 2 holes :-)
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    I’ll make an attempt to use a blog during the tour. Keep an eye at the coming two weeks!
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    It could just be cable adjustment after stretching and settling in.
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    @Stubox gentle reminder for the sound meter, no worries if you don't have it. Happily buy you a drink to say thanks. Is one is planning on arriving earlier than 7.30? I work in the centre of town so easy for me pop down earlier.
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    Well, of course you are free to install what you think is cool but I suspect it won't enhance the reliability you were looking for in the first place %)
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    I fitted the lotusbits stainless seatbelt mounts recently - replacing rusty old ones, so the fitting holes were already there. The body is off so access is great. Forty quid the pair with mounting bolts. My lap belts were in good condition so I kept them Once mounted I filled around them with silicone, to stop road cramp filling the space, but as it's a fibreglass and stainless sandwich it doesn't really matter.
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    That video makes me want to rush out and buy one
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    @Peter H. I know this car, it is lovely and has wanted for nothing, in fact was talking to the current owner only a few days a go. If you are still interested it is well worth a look and test drive.
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    So that's close to 1400kg with an empty tank in theory. I suspect Lotus calculate weights with all fluids and a drizzle of fuel. I actually feel the figures quoted are relatively close considering how far out I've seen other manufacturers.
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    My first two Esprits were NAs & they were superb but once you've tried a turbo you'll never go back.
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    Could even pick up a V8 @Steve V8......and save another man from destitution
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    It won't rust provided its worn, your natural oils will keep it from tarnishing and even polish it over time (Yes I'm ignoring your innuendo)
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    Glad its making progress. Looks sad like that
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    That looks so good, leave it as it is
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    $2Million id expect a driver! For another $4million I could get Lee Majors! buddsy
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    Had the esprit out with the roof out. Great drive around the broads. When I got home I found passenger side full of what looked like ash??? I was a bit worried until I realised I think it's seeds from Buddleia plant?? Must have been a bit close to the ole hedgerows at times buddsy
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    I could feel your memories flooding back. Did you keyboard survive or did you throw it at the wall remembering all this
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    Why can't we just wait and see, enjoy the building excitement? Rather than make assumptions, profess probable disappointment and ruin the moment lol. I bet some of you could convince yourselves that you wouldn't enjoy a weekend alone in a nice remote log cabin with a roaring fire before Kylie even arrived! Me, I'm just waiting for the reveal on the 16th where I am expecting to be pleasantly surprised when the wrapper comes off.
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    Looks awesome with the roof off. Getting mine converted on a couple of weeks, can't wait
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    Spotted a familiar sight enjoying the Goodwood dust yesterday. Good to see it out and about.
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    You should have been privy to the conversation in our kitchen last night my next topic thread won’t involve an estate car - trust me on that one
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    Top YouTuber gives 410 a great review
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    I've just got off the phone with Neil Turner at Lotus, he's the head of Customer Services and will be looking into this with LCU as a matter of urgency for you Jim.
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    The two piece referred to on Deroure website is not two whole rotors. Each rotor consists of two pieces, the braking disc it self and the carrier to attach it to the wheel hub.
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    Price is each so £4,000

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