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    Well that was fun ! The Evija is awesome in the flesh - almost conventional supercar from the front until you start looking at the detail, but the completely jaw dropping sculptural holes through the back really show its something well beyond. The "parade" was great fun if predictably shambolic in London traffic with very few of us knowing the roads. This not helped by a late change of route due to roadworks on the Brompton Road. As an ex-biker commuter, I'd have managed OK with new route details....but turn left instead of right at Buckingham Palace and follow the yellow Lotus in front was way short of passing on where to go. As the lights there allowed us out 2 or 3 cars at a time the party inevitably split and we all made our way back in small groups by various circuitous routes the final two arriving a full 40 mins after the first two! What it did do was create incredible interest around the streets of that part of London - particularly when we were all together - with hordes of tourists and regular workers stopping in their tracks and watching us go by - literally lining up along the pavements to get a better look - and there must be thousands of phones now filled with short video clips of yellow Lotus. Others will have better pics that will appear idc no doubt but this was (most of) the fleet that assembled at the start in generation order : Baby Elan Sprint; Elan +2 130/5; Elite; Eclat; S2 Esprit; M100 Elan; V8 Esprit; S1 Elise; Exige RGB; Elise 220 Cup; Evora GT410 Sport; Exige Sport 410. I followed Harry Metcalfe around in his Sprint and he was videoing the whole thing so that will presumably be released on his channel at some point, and Lotus had some photographers on a bike with us and static on the mall so hopefully they got some money shots too. It was such a laugh to see the public's reaction we all did another quick run up to Parliament Square and back before the evening show started. There was what seemed like genuine interest from some of the "big names" (I didn't know any except MJK!), journos and other hangers on as they arrived for their presentation. But of the ones that spoke to me, they shared surprisingly little knowledge of the Lotus back catalogue - given their professional involvement and presumed interest in automobilia. It was a privilege to help enlighten them! Just awesome to be given the chance to have a tiny involvement in such an event - the grin will stay with me for a very long time...
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    I sometimes wonder how it is to live a life looking for things to be upset about.
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    I'll have mine sound like this, just to annoy folks
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    Had a bit of company yesterday
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    Just to say I'm delighted to have purchased this car. Saw it yesterday and was really impressed with the car, the owner James and South West Lotus in general. Just wish they were closer to Maidenhead.
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    Links should work now. I'll pop it on youtube in the morning for the non-fbers!
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    Hi Folks, Thought it only polite to say “Hi” and to share a pic or five of my new car bought from Central Lotus in Nottingham. This is my first Lotus and I am thrilled with it. I hope to share my experiences as I rack up the miles with a big road trip planned for early October through France to enjoy the Spanish and Andorran Pyrenees roads. Thanks in anticipation for all of your welcomes and assistance as I get to grips with this great marque. Oh, and how about this, I observed the speedo with 130 miles recorded on the day that the Evija, Type 130 was launched. Cheers all Joe
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    might be picking a little something up for the weekend tomorrow......
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    Massively more downforce and weighs about the same as a Ford Focus RS. Neither Batista nor Rimac Concept Two are aiming for much downforce and weigh closer to a Bentley Continental. So with more power, a lot less weight, huge downforce and Lotus handling it should be in a different class altogether around corners. In that respect it’s unique for a road legal EV.
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    At the Royal Horticultural Society in Victoria. Guest were first invited to Sea Containers Hotel and transported over in the Lotus Double Decker! Very impressive evening to be fair, very professional throughout.
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    Things change. Colin Chapman didnt just stick to making a Lotus 7 She sits in the seat next to you! buddsy
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    If a new Esprit ever happens it will be very expensive and a long way off. Best to enjoy the old one and wait and see what Lotus comes out with next. We wouldn’t have an Esprit if Lotus had been hung up on nostalgia. It was very bold and resolutely forward looking. The Evija is the shape of things to come and looks to be taking Lotus places beyond Dany Bahar’s wildest dreams!
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    Wow just wow. And no, it owes nothing to Woking, if anything Woking owes Hethel... the 130 looks stunning whereas to me the 720 and Senna look meh - the Senna just looks chaotic design wise in my eyes. Well done Lotus. You have absolutely made my year with that piece of wonderful art and engineering.
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    Hello Everyone, Is there a buying guide for the Sprint FHC? Do you see something strange in that engine bay and underneath? I think the HT leads should go down in the middle of the intake plenum pipes and the green paint of the engine is a bit weird, and a few bushings need to be changed underneath (anti-roll bar for instance) but apart from this that doesn't look too bad, does it? Thanks in advance!
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    Hi All, Is it possible to remove the wing mirror caps/covers for painting? If yes, what is the process pls and how easy is it? Thx Joe
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    Awww, really? It's notoriously hard (for the car too) to do a proper 0-100 acceleration test, though. But I can't really comment since I haven't tried myself anyway. Maybe they tried in the void!?
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    Initial looks impressive until you really look closely, let's hope its not the same guys painting these who did my Exige which was shocking and had to rectified by a detailer straight away. Looking at the pictures It looks like more parts bin items used, and again whoever is on quality control needs a trip to Specsavers, if these faults can be seen from low resolution videos what is it going to be like up close... and this is described as the show car... Comments form the head of design,, "A form of luxury" " Certainly a car like this everything has to exquisite in there" "When you pay this sort of money you expect everything to be very very special" 2 million really
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    Tyres being a big thing at that level of performance. McLaren reckon with the Speedtail, above 250mph the tyres required would make the ride far too harsh to fulfill it's GT, hyper car brief.
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    I was taking the piss I can barely afford the Exige, but still make it work with careful spending
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    (in a nutshell, he likes it but would rather have a ... V8 Esprit — jealous of R. Hammond owning one apparently )
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    Currently upside down and spinning around rather slowly at the Saatchi Gallery, Kings Road, London as part of their SWEET HARMONY: RAVE | TODAY exhibition. Peace and love, man.
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    How very strange! OKay will respond to your PM now
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    Don't think any Elan left the factory with galvanized chassis, but a replacement would have been. The cylinder head will have a raised boss with a Z stamped on it next to cylinder number 1 spark plug if it's a genuine big valve head. My '74 Europa had an alternator but I don't know about Elans. The carbs should be bolted on with plain nuts & Thackery washers, not nylocks & they look overtightened with no gap for the O rings. As you say the green painted cylinder head looks odd, otherwise from what I can see in the pics all looks well. Good luck
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    Think should be fine to just do the front if that’s all that’s knocking. I believe Hoffmans only replaced the front on my car couple years back when they had it in for servicing.
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    We have a new shed and adequate equipment to comply with the terms of delivery! if you want we can arrange orders with set dates, if we don't respect them we discount the piece we are here to work and improve for an excellent service! best regards
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    Yes quite - and I'm countering their opinion, not yours
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    Key issues of the car, hopefully the lotus factory can answer those urgent requests so we can start thinking of which color to order the car into. - number plate: j assume there will be a hologram displaying it, can you confirm? - ground clearance? I need to park my car over a slightly shallow curb. Can the car be raised with a button? - cup holders obviously? - golf clubs? Do they go in the front or the back? - can you confirm 50-50 is available? In fact, can you make it 99-1? - Batteries, does the alarm drain it in 2 weeks like on my Evora? otherwise all good and clear I believe ps. Did people notice they reverted to Pirellis? Does it mean something for other models?
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    I really don't think we'll see a new car bearing the name Esprit anytime soon but having thought about it, what a time to re-introduce the 4 cyl turbo supercar?!
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    @Colin67 have an epic time at Spa, I can’t wait to go back! My exhaust is the Titanium one which I think might be the loudest OEM version. I popped a vid in the Picture thread. I'm confident the Hangar 111 kit will get me through the Snet noise police. Got to keep the noise down for the Pigs (actual pigs in the fields - I’m local in Suffolk )
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    "the range of cars we have now runs from the mid £50,000s to well over £100,000 and we see our core future models, apart from our new Hypercar, as continuing to be in the that range" ^ This!!!
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    Bibs. Any news on when The Lotus Forums long term test car will be arriving?
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    When are they going to announce the draw date? Or are they trying to make it into a classic by dragging it on?
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    There is a whole realness in the design with lots of LOTUS design DNA love it, advanced without being wacky. To me the weight at 1600kgs is a benchmark. That’s the same as most “light” GTs The range is acceptable at 240 Miles and 18 minutes ? Charge. I can also see the next Esprit in there. But this time with the Williams hybrid Powertrain from the C-X75.
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    Lovely Design, good proportion and that interior is also very smart. A beauty. That promise much for the next coming Elise, Exige and Esprit. Bravo!
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    This should really be in he next Bond film - move over Aston
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    I piggy-backed my dash cam supply onto the input into the HU on my S1. Seems reliable and neat. Hope this helps, Steve
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    I may not be a contender for the top prize, but I at least want to be a credible entrant. My ‘97 V8 is entered in this event on Saturday, 20 July. The competition is always quite stiff. Here’s my progress so far. Little things take so much time. The windscreen reservoir had the original (!) fluid in it. It was quite spoilt and the bottle was dirty and showed the unattractive ecosystem that had formed inside. Two hours to empty the bottle, clean it inside and out, then install fresh fluid. And I really don’t have that kind of time on my hands ...
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    3 things the Evora needs to make it an up to date tourer. Proper climate control. Decent sound system ( Double din slot size is fine by me, upgradeable then for the HU) Electric self dipping/shading rear view mirror, how hard can it be? ( answer, easy, I've fitted one) Cup hoders are for wuss's and children, neither are allowed in my Evora.
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    My impression is that the GT is being wll received here in the States. 400s that were languishing unsold on lots since the US introduction seem to be disappearing form the market so it feels like they have hit bottom and are rebounding here as the value/price equation has reached critical mass. Despite the heavy discounts on the left overs (now mostly sold) the new model is being seen as good value if (IMO) you use restraint when ticking off boxes on the order form. Yet I think enthusiasts see them as worth a bit of a splurge even if you are a bit lavish with some of the options. I think we can agree it's an appealing spec for the money and builds on the increasingly positive sentiments that are finally taking root amongst enthusiasts here, even non-Lotus centric enthusiasts. Just a year ago it seemed months between new car acquisitions in the states. These days, a new person seems to announce having discovered the joys of the 4xx series ownership by putting money where mouth is every day. The market will miss these, simple, honest and endearing cars when they are gone but for the time being we have the best standard edition Evoras yet. I adore my 400 but and will probably keep it and make it even "more mine" as the years elapse but can't deny that I want a GT!
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    Hi all, thankyou very much for your kind thoughts and messages. As a nice ending to this tale I can confirm my GT3 has been sold. As you will know it was just as important to me personally who bought it as how much it went for, and it has gone to just about the best person I can ever think of in more ways than one. I don't think he will mind me mentioning his name (as he said the car will probably be even more famous in publicity pics in the future) but it was bought by long-standing Lotus staffer Gavan Kershaw, Director of Lotus Cars (Vehicle Attributes) and all-round Lotus-Nutcase-for-Life. As he knew about the circumstances behind the sale Gavan organised a day out at the factory. I delivered the car to him and in return he treated me and my wife to an incredible few laps of the track as a passenger in an Evora 430, a guided tour of the lines by another Lotus hero, Richard Rackham, and a meeting with Clive Chapman who let us look around the Classic workshops. I haven't worn as big a smile in many months I can tell you, and my deepest thanks go out to all involved. I must say the amount of interest the GT3 generated at the factory was extraordinary, even when mixed in with the current exotica. Fifth Gear were nearby filming some retrospective on the Elise and you could see them looking at it - who knows maybe they will do an Esprit vid soon? Another factory staffer has recently bought a red GT3 which featured in some corporate press photographs of a new director, and that owner was the one who persuaded Gavan to take the plunge. Actually Gavan told me he bought the first production press car, also orange, when it was released so he's no stranger to them. Lotus guru Scott Walker who is now a senior staffer inspected the GT3 long and hard and pronounced it a "good'un". I must admit was a bit apprehensive when Gavan asked to take it out on the road for a test drive but must admit he drove just like me, i.e. like a pensioner! He says he gets quite enough speed on the track and takes it easy on the roaad, very wise. All in all one of the most memorable days of my life. To top it off we went for a quiet drink in local pub to calm down later that evening and just happened to pick the night of the monthly Lotus meeting at the Bird in Hand - hello Owen! I must admit I did get a bit emotional when time came to hand the keys over. When thinning out the history file I came across some pics of the car on the driveway, you know the sort, when the kids bikes are on the garden, all the plants are half as high as they are now, and you realise just how much your special car has become woven into the fabric of your life and your family. But time moves on and I can tell you parting with a car does not even register compared to parting with one of your children. I may get back into Lotus ownership one day - it occurred to me when experiencing all these amazing things that I would not be allowed on site at the next factory event and would be lucky to be allowed in on the park and ride bus! I might have to cadge a lift from one of you lot as a passenger!
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    Finally, after 5-6 weeks the new Eltech front acces panel arrived and got installed. I just want to share some infos with you as it´s not a plug and play install. I like the quality of the carbon and the "V" form of the carbon fibre, just like OEM. So if anyone considers buying it, here´s the installation manual Step 1: Remove the original panel and the front grill. The grill is only fixed with 4 screws. I also removed the clips that hold the screws so they won´t fall down somewhere. Step 2: Remove the front wheels and the whell arch liners. Look for the plastic screws so you don´t destroy them. Remove the one metal screw and take the upper part of the wheel arch liner out. Then remove the 4 screws that hold the remaining plastic cover on each side. Install the wheel arch liners and wheels again. Step 3: Now that the original panel is completely removed. Try to fit the new panel. In my case, it didn´t fit, so we had to use a dremel to remove some milimeters of the left and right notch where the original three pins of the grill would fit in. Step 4: Remove the upper left and right pins and the rod for the lock from the original panel. You´ll have to use new screws for the small 2 pins as the original ones don´t fit. Think it were four M5 screws needed. Widen the wholes in the brackets to make the new screws fit. Haven´t taken pictures of this step unfortunately. Step 5: Fit some Screws with washers to the two holes in front of the new panel. In my case, we had to replace the rubber things too as I lost two of three of the original parts. They are really loose.. Step 6: Don´t forget to place a rubber cushion/bumper or so on the panel where the switch for the alarm is placed. If you don´t there is a good chance that the alarm is triggered even when the panel is in place. Step 7: Fit the new panel and take a picture
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    Collected this morning, still quite quick at running in speeds! Am going to have to get the exhaust valve override button fitted, far too civilised below 4500rpm
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    The detailer who did the polishing and PPF on my GTE shortly after delivery said the paintwork was better than most new cars he sees. They still find imperfections though. It all depends how OCD you are. Unfortunately I am very.
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    We have a thread on here called what made you happy today and after reading your last post you have not only made me happy today, it’s the best post and the most positive I have had the pleasure of reading this year. Like you I can not wait for the next generation of cars and for sure motoring journalists and the general public will wonder where lotus have been hiding for the last 20years.
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    Steve's comment about mounting one on the body and then rotating 180 degrees is basically as per my original post. I do remember now that the bushes and housings are two separate items, I had forgotten that until I read the above. I think as Steve mentions it is trial and error but I would start with the large pins which house the bonnet brackets, that will give you an easy indicaton - if the brackets are crooked then you know they are wrong. Nothing is easy or straightforward on these cars!

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