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    I absolutely loved this. Nice one Greg!
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    It looks good with a bit of colour on it: From:
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    From Pistonheads: someone has called out the usual PH anti-Lotus negativity: PH'er Otolith: "Really, all the negativity round here, and it could be avoided with one small styling change."
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    What I really need now is an Elan..... off to ask the missus
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    Russell has a team of people who work for him, it's not just him there although he is Director of Design. Barney Hatt was lead on the interior and Anthony Bushell (who was sat in front of where I was filming on Tuesday with Louis Kerr) the exterior.
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    I seem to be stuck in a quagmire. Since the engine went in not a lot has happened. I have split the engine and gearbox to put the missing dowel in, but the dowel didn't fit! I now have the correct one coming. The clutch hose won't fit the new clutch slave cylinder. I need to order a male male connector. The only trouble is which one? Nothing is easy on these. Once the dowel is done I can start to progress again. Now I have turned the car around its starting to look like a finished car!
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    So I actually said to my son the other day ( mother in the shower) I really want a 410 Sport in Military Grey but I will need to sell the Esprit. Now discussing stuff with a 14 year old is usually a bit meh, he came into the kitchen sat down (Instead of standing there doing his hair and being cocky) and I am quoting, he said, “ you can never sell the Esprit, you promised that to me, sell Mums car”
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    What makes me happy is thinking about all the smiling faces on the shop floor at Hethel the day after the launch, they must be some of the happiest people on the planet at the moment, after some difficult times for them over the last few decades thinking it could be there turn for there P45. Well the future looks very bright for them now and good luck to them they deserve it.
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    Eldest son graduated on Wednesday and Thursday gets confirmation of job he really wanted after a long interview process. Chuffed to bits for him.
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    I remember years ago, Graham Arnold at Club Lotus confirmed that the Eclat, & Elite were made to run on unleaded fuel from day 1. However, as with others on here, I only use Shell V Power , or other manufactures higher octane. I too have heard the stories about supermarket fuel. Why take the risk with your beloved Lotus?
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    I searched and found the following code too for a further 15% off... ALLENATR15F Happy days.
  12. 2 points £49 currently, down from £227!
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    As George says....... Very very easy Regove front grille (4 Screws) Remove 2 x 8mm bolts (13mm spanner) Remove/replace tow eye Refit 8mm bolts x2 Refit front grille Job done
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    They're shift lights! If you've got the sport pack, make sure you press the sport button and you don't see then 'til a little later up the rev range too.
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    Well @C8RKH I can confirm it’s missing cup holders and the sat nag dont work.... typical bloody lotus. what an absolute hoot to drive. What’s with these red ring things that flash up on the Rev counter?? Am I supposed to collect them like the old sega days with sonic the hedgehog?
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    Yes that sort of thing Yes left here 40 minutes ago...
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    MJK was asked what he thought Colin would think of the Evija - He said that he thought Colin would love to own one!
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    I really don't think we'll see a new car bearing the name Esprit anytime soon but having thought about it, what a time to re-introduce the 4 cyl turbo supercar?!
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    I'm actually quite liking this. From the front it is very similar to an Evora 400. It has the targa/open roof the Evora should have had 8 years ago. Hmmm....
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    Looks pretty damn good actually! Fair play for that man
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    3 Great Sounding Rooms For Tomorrow’s PMC Fact Signature Launch Event! Hi Everyone, I really don’t know where the time goes but we’ve been setting up since 7am this morning and now at 6pm we are nearly finished getting everything ready for tomorrow’s PMC Speakers Fact Signature Launch event and I have to say we have 3 brilliant sounding rooms, these new Fact Signatures are seriously good, please see an overview of each room below. All we need now is for the weather to actually realise it is summer as we are still ploughing ahead for a BBQ tomorrow Room One - Fact.8 Signatures I’ve got a real soft spot for the original Fact.8′s, they really are quite unique and the Signature iteration seem to have taken them up another level, I can see it will be a late night tonight. For this system we are running a Melco N1ZH into the Chord Electronics M Scaler and Hugo TT2 combo into the PMC Cor amplifier, this system really is singing. Room 2 - Fact.12 Signatures I run the original Fact.12′s at home so really looking forward to sitting down and getting to know the new Signatures, for this system we are running them on a full Naim 500 System, there has always been a great synergy between PMC and Naim and this certainly continues with this system. Room 3 - Fact Fenestria’s I know these are not really part of the launch event but they are part of the Fact range and if you’ve got them sitting around then why not fire them up, these really are incredible speakers and to help get them really singing we are driving them with a pair of the incredible Bryston 28B3 Mono’s fed by a dCS Rossini and Audio Research Reference 6 Pre, very nice indeed. Anyway we’ll be kicking off around 10 am tomorrow so look forward to seeing everyone during the day. Cheers, Paul.
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    Hi Fabian, You might find this interesting. It's an approved supercar list from the 2013 Goodwood Festival of Speed. The Esprit and Evora S are included but it's some of the Porsche models such as the 928 that are excluded which is surprising. Brendan 2013-fos-approved-supercar-list-final.pdf
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    Car show this Sunday, actually it is more a village fete with plenty of stalls, brass band etc. At Horam near Heathfield West Sussex starts at 12...30 so get there for 11.30/12.00. No need to book, just turn up, usually about 50 cars all different makes, a nice day out. Just had a weeks holiday, did about 600miles in the daily driver. A 180K Merc. which was fine, everything you need, auto (good for creeping round the M25, A/C, Cruise, very quiet ride, good brakes, yes it was just fine. Went to top up the Lotus with fuel for Sunday and go for a run. Jeez, this thing just brings a big smile on my face whenever I drive it. It is running superbly (always has actually). Awesome! Long may it continue!
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    Perhaps a firmware update for the ICE unit will help. It's not hard to do. If not that a simple factory reset may help. In the settings menu.
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    Barry I had severe chattering when I fit the kit to my S4. The reason ended up being I did not have the one way valves installed correctly and far enough away from the pump. If I remember the most important was to have a one way valve between the booster and the pump, The fluctuations from the booster caused the sensor switch to trip. I was not following Ian's instructions closely - because i knew better Double check those 1 way valves.
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    Afternoon everyone, We've recently interviewed one of our clients on importing his Classic American Car. We thought this may be of interest to some of you, so read more here: Many Thanks Leah Burt AIB Insurance 02380 268351
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    Ah thanks! I did find the dims in the end on individual bag pages... Holdall (S6) – Dimensions: 50x28x23cm Backpack (S8) Dimensions: 38x50x20cm Backpack (F12) Dimensions: 28x45x11cm Good find!
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    For some reason I saw that pic and thought of this
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    Wait til there's a notch on the temp gauge before you press sport, give the engine and running gear a chance to warm before you go launching it up some country lane!
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    I'm planning to join in the Raglan Run this Sunday, in my 2012 Elise. My passenger seat is currently empty. Anyone interested, try to persuade me to take you? :-) My expectations of you: dress warmly, as I'll try to keep the roof off, unless it is looking like or actually raining. A cap helps. don't make a mess pay for your own lunch What you can expect from me: it's only a 1600, so I don't drive excessively fast, but I do corner briskly when it is safe I like getting to know people, so I might ask questions - answers are up to you no radio or other music - the exhaust note is sufficient If anyone else has a seat spare, feel free to offer it in this thread. Speak up if you like a ride. We're keen to allow others to enjoy the fun.
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    Good luck wiht the haggle. I agree with the above - shipping a Salisbury 7HA from the UK would be a lot easier than trying to fabricate a new arrangement to take a different diff. It has been done before, with Dan's race using an Atlas diff and Spyder grafting a Jag IRS in, but Spder chanegd the entire chassis to achieve this. Keep it standard with a Salisbury. :-)
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    The design team has done a brilliant job. A car that looks like at Lotus and, above all, is pleasing to the eye (unlike the AM Valkyrie and Mclaren Senna). A proper bedroom wall poster car. I'm also impressed with the interior and am relieved that they have avoided silly touch screens when what works best for the driver are proper buttons and knobs. Just need to start saving up my £2m now.
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    Thanks mate, thought it would be the case (never used one). I may need one soon.
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    It is this sort of thing that will bring other work to Hethel. Engineering etc.
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    Now that’s what I call service @Seriouslylotus! Thanks very much. Hopefully it’s easy to swap out the damaged one for the new?
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    Besides the rears are very accessible anytime you do an oil change.
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    Hi All, Today I attacked the one remaining nut that was preventing the nearside tank from coming out. Despite copious amounts of WD40 it still refused to turn and started to round off so I gave up on being nice. There was no room to get a nut splitter but my grinder did the job. Undid filler hose, breather and fuel line from the tank, moved the seatbelt out of the way and out the tank came... I also pulled out the fuel pump and all the hoses, so basically the whole fuel system apart from the hard line which is clipped to the chassis under the bulhead and the flowlock valve... ...As the car has been off the road for who knows how long I'm replacing everything in the picture just for peace of mind. Next job is a clean up of the engine bay including sorting out that dodgy wiring
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    Quite a bit going on so I'd better get into it. Since May I had a really enjoyable trip to Lotus in the Peak. Some beautiful driving roads and great to see so many Lotus models together in one place. The weather held all day too, which was a bonus. Then earlier this week I was lucky enough to be selected to take part in the Lotus Evija launch, as they wanted a yellow example of Lotus models throughout the ages. Bit of a trek to get there: 190 miles and a 4-hour drive each way, including one hour stop-almost stop-stop in London traffic. On the motorway at a steady 70mph the temp gauge stayed at 90 degrees and sometimes just starting to go a little over before dropping down to 90 again. Might be the voltage stabiliser but might be the engine getting a little too warm for my liking. Think I might invest in a new thermostat and gasket to make sure I'm covered there. But it was the London traffic on a beautifully sunny (and hot) day that had me watching the temp gauge almost constantly. Radiator fans were on constantly and the needle stayed just a needlewidth above 90; pretty pleasing though. Got to the venue and spotted a few other Lotus parked up, got into position, let out a sigh and turned the car off. Tried to turn the radiator fan off but the switch (the spare Lucas switch that's in my centre console) didn't really want to turn off. Pulled the switch out of the console so I could remove a wire from the back of it, and that's when the fun started! By fun I mean smoke. Smoke suddenly started pouring out of the centre console area and from the engine bay. PANIC!!! Grabbed the fire extinguisher but in this case there was smoke without fire (see what I did there?!). Alas, the radiator wiring between battery and switch had basically become ash. I know, I know... a much better way would be to use relays etc. I know this now and have worked out a much better and safer setup (see diagram below) To be fair, everyone there was awesome in helping out, both Lotus staff and other owners. They found where I could get a few things to get the fans working again and I set off on foot. Missed the Lotus drive around London as I needed to make some repairs, but I hardwired the fan to the battery so that I could get home. The car covered another 190 miles and other than nearly becoming an inferno just as I pulled up outside the launch event (still embarrassed about it now), the car didn't really skip a beat. The long trip seems to have taken a bit of a toll on it though, and there are a few things I need to look into. Fan wiring. Car's not going anywhere until that's all set up in a proper manner. I hate car electrics but need to embrace my hatred. Thermostat and gasket. Should be a relatively quick switch once I get some extra coolant, but nothing's ever simple! Headlight vacuum system. Prior to this week, the vacuum system was on point and headlights would stay down for 12-13 hours (i.e. factory spec). On arriving in London, it's decided to start losing vacuum after a couple of hours. A simple vacuum system but it's going to be a long process to diagnose as it's such a small leak. Rear diff seems to be leaking a little more than I'd like. Replaced the output shaft seal on the passenger side a few years back but need to have a look this weekend to see where this one is coming from. So good times, but plenty to do now.
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    Yes I am fully aware its a very troubling time - I love all my three kids - just dunno which one to sell off first
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    Yeah, from what I've seen, anytime this year is far too early. (Though I don't want to derail the topic lol)
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    So, finally been completely off the fags for 5 weeks now.. Been using 0mg juices, so nicotine free for 5 weeks too.. I keep losing the taste of my everyday fluid after several days, so I'm using 2 different (all day) fluids which I alternate every 3-4 days... Which helps to a certain degree... Someone suggested rinsing my mouth with lemon juice to reset my taste buds.. What other solutions are there and what are you guys & girls doing??
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    Anyone here is completely free to dislike the Evija or any other Lotus. If they dislike all Lotus cars and people I would suggest that there are better places to spend their spare time. Criticism is welcome here. I particularly dislike the way that Porsche GT products are completely beyond criticism from car journalists and in general online. So I wouldn't like to see that with Lotus cars, if anything the people who believe they are the voice of reality should be making sure that balance is brought there I would have thought. The imbalance is far greater. As you can see anyone is also free to nitpick and try to undermine the posts of some very well informed people here too. But they have to accept how it looks to reasonable minded people. Twisting what has been written to suit a personal gripe, agenda or strange assumption about someone is not OK and very different from carefully thought out criticism. TLF will never be negative enough for some and that's fine as there's another website for them. It's going too far to make it your mission to change the tone of this place too based on some pretty extreme and unfounded assumptions. For anyone else who subscribes to the narrative that TLF is for blinkered, deluded, fawning fanboys they might like to know that a lot of posts have been removed to the benefit of the more critical posters on here. I don't like everything about the Evija, I'm not very keen on the name or the square shaped steering wheel for a start but the bigger picture here is utterly astonishing. To be arguing about by how many seconds the Evija will be the fastest car with number plates on is hilariously missing the point that it's set to be the fastest ever accelerating car with number plates on. Chapman was hugely audacious and ambitious. He didn't know his place in F1. But the 'garagistes' had the last laugh. It's great to see Lotus showing that kind of audacity again. Let the naysayers scoff! It's all part of the great Lotus tradition.
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    Whilst we should all be realistic over the brand I find it somewhat amusing that on a forum dedicated to the marque there are so many that wish to pick holes in everything that the company attempts to do.
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    Must be a quiet night over at the playground!
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    Well we did go a day with out people ripping it to bits, after all the glowing reviews world wide, sadly we are back to pointless negativity and even more sad it’s coming a lotus enthusiast forum.
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    Yes, all registered and original number back on the car. Struggling with instrumentation, which is hindering progress with the binnacle and remaining glass. But virtually there. Apart from a retrim, which will have to wait until funds allow.

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