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    So I was contacted by Scott Walker a couple of months ago to ask if I’d be interested in having my car exhibited at a show in London? I said yes in principle but could he let me know a bit more about the show, so he then put me in touch with the exhibitors. Turned out it was only Eon Productions and their Bond In Motion exhibition! My car is now proudly covering for Wet Nellie until September, when she returns from a world tour - super chuffed to have been asked
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    So after being made an offer I couldn’t refuse by Ken at Snows Lotus, I picked up my new GT410 Sport this morning. Felt like a child at Christmas picking it up. Even though this is my third Evora it is still a buzz! First impressions are really good, even in running-in mode the car feels livelier and more purposeful than the 400. Ride is still excellent and although there is no doubt it has a much tauter feel it is by no means uncomfortable. Looking forward to more miles tomorrow!
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    Couple more shots from yesterday. Had a great day driving around the South Coast. Managed to get a mix of roads to play on. Even only using up to 3000 revs the car pulls hard. The ride is noticeably tauter and stiffer compared to the 400, the car corners flatter and grips like there is epoxy on the tyres. But the ride is still comfortable. Biggest difference is how people respond to the car. The 400 always got noticed and looked at. This 410 is another level above that. We had cars pulling up along side us on the motorway just to wave and give thumbs up and then drop back to let us pull ahead. People in the street stopping and saying how beautiful the car was. All rather flattering. My thanks to Ken who organised everything, I hadn’t even test driven a 410 before I picked it up.
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    Using the dedicated ‘classifieds’ section would make it even easier:
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    Funny tax that one. Was put in place to protect the Australian Car Manufacturing Industry. What car manufacturing industry?
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    It's from the underside of the splitter to the floor
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    Thanks, I was quite pleased with the result
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    Changing those wheels to the colour you did on that car @MAG was a major triumph!! They set the body colour off so well
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    White works really well with the carbon parts & black wheels. It seems to suit the Evora in particular. Stunning looking car! Health to drive!
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    Maybe it’s the “James Bond Lotus” effect!!
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    Epic* *At least you took the right one!
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    Hi to all, The plan now for the Elite is to run some redex through the engine and then put in a couple of gallons of premium petrol and see what it does, CO is currently 5.58 and HC 2500, LAMBDA 1.105, this after using the color tune to set the mixtures The Éclat is running at CO 2.16 and HC 1320, LAMBDA 1.282, as they the same engine and carbs, going to use this as bench mark to aim for. Watch this space, John Neil, I didn't answer your question, it looks like the remains of some blue paper towel I used to put in the inlets when I took off the inlet manifold, it was to stop getting bits of dirt in the cylinders. You can see it in one of the earlier posts. John
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    Just out in Hamburg at a DeLorean event, complete with various cars from BTTF and a remote controlled DeLorean which was cool, a lot of work.
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    Nah, went over to the dark side for Boat moving duties. Diesel Estate. I feel dirty but it had to be done.
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    Courtesy of classicrevivalphot
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    @Jcx, thank you for the kind words even for a very not clean car Standard suspension with unchanged from the factory geo. I wanted full alignment to be done last year, but it was literally impossible to make the guy running service in B&C to do the paid job (crazy, I think - one of the reasons I have no intention to service it there ever again). She's due to get new tyres (new set of PSC2 sits in the garage) and full geo sometime rather soon.
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    Yep had a ‘track based’geo done,which resulted in adjusting camber....apparently geo is not the best straight out of the factory standard suspension......for now!!
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    Sorry for the mistake guys but on my first post I have attached two pics of another car not mine, you can see the differences in the front boot, sorry.
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    Great colour for a GT410 - bravo! And those wheels!
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    Stunning and very rare in white. Great choice. Congrats.
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    Silverstone Classic show, the R part of Yokohama stand to show off their tyres. Yokohama were great hosts.
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    This is how the step plate infront of the gear lever works....the positions are approximate to explain how it functions. The crossgate cable and push rod have to be adjusted to achieved fifth gear just before the step and reverse when the lever is lifted over the step.
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    Like driving miss Daisy
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    Hi to all, spitting and backfiring solved. a photo speaks a thousand words. these bits were found in the colortune which we used this afternoon. Ran the engine with no.2 plug out and had a black confetti shower, I going to stand in the corner and hang my head in shame, still got high HC & CO but car running well. Work in progress as they say. John
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    Car left the factory in Gold A04 color but sadly was not for me, I love Essex blu, it’s rich and fabolous when light change.
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    Et voilà!!! One year of bodywork but the photos speaks for me! Gorgeous Essex Blu in all his glory . My effort has been
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    If your happy that you have no vacuum leaks, your ignition wires are all measuring correcty, and that the dizzy cap and rotor arm are fine, try this one from leftfield: try richening it up a bit. Although this sounds stupid for countering a high HC score, if you've gone too lean on a cylinder, it wont catch at idle, resulting in unburnt mixture going down the exhaust. Also, check that the choke is returning properly.
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    More about the sound.. E31DDF12-111D-42EC-98BB-D324B1F8D243.MP4 And one more.. This was day two of RMA Belgium double header at Spa then Zolder. 840E24FC-8C4F-41BC-A024-6BB81148AFF3.MP4
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    Name: Lotus Evora 400 Click to view: Lotus Evora 400
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    For those that have asked for a closer look at the rear plate mount/ rear bumper over-riders, here's a close up.
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    Impromptu Sunset Photo
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    Couple of pictures from a nice run out after meeting the lovely LEGS folks for brekkie at the Anglers Inn in Guildtown, Perthshire. I needed to leave early to support my wife who was doing a cycling event but managed to get parked up in some nice spots
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    900 miles at the weekend, mainly based around the NC500 route in Scotland. Excellently organised by the team at Rev. Limits. Some pictures of my car from the event.
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    Friend made me some last minute decals, ready for a show tomorrow. Always wondered how it would look so had a go. The Lotus on the wing is a pain in the arse to photograph. No angle makes it look 100% as it follows both the curve and shape of the wing - being wider in the middle by the T, and curving up at the top if the letters. I can assure you they are all correct and straight, we spent an hour making sure and tweaking - its an illusion. If you take a photo from the left by the L the U looks wonky as hell. If you take a photo by the S then the L looks wonky. Bit mind bending. Matches my tyre writing nicely I can hear George's rage from here about my brown wheels too...
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    Lost our beautiful English setter Leia this morning so difficult to even type this.

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