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    And back to 4 wheels as I infiltrate the Italian car meet.........again.
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    Yep all dog positions are fixed by the bolt in the shaft detent. The long fork which positions the reverse gear is one of the only things you can set. It can move rotationally and longditudinally. So all I need to do is mark the position on the reverse shaft. Loosen the bolts and rotate the dog to verticle. Then tighten the bolts. Job done! Maybe this explains why reverse is a problem for so many. The fork position may be wrong making reverse selection difficult or impossible. I suppose the bolts could come loose and slip over time. Especially with enthusiastic drivers heaving on the gearstick! I look forward to a very refined gearchange on this car!
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    Was great to meet you Greg, and following you on track was just awesome! I'll add you to the provisional list, we're really close now, but as with all things with suppliers, it's the final hurdles which take the most time. We had to make an angle change on the first prototype (the one which was on my car at the trackday) which took some time, and I've now decided I want the ball joint to be totally solid. On the prototype it's connected using a screw thread, and with permanent thread lock, this should be solid, but I want to go that extra step and use a small bit of ali weld on the underside to make sure that it can't move. I'm sure the people buying them will appreciate the extra care being taken, and some small delays are less important than getting the perfect finished product IMO.
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    I've got to breathe some life into the Guitar Chat forum on here! Luckily, I've just released a new solo album. That oughta do the trick. For the last couple of years I've written and recorded a whole heap of songs which has culminated in Traction Control - 12 tracks of instrumental goodness, unfettered by any commercial objectives or the like. Basically, I've recorded the album I wanted to record, without holding back or compromising. The joys of having music as a hobby. Anyhow, a lot of talented people helped me see this monster through to completion, and though it is a guitar album, there's something on it for everyone. Here's a link to Bandcamp where all the material can be streamed (Spotify and other digital outlets are due to follow shortly): Enjoy, and let me know what you think! I strongly recommend jumping in at the shallow end (Echo, Sleeping in Light) before listening to the rest of the material which can get...intense... at times. (If anyone has any tips on embedding the player here I'd be grateful!)
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    Miles. Bar the first 8k, all mine. 7 years.
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    I’m in no rush to change, so go ahead and order what you’d like
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    Cross-drilled disks are not really a good choice for active real use of the car, I'd always go for slotted brake disks in any performance car (and will do so once current stock disks are done). You've been lucky with this crack, fingers crossed for the luck to continue. Worth mentioning that holes and slots are normally not really for cooling, but for removal of the gasses from the face of the brake pad under hard use
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    I don't think all is lost. I managed to fit a shim between the nut plate and the body with the fuel tank in place on my 84 turbo. If you look under the fuel tank there is a large 15cm hole in the bodywork under the tank where the fuel breather exits. You may be able to feel in here and get to the nut plate with your hands of a magnet on a stick. Failing that you can remove the engine bay trim that covers the fuel tank and get a magnet on a stick down this way. You should then be able to reach down the gap between the tank and and body to hold the nut plate in place whilst you screw into it. You need to keep an eye out for any shims that go between the nut plate, the metal insert and the body, if you dont refit these when you tighten the door catch you will crack the body. good luck but I think you can do it just without removing the tank. C43
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    Any chance you can access the base of the tank area through the bulkhead speaker hole? On the G cars (unlike the Stevens) the speaker sits in the tank void. You may have a speaker enclosure in the way if it's a factory fit speaker but worth a look.
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    Yep, compression adjustment is on the remote reservoirs, not sure if you can get to the rebound adjusters
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    So it is the rotation of the shaft on the long fork which is wrong, as the dog is a fixed position on the shaft.
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    Let me know if you need any other angles - That box was in my car for last 5 years or so, just removed as 5th gear starting to whine a little
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    Think I may have a solution! The manual says the notch in the operating dog on the reverse shaft should be verticle. I used the manual and a combination of the pictures I took to reassemble the box. I think the above picture shows the reverse shaft was incorrectly assembled. When I bought it as a non runner it was impossible to select reverse. I put it down to cable adjustment. Maybe it was put together wrong! As the rebuild emulates this it's also wrong. Just need a picture of a working box to confirm the notched operating dog is verticle and I have a relatively easy fix, fingers crossed! And if this picture above is wrong then my explanation of how reverse works is probably correct! I know it's boring but just something that has to be resolved. Here you go!
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    The Eclat is back... almost! Rear diff oil seal, bearing and o-ring changed, thermostat replaced, and fans rewired. A few things I've noticed whilst I've been working on the electrics today. I suck at anything electrical. I mean, I really suck! know my crimping tool isn't the best but most of my woes today were caused by crimps just falling off as I was doing other things. The cooling panel, whilst stock and supposedly to redirect 1/3 of the airflow to the engine and 2/3 out of the vents, is a pain! It takes up so much space at the front of the engine bay. Until I've confirmed everything is good after driving then it'll stay off. Debating whether I'll put it back or not. The lower radiator pipe seems to be rubbing against the power steering belt. I'll try to rotate it a little so that there's clearance, but I'm wondering if this pipe is completely stock. Have a look at the pics below and let me know what you think (don't judge me by my intake hose!). I can't see a SJ equivalent for the metal part of the pipe, but it's possible I'm just not finding it.. A new otter switch and my dodgy wiring both seem to be holding up, with the fans being operated automatically, but with a manual switch in the cabin too. Interestingly, the otter switch closes and fans come on when the temp on the temp gauge is about a needlewidth over 90, which makes me think it's readying 8-10 degrees over. Maybe the voltage stabiliser that needs replacing. Need to do a shakedown drive tomorrow after the car's cooled and I've adjusted that lower radiator hose, but looking good so far.
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    If you give me an hour or so - I'll give you pics of 2 working boxes from the top?!!
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    When I got the bonnet there was nothing to attach the gas struts so I made something on my own ,but Matteo can send you some brackets were you can attach the oem gas struts on ,I knew to late that was possible.. No slamming at all , opens very gently.....
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    Didn't the Conservatives field their existing candidate who was prosecuted for an expenses scandal recently which caused the by-election? Doesn't seem like they were interested in winning the seat.
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    Thanks @dixie v6. How do you find the rear visibility?
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    Wish them luck denting a fibreglass car!! They'll take the paint off, or crack it, but they won't put a dent in it!
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    I agree. At a minimum, have your solicitor send a strongly worded letter to both the contractor and your neighbours setting out your claim for the damages arising from unauthorised trespass and resultant damage to your property. In this case the damage to your place was deliberate, not merely negligent. The neighbours should be ultimately responsible or the actions of their contractors and I suspect that by this point the chance of a friendly neighbourhood relationship is well and truly down the shitter in any event.
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    Sue the bastards for destruction of your property. They have and had no right to trample on your garden, they are just being lazy bastards and fuckwits. Any damage caused, plants lost they will have a duty to replace or repair, including your two 6 foot fence panels.
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    Ok I picked up the car this afternoon, from Dan with the shifter installed, the forged wheels with cup 2 tyres, I will make a more extensive feedback tomorow, but bloody hell, this is good, there is no comparison for me, and for the price, it is worth it. It feels insane as a car now, not just a Lotus, but everything feels sooooo good ..... Oh, and the shifter looks awesome.
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    Took me some time to fit them but I believe I bought shorter gas struts or maybe longer :-)
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    Still pleased with both parts , I highly recommend them , I don't have the roof because I like mine with the intake scoop.. I believe my car is also Ardent red....
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    Hi. I have the GRP gt lights. They are smoked so they are road legal. I ordered the following. Option 6, added reflectors, all four lights running lights, brake light outer set and fog lights on the inner set. These are fully road legal for the UK and are plenty bright enough. GRP quality and service has been excellent. Very easy to deal with abs OEM quality finish. Some before and after pictures.
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    You’ll be looked after. Enjoy.
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    Your car looks wonderful.. I’ve just agreed to buy the white 400 that you can see in the distance in your photo!
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    Thanks guys for the welcome! in response to demand here are some pics, should have known better to include first time

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