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    The first production spec mirror stalks are done. This set will be for @alias23!
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    Okay, so spoke to Hangar 111 today and they have now got an EX430 kit in stock as a customer has cancelled their order. This means my upgrade will be imminent as soon as we can get some dates arranged quite excited!
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    Here's my Evora. HKFever side scoops, GRP splitter, hood stripe by local graphics shop, window tint. 3rd cat delete and rear wheel spacers are still on the list, then she's done.
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    Well it’s been a long time since I’ve made an update... things have got very busy of late Today I dropped the car off with Dan at HPE Auto for a few bits of house keeping: - Engine & Diff Oil Change - Oil Filter Change - Pulley Belt Replacement - HPE Mod to rear gear linkage! - Geo & Corner Weight - Track Prep Check Over - Revision to rear wing for more AOA This year I guess I’ve done less on track due to other priorities, but hoping to make the most of the rest of the season, so getting the car in ship shape. Some new upgrades also in the pipe over the next few weeks: - GARW (needs installing) - Full Carbon Enlarged Side Scoops (in build) - GFWilliams x ALIAS23 CNC Mirrors (in the post) As I said it’s been a little busy of late... !
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    Last images from today. Hope y’all enjoy.
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    From what I have read and watched it is a scant evolution of the previous one, so it fails to redefine anything. It does underpin the Evo love of Pork if anyone were still in doubt. I cancelled my subscription years ago because of this sort of BS, its good to see nothing has changed.
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    I find it amazing the blatant scaremongering about Britain going into recession after 1 quarter negative growth and then Germany has 2 and is only on edge of recession! If we had 2 we would be in a recession to end all recessions because of brexit! Not because of us/China trade war! I can hear bloody Phillip Hammond blaming BJ for that also He maybe a loose cannon, but it will end the the bloody brexit saga so we can all move on. If we had left of the 1 June 2016 this would have been all done and dusted
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    My wheels are grey..... So a good compromise
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    Agreed re the tyres against black wheels, but it’s easily fixed with tyre shine.
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    Well finally the bumper came off today, never again do I want to do that job! I've fitted lots of bumper trims in my time, but that has to be one of the worse to remove, so not looking forward to refitting. Some of the last bolts pulled through their holes, so a couple will need repairing on the body, one on the bumper. Most bolts were easy to get to, it's just that they were all rusted making the job difficult. The ones on the corner where you can't get to are the worst, they are bad. I might do some mods to those fittings to make life easier. With the bumper off now, I can start to look at the radiators on the front. With no air con I haven't got to worry about removing that and getting the gas removed. I will work on the back bumpers first before removing the radiators.
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    McLaren 570 do not have the suspension of the 720 or the 12c/650. The latter have hydraulic systems with each corner having spheres (a bit like a 1950s Citroen DS...but updated!) to pump fluid as required to aid road-holding. 540 and 570 have more conventional shocks and springs. In reality, I don't think you can use a McLaren as an everyday car. The door opening system means parking requires a bit of thought, otherwise you cannot get out or worse, you find upon your return you cannot get back in the car if someone has parked too close to you. Certain speed humps and car park entries are a challenge (ideally a McLaren needs the nose lift system, an option). This may be fine for the car obsessive but for another to be using the car with these irritations, it may take the gloss off. A McLaren is still a 'major event car' in my eyes, to be used to make the day extra special. It is a level above an Evora in terms of finish and, of course, power. However, that comes at a price both in terms of initial cost and running costs. More fuel, more expensive servicing and if something does go wrong, it is not cheap. McLaren do warranty up to 12 years, at a price, so a 12c could be called a bargain (sub-£90k) if you want to be near the pinnacle of modern car design from a well-funded manufacturer. The Evora is very special and has the added appeal of normal doors, almost normal egress and access (I am pushing that a bit but better than a McLaren), more luggage space, narrower body, shorter, riding slightly higher, proven 'shopping car' mechanicals (in essence) and cheaper. It is rare, stunning looking, innovative and relatively cheap to run. 276bhp feels fast enough in the real world, 345 must be fab, 400, 410, 430...well, do you need that, perhaps, but can you use it much? So 600bhp plus from a McLaren....good bragging rights but the Evora has enough for 99% of occasions. The Evora is doing exactly what Lotus has done for nearly 70 years: giving those who desire a proper sports car, based on the principles of racing (lightness, handling, steering) at a price that is obtainable to many with low running costs as the mechanicals are from a proven source. This in a package that is beautiful and rare. No other car can compare; 911 is heavy and common, Astons are fat, TVR's don't handle, McLaren's are expensive, Lambo's are Audi's, Nissan GTR et al are more straight-line honed, Alpine is two seats, fast saloons/hatches are yawn, etc..... Justin
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    It's taken a year to build the workshop to do the work in, but so it begins the start of my Esprit GT3 restoration. In true Lotus fashion, the second bolt undone sheared off, but it hasn't moved for 22 years, so that's to be expected. WD40 is a must. With the bonnet off, everything is suddenly a lot easier to get to. Stripping the car will be slow, as all nuts, bolts and fixings needed packaging up and labelling. Most of these items won't see the car again for another year or two. Looking at most things as I take them off, it is perhaps the right time to do this restoration, giving the car a new lease of life. The plan is to try and complete the work within two years, but depends on what I find and how high the budget climbs! ABS is going and I've already purchased Ian Lord's conversion kit. I will post regularly now to show progress of the project.
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    Hi Everyone I have just put a large number of Lotus Memorabilia in the Classifieds listings. This is part of my Aunties Collection and she wants them to go to real Lotus enthusiasts and are all genuine Lotus items. She is nearly 80 and would like to use the money. Many of these are exceedingly rare with only a few ever having been made. Some are consumable items (Like Matches) so were used and discarded. There is no pricing as I am looking at decent offers. I have sold many of these items before for other family members so know roughly what they are worth. Please don't hesitate to contact me by PM for any further info or offers. Thanks @Sparky 2 very rare model kits unused there!
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    After 10 years off the road she's back! Thanks to my ace buddy Simon of Scott Russell Sportscars fame she's freshly MOT'd and road ready. Collect tomorrow evening - so a 25 mile run home up the A34 from Oxford to West Oxfordshire ... This is how she looked after we wheeled her out of the garage, after such a long period, in June: Owned since '97 - and to think I nearly sold her, but was persuaded out of doing that by some good people on these forums! Looking forward to a little 'de-bugging' as I put some miles on her again. Have fun! Iain
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    So I’m back for another Monterey Car Week in Northern California. As in previous years I’ll post a few pictures of the exotics and rarities of the four wheel variety for your viewing pleasure. A selection from this morning...
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    It works..... I bit the bullet and followed Andy's lead and bought a Automotech Tilting Lift AS-0901/1 (£406 inc. VAT & delivery). Really impressed so far, the car seems rock solid and no sign of any stress. The lifter slid under the car with about 20mm to spare. I used some rubber matting (from Halfords) as further cushion. Its lifts the car under a minute and to a height where the rear chassis jacking points (just below the gearbox) are 800mm from the ground. My SDS drill was not strong enough, so I had to wind the first bit by hand and once its past the first few inches the drill managed it fine. I'm going to buy two long axle stands to transfer some of the weight onto (as recommended in the instructions). The engine shield (not sure of the correct term!) is fully accessible and can be removed.
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    Unfortunately not. Been putting other car back together and almost done. Hopefully on road beginning of September. Then the local agreement (With the wife) is some work on the house and then I can take on the gearbox challenge!!!!!
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    Due to lack of Tropheo availability, I am now on the cup 2s with 215 on the front. My car was set up to 'R' geo with the Tropheo and this needs redoing really since the 215s have raised the car ever so slightly. There is no contact / rubbing problem. However, for track use - I have 265 on the rear and I think the tendency of the rear to lighten on severe heavy braking from high speeds is only made 'worse' (I am talking relatively here) with the bigger front footprint. I counter this with compression and rebound adjustments, when I should fit different springs but... Aesthetics is one thing, but I don't think on its own it helps the dynamics and the chassis if set up correctly doesn't really need bigger fronts in isolation. Going wider all round is a different story.
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    Cam duration and lift can have a big effect on the compression ratio.
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    Snetterton Photo Book! Here are a few pics from our Radical SR1 race weekend at Snetterton a couple of weekends ago. It wasn't my best race weekend as the weather really threw up a few challenges and I just don't have the confidence in the wet but it is always great fun to drive the SR1 and we survived unscathed which was more than can be said for some. Cheers, Paul.
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    In their last issue Evo advertised a full Lotus marque analysis in the next edition. They then go and stick a Cayman on the front cover and rave about Pork again for the n'th time. How utterly predictable
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    I do wonder if water ingress is responsible for the coating flaking off these plastic coated cardboard pipes? The pipe ducts hot air away from the exhaust manifold nearest to the bulkhead, and if you peer down the end you'll see the O2 sensor poking out from within the manifold heat shrouds.
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    I'm surprised that you did not have plumes of smoke if your oil seal is badly compromised. I had a turbo failure and it was a like a blanket of smoke out the back... Does the impellor of the suspect turbo show any signs of damage or excessive movement? Replacing the turbo in-situ is possible, but be prepared from some serious cussing and hardship. It just feels like the current findings are not really consistent with the original symptoms.
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    I think the black suits it. You can have too much of a good thing (liquid yellow)
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    I've just bought an Evora . This one, in fact, which seemed too good to miss: Although it's going to be my daily, I'm considering doing one track day, just to have a chance to get the feel of it. I know the noise with the standard exhaust is going to be an issue for some track days - does anyone know how many dB it actually works out at so that I can find an event that would be OK with it?
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    Every Lotus has Lunch Control, its part of the "Light is Right" philosophy. No in a Lotus
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    If it just wasn't so historically wrong! Almost like putting Lamborghini badges on a Ferrari.
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    Check the fans as above, if the rotate in the wrong direction, you can simply swap the wires around. Also check coolant level. If both are OK, nexty likely suspect is the thermostat, not opening enough to get a good flow at low engine rpm. Filip
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    For clarity, RRR are not mapping the stock ECU, only the EMU Black. Dave
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    Welcome..congrats on acquiring 505H. Hope they send you the Cali tag, nice to have in the history file. Keep the updates coming.
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    McDonald is something that rhymes with Hunt. Who actually is the leader of the Labour Party? I actually think that really it is McDonald who has his arm up the backside of the dummy that is Corbyn. I actually am very scared about the future of democracy in the UK if those two ever actually got into power.
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    New to this so didn’t occur to me to try Facebook, thanks for the tip!
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    You can buy the engine cover and airbox from SJ Sportscars. I believe Ross (a member on here) has a steering wheel he's been trying to sell.
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    The fans should PULL "cool" air through the radiator and PUSH it into the engine bay, from where it escapes. Pete
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    I think I would replace the liners and piston rings while I was in there.
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    Right, I’ve been measuring. For future reference, a V6 Exige is about 183cm across the rear tyres (allowing for a bit of rubber “squidge”) An Evora is about 186cm so will fit fine in the standard double-deck Eurotunnel carriages. Ironically, I’m going on the ferry now cause it was half the price!
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    A couple of pics from a dawn run last weekend to liven up an old thread. Not been driving much this year as I have a project on at home. Hopefully I can get a trip to Spa before the year is out.
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    Resprayed in a nice tough matt black in order to match the rear diffuser better
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    You can borrow mine if you like - I made it last year and I'm not using it at the moment. If you pm me your address I can post it to you. Pete
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    Second pic is random (with a neighbour sitting in the car) but shows Burnt Orange well.
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    More of the EVORA GT
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    Well that’s it then EVO has spoken
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