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    More crazy cars from today in Monterey.
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    Very nervous morning here at team Lewthwaite along with many other households in the UK (A level results) Anyway, my son has been accepted into an engineering course at Sheffield so we can relax a touch!! Also means he can come on the Europe trip
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    Ah yes, perfection.
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    So I’m back for another Monterey Car Week in Northern California. As in previous years I’ll post a few pictures of the exotics and rarities of the four wheel variety for your viewing pleasure. A selection from this morning...
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    Those top-arm ones were originally designed for the Elan, as far as I recall. In that use they may well have been adequate, but just aren't designed to hold the arms on the pivot rod, so as Barry indicates they cannot do the job. Their movement would mean that the front alignment is meaningless, as it would change when the bushes move. As for the other bushes, they are designed to operate in the same way as the original ones, but the amount they deflect may be very different to OEM, or may be very similar, that will depend on many factors especially the shore of the material. The new Lotus poly bushes are designed to replicate the original deflection and so original handling characteristics. The current rubber bushes have a different rubber composition, so deflection and handling will vary slightly compared to factory spec. I doubt that any of the off-the-shelf aftermarket ones have that same deflection except by random chance. I did as Dan comments, fit rose joints in the TE, but they have no give so would cause wear on other components (and the driver) unless used with bushes on the other end of the arm.
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    The new toy! Really fancy the Alias side sills for it.
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    Hello everyone!! I'm so excited to finally be a part of the Lotus family. Picked up my 2018 Evora 400 last week. It came in bespoke Kawasaki Green with matching interior stitching. I absolutely love it. Definitely a head turner. Right now I’m still getting through the first 1000 mile break in and trying to find a solution for a cup holder hahaha. I’m also trying to find out the actual paint code for touch ups if and when I need them. I looked in the maintenance log book and they just wrote “Kawasaki Green” and the label under the passenger side carpet doesn’t have a number ?? It’s my little go-kart from hell!
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    Nuts! Changing the subject when your rebuilding the chasis and you find some bolts and hub threads arn't long enough to get the nylock nuts on past the thread the reason is the Lotus Nyloc nuts are reduced width! Fortunately you can buy new ones from S and J sports cars. I should have the throttle connected and the brakes back online within the next few years days. (Oh and the bring back in- thanks Phil!). I fitted a new high torque starter motor. The problem is the brown alternator wire is no longer long enough to reach from the alternator tomthe starter connection! There's always something! I bought a new ignition harness. It's for a later car and plugs into the main harness. Seems a shame to modify it as my car only use about two wires from it and the plug connector! Oh well, you have to brake eggs to make an omelette! Tantalisingly close to main engine start. I all goes to plan I should have this alll running with skis on buy the end of September! Can't wait to test it after three years of research and hard work. I may have to treat myself to a 1981 Casio watch AkA FYEO! I'd prefer a signature on the car from Carole Bouquet, if any of her mates are reading this! Just been reading Mr Bond was 54 when he got his hands on this, at 52 I think I've upstaged him! Oh and note in the picture the skis do not have a metal support bracket at the lower ski mount. This was probably added after the lower mounts cracked!
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    Death Star plans revealed by Liberal Democrats to stop BREXIT!
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    Unfortunately not. Been putting other car back together and almost done. Hopefully on road beginning of September. Then the local agreement (With the wife) is some work on the house and then I can take on the gearbox challenge!!!!!
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    Hi the seats are from a BMW Z3 I removed the runners from the lotus seats and made a framework to fit them ont the new seats The trim is indeed from the ebay seller it is good quality but must not be fitted too tightly as the sun causes it to shrink into place .Dont worry about any tiny creases as these tend to shrink out as well
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    Agreed re the tyres against black wheels, but it’s easily fixed with tyre shine.
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    Probably triumph herald /gt6
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    50% for wireless recharging? Might be ok for a phone. Seems to be a big step backward for a car and the environment though?
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    Yes. Very environmentally friendly as 50% of the energy is lost in the conversion. How f***ing great that will be for the environment.
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    Between me and Andy (see earlier post), I'm sure we will report back if there are any catastrophes. Andy may pitch in on how long he has been using his lifter. I am still planning to transfer some of the weight to axle stands before working on the car. I'm certainly not making any form of recommendation to use a tilting lifter as it does not use the official jacking points, but for a home garage, there were number of reasons I went for this option: It can slide under an Esprit without the need to drive onto ramps/planks (every scissor lifter except this one and the QuickJack needed these) At 80kg, its properly portable, all the other options (other than Quickjack) were around 400kg and in my mind, permanent fixtures on the garage floor. A lifting height of 585mm and when tilted, the rear of the chassis is at 800mm. (the Quickjack can only lift level at around 430mm. That said, some of the more permanent lifters like THIS can lift up to 1.2m) It leaves clear access to the under engine panel. Looking at the jacking point positions, I don't think any of the other scissor lift options allowed this. Its easy to store away or hang on the side of the garage. Cost ....£400 verses £1000+ for any other option.
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    What a ball ache! So, today I decided to fit my rear canards bought from eliseshop. First job was repainting as I wanted them to have a similar finish to the diffuser. I scrubbed the red stripe off using a mix of sand paper and wire wool and resprayed them in a tough matt black spray paint. Next was trial fitting, this was simply done using a bit of masking tape to make sure I could get a good fit. When I was happy with positioning I just used a sharpie to mark the drill points through the pre drilled holes on the canards. Next I took a Bosch drill to my beloved car! And drilled the pilot holes on one side, I then opened these out with a slightly larger diameter bit. Fitting the rivnuts was fairly easy using a tool I got off for Amazon for a tenner. I watched a good ole YouTube tutorial first! Next is where the fun began! The pre drilled holes in the canards are not in the best of positions meaning that the rivnuts are positioned on parts of the body shell that have curvature. This means that when you start to drive the bolts in for a test fit, they go in at an angle meaning that the canards ends up in a different place to where you initially fitted it. To cut a long story short, you have to do a lot of work opening out the holes in the canard to give you enough wiggle room to get them fitted evenly. It's a lot of fit check, remove, file, fit, check, remove, drill... It's quite frustrating but I completed the whole job in about 4 hours. I also had to use additional larger washers after opening up the original holes. Fortunately all this additional work is completely hidden once fitted. I would not recommend anyone attempt this if they do not consider themselves reasonably skilled at handywork.
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    You'd get mostly track related commentary from me, but they're almost as talented as the ZZRs I was running before in terms of outright dry performance, but with additional capacity for wet running and better longevity. I'd say 6 days on track would result in 'just' legal tread depth on the rears but they'd have had enough heat cycles in them to be considered shot anyway. You definitely feels when the compound's past its best. Sidewalls seem to lead to a bit more comfort but little consolation for me when I drive everywhere on my track setup on the TTX dampers! Another point to note is I've not used a tyre that's quite so bad in terms of marble pick-up on track, which has lead to some interesting steering feel mid-corner, but this varies from circuit to circuit.
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    Chassis and engine bay look stunning Fabian, will be a shame to get it dirty ! Do not worry you will soon be Mr Bond, Will keep my fingers crossed for you it snows in the winter months in Blighty, so you properly look the part lol. Keep up the great work, keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you also on the engine start chap.
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    The amount of charge within each of the smaller V8 cylinders is substantially less. 2200cc ÷ 4 = 550cc per cyl 3500cc ÷ 8 = 437cc per cyl A smaller charge then compressed to within 1/9th of its original size will create a higher pressure.
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    When I tested mine a year or so ago they were all somewhere between a little over 9 and 9.5 bar. Since they were fairly consistent I put down any lack of compression down to the gauge inaccuracies (since it suited me to do so). I'll dig out the pictures if I can find them.
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    It would be interesting to find some data to back this up one way or another, all the comments seem very opinion rather than data driven, which is not how good engineering should be done. I have a friend at Brooks University so I will ask if any undergraduate has done a project on the subject. The added problem is not all OEM bushes or Poly bushes are created equal!
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    Can't wait to get @Sparky to do mine next month. Sounds like my ABS is in a similar state to the one just done i.e. system works but throws ABS light. Most importantly for me is that the brakes feel absolutely appalling and totally fail to inspire any confidence at all. I will keep all the parts just in case a future owner wants them.
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    Great job!
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    After the wedding - I’d fully expect the thumb to go down and no Evora then you’d need to wait about 12 years until you finally get hacked off with the general moaning and fun vacuum whinging and then you just go out and buy one
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    I think it works as Senna drove the Lotus JPS 97 and 98 T and also went onto drive for McLaren , just a combination of the 2
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    Why does that matter if it looks good,take it as a compliment
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    Here are a few pics from our Radical SR1 race weekend at Snetterton a couple of weekends ago. It wasn't my best race weekend as the weather really threw up a few challenges and I just don't have the confidence in the wet but it is always great fun to drive the SR1 and we survived unscathed which was more than can be said for some. Cheers, Paul.
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    Okay, so spoke to Hangar 111 today and they have now got an EX430 kit in stock as a customer has cancelled their order. This means my upgrade will be imminent as soon as we can get some dates arranged quite excited!
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    Michelin PS4 and PS4S both have extra protection for the rims. The Super sport I’m running on the rears at the moment have less protection. Ive switched to SS from PS4 as I’m hoping they cope better on track days. But so far with the used PS4 on the front the balance seems fine on the road driving I’ve done so far. Hoping to squeeze in a track day soon. PS4 were fine for track but overheated after 15/20mins. Great on the road same findings as Dean says above . For such a low use car I’d consider the cup2. If it’s fair weather car then why not? Can’t see many downsides for your usage
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    ok ok ok - I'll get out there with the black shoe polish
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    Black tyres, black wheels, black calipers! It's the only way to go
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    22k. The drop in price in year 1 of a 45k metro car from the likes of BMW, Mercedes or Audi et al. Indeed, I was offered more than that as a discount on a new German car, not even pre registered. Funny how one mans depreciation nightmare of a grand or two on a 20-30k car is anothers "shrug, yeah but I wanted new and they all lose £22k+ in the first year" first world problem lol. The Evora has been bullet proof for 10 years, you should have got one years before this wedding!
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    Phew. I was thinking “wow - he really is a bad photographer”
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    I'm not a great photographer, and the photos in the advert linked above are probably better than anything I'm likely to come up with. But you asked, so here it is just after I learned exactly how effectively water collects on the carbon tailgate and the scallops in the doors
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    I presume you’re in an Evora then? Not sure what the recommended pressures are for that size but 2.4/2.6 sounds high for that weight car. Not tried on Evora so could be completely wrong! That’s what Lotus recommend (2.0 and 2.2), and seems to work
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    BBC ? Whatever they say is horseshit these days
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    First, some maths. 400ppm is 0.04%, not 0.4% (or 4%!) I'm sorry you find my response trivial, but the reasoning you present is more religious in nature than scientific. Just because one can imagine that all our activities must be somehow damaging the planet doesn't mean that they are. That is why we need science based on observation of actual conditions. The observational record shows that, repeatedly during history, temperature rises are followed by increased CO2 emissions, not the other way around, thus there is no strong evidence that CO2 concentrations are a major contributor to global warming. I'd also comment that if you look at industrial history, it is marked in its early phase by increased and damaging pollution, but as prosperity develops, the levels of pollution and environmental damage drop dramatically. This is one very good reason to encourage continued economic growth as it spreads prosperity around the world. A significant contributor to deforestation is the use of forest products as biofuels. A particularly nasty example relevant to the UK is the felling of mature forest in (I think) North Carolina to feed wood pellets to the Drax power station in Yorkshire. When the government published its 'carbon calculator' for Drax, it showed that emissions from felling, processing and transporting the wood alone represented around 50% of the emissions from using coal to generate the same amount of power. Further, wood pellets are dirtier to burn than coal which would mean that the whole process is over 50% dirtier than burning coal. This example demonstrates that the political 'cure' for climate change can easily be worse than the 'disease' (should one exist!) Regarding the BBC's position - if you are not aware, somebody (perhaps the Committee on Climate Change) managed to get the BBC to write into its charter the duty to present the existence, and highlight the dangers, of anthropogenic global warming - so whatever its virtues in other fields, the Beeb is not even-handed in its reporting of this area. I'd end up by saying that something I find disturbing about many promoters of the belief in anthropogenic global warming is the focus on population growth as the major villain. Given that we aren't likely to stop reproducing anytime soon, who are we going to get rid of? This is a worryingly totalitarian view, which is able to be countered by correlating prosperity levels with wealth - as wealth increases, so the birth rate goes down. Another argument for policies promoting prosperity rather than totalitarian control. Poverty levels and health have both improved during the rapid population growth we have experienced - I think we should be mindful of these achievements.
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    we do as Ian......overnight down to Le Mans via several coffee shops, cafe and restaurants.........well we dont bother with breakfast on the boat so need breakfast and lunch...... arrive mid afternoon.....pitch the tents.......assemble the kitty........send out the 'shopping team' beverage and relax........ overnight ferry on the Monday........stop for breakfast.........home........
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    Yes, Kei car, 600cc. It has the Suzuki 3-cyl DOHC turbo engine but the car was originated by Mazda under their Autozam sub-brand. The standard exhaust which I have makes a great sound unlike any 4 cyl engine, like a cat with a very loud purr. It drives like a go-cart. Very light and nimble despite not having a huge amount of power. Colin Chapman would have loved this car. The attention to lightness even extends to not fitting seat sliders to the passenger seat! Everything manual including the small windows. The build quality is typical Japanese, excellent. The panels are plastic and bolt on to the steel skeleton monocoque chassis. Its designed and built like a high-volume car although they only made 4500 in the end. A really odd piece of car history which few people seem to be aware of.
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    The calipers have returned from being refurbished at long last I was intending for a colour close to the Lotus green with a candy finish but they have actually come out a bit lighter than I'd envisaged, but I can't fault the finish on them, its excellent. If the colour was too much darker I think the effect might be somewhat lost in behind the Futura split rims, so being slightly brighter might actually be a good thing; I'll soon find out. The purists might turn their nose up at the colour choice, but I figure the car already has the stigma of being a write-off, so what the hell, go with something a bit different and hopefully it will completement the yellow of the car nicely.
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    Hi Guys, Sol Bell & Colvill delivered my new toy on Saturday, thanks guys, great service have to say it just looks epic, I normally wouldn't choose this colour as I normally go more lary but it really does suit it. Hopefully after the stitch up that was the 380 Cup(that really did leave a bad taste and nearly moved me away from Lotus) that this will be a keeper, I'm hoping it's title as the fastest Lotus Production car will stand as the last of this analogue era before the Hybrid models kick in next, as I would guess this is the way Lotus will head with any new models. Now I just need to give it a spin Cheers, Paul.
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    I'm sure this is true. The only time my S3 has let me down is when it didnt start - no battery, poor earth to battery. All at home fortunately. 8 months, a project in reliability
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    Simon, I regularly bring my Esprit back to UK for a trip. Usually prefer the ferry, but the train works as well. The Esprit isn't that low so you needn't worry about the ramps. Most of the time the crew will avoid putting you on the second level in the train. Still in doubt to join or not... I must be getting old, wanting a nice B&B every night. Filip
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    I know someone who that happened to at ~162mph on the salt flats after losing drive at around 211mph (modified Esprit). In his case it was the 5th gear itself that fell off and locked up the transmission.

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