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    Taken yesterday by Lotus Drivers Club Scotland at Bo’ness Revival. Great turnout
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    Taken yesterday at the car show linked to the Bo'ness Hillclimb Revival event (thanks to @The Lotus Position for the photo), she scrubs up quite well for almost 9 years old and 73k miles on the clock, .
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    Had a great Petrolheads day on Saturday - Got to play with some Aston's in the morning as one of my sons works there and it was the Bi-annual employee family open day - this was fantastic - Then the Midlands Italian car day in the afternoon at the Jag Classic works in my hometime Cov - great to see great Jags still being made here - though the Reborn's and Recreation's were light years better in terms of quality than anything that ever left Browns Lane! (Mr K will like these....................)
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    Ok it was yesterday but a friend was given two VIP invites courtesy of Aston Martin Pro Racing to WEC round one at Silverstone. Full hospitality, free access to Aston garage even during the race, grid walk etc. Fabulous day.
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    Finally got my car on the track, was a fantastic experience and a great weekend, but dont do it like we did! 4 of us set off early Saturday morning and headed for Lydden Hill A straight 6, V6, V8 and a V10 - I picked up a lot of banter about my car not making it home We arrived nice and early for the briefing - which was something along the lines of - Very sticky track, hard on tyres, its 30oC, you will probably need new tyres - which is great, especially when your train leaves for france 1 hour after the track day finishes. My first session was fantastic, didnt get to stretch its legs much on this track, but i did learn a lot through the bends. The Corsa's at the front did very well, melted but still had good traction. The standard P-zeros on the rear (this is how the car came in my defence!) Did not do well at all and is a great example of the difference between a track and a road tyre. The tread looks fine, but after a few more laps in my second session, the rear end traction was gone. The BMW's where on Michelin and did fine... The merc on the other hand.. after only 30min. He also cooked his brakes We left a little early for a tyre shop and replaced the fronts before we got on the train... The Merc was the least reliable of the day, he needed two new tyres, his calipers repainted and had to call out the mobile mechanic after his first lap due to bellowing smoke and being black flagged, fortunately it had been filled with too much oil and was an easy fix. His gearbox took a while to find gears after leaving the track, but that eventually cleared itself. The M5 was loosing power, reasons still unknown, maybe related to heat or the traction control - some random warnings came up. Pretty normal on this car . We had a diagnostic machine to reset them. The 335d and the Lotus had no real issues. We did go easy on the latter sessions, It was a dumb idea to come here first and we all wrecked are tyres and will be replacing them once back in the UK. We made the train on time and after a non eventful drive arrived at our hotel near the ring. In the morning we picked up our £1 hire car - Thanks Jaco - you really didnt need to honour that, it was obviously a mistake. Absolute gentleman. Then made are way to the ring! What a humbling experience the first lap was, and the second and the third! etc etc I got over taken by everything! All of us came off after the first lap feeling pretty out classed. I will never watch another ring video on youtube without having the upmost respect for the drivers. It is both freightning and exciting, what an amazing race track. The speed, the undulations in the road, the camber and the oh f**k every time a ring taxi porsche flys past you like your standing still even though your speedo is showing 3 digits. I did video my first lap for the memory. Its staying with me till the grave - it was awful! In conclusion to this short write up of our weekend: The lotus's was very reliable and was an absolute joy to drive both on and off track. I can't begin to articulate just how much I have fallen in love with the Exige. We did all make it back - the merc had just started to scrape the front disks. The ring was much harder on the brakes than the tyres. Don't do a track day - 1 day before visiting the ring. Do visit the ring, I insured my car for the piece of mind. It wasnt as expensive as i thought it would be, especially for a tourist day - I witnessed a lot of crashed cars. Its worth insuring! Fit track tyres I can't wait to go back.
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    Hi, I've decided to start a restoration thread to keep track of things, keep the motivation up and hopefully will be of interest to a few others. Also might pick up a few much needed pointers along the way. The car in question is a '89 SE in the familiar 'Esprit challenge on the amiga' spec - Red with tan interior. This must be by far the most common spec/model? The cars history is it has originally been looked after well (receipts from all the well regarded garages) but it has been off the road for 10 years and hasn't turned over for approx 5 years. I'm fairly sure it was wiring issues that brought it to a halt related to the Clifford alarm install. The wiring is a shambles and I'm expecting this to be the most challenging part of the project. So I've been taking it apart and I'm planning to get it back together in better than ever condition. I'll be making improvements along the way but not straying too far from the original design. The focus is on creating a trustworthy vehicle not performance gains. So far I've removed the engine and box, most of the interior, the fuel tanks and done a few of the easy bits to get me started - * Originals wheels refurbished as a leak was getting annoying * Front brakes replaced with PNM 310mm 4-pot brake kit (rears still to do) * Turbo refurbished The engine and gearbox is booked in for a rebuild and will be using stand-alone management. Next jobs on the list are replacing the hand brake cables and fitting the new fuel tanks to get them out of the way. I've also got a new alloy balance pipe and fuel pump to go in. After that I'm tackling the oil coolers and rads. Not looking forward to that! The car before I started & the new tanks pics attached. Old tank weights: RH = 10.3KG, LH = 10.0Kg New tank weights: RH = 3.9Kg, LH = 3.7Kg Any comments/advice welcome and appreciated, I'm excited by the thought of the end product but it's a long long road first. Dunc.
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    What a great day at the official opening of the Jim Clark Motorsport Museum in Duns by Sir Jackie Stewart with Alan McNish and other notables in attendance, including Doug Nye, Doug Niven, Sally Stokes, John Cleland, Loiuse Aitkin-Walker and a few others I didn't recognise The weather held and the speeches and reminiscing from those that knew Clark where wonderful. And some interesting cars in attendance of course, including a Bitter, only the second I've ever seen!
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    Now 533k views and an uplift from 9,800 subscribers to over 21k! It must have been my tweet to my 45 followers wot done it Seriously though - good stuff @GTK - just hope this doesn't start a pattern of you disappearing for months at a time, coming back with a monster episode on a quarterly basis!! GL
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    The ashtray is in! Been waiting for two and a half years to see it in the car.
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    I would fit a replacement hatch, and donate the signed one to the museum. Which is why. I deserve to win. Its Karma guys. Sorry.
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    Who walked in that concrete!!?? I'll find them...dont know how...but I will!
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    Alright, so went with Yasuo from here to Knutstorp Racetrack yesterday, as there was a trackday with a famous italian brand with a dancing donkey and McLaren. After having read and seen all kinds of not so pleasing stuff related to the later brand, I thought I'd better go there myself and take a closer look. All I can say is this: long lines of porches, and also long lines of ferrari's, lot's of McLaren cars, 1 viper and this Esprit. None broke Down during the day of 6 hours of constant racing. On the huge carpark inside the track, where guests could park their sportscar, the Esprit caught an insane amount of attention. I'd say near equal to the Senna Edition from said McLaren. Everyone took Photos of Little Red Riding Hood and some asked questions. Unbelievable that a 30 year old Lotus is so lusted for. Most pleased on behalf of Lotus. They (Lotus) should direct FAR more attention to this and all of the old cars. In Sweden and Denmark, there's zero happening from Lotus. Read: nill, 0, zero. What a shame. Anyway, they must have done something right 30 years ago All the ferraris' and Mclarens went around the track the Whole day, Again and Again and Again, some cooked their brakes, most didn't. But good fun it was. Sorry, didn't have time to take some snapshots, so here's just one from the now Electric ferry home from Sweden, to the Motherland of Denmark Looking at the Photo when I came home, it appeared to me, how overdesigned that new audi behind Little Red Riding Hood is. Chaotic lines going in every direction all over. Not my cup of tea, really. But clearly, the audi must have been upset by the beauty of a 30 y.o. because it looked so angry Also visible is how easy a set of 10,75" rims with 315 rubber hide under those standard Esprit Turbo SE Wheel Arches - no rubbing, no trouble. Nah, give a 30 y.o. Esprit every time, and I'm a happy bunny. Kind regards, Jacques
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    Picked up earlier today. Robert Beke at Silverstone has been great to deal with. Exhaust in open mode very addictive and seats are very supportive and comfortable. Just need practice on getting in and out easily !
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    So my eldest is now able to start learning to drive. Arek delivered up a nice car for her. needless to say - she’s feeling very happy and has just had her first ever drive round the industrial estate.
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    Thought I would add this as somebody else might be a cheapskate like me! I replaced my clutch linings with some new ones from a Triumph 2500. Cost £37 + £4 for new rivets.
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    saw this on the local news tonight and have downloaded it, will be so handy if any one needs to ring the emergency services and you have no idea where you are. The country has been divided into 1metre squares and each square has been given 3 words which when you go on the app it can pinpoint where you are and give the 3 words to the operator who can then tell exactly where you are. brilliant and so simple to use.
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    All torqued up, just need to bleed the brakes and tracking. Going to change the Water hoses after Good wood.
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    Hi guys, Yeah I've popped the engine/g'box and tanks out already. Engine and g'box to be rebuilt and the tanks replaced. I've added a photo in the thread here, cheers.
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    You can use an App on a phone to take make a 3D representation of an object (it’s made of lots of individual points which when viewed in suitable software looks like a cloud of points) which a 3D printer can use to replicate hens teeth and cuff links for unicorns
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    Nice to have another GT3 on the drive, this one belonging to @Chris Onelevenr. A very pretty car in Nautilus Blue. The old system is out, all vacuum work done at the engine, and pump is mounted. Lotus position (seat insitu) achieved yet again without lasting damage (a miracle at my age), and brake pedal drilled appropriately. Again, @Chillidoggy will be attending this week to help me install, test and adjust the important stuff, followed by a night of celebration and all-round back-slapping at a local CAMRA hostelry.
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    Hi, it is my car. 40DC. Have owned it since 1989 and it has covered over 100,000miles. The car is still all original and still feels lovely to drive. The hotel was excellent. Cheers David Corns
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    Thanks to everyone who came along to our Boys Toys Day 2019! Hi Everyone, I just wanted to say a big thanks for everyone who came along to this years Boys Toys Day, we were jammy with the weather again which was a relief. It was a day of 2 halves really with the breakfast car meet at HFL where we had a great selection of Marques again including, Aston Martin, Ferrari, Lotus, Porsche, TVR, Mercedes but arguably the star of the show was a 1981 Citroen GSA Special which really was quite unique. Then around midday many of us departed to Rye House for the Go Karting track action, for once the convoy stayed in line helped by Wendy leading the way, we ended up with 24 karts on track which was great, I hope everyone who joined in didn’t ache too much yesterday, I know I did, and hopefully the people who had blisters on their hands after 1 hour in the kart are on the mend now, it really is pretty physical when you spend an hour in a Kart, it is actually easier to drive the Radical but in the end I everyone seemed to have a great time and appeared to be keen to do it again next year so I can see this becoming a yearly event. The Race Ready for action! So how did the race go? Well I got pole which I was very happy about, to be fair I used to race at Rye a fair bit around 20 years ago but it is amazing how it soon comes back to you, the race didn’t go quite as well though as I got punted off on lap 1 so went from first to last in one lap but fought back to third so had some great racing along the way, congratulations to Chris who won and Andy who came second but really a big thanks to everyone who came along and made it so much fun, I’ve got some unfinished business so definitely keen to do it again next year. Let’s Go Racing! Me and Wendy having a chat on track The Podium Thanks again everyone, let’s do it all again next year Cheers, Paul.
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    These are at least 32 years old as my mum asked me to buy them for when Halley's Comet passed our earth. I was in Sydney. My parents etc all lived in Gove, NT. No-one there sold binoculars. I got to see the comet before sending to my mother in the NT where she used them with my dad and sister and brother. Mum and dad are both gone now and the binoculars had sat in the NT weather for that time. My brother kept them in their case which is leather and I am slowly getting some life back into it. The lenses and prisms had fungus growing on them. I worked out how to get them all apart and am now reassembling. I have to get myself some grease from a shop in Melbourne. I originally contacted Nye Lubricants but a sample of their grease (25g) would cost more than the value of the binoculars if I tried to sell them, which I am not going to do. After I have reassembled them, I am pretty sure I am going to have to collimate them due to having them apart. That and the brief look I had through them before embarking on pulling them apart, showed that they are not as good as they could be. All the lens and prism surfaces cleaned up nicely.
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    Thomas sorry for the delay. I replied to Dave's suggestion that he is selling one of his customers EX460s at Hangar 111 and Ive agreed to buy it
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    The general rule is you never get the money back on upgrades. Some people will love them, for others it'll mean they run away. If you like it. Buy it. Drive it. Smile a lot etc. If you want minimum financial loss then don't buy a car in the first place and use public transport! There's plenty of hard evidence on here re prices, residuals etc. alteady. Apologies if I am coming over grumpy but with a car like this you might just as well ask Gypsy Rose Lea to swirl the tea leaves to predict future value. It's a one off. Good luck.
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    I’ve seen so many manual 410s stuck on the market while my Auto sold in 3 weeks. It depends entirely on condition, history and spec. For example my 410 came without a screen but I soon fitted one with car play, not only because I wanted it, but I knew this would be attractive to the next buyer. And I don’t think people know just how good the Auto is. It may lag behind Porsche’s PDK but you’ll only know this if you track it. Otherwise day to day around town there’s zero difference.
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    I'll try to clarify: I've had both old and new versions of the Goodyear Eagle F1 tires. Old were good down to the last mm. On a light car. Newer version is a totally different patern, and they don't stick or last as well. Cornering is equal and wet weather drive is okay'ish on the old version (arrow) and a bit better on the new version (non-arrow). But of those two, I prefer the old arrow version. The sets I've done on Toyo Proxes T1r, and currently also have, are a good precise grip on dry warm road, but crappy as soap in damp or wet weather,. I mean that. Really! If you want to be able to drive securely in wet weather, or just even damp roads, please, please take other tires. But again, on a dry warm road, they are good and steer well and brake well, and they stick well. The T1s is a better tyre in my humble view. The T1 Sport is again a much better tyre again, a whole different level. I've been using them in 235/40-17, 285/35-18 and the performance from them are really good. They warm up easily, they don't destroy themselves in hard driving (not track use, but let's call it spirited back road driving and hard repeated braking and steering, with full use of the 330 bhp and 4145 Nm from my Esprit. They are consistent down to the last mm, and the first set lasted only 3500 kms on the front, but more on the rear. Second set last better on the front, as I've redone the geo. They stand up to the 4 x 322mm semifloating 4 piston calipers and discs from AP well, and I trust them. For example, I've done torrential rain with them 3 times, and they are just fine. Normal silent rain are fine as well and the Esprit does not feel insecure. I should mention that I drive easy and nice in rain and avoid it at all costs if at all possible. They don't spin around all the time in wet weather or on damp roads. Coming out of a corner or out of a roundabout, I can give more gas (not much, bit more) than with the T1r, and note: on wet roads. Another example is a dark night, driving on a narrow road, and speed was, well somewhat higher thn recommended on road signs, and suddenly I saw a fairly high stone on the right side of my lane, right in front of me, and I quickly made a sharp steering inout and back again, and they jsut stuck to the asphalt. No sliding around. Coming a bit hard into a corner, I don't find that they understeer, but seems to be pretty neutral, with sharp steering response and precision. Better than F1 for example. And better than T1R or T1s. I also use a set of Pirelli P Zero Rosso Asimmetrico, and they are on the same level as the Proxes T1Sport. Very good grip, stays consistent, good wet road grip and secure braking. Very good grip in corners and not easy to break loose on normal clutch'ing. Still my engine can just fine spinthem on a warm dry road in 1, 2 and third. But a very good tire. Suits middle weight cars as the Esprit turbo SE well. Won't be worn down in a giffy. I will try the Michelin pilot sport later on to know how it's like, and better still, the toyo R888R. Not milage but heat cycles are important here. But fast back road driving are not enough to take a full heat cycle out of them. Milage are supposed to be better than the R888. Have it from other Lotus drivers. I've been on track with a set of R888R, and they stick ultra well, and are easy to control when sliding, pressed through cornering on Knutstorp race track. But to do a set on my Esprit, I need yet another set of wheels… So anyone who have a set of S4s Futura's in euro sizes up for sale? I'm aware of the new Toyo Proxes Tr1, but that is not relevant in our sizes on the esprit, so I cannot get those to try as well. Maybe on my Corrado and I'll be happy to report back here later on. In fact I am so tired of the toyo Proxes T1r, that I will probably take them off (1/3 worn) and throw them away, and install a better set of tires asap, read during the winter, as In never drive a car or motorcycle in the winter, so a good time to prepare a new set. Hope it make it more clear, what my personal findings are. Kind regards, Jacques
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    Oh dear. You can disown her. Probably save you a fortune too
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    She'd have been better off in the Evora Barry. Andy why is she wearing a sheep!
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    first post in a while I just went from Alfa Giulia Quad to Evora Sport 410. The Alfa is the best car I have ever owned. It does everything brilliantly. A couple of issues, CEL coming on for no apparent reason, climate control too hot on passenger side. That's it. Service was not expensive, but never had the major one done. It is brutally fast, economical, handles incredibly, and is also a quiet comfortable long distance cruiser with excellent ride quality. Not had the 410 long. It is new and there are a few minor issues to sort out, but the build quality overall is amazing. Look, for example, at the quality of the Carbon Fibre parts, and the paintwork, and the alcantara trim, and the forged wheels. You can see where the money goes. The interior is basic but very nicely finished. The Alpine ICE with subwoofer is actually very good, a match for the Alfa, and of course upgradeable. There is almost no wind noise at high cruising speeds. A very comfortable car. I don't need to comment on the ride and handling So why did I change if the Alfa is so great? Simple. It lacked the sense of occasion the Evora has. And the 410 reminds me what driving used to be about, with its manual gearbox, and fewer frills. And, quite simply, I've always wanted one. So very much an emotional decision, not a rational one. Which is, imho, the only reason to buy either car .
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    If you like it and can afford it, buy it. Feck future values, you're buying the wrong car as an investment if you're looking at Lotus.
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    That was one of the very best motoring videos I have seen period and to get Valentino and Arturo to act in them is fantastic Interesting the Miura was a one only car that has just resurfaced after a factory restore. The sound, there is nothing else that sounds like a carbureted V12 on full song.
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    Award for most awesome Video of the Summer goes to ..................................
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    Very sad those days are gone now with the new F1 rules about pit ladies and dress code, same goes for those race car drivers, heroes of a by gone era sadly never to be seen again
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    Appreciating that this might not be entirely in keeping with the title of this thread, even if keeping it within the family... (also Pflanzgarten)
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    I’d highly recommend checking those pesky air horns still work
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    Think of the noise as you fire it up at midnight or in the early morning to head off. Are they new neighbours Dave or just recently been lobotomised by some new SNP edict?
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    Name: Lotus Elan Click to view: Lotus Elan
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    @Sparky @Chillidoggy we need to talk
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    BIG congrats to @GTK for 527,000+ views in 5 days! Looking forward to this tipping over 1m shortly, so well deserved
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    Talking of Bugs, this one cracked 300mph last month. This Chiron hit 304.77mph (490.48kmh) at VW's Ehra-Lessien track back on August 2nd. Driven by Andy Wallace - who else?

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