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    Hi, I've decided to start a restoration thread to keep track of things, keep the motivation up and hopefully will be of interest to a few others. Also might pick up a few much needed pointers along the way. The car in question is a '89 SE in the familiar 'Esprit challenge on the amiga' spec - Red with tan interior. This must be by far the most common spec/model? The cars history is it has originally been looked after well (receipts from all the well regarded garages) but it has been off the road for 10 years and hasn't turned over for approx 5 years. I'm fairly sure it was wiring issues that brought it to a halt related to the Clifford alarm install. The wiring is a shambles and I'm expecting this to be the most challenging part of the project. So I've been taking it apart and I'm planning to get it back together in better than ever condition. I'll be making improvements along the way but not straying too far from the original design. The focus is on creating a trustworthy vehicle not performance gains. So far I've removed the engine and box, most of the interior, the fuel tanks and done a few of the easy bits to get me started - * Originals wheels refurbished as a leak was getting annoying * Front brakes replaced with PNM 310mm 4-pot brake kit (rears still to do) * Turbo refurbished The engine and gearbox is booked in for a rebuild and will be using stand-alone management. Next jobs on the list are replacing the hand brake cables and fitting the new fuel tanks to get them out of the way. I've also got a new alloy balance pipe and fuel pump to go in. After that I'm tackling the oil coolers and rads. Not looking forward to that! The car before I started & the new tanks pics attached. Old tank weights: RH = 10.3KG, LH = 10.0Kg New tank weights: RH = 3.9Kg, LH = 3.7Kg Any comments/advice welcome and appreciated, I'm excited by the thought of the end product but it's a long long road first. Dunc.
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    Lotus+0forthewin wasn't a hard password to guess!
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    Hello everyone, I've just come back from a holiday in Sardinia where they filmed The Spy who Loved Me. Went to visit a few famous lotus car chase/submarine locations. Firstly the famous pier, then the beach where the car drives out, and also the area where he spins the car round under the helicopter. Really amazing to see those locations. I went scuba diving off the pier and had a search around for anything of interest and found this metal item. The film was made in 1977, so quite a while ago but it does look like the sort of painted metal item that could be from a prop car. Would love to think it was. Thought I'd ask if it looks like anything that anyone might know of from an S1 Lotus! James
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    If I remember correctly.
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    Labour whipped to abstain so it was a deliberate act that influenced the outcome - if you like it, it was neither for nor against but by abstaining en masse it prevented the motion carrying. Very different to just not bothering to vote in parliamentary terms. General election is a first past the post system (simple majority) but FTPA specifies 2/3 of eligible voters. There are many different methods of conducting votes which are not any more or less valid - just different. There were various reasons the FTPA was introduced and one of them was to remove the PM's ability to call a snap election against the will of parliament. There is no their law and our law, just the law and differing methods of determining the results.
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    Les, Demister vents are a necessity in any locale other than desert, perhaps. You are correct in that long slot atop the binnacle being for the driver's side demist, there should be another on passenger side very near base of screen as well. SJ have the metal vent listed, you might try Lotusbits if in need of the moulded plastic hose connector/adaptors. The attached photo is of my AC equipped S2 during teardown and is representative of the passenger side vent which seems common to most all G cars. Cannot state with certainty that the earliest S1 were so equipped but suspect they were. Cheers
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    Dear god that car is gorgeous ! The more pictures I see and the more angles see the more I'm impressed by the design. I've said it already but well done Lotus!
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    Very nice! Congrats and welcome. That looks like the Snows car park!
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    Thank you all for your instant responses.
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    This was an interesting job on Tuesday. Working for a surveyor, we photogrpahed 119 hectares of building site to measure with very good accuracy all of the stockpiles on site. Around 1,200 images... Turns into this point cloud map with 16,000,000 datapoints... Which looks like this a little closer. These aren't photos but the millions of points all of which can be used for measurement datum. It needs to be run through 4 more software packages to improve accuracy yet but here's a rough volume measurement just from the pics..., it's not bad!
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    I hate to waste anything in this age of the disposable society! I also considered using vegetarian course hair string to tie them on with but the environmental impact on the local wildlife was too great!
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    Hi Steve, sorry for the late response, been working hard on a friend's Subaru wrx. The details about the electric steering would be: Bought the steering column with the control unit. You can connect electrically 2 ways, with or without vehicle speed signal. I chose the non signal because it is much more simple, the difference would be the same steering assistance all the time, but the steering weight was so perfect that I didn't need it. Make sure the steering comes from a Yaris that does have ABS. The mechanical part is to cut the lotus column into 2 pieces and the toyota in 2 pieces and weld them together both on the inner shaft and the outer. You need a Borgussen coupler for the rear. This way you don't have to remove anything from the cat to install the new steering, and you keep your turn signal and wiper switches and your own steering wheel. I' including sone photos, one of them shows the steering installed, notice the steering motor under the dash. Forgot to mention the hood release works perfectly and does'n need alteration. The last picture shows the location that I chose for the fuse and the relay.
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    I have removed my binnacle before and IIRC the pipe was one of the last things to connect once I had the binnacle in place. Admittedly mine is an S4. Not sure if Lotus changed it.
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    Thank you very much for the link but I am afraid I don't have the skills or the tools to do that. It has to be dealership job for me. (BTW the noise disappeared today.... strange)
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    In a General Election, irrespective of turnout, the majority wins, assuming the winning party wins over 50% of seats (ie a clear majority over everyone else.) So within Parliament, to call a GE (under the Fixed Term Parliament Act) a majority of 2/3rds is required. Pardon me for not understanding how yet again it is one set of rules for us and another complete set of rules for those in Parliament but how is 298 v 56 not a significant amount over 2/3rds of those who bothered to vote? Christ on a bike, we need some MASSIVE reform of our political system in this Country!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    354 could be bothered to vote tonight on the question of should there be a general election. So where are the rest of these work shy skiving bunch of self serving arseholes??
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    It is true that LandRover top (bottom?) the polls - JD Power etc - for reliability. Stuff does go wrong with more of them than it does for other brands. But (and its a big Butt!) that's still only about a fifth of them. If you get one of the other 80% you'll be fine. Marc says his was a 2002. That's the first year of L322 production when in BMWs hands and the least reliable. I also had a 2002 4.4 V8 petrol for 4 years and it was a bit of a mare from time to time - the least reliable car I've ever owned. I then had a 2007 4.2 V8 Supercharged for five years (when Ford owned and with a Jaguar engine). It was serviced on schedule but otherwise cost me nothing in fixes as nothing on it went wrong between 60k miles when I bought it and 120k miles when I sold. Many L322 aficionados reckon the 2007-2009 4.2 SC was the sweetspot of the L322 run. Since the beginning of 2017 I've run a 2012 5.0 V8 SC Autobiography. It was one of the final version L322 cars with a slightly different bodykit at the rear and all the toys. Again bought at 60k miles, now at 97k. Only problems so far have been the need to replace the deployable (known as deplorable) side steps as they kept sticking and replace the battery (not as easy as for many lesser cars - but hardly a killer blow). They are wonderful cars and having got used to their capabilities I haven't been able to think of anything better to replace it with. The BM engine gave about 275BHP the 4.2 SC Jag about 395 and the 5.0 SC just over 500. For a 2.5 ton barge they're quite quick! They are also sublime at towing so not sure why Marc advises against a towbar - I wouldn't buy one without. (or about £1k to have one added). The 5.0 does have a bit of a timing chain reputation - I've been lucky so far but will probably have it replaced next year as a preventative measure. Having been in all of the other big SUVs, there are plenty to chose from, many very nice places to be, but none I'd prefer to the Full Fat Rangie. Unless the satnav is near the top of your priorities as that's pants and the adaptive cruise is a definite retrograde step over the older standard cruise control.
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    Great, you can tarmac drives to earn some extra cash too. Do ya loike dags?
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    Absolutely no problem. It's a cracking good car with great history, rebuilt engine, tried and tested. I would drive it down without a second thought.
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    Hi Henry, Good to see you on the chat. Yes, that's the plan. My Brother-in-Law and I are lifetime skiiers and ticking off all the resorts. His father's favourite place was Cortina, so the trip planned is to honour that as he passed away last year. I was in 'shipmycar' mode and had lost hope car trains existed. what' the weblink and i'll take a look? Any skiiers reading this will know of the debauchery in the early 90's "Snow Train" from Calais to Bourg... Sorry to now turn this excellent rebuild story into a snow report. snow tyres - check. Heater. yes. Any suggestions on how to boost the power from that thing in the bonnet? Although I've seen heaters that run off cig sockets. @Fabain - the offer to drive over and talk racks still exists. For some reason I though you were in Surrey. I'm utterly inspired by the rebuild and to think they did this each time they made an Esprit...
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    No deal. No plan. No clue. No problem. Just get on with it. It will be what it will be. None of us have a fully functioning crystal ball to see into the future. I'm also getting a tad fed ul with people hiding behind "bullying" comments when actually all the Government is actually trying to do is follow the current legislation enacted after a democratic vote! Remainers have been the bullies, led by Bercow. They have consistently bullied their point and have point blank refused to acknowledge the will of their constituents as well articulated above.
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    Meanwhile another small update. I couldn't help myself and bought the Smartycam HD 2.1 as I was going to install it anyway with the Aim MX dash. It works perfectly with the Solo DL2 so I went ahead and bought it so I can get some better footage on my upcoming trackday in 2 weeks. Install was fairly easy. Camera is ridiculously solid. I believe the aim website when they state a car can drive over it. Wouldn't want to get hit in the head by it Used a RAM mount to install on the harness bar and looks very clean. As I have a closed cockpit I opted for the 67° angle camera. Can't wait to test it!
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    Starting to get a bit annoyed now. Sat watching the news today (never a good idea) to watch a Labour MP state the public is ill informed about Brexit - REALLY! Do they realise however little they think of the British public we think even less of them - A LOT LESS.
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    Problem solved! The dealer fitted new rear tyres but did not replace the front tyres, so the traction control was picking up a difference in traction levels between the front and rear. In the middle east tyres bake hard very quickly with the heat, so although the tyres looked as good as new, the rubber was not as sticky as the fresh rears. I'm amazed the system was so sensitive!
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    At least three of the rebels are not even standing next time. Bercow, is a disgrace, he is so clearly biased that he is not fit for his role. The lot of them are unfit to serve us, we deserve better.
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    So Philip Lee MP defects to SDP and votes against the government: The country in an exercise of Direct Democracy decided they wanted to Leave. He fought and won his seat on a commitment of leaving the EU. His constituency (Bracknell) who voted him under Parliamentary Democracy reportedly voted to Leave 70% to 30% He grandstands the situation by taking a seat during the PM's G7 speech for maximum embarrassment. In what world can this man be seen to be enacting any form of democratic process and be following the wishes of the majority constituents. There are some seriously unhappy people in Bracknell today! Would it not have been more honest to stand down stating he was no longer able to fulfil his commitments rather than betray his national electorate, his party and his local constituency.
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    I don’t have any children starting school today but here is a picture of what my front door looks like if I did.
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    ....would love to Tim but as mentioned to Lee, I'll be slumming it in Tuscany by then
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    But that doesn't seem to include actually doing what the majority of people in the UK asked them to do! So I have to disagree with you and say that they are selfishly following their own agenda, not the direction from their own constituents. The best example of all re this being John Bercow the remain biased Speaker who has refused to take a neutral view and instead abused his position to undermine our very own PM and Government. Or have I missed the point?
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    Here are a few more photos:
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    Ten quid says it'll never swim Love it though, I'm beginning to wonder what these machines will allow the 'older car' enthusiast to recreate without necessarily spending a fortune.... Keep it up and keep us posted
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    Got a 3d printer for my birthday and spent the last 3 days setting it up and playing. Tried something crazy like this flexi octopus. Took 13 hours to print, but I'm happy with the result. Is it perfect? No, it has a few blemishes and printer settings need some tweaking, but for a hobbyist I love it WhatsApp Video 2019-09-03 at 10.59.34.mp4
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    I've got out a fair amount Jonny, although mainly relaxed weekend driving & no track sessions arranged yet. I need to pull my finger out of my arse and use the car properly! TBH I'm still coming to terms with the level of attention that the car generates from friends in the petrol head community and total strangers alike over here. The guy who took the pics is an experienced motorsport photographer who has photographed some really out of the ordinary machinery over the years; (his last 'exotic' shoot was a Ferrari 488 GTB with black stealth paint). He was seriously impressed with the way the 430 was 'put together' & performed on the road. Some of the comments on his pics extracted from the main local petrol head forum: "That thing in the flesh is mega - every bit as stunning as a ferrari/lamborghini" "Agree! Pure f1 road legal kart. And so beautiful!" We are fortunate indeed to be able to own these cars.
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    Stunning Kostas, Nightfall Blue works so well on an Evora, loved it on my Elise too. Very classy colour which does something special in direct sunlight. No GT430 in that colour to my knowledge which is a shame but at least we'll get to see what everyone else was missing!
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    Hi Fabian. Ski Racks. Polycarbonate. It's super strong, cuts well, glues well, you can put threads into it and it holds a lustre paint finish. I've a set for my S3. I've a bunch of photos and drawings to send you as stimulus (will need an email) but for you and other Lotus owning skiiers (a niche group) who are interested then a full story is on my Instagram feed 'LotusAndy5' check it out. Lovely Max (who some will know from Max500) tells me the original was a balsa wood prop and the skis were never attached securely. Remember if this is going to work, you might need to tailor the way your skis are actually fixed to the racks. I've drilled holes into my tailgate and support the racks using a backplate and spacers in the tailgate cavity... Happy to discuss at length and drive over in person. (Shots below from production and prior to fixing in place, hence the gaps created came from the weight of the skis and the surface finish was mid sanding). Andy
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    Filled the car up and then had a magnificent 2 hour drive - I love this car
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    No problem Bruss. Thank you. If you are interested in a set please send me an e-mail to [email protected] and give info that you come from TLF. I will have my demo wheels (DC finish) for sale too.
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    By the way some extra news: As the discussion with Lotus dealers as resellers was not satisfying we are thinking Leitspeed may sell the wheels only directly to customers - no dealers involved. Maybe the way like most Lotus tuning is sold world wide. So there will be a new attractive pricing without the dealer margin soon and also a changed online shop form on the website. At the moment shipping inside EU and world wide at no or low cost is checked too.
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    Sharing a tour that myself and members of the Golden Gate Lotus Club received at The Quail show in Monterey a few weeks ago. Cheers, Kiyoshi
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    Nice to have another GT3 on the drive, this one belonging to @Chris Onelevenr. A very pretty car in Nautilus Blue. The old system is out, all vacuum work done at the engine, and pump is mounted. Lotus position (seat insitu) achieved yet again without lasting damage (a miracle at my age), and brake pedal drilled appropriately. Again, @Chillidoggy will be attending this week to help me install, test and adjust the important stuff, followed by a night of celebration and all-round back-slapping at a local CAMRA hostelry.
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    So my eldest is now able to start learning to drive. Arek delivered up a nice car for her. needless to say - she’s feeling very happy and has just had her first ever drive round the industrial estate.
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    A couple of pics taken yesterday in the balmy weather by a local pro car photographer:
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    I went to a gin tasting at TT Liquor in Shoreditch yesterday. The East London Liquor Co Dry Gin was standout delicious. Here's my little sister in their shop too, the venue was once a police station, very interesting place! And the gins...
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    Beautiful color! Every time somebody writes Kawasaki in this thread, I can’t but help read it in Jimmy Carr mode as he uses Kawasaki (along with Oompa Loompa) to teach Salma Hayek how to speak with a Geordie accent. Who has an Evora in Oompa Loompa Orange?
  47. 1 point 7.46am - I'm on the wireless discussing council plans to fine drone users and drone privacy implications. They're also using my soundbite on the news! I'm also in the local paper! There will be an autograph signing session in my local pub later if anyone wants to meet someone famous!
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    Did a roof inspection yesterday looking for leaks. Whole job took less than 30 mins! They'd also had contractors in late last year to paint the roof and after this are on the phone to them making sure them come back and finish the job they were paid for!! No-one thought to check their work but obvs Friday afternoon early finish was their priority rather than nipping out for one more tin of paint!!
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    Anyone want a free range chicken shed wiring ?
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    Here is my Ram Air solution: one 3.5" dia silicone 135 deg elbow, trim ~1" , one end one 3.5" dia silicone 90 deg elbow, trim ~1" , one end 50mm section of the aluminum 3.5" tube 4 Norma clamps Tube has to be slightly squeezed to form an ellipse to clear the tank inlet tube. Clamps on the tank pipes have to be re-clocked to avoid interference. Short, smooth bore duct, easy to make, under $50. Thank you eBay.

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