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    I better work on my ride height....looks like my "roll center" is below ground level. Fun with the V6 CupR .....
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    So yesterday the deal was done and I left behind my Exige but will be back in a few weeks to collect my Evora Will be my ‘fourth’ Lotus product (if you count the VX220 and Caterham R400)! Hope to see you at Sunday Scramble in October
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    Post brake conversion debrief. We left no tern unstoned.
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    Great view from the window this morning.
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    Replacement for my underused Exige S1. 3 weeks in pretty impressed just need to get out on track with it now.
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    First time I have taken a picture my two Lotus together (Esprit GT3 and Exige 410). Happy because collected the Esprit from @Sparky yesterday after he had fitted @Chillidoggy replacement kit for the Delco Moraine ABS garbage. Can actually feel what the brakes are doing now. And, took the Exige for a short run this morning having not driven it for a couple of weeks. By God it's a fast car. Love it even more than my old Elise 111R.
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    More Ex-GT parts for the engine: Doug Kiddie crank (needs re-work), motorsport cam covers and Pankl rod to act as a model for remanufacture. The crankpins are significantly bigger than stock, although the mains are the same.
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    OK, OK, I need a haircut.
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    Is the other one Wilson?
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    You met Tom Hanks in there?
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    @Chris Onelevenrcollected his GT3 today, and I think he's pleased with @Chillidoggy's kit. Another successful fit, marred only by the fact that Ian and I managed to lock ourselves out of Chris's car mid-conversion and had to arrange a meet with Chris in High Wycombe to collect a spare set of keys! The first GT3 conversion, I believe.
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    Righto, time for a VERY long over-due update. It's been a bit of a crazy summer with a (temporary) change of job and a lot of triathlon training/racing culminating in my second successful Ironman in Vichy at the end of August. Now that racing season is over, I'm hoping to be able to focus a bit more on the Exige. Since my last update in March, these are the changes I have made: ECUMaster ECU & mapping from RRR - this is the most drastic change. I ummed and arghed about this for a long while but in the end decided to give it a go. The fact that H111 and KT seem to be supplying them now and that RRR were great to deal with convinced me in the end. I also wanted to make sure that I wasn't tied to KT for mapping given the different hardware I am running at the moment and likely to run in future. It offered maximum flexibility. The dyno results from RRR showed that the car is now producing just over 350bhp at the wheels, which they say is around 400-410 at the crank. It certain feels really strong, especially at the top end and really rips through the revs nicely. However at the moment the mapping is till a bit rough on start-up/at idle/when crawling in traffic. The car is going back to RRR in the next few weeks so hopefully they can smooth this out. At the same time they will (finally) be fitting the ECU Master ADU dash and the Lotus OEM traction control adjustment knob, which will allow me to exploit the capability of the ECU to offer adjustable traction control. Service from RRR has been terrific. Rob has been my point guy there and is an absolute legend. 2bular EPK with Zircotec coating - I previously had the 2bular track valveless silencer installed, which looked great with the big 100mm carbon tips (although I still prefer the titanium versions, but these were sadly not available) and also sounded good (bit deeper than OEM, not boomy, and no problems on track). Since its purpose is to allow you to get on track, it's not a crazy screamer but that is the trade-off I guess. I sent the manifolds and downpipe off to Zircotec for them to apply their Performance White coating. Expensive (very expensive...) but I thought it was worth it since I had the time before I was going to fit it to the car and anything that keeps heat out of the engine bay has got to be a good thing. I am also taking the approach of going for the absolute best I possibly can whenever I do anything, so it kind of fitted that theory. Plus it does look sweet when you glimpse the white in the engine bay! I am sure that the full exhaust system has contributed to the increased power and response, and the bespoke mapping has allowed me to maximise the potential of the system (along with the KT airbox I already had installed). Without wishing to get drawn into the eternal 2bular debate/slagging match, what I will say is that Jim's service for me has been absolutely excellent. He was highly responsive to my many questions and delivered all the kit very quickly indeed (within 2 weeks I think it was). The whole system really does look first class and I had no noise issues on track at Snetterton (tested 94db static). I couldn't ask for more. KT gearbox oil cooler and Moroso baffled sump - given the increase in power and that I am trying to increase the amount of track time I am doing, I thought that it would be sensible to have BoT install these while they had the car. The gear change felt rock solid and totally consistent all day when I was at Snetterton during the heat-wave we had and no engine issues at all, so probably worth while and more of a preventative measure than out-right performance gain anyway. Ohlins TTX - I bought these nearly-new rather a long time ago now for a good price and had H111 fit them at Easter time while we were away in Japan. I am absolutely delighted with how they have turned out. I fitted the slightly softer springs (800lb/1050lb road rather than 950lb/1250lb race springs) and, with the Cup 2 tyres (see below), the ride is absolutely fine on road. On track they are great. I got a chance to play with the settings a bit with some help from my personal mechanic for the day @GFWilliams (excellent service, very reasonable rates, brings all his own tools...) and that made them even better. Really helps balance out the effects of the LSD nicely. Everything I hoped they would be, and gold of course! Wheels/tyres/brakes - I am still running the standard cast wheels at the moment but fitted Cup 2 (215/265) tyres. These are bloody brilliant. Great on track (very predictable and loads of grip) and great on road (ride comfort is better than the old Pirellis I had on). I had been looking at some BC Forged wheels for a while but couldn't quite settle on which design I liked best, nor could I afford to pull the trigger given the expenditure on other mods. Then out of the blue I got an opportunity to buy some nearly-new Simply Lotus forged wheels with a set of lightly used Cup 2s (215/285) for a price that I really couldn't refuse. I still don't love the look of the Lotus forged wheels to be honest, but for the price it was a no-brainer. Will be getting them fitted shortly and will be interested to see how different they feel. I have heard from a number of sources that it is quite noticeable. Front brake pads needed replacing so went for Performance Friction 08 pads, which matched what I already had on the rear. They seem to do the job very nicely on road and track without any issue. Special thanks to @Arun_D for delivering the wheels for me. Was lovely to meet you and your partner Cindy too. Bodywork/aero - my @alias23 side sills arrived and were installed by BoT. They are great quality and look very nice indeed. Subtle but finish the car off nicely. Terrific service from Imran too of course as always, and I love being able to support someone in our community who is so passionate and doing such great work for us all to benefit from. In fact, that is why I have also ordered one of his new "road" spec splitters, which is being shipped to BoT as I type, as well as the new mirror stalks and mirrors that Imran has developed in conjunction with George, which hopefully should be ready in a few weeks. Update to follow on those in due course. I would have loved to have gone for the full "track" spec splitter but there is no way I will be able to get that into/out of my garage given the annoying dip I have to traverse! Hopefully the street version will add just a bit more aero and aggressive look to make it worthwhile in any event. I have also bought George's old DJ Racecar rear wing and KT mounts. I am having the end plates painted Ardent red to match my car (and also having a second set of plain carbon end plates made that I plan to have stickered by Divine Handcraft) and then the wing will be fitted by BoT in the next couple of weeks at the same time as the splitter. Finally, I ordered a 430 Cup style rear diffuser from Lotus with George's, so that has also arrived and will be fitted by BoT as well. The service from BoT has been excellent as always, and Sam has been fantastic to deal with. Great bloke too. I think that's about it in terms of mods(!) so the only thing to add now is about driving. I've not been able to drive the car quite as much as I wanted given the amount of triathlon training/racing I have done this summer, but have still managed to get out quite a bit. The unquestionable highlight was a day at Snetterton that we had right at the end of July. Great turn-out from @Gordon S, @Ali tuck, @BatMobile, @GFWilliams and @AlanSears as well as a few other Exiges. We hired a couple of pro drivers for the whole day between us, which was a brilliant idea from @BatMobile and a massive learning experience. I had one high speed spin that was a proper brown-trouser moment but fortunately somehow managed to miss the barriers (through total luck not judgement) and no damage was done. Other than that, I enjoyed it more than almost any other day I have had with the car. I can only reiterate what I and others have previously said - these cars need to be taken on track to really show what they can do, and the best way to do that is with other owners, who are almost invariably great company. Even got a shout-out on Track Time! Last weekend I took the Lotus down to Bill Rawles Classic Cars in Four Marks for their coffee morning. My Dad and some of his car buddies are regulars there but this was my first time. The place is amazing and I would highly recommend a visit if you like classic cars. I took my wife with me and my Mum also came, so it was a real family outing. We had a great time (the classic car geeks seemed to appreciate the Lotus lurking amongst their Healeys and E Types) and a lovely pub lunch afterwards - including meeting a P1 in the pub car park! The drive down in the morning along the A272 was great and really suited the Lotus well. Finally a few pictures to follow below. Thanks for reading!
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    Especially such a small one.
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    It’ll be minimal, she’s an old hand with choppers.
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    @DaveyT to be fair I actually own the Essex but @JNW3 seems to think that just because he paid for it, it is his
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    Why doesn’t BJ just say that they will reduce VAT to say 5% for 2 years if we vote for a no deal Brexit. That will offset any problems with tariffs
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    Some small tweaks to my Evora LE which makes it look so much better. GTE front grills and new tyre with wider 275/35R19 rears. Thanks to Castle Sportscars for getting everything just so.
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    The desperate actions of a man who's just found out how much his wife's 'copter licence will cost.
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    Swung by to see the wife’s new best mates at Polar Helicopters... Took the lads up the road for a quick ride, think they now require clean underwear.
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    Great update @Mattmahope and appreciate all the kind words and support! However you missed two important points from your write up: - What settings are you running bump/rebound for road and track? - Most important, pics of your engine bay with those special manifolds? Expecting update by end of weekend
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    First world problems, eh? @JNW3 must be in a very small subset of people even able to offer that particular choice!
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    Think I may have trouble cornering (no steering) and also very uncomfortable (no seat) although acceleration could well be good.
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    Thanks, it sure is good to be back.
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    Some lovely bits for the engine, those cam covers look especially nice Mike
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    Retrofit a front lift? Not sure if that’s even possible on an Exige...
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    Now that is an update...! Congrats on the work - sounds fantastic. So the RRR update is new ECU plus full 2bular system? Do they change the intake?
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    @Chris Onelevenr I am glad you bit the bullet and got @Chillidoggy conversion done. @Sparky was the man for the job.......enjoy. I feel its the best bang for your buck that you can spend on the Esprit and completely changes the car. Its still puts a big smile on my face every time I take my S4 out for a spin. p.s love the colour of your GT3
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    At RRR for mapping, side sills from @alias23, and Ziroctec coated 2bular pipes...
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    Pictures from Snetterton... More pictures from Snetterton (with friends)... Car making friends in car parks...
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    Big thanks to @Chillidoggy and @Sparky for an excellent looking job. The drive back home was the first time I have driven the car and not worried about what the brakes were doing. Now I can get on with enjoying the car. Will give it more of a workout around Wales for a couple of days next week.
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    I'd wondered what had broken the fibreglass of the body shell below the windscreen where the aircon unit blows into the screen vent moulding. It's because an 18kg aircon unit it fastened to it with two M6 fixings! It's also fastened to the bulkhead, but these are really just to pull it forward onto the bulkhead. With 18kg bouncing up and down on these fixings every time the car goes over a pothole there's no wonder the fibreglass cracked. I'm planning to add some support from the transmission tunnel to stop this from happening in the future. I've added a couple of flanges to allow some of the weight to be taken by the tunnel: These flanges will fasten to brackets bolted to the tunnel. Hopefully this will stop the body shell from cracking again. Pete
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    An even more obvious detail would be the rear suspension/axle layout. S3 will have CV joints, S2 will have fixed length axles on U-joints. Bibs theory seems sound, the tax treatment in Italy regarding engine displacement is well known and Lotus have always been clever at managing such things.
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    @alias23-- yes, 1mm per side for mine. My geo sheet FYI (you won't want as much negative camber, given the rubber you are running )
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    Hello just curious where will you buy the " CF bumper"? Thanks
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    Spent some time yesterday making a puller to remove the fragile-looking steel fan from it's shaft without damaging it or the motor or shaft. Again, if anybody is performing the same procedure just ask!
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    Appreciating that this might not be entirely in keeping with the title of this thread, even if keeping it within the family... (also Pflanzgarten)
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    Found a better shot taken by someone else
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    Couldn’t keep me away for long It’s taken me 3 years to find the right car , so over the moon to have taken delivery this week. First day out did 100 miles around the Cotswold roads around me , followed by another 50 today. Love it ! Dave
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    Finally got my hands back on it
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    I took a friends 12 year old son out for his first Lotus ride on Sunday. It will be a few years before he can get one of his own, but we have a new convert
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    Calipers back from refurbishment - back to bare castings and clear-coated.

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