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    Well, following soldave's post about this, we took the plunge and completed the rally yesterday. For those who dont know about this, the Fireball Rally is an organisation that arrange various types of motoring holidays in Europe We signed up to James Bond's Switzerland one that is an endurance event planning to visit 8 countries in 4 days, totalling 1800 miles!! Many people buy cars specifically for the event, usually under £900 but we chose to take the Esprit. Now, my Esprit has never let me down ever, but the closer the rally got, the more nervous I became and sure that I was about to make a monumental mistake. However, with my son about to start at University, it also seemed likely to be a rare opportunity to bond (over some Bond) that may not arise again for some time. He got the grades, freshers dont start till next week and so we were on!! Planning is everything they say and this is no different. I went over the car with a reasonably fine tooth comb, finding a few minor faults and the need to replace all 4 tyres. The week before we were to go, I also managed to slice my index finger to the bone trying to remove some sealant on the rear quarter window. It really needed stitches but we used some superglue in the end (no different to proper skin glue but not really recommended!) Other things needed - check with insurance company that they will cover ALL countries to be visited. Adrian Flux were great about this and confirmed in writing but others had difficulty. The last minute covers are expensive so better to do ASAP. Add to that European breakdown for a classic car - the best cover will get your car back, provide a courtesy and cover all reasonable costs, along with providing some valuable peace of mind. Satnav provided by Google maps was great, as the destinations were given as global coordinates (mountains dont have postcodes) and worked very well. As we were camping, packing the esprit was not easy and infact as you will read later, created one of the worst problems we encountered on the trip!! This is with no clothes etc etc. The sleeping bags actually went in the front compartment in the and and our coats went on the little shelves but you can see the space issue. As we had just replaced all 4 tyres, we ditched the spare (gulp) to get more space and took a puncture repair kit, tyreweld foam tyre filling thing and crossed our fingers!! The Mustang that came got a flat on the first day but a French garage repaired it for free. Despite Brexit, they dont hate ALL of us!! The other fly that hit the ointment was reports of 50cm of snow on the passes the weekend before we were to go. Hadnt really expected that so, after a moment of panic, bought some snow socks. Didnt need them in the end so I now have a brand new set of AutoSocks to fit an Esprit should anyone want a bargain!!! Thursday 12th Sept and we are ready to go!! Ferry crossing to Calais at 0640 the next morning - smooth and event free. Then a 500mile run for the sun towards Switzerland, through France, first stopping at the Reims-Gueux abandoned GP circuit The main road just runs though the old start/finish straight/pit lane and is a must visit if you are anywhere nearby. The next 4 days saw us visit Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Liechtenstein, Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium. Amazing. Here are some of the highlights. A thing near Verdun Verdun Ossuary Piz Gloria restaurant at the top of the Schilthorn - On Her Majesty's Secret Service Grimsel & Furka pass (Goldfinger) Goldeneye Dam Stelvio pass Castle Neuschwanstein (get the Bond link???) I could go on and on but hopefully have illustrated the Lotus in places you might not expect it!!! Well, it performed very well indeed. Never broke down. Never failed to start. Was really quite comfortable, the GT as it is. We did encounter some issues though. Traffic jams around Nancy, Bern, M25 etc caused some overheating and coolant loss through expansion. I think this is due to the radiator fans failing to engage above 90 degrees - bad connection somewhere I think. The exhaust also started to blow. We lost a little power as a result but the roar in the tunnels made up for it, particularly when coupled with another roar from the sports exhaust of the MX5 we were in convoy with. The final issue we had was unexpected loss of all headlights whilst in the middle of the Black Forest (aptly named) We think was due to the overloading of luggage in the front compartment pushing against the mess of wiring/relays etc when taking a tight right hander. Not great losing light at this point!! Came back on but was very unnerving each time it occurred. Overall, an incredible trip, great people, amazing sights and putting paid to the notion of Lots Of Trouble etc etc. Everyone we encountered were amazed to see the car and Brexit has not altered attitudes as far as we could tell.
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    I had an unusual reaction today whilst driving up the M3. I was in lane 3 approaching what looked to be an interesting car ahead and as I drew nearer I saw it was a BMW i8 that had a kind of red chrome paint job. Rather a nice colour actually. Anyhow, he obviously saw me approaching in his mirror and suddenly decided to wrench the wheel over to the left, only just missing the front of a car he was overtaking. I then pulled alongside him and became aware the driver was waving excitedly. I looked over and he kept pointing at my car and giving me a big thumbs up, all the time with the biggest grin on his face that you could imagine. He kept this up for the next mile or so, to the point where he was becoming embarrassing. I simply smiled back before accelerating and pulling in front of him and eventually filtering off the motorway. He then overtook and drew back alongside as I left the motorway and we exchanged a final wave. Nice to think even a driver of an electric car can still appreciate a nice exhaust note.
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    Thanks Richard. Well thanks to Smithy111 on here and an accurate temperature measure there's nothing wrong! The engine wasn't hot enough To activate the thermostat. The gauge was overeading by about 30 degrees! New voltage regulator should fix the guage. Tuned again. Pretty good now! This is with the fans on.... About 1 or less difference. All level with no fans.
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    I’m sure it’s the media making a big deal of a throwaway remark but it’s a pointless thing to claim at this stage. Can’t see how it could benefit Lotus to do so. I’d rather hear about a renewed interest in Motorsport, some GT racing ambition or positive plans for the current range and how Lotus are going to manage the transition period. I guess if they can sell a few Evijas none of that will matter much from a financial point of view but the brand building (and repair work) should be well under way by now.
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    On both Esprits I have owned I had water circulation issues but on the current car when I rebuilt the cooling system I bought a pressure test kit. I found several leaks using the kit which I fixed and once the system held air for several hours I then filled it up and had no issues at all. Any leaks will tend to suck air into the system. The way I used the kit was when empty, and if the pressure guage didnt hold, I brushed soapy water all over every joint and looked for bubbling. Very effective method because once it holds air it will definitely hold water.
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    I would like to try and offer an explanation in 2 parts: 1) the forced induction system in a golf R will likely deliver >20psi at 2000rpm, whereas yours is probably giving about 4 psi. This is a big difference. This is partly why his car is feels rubbish to drive and I would never buy one. Turbos get to peak boost quickly, then offer very little reward for continuing to rev. Superchargers are more progressive and controllable. 2) I wouldn’t compare performance in uncontrolled road races because you don’t know whether his car is stock, when he pressed the accelerator, or what gear he was in. As an aside, I’m yet to drive any turbo car (including a mclaren) which has a good throttle response or a progressive feel to it. If anybody has driven one, please advise. (Maybe the newer turbo Ferrari’s or a 911 Porsche...?) Ironically, if it’s just torque you want, the TVS1900 upgrade for non-chargecooled cars delivers KT460 levels of torque (I.e. a lot) up to about 5000rpm.
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    I had attended a local car festival last weekend in small Leicestershire town of Hinckley (where Triumph & Nobel are made ) there was apparently 1200 or so cars and bikes and other vehicles on display in town centre, my Evora was parked on on of the main shopping streets next to vintage Land Rover defender and a heavily modified Subaru it was lovely day so I stood next to car as thousands of visitors filed by the reaction of folk was intriguing people didn’t realise I was owner so I over heard the comments also folk were surprised to see my daughter asleep in the back as they envisaged the car as a two seater ! Lol but the comments were fascinating and I got to featured on a you tube showing I spotted today ! My 10 sec of fame
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    We have a law over here that if you assault either a paramedic or a police officer, you are facing a 1 year mandatory sentence. Or you are meant to. James Haberfield was allowed to walk free after bashing a paramedic there to help him. Two women bashed a male paramedic and were allowed to walk free. I fear that some judges are very lenient or maybe should not be a judge?
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    Congrats buddy! Been great to track your journey so far and you just can’t go wrong with Komotec!
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    Enough about bloody phone clips you say, what about the EX430 kit!? Okay, so here's my initial review; I picked the car up yesterday and drove it home to Peterborough from H111. The car was fitted with both the EX430 and the Komotec valved backbox system with carbon tips. Immediately on the way home the car was singing a different tune. The exhaust is far louder, deeper and more visceral, it's just sounds plain evil but not overbearing. Performance wise, initially, the most noticeable change was torque. The car now pulls harder regardless of gear selection, where as before you had to try harder to find that peak power spot. On the drive out to Northampton last night and on the road trip today is where it really started to show it's teeth! I think perhaps the ECU needed a settling in period in order to get used to what else was now available and at its disposal. The car is just more agressive in every gear, it pulls like a train and as I've said previously, there's far more torque and it's far less fussy with gears. In point, it's quite noticeably, considerably quicker! Soundtrack wise, the exhaust is pretty awesome, supercharger whine isn't as pronounced as I thought it might be but it's not a big deal. The car performed faultlessly for the 350 ish miles I've covered yesterday and today. Engine temps remained consistent with pre modification and fuel consumption wasn't notably more either. So, all in all, so far, I'm a happy chap! The only thing I'll need to change is the bit of tied off bungy cord holding the carbon airbox in place as I think that's pretty low rent... My initial opinion would be, if you do alot of track work then save up and go 460 with the peace of mind of charge cooling, but if you're mainly a fast road user, you can have not far off the same performance for 60% of the cost...
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    Yes exactly that too. No chance of any progress now 'til Monday. This is precisely what Geely needs to get involved with and sorted. Pronto.
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    Stunning pictures. The last one in Füssen with Neuschwanstein in the background could have been taken in front of our friends house.
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    Uh They don't need to solve world issues... They need to finish developing a model that has been in the pipeline ever since the previous CEO was in charge. JMG showed up at the gate in 2014, this car started its development in late 2015 or early 2016, spec got frozen way before the current management showed up... It was one of the 3 options JMG had planned. Geely called the shot on which model they should come out with first under Quinfeng. But by that time they knew exactly what the car required, chassis wise and engine wise. I insist It is a VVA platform car, essentially an Evora Plus or Minus depending on what design they went with. The only thing they have had to sort out at is the integration of the loom and parts bin. I believe JMG preempted the sale to Geely by acquiring a few Volvos to get the powertrain template. This is not rocket science this is project planning. The fact that Evija got delayed consciously by a year to get a thorough propulsion system redesign is fine, but this time we are talking good old internal combustion engine. if they decided to go with Geely V6 and not Volvo 4 Cyl lead time would not be longer as the Geely own V6 is a VVTi clone of Mitsubishi own V6 which is GR-FE doppelgänger, If anything having Quinfeng in charge of this one would accelerate development as his team oversaw said engine development in the first place. I get that they want to have a winner right out of the gate
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    He needs a verbal boot up the backside to remind him the part is in stock on the production line, or take it up with the MD.
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    That is a process that happens automatically at Lotus After Sales. @trcm it might be worth your dealer contacting some of the other (bigger) dealers to see if anyone has one in stock they are willing to part with. I have checked, and unfortunately we do not have one in at present. Central Lotus would be worth a shout, or maybe B&C. Dave
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    For me, this is 1001% on the money. You wont see the type of cars we have now, particularly the visceral V6 Exige. The only thing that would make me sell my 380 is a really really special final Exige. But lets wait and see. And funnily enough was at a dealers today and one guy told me there is a two day sales conference coming up, and that future sales targets for new models is off the scale. For instance he said that say lotus sell 1550 units/year, they are planning to sell that many within the confines of their dealership. So to me that means that the newer cars cannot be into 6 figure, probably less than half of that for mass market appeal and sales. Would I but an electric Lotus, NOT in a million years.... but maybe my Mrs. Might like the SUV instead of her Audi... cheers Mark
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    Sounds like an air lock or blockage but I’d expect some flow across the rad as the engine stat must have opened to heat to the front
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    Sounds like a thermostat issue, does the fan stat pipe at the front get warm?
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    Fabian, Have you checked the coolant return from the header tank to the water pump area ? A blockage in this is possible if you have been painting things and will result in boiling over ! Make sure you have flow or the expansion has no where to go and boils like a kettle !
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    updating in-case anyone else is coming up to changing p-zero on one axl only. Went for a full change out to PS4's (not PS4S). Don't like spliting tyre makes on my cars Did my 1st track day event on Donnington's old circuit yesterday. Last track day event was a couple of months back at Rockingham on p-zero's So although 2 different venues and not by an expert driver. Both days were dry and hot. And as we are doing PAX rides for charities i'd say we at 8 tenths Both events I start of with PSI at 30. When p-zero got upto 40psi due to heat rears felt slippy, like on ice and wasn't suprised to see the high PSi. When PS were are 40psi I could tell a slight change but was expecting just a slight increase in PSi but as not as high as the 40 showing. As said both events are 8/10ths due to passengers , but there are places at both you can push to to see, safely. Donnington has the melbourne hairpin corner which is a fast down hill with a lip at the top. Car felt so stable over the lip, braking down hill and then the hairpin even when i push to what should of been the limit just got a little tyre squeal and and over steer or understeer seem easily controlled. 1st lay-mans impressions miles better.
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    Jack the back end up and fill/bleed the system and run with the cap off to clear all the air only way ive found that works well. Have you bridged the two spade connectors that go to the fan thermostat to test the electrical circuit is ok? and check/reset the otter thermal cut out on the left front wheel arch? Since sorrting the cooling system on mine it runs at about 88o (checked with 3 different electronic thermal probes). Fan stat should cycle fans on at 92o and off at 82o (green dot for temperate climates) Also check if yours has the revised curved pipe inverted so the fan stat should hang below to prevent air locks
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    Mine indicates less than 90 on a run (regardless of speed) I get paranoid if it gets any higher than mid 90s! (but thats not to say all guages and senders read the same). Bear in mind it will tend to run hotter if you have fitted new rings/pistons/liners. I also think that 110 is far too hot (if accurate). While the engine is running, go around the car and repeatedly violently squash as many hoses as you can get your hands to - e.g. to 'burp' the cooling system.
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    I would not run it at 110, most seem to run about 90. 110 is to high, not drivable yet until you do some checks!
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    I think it goes from the bottom screw on the accelerator pump cover to the nut holding the intake manifold to the head. Mike
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    I do love forums , where true enthusiasts care was reading a post from a guy who suggested deflating tyre to about 10psi and then re inflating, hey presto!! Problem solved
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    Evija continues World Tour in Middle East.
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    Took my car on the ferry for a tour of the Black Forest. The car drew a lot of attention. Several people asked whether they could have a photo of the car. I had to leave it on the street in Freiburg one night. I went to the car to get something, to find half a dozen people taking it in turns to pose with the car having their photos taken. I hung back until they went. Best one was taking a diversion to see the World's biggest Cuckoo clock (who wouldn't want to see that?). I parked up, then a club arrived of 6 or 7 911's. This Italian couple took a look at my car and the husband got his wife to take a pic of him posing with it. After several photos, she gestured for him to stand next to the 911's for a photo. He gave her an unenthusiastic shake of the head. An Italian NAAAH, is all I can think it looked like.
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    Leaving work on time, for the first time in over a year.
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    Had a great day at Silverstone on Thursday. Hadn't driven there in a few years, but managed a 2:34 with a 90kg passenger so pleased with that. Next steps more power, EX480...….
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    Taken from G techniq website. Mine has Exo on it soooo... Q: Can I use a wax over Gtechniq paintwork coatings? A: You can as the wax will not damage any of our coatings. But we recommend you don't for a number of reasons. Firstly, if you have an extremely hydrophobic product such as EXO or C2, the wax will dull this effect. Also all our coatings are designed to prevent contaminant bonding and are non-yellowing. Wax on the other hand is a soft finish into which contaminants easily bond and wax is not optically clear.
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    You can see the shim here... Have you got them on each half shaft?
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    Give it to somebody else to do ? Where's the fun in that Paul ? You absolutely need a balljoint splitter to break the grip on the upper joint to hub attachment in order to be able to adjust the camber and its a lot of p*ssing about I agree. I have a copy of the Esprit S3/Turbo workshop manual and they go into a little more detail about the suspension alignment in there, in as much as their method specified to use two steel bars absolutely parallel to the hubs and measure the toe in/out from the wheel hubs. So my 'string rectangle' method mirrors that and I found it quite easy to do.
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    Are you certain the front and rear hub->hub lengths are the same ? I know the book says the track is the same (59.5") but the wheels are 6J and 7J sizes. Just wondering if your method is right - if I've understood you correctly I used two wooden poles of exactly the same length spanned widthwise front and rear resting on axle stands set at wheel centre height and stretched nylon fishing line front to back them to make a kind of rectangular frame. Got the 'frame' set exactly around the four wheels measured as close to the centre of each wheel as I could, then measured front and rear of each wheel rim distance to the line with a micrometer. Subtract one from the other to calculate the toe in mm. The handling is quite sensitive to tyre pressures being correct all round. Book values for the S1 seem low but thats what I've been using.
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    Have finally managed to get the roll hoop out of the car. For reference the hoop is held in place each side by a large Nut/bolt at the bottom of the door pillar and a smaller nut/bolt at the top of the door pillar. It is also has two bolts/screws that go through the door striker plate through a bracket welded to the roll hoop and into a plate which has captive nuts welded to it. The striker plate bolts took some getting out. To get it out you need to push it back towards the rear of the car then lay it down you will the be able to manoeuvre it out. Looking at the hoop in the car it appeared that it just had some surface rust. Once out however, it was a different picture. The rust damage at the bottom of the hoop wasn't visible from the inside as it was the edge that sat next to the inside of the door pillar. Roland
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    Think the quickfit data base is slightly off for the earlier esprit. The difference between the handbook and the workshop manual is:- Rear suspension in the handbook toe in 8 to 10 mm, In the workshop manual 4 mm, max. All other data is the same. Surprised this has not come up before? I remember in 1977 there were no lasers apart from in Star Wars, so Lotus probably gave mm at rim edge so you could set up the wheels with a string rectangle?

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