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    Well decision made! I drove the S IPS today and loved it! Deposit paid. Picking it up in a week! #longestweekever
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    I don't think it's about Brexit anymore (has it ever been?). Yes, the vast majority in parliament don't want to leave under any circumstances, but this is really about personal agenda's and power. Labour - Don't give a damn about Brexit, they just want to topple the Tories and will adopt any approach that they think will help achieve that - anti EU - Pro EU - anti 2nd Ref - Pro 2nd Ref - Pro election - anti election. They swap around depending on which way they think the wind is blowing. Lib-Dems - Their approach was dictated by their devastating result in the 2015 GE. Adopting a clear policy that they knew would make them appeal to the 48% who voted remain gave the potential for them to recover a lot of lost support. They knew they would never appeal to the other 52% but when you're recovering from rock bottom that doesn't matter, it's still a huge step back to potential political credibility. It was a clever strategy which has worked, but like Labour it wasn't driven by a desire to to do what's best for the country, it was to do what's best for the party. SNP - A one trick pony - Scottish independence. Their sole agenda in parliament is to disrupt the the running of the UK that they don't want to be a part of. DUP - They want to ensure that nothing interferes with or undermines NI's place in the UK (understandably). Nonetheless, it's still driven by their personal agenda, not the UK's. Conservatives - Couldn't contain the internal splits on Europe any longer, compounded by May's government trying to be too clever by wasting years pretending to deliver Brexit whilst not really trying and hoping the problem would go away, while Johnson, Gove and their ilk sniffed an opportunity for the top job (who knows what their actual view on Brexit is). And now they're scared to go back to the electorate. They're not fit for purpose.
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    It’s important to note that you can fit a very big hairy dog in the car in comfort
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    Mine are on the way from Ken for my lowly Sport 410.
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    Guys looks like I can make this will be bringing the little one to join me. Whose doing the pre park? I’ll be there for the 9am as also need to get back after an hour or so...
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    I think we will mark this down as a significant moment, one that's been a while coming. Engine and gearbox back in the chassis! Bit of a difference from when I first got it. And this is what happened to a brand new engine mount shortly after we took the crane load off!!
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    My Option specs are US standard: w/ AC, ICE w/ Sat Nav, 2+0; reclining Sparco seats, 400 door panels Options: Alcantara, CC, sound insulation, Ti exhaust, Lotus Guard Premium (PPF), no SW Accessories (post delivery): BOE headers & Cat, GT4 baffled oil pan, GT430 fender A-panels, oil blow-by catch can, SPA Oil Pressure/Temp gauge, cf barge boards, Ohlins TTX, Alipine booster amp, Hertz speakers (+4 kg), SSC harness bar and 2 pr 4 pt Schroth harnesses (+8kg), AIM Solo II DL and SmartCam (+0.8kg)
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    But the EU make it easy in two ways, firstly single market rules, and second the way in which VAT works in the EU, which the UK has always been lobbying the EU to change since we joined but to no avail. Single market without a single taxation scheme is bound to cause problems. The point about abolishing CT is a very interesting one. Same could be done with business rates. The biggest problem is if the Tories did this, the left and many mis-informed people in general would go ballistic and social media would explode. Many uninformed people believe that reducing CT is giving "the rich" a tax break. Its actually the opposite because CT is not levied on "the rich" as a company is not a person. If they paid less CT and more income tax for their employees they would be paying more tax as income tax is at a far higher rate. (assuming tax avoidance is not going on of course!). Contrary to what's usually said on social media, Tory chancellor Osborne did far more than any other previous chancellor to clamp down on tax avoidance. Gordon brown did absolutely nothing. As well as diverted profits tax he ended many of the dodgy Isle of Man and other schemes which the likes of Jimmy Carr were involved in. and he also kept making extra tax raids on the banks.
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    You could unscrew the sender and dip it into a kettle of boiling water for a 100 deg reference.
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    The shocks are on my website The shocks that I sell are the Ohlins ILX36 which are 100% the same as the specifications for the GT430. All brackets are supplied. I have worked closely with MGR to give the US customers complete factory support. I am a US based Ohlins dealer that also contracts support to OhlinsUSA in motorsport racing. Most importantly, I'm a Lotus enthusiast that wants the same handling for your Evora as I do for my Evora.
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    Looks like the SUV skate is ready, Volvo just unveiled its CMA based XC40 full EV, this is in essence the base of the upcoming Lotus SUV who should borrow exactly the same powertrain architecture if seriously spruced up Volvo and Geely will retain McPhersons strut and multilink at the back but I do expect Lotus will stick to its sporty true and tested double wishbone at the front and possibly at the back if the wheelbase of the prototype last spotted in July 2019 is anything to go by. To make matters simple for Lotus, Volvo and Geely saw fit to build an aluminum craddle for the the battery pack : "the battery is protected by a safety cage which consists of a frame of extruded aluminium, and has been embedded in the middle of the car’s body structure, creating a built-in crumple zone around the battery." So building an aluminium chassis around that should not be too tricky Also, this Volvo sibling is going to be loaded with the latest tech in driver assistance and by just looking at the position Lotus has been trying to fill recently, the Lotus SUV may very well get its own bespoke version of this driver assistance package.
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    For what it’s worth, I for one still love my 380......there is a distinct possibility however it may morph into a 380 Sport/Cup (looks only) hybrid as time goes on As far as road use goes I wouldn’t imagine much if any difference to the 410. They’re both going to be great cars to own with whatever your budget allows
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    We have a new member asking an entirely reasonable question. Let's not try to put him off from coming back here please.
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    Either way, few of the recent posts have been of any use to the OP or the discussion he started. On behalf of the reasonable minded majority on here, can we please return to discussing 380 vs 410, preferably in a civil way? Thanks.
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    I’ll be there about the same time, I’ve never pre payed before but it would cool if we could park in a row.... maybe if we all meet on route maybe ?
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    The other product that is pure sex / art is this original oil pan produced by Swindon Engineering for the GT4's, and what every GT430 needs. Increased capacity, alloy baffled-gated sump (lighter weight, increased cooling, o-ring seal to engine block (no mess), independent oil pick up sump w/ o-ring sealed pickup tube, drain plug-removable screen around pickup. If it wasn't so expensive I would hang a 2nd one on my wall.
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    A sneak peak at my application for membership of the Big Wing Club. I hope I will be accepted
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    @Lotusfab & @ChrisJ you haven't installed the rear hatch yet, along with its glass. That's quite a weight. I wouldn't attempt anything on the suspension yet until the car is complete. You'll be wasting your time, as you'll be aiming at a moving target.
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    I'd say for an 82 car that is way too high - not just a bit. The 85MY onwards sat much higher, so are you currently using these springs? Check my album below below- you'll see the difference in height between an 82 & 87 Esprit.
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    Screw this. We'll be back when it's sorted.
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    . . . . and your household tap water should spout forth at something north of 55 Celsius, for a further reference in verifying range accuracy.
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    Ah ok, thanks for your explanation. I took these few words.............." this is in essence the base of the upcoming Lotus SUV " as you meaning the entire Volvo platform would be the basis of a Lotus SUV, especially when you started off by saying ......."looks like the SUV skate is ready." I understand you also said.........."who should borrow exactly the same powertrain architecture" but it wasn't clear to me this was the only part you meant would be carried over. By the way, I travelled through/near your city only a few weeks ago whilst passing through from Banff to Kamloops. A beautiful area!
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    lol - funnily enough I had my dog and three weans in the car today, on the school drop. Where there's a will there's a way
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    I'm (still) waiting on Lotus to provide the parts under warranty, so I'm reluctant to go the third-party parts route right now. It's coming very close to two months it's been off the road though, so if it gets to the middle of October, I shall buy my own parts to get it fixed. Whether I then immediately sell or not remains to be seen...
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    Worse than kids in the playground. Exchanges in the Commons at times have always been a bit bizarre but this has taken things to a new level which they all should be very much ashamed of. I think that every constituency should really evaluate their MPs performance and contributions to this and, for those that are a waste of space (probably the majority), change their nominated representative for the next GE. Although the events of the past 3 years shows that it is time for a big shake up of our political system.
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    Sorry to hear that @Brendonian, hope it is all resolved soon.
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    Goodyear Tire Lettering (Set of 8 Tire Decals) - TIREGRAFICX › goodyear-tire-lettering
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    I'll have to nip to Buscot and offer my services as Patron!
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    Who knew he had his own charity
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    its not going to look like that for much its back to original Lagoon Blue....and the interior is changing from green/grey/charcoal to cream leather....... mechanicals done.........chassis is shocks, brakes, rebuilt engine, refurbed gearbox, new tyres, new bushes all over the place, etc etc etc...... I've had the car almost 12 months........and its moved about 30ft.........altho' having said that it ran well on the rollers when I took it for its MoT passed that with flying colours last in the 'off' season.........its paint and trim time........fingers crossed.......... oh and removal of the
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    As ever, informed reading. Thank you @Andyww
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    I’m the last to defend the EU but much of the above isn’t really the EU’s fault and would be tricky for them to address in isolation. We have an international (read global) tax system that largely allocates rights for countries to tax global profits based on having employees on the ground in that country, and what they actually do. Its a principle that goes back to a time well before the internet was even thought of that basically meant if you want to sell something in a country you’d likely need people in that country doing the selling, and elements of a supply chain supporting that sale, also in country. This local substance would give that country a right to tax. With the internet, and improvements in logistics and global trade, there are strong arguments to say that the old system doesn’t work effectively anymore. However, any new system has to be agreed globally, otherwise you end up with governments seeking to tax the same profits which isn’t great for a whole host of reasons. Reaching agreement on such a complicated change is not easy as there will be winners and losers. There is working ongoing on this though (at international not EU level) so watch this space. And just on UK Corporate Tax, I met with a representative of the Treasury years ago who said they would rather abolish it and recover the lost tax from a small increase in the VAT rate - the tax take on CT isn’t worth the cost in administering it.
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    To be fair - if the EU looked at this then they would find I’m sure that what the French are trying to do isn’t legal in respect to EU laws
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    Thoms Cook had some smart arse accountants I'm sure and as usual they couldn't see the collapse in front of them.
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    What can I say... but WOW... Dan at HPE Automotive completed the install in no time today and I can’t wait to pick it up on Friday and then test Monday at Silverstone!
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    Well, maybe the guy was given the 2017 Range Rover too, you never know!
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    Well its funny how best laid plans kinda change... I had hoped to have installed and reviewed my new carbon side scoops by now but unfortunately they have still not arrived!! Today I did get a promise they'd been dispatched and the tracker number supplied seems active so I live in hope! That said priorities have kinda changed given @GFWilliams recent antics, and I found myself dropping the car off with Dan at HPE Auto today I don't think there will be any surprises with what is getting done, but suffice to say the hope is two conversions within two weeks which I think would be pretty impressive and make Dan arguably one of the most experienced with a certain upgrade As always good to catch up with Dan and also see @extremecapture car getting worked on with a rather lovely 2bular exhaust system and a nice set of @alias23 extended side sills! Anyhow more on the upgrade when I pick up all being well on Friday after a few days of work work in London. A few other updates, I managed to install the GFWilliams mirror stems and replace my 'because race car' stems with a very sleek and functional and beautiful solution. The stems are rock solid and I feel privileged that George decided to partner with me on them as we looked to help scale the design for the wider lotus community. Over the last week I've seen a bit of conversation around mobile phone holders and it got me thinking that I wanted something better than the 'clamp in' the vent solution I had from Kenuo. So I also went down the Brodit route like @MAG initially thinking it would be magnetic as standard, only to realise I should have done more research as its just a piece of bent plastic which fits nicely to the lotus centre vent. I was close to binning it until Mark showed me his work with sticking on a magnet and I followed suit. I chose a Yoshi magnet from Amazon, dismantled the back, then super glued it to the Brodit. I hazard to say im a nightmare with super glue and was in a rush and could have done a cleaner job! That said you won't see any of the excess glue when the phones attached. I'll give it a good test over the weekend but it looks a good solution. Thanks again Mark! On a final note, im super excited by a new project, yes I know I said I'd chill for a little with product development, but its soo much fun and I started working on something new which I thought I'd share. So basically I wanted to create a nicer and smoother intake to supercharger hosing (highlighted in yellow below). There are no silicone variants on the market so I thought I'd commission my own design and tooling to make one The design removes the bellows, and includes breathers on BOTH sides of the hose, basically I found the earlier V6S have the oil breather at the front, whereas the later ones have it at the rear, this I've demonstrated with the blue circles. So you may be happy to hear the design includes both breather positions and a blank for the hole that's not used. So here's the current sample As always try and doing this proper so CNC machined bung and a nice quality joiner for the breather pipe. Thank fully these items I sourced 'off the shelf' so dont need to hire a CNC bench this time round. For the eagle eyed among you, you'll notice the internal wall of the hose is black vs the external orange silicone. Basically silicone is porous and can be penetrated by oil and oil vapour in turn sweating the silicone and causing discolouration. Given the oil breather pipe goes into the hose I decided to play it safe by getting the internal wall of the hose fluoro lined which is a special lining formulated to prevent oil from penetrating the wall. Its not cheap but its doing it properly! I'll be installing and testing next Monday at Silverstone! I just need to work out what colour I'd go for on my car, the orange is just a sample and it looks brilliant, but unsure if it would work well on a white car. Open to ideas!
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    The Ohlins Kit is from MGR in the UK, same outfit that makes them for Lotus. SBS Suspension is the US Ohlins dealer for the same kit here. That’s where I am heading to install mine.
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    Chris, I agree that the S2 interior is brilliant, for the most part, and stands as one of Giugiaro's most memorable achievements. I'd be happy to consider the re-do in cloth if something truly comparable to Marcasite was available in black or charcoal. I gathered in samples of a fabric called "Krypton" from an American supplier on advice of a forum member and found it quite unsuitable. The grey piece was too light with a disagreeable tint and the black was without surface character whatsoever - just sheer black like a cheap magician's cape in velvet. Anything you might suggest as alternative?
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    It depends on age of your car at sale time and who you are going to sell to. I'd guess a newbie would want a dealer service record especially for a car less than 4 years old. On the other hand I know my service record is wayyyy above the standard of most dealers and the frequency of basic changes of fluids, discs and pads, as well as adjustments of non service schedule items is way above what Lotus ask for. I would imagine that current Lotus owners would recognise this and pay me an ginormous premium to have their hands on my car.
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    This is better than a treadmill. How to lose 27lbs of unsprung weight.
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    How to add lightness to your Evora? Öhlins Motorsport Dampers! I couldn't believe it but it is a 27 lbs/12.24kg difference. I would have never guessed. The car finally has the proper look and profile of the ride height. Traction is greatly improved. Putting the power down is instantaneous. As the hooker says "Handles like it's on rails!"
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    @alias23-- yes, 1mm per side for mine. My geo sheet FYI (you won't want as much negative camber, given the rubber you are running )
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    Great write up as usual buddy! Your struggles with the dash is partly why I went for the ECUMASTER dash in the end. I am told that they are easy to configure and adjust the display - will see once mine finally gets fitted, hopefully in a few weeks when the car goes back to RRR. They are also going to update the mapping as it is pretty rough at low speeds. Feels great when on it though! What side scoops did you go for in the end? Very interested to see how they turn out as I want a set myself...
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    A little update for anyone interested, ive now completed the rear suspension refresh too now One shock was jamming a bit and were pretty rusty, most probably originals. Bushes weren't in bad shape at all really but all changed to poly ones anyway, links cleaned and painted and wheel arches repainted with underbody seal paint. Just new tyres and wheel alignment to do next!
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    14 weeks on and they started work on the interior of the house only to find Asbestos tiles throughout so I've got a company over next week to deal with that. This is how they've left it once they found the suspect tiles! Nice! Contents claim was settled last week in full. I made an official complaint to Legal and General and the full offer to settle was made the next morning! They asked if I'd like to close the complaint now that was done but I'm not willing to do that. I now also have an official complaint in against the buildings insurance company too. Too many delays with no good reasons. I'm very patient, but they've been incompetent and negligent in my opinion now.

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