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    I'm with Sparky, but also take account of the parts coming off Vs quality of the replacement. If you take off a part that was good for 30yrs so obviously relative free of manufacturing defect, and replace it with the cheapest compatible item, then expect to introduce problems.
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    Awesome, thx for sharing! I'm really behind on updates here but I'll try to do my best soon. Just a small teaser: was at a trackday yesterday. Day in the rain so was pretty exciting on semi's. Only one guy faster on soft wets, you see him passing me here. Oh well, I wasn't even close keeping up with that thing haha
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    Follow the Esprit service schedule to the letter and you're probably as preemptive as you need to be. For 40 years I've witnessed people taking maintenance shortcuts (the Esprit is a major victim of this) and getting all kinds of expensive surprises as a result. I print the service checklist for every Esprit that comes in, and I address every item (generally excepting geometry which is very much individual). I seem to spend a lot of my time giving bad news to owners though! But yes, this is at least preemptive. Many major issues can be avoided in this manner. As we all know, the Esprit has a fair list of common failures - tanks, radiator, manifold and quite a few more - but adherence to the schedule should find these issues before they become major problems. The undeserved LOTUS acronym derives from owners who try to avoid effort and expense, IMHO. I imagine I spend more time fixing bodges than replacing/repairing wear & tear items! I'd say I'm in the 'if it ain't broke..' camp - if it's safe, and I consider it'll last until the next check, then I'm happy to let it go. I'll always discuss the snag list in detail with the owner though. Everyone has their preference.
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    Saturdays game was just awe inspiring wasn’t it. The way England systematically dismantled the All Blacks provided probably the best game of rugby I’ve ever seen. I think the final is going to be brutal but if England play as well as last Saturday then they’ll be hard to beat. I can’t wait to see it
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    Sorry but I'd tell them to swivel. Fix it or you walk.
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    Pre-emptive all the way; if the Esprit breaks down at the side of the road in the pissing rain in the middle of nowhere, I want to be able to say to the wife it wasn't anything I did, or didn't do. Ignorance and bodgery are the biggest problems for an Esprit.
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    MJK Bibs Rachel Cliff Sparky Madame Sparky ChrisJ DanE Martyn Dave Ex Ann Ex (Venison well done please) Mr internets Mrs internets C8RKH Yasuo I'm delighted to confirm that we'll be joined by the Lotus superstar that is @Mike Kimberley for our meal again this year
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    A Shipright's Disease list of things to do when the engine and trans are out would be a Good Thing. (Isn't that the FIRST thing that @Barrykearley does on any new acquisition?) With the Esprit, its not the cost of parts that are ex$pensive, it's the labor, especially when paying a shop.
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    Time for a new cambelt, and no garage as car has been in a container mostly for last couple of years, so my son obligingly has a ute and a recently installed side awning for shade, much needed as it was hot. Job done surprisingly easily. Trunnions oiled, old fuel replaced, and it started as it should when finished.
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    Turbo Fixed! The ignition mod and new fuel pump seem to have made a massive difference. Started first turn of the key with practically no cranking! Sounds good. Will have a drive tomorrow if the weather holds.
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    The world population is almost double what it was when I was Greta's age in the 70s, urban population nearly triple. 80 million new consumers, and CO2 and methane producers a year. The problem with the world is too many people. What does Greta propose to do about that?
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    Please excuse me while I have a bit of a long rant here as I'm getting heartily sick of some people adopting the moral high ground based simply on misinformation or a complete lack of understanding of how nature actually works. So, just to set the scene. For the past 30 years we have lived in the same house. We have some mature trees of our own and the property backs on to a large area of woodland which has a huge number of very large mature trees, a lot of shrubs, mainly Rhododendron, and is mainly used by dog walkers plus a few recreational walkers. Every year for the past 30 years, barring one, we have raked up the leaves that blow into our property from the large overhanging trees in this woodland and return them to the area outside our property. I don't just dump them outside our gate, but there is an enclosed area in amongst the Rhododendron where I place them, they can't be seen by passers by and every year all the leaves collected generally amount to around 80 or so barrow loads. Now, again every year, all that load of leaves that I place in this area are rotted down and gone by the following spring, so all good you would think. On the one year we didn't dispose of the leaves in this way, at my wifes suggestion, I drove the entire amount to our local council dump for green waste recycling. This turned out to be a bad idea as it took 18 return trips spread over 4 days, so not particularly eco friendly, I thought. We are just coming into the leaf clearing season, so this morning I started to do the usual and took 4 barrow loads out into the woods to my normal hidden area. Just as I was returning out with the last one a woman dogwalker, probably mid 20's, walked over to me in high dudgeon shouting that she'd been watching me and I clearly hadn't listened to Greta Thunberg as it was irresponsible 'old' people like me who were destroying this world!!! For a moment I just stood there dumbstruck whilst she continued ranting and when she had eventually stopped to draw breath, I asked if she actually understood the processes at work in nature, where every single autumn, leaves fall from the trees, to be composted down by the various bugs and fungii in the soil and this all goes to feed the renewal of plants and tree growth in the spring. I went on to tell her that I'd been doing the same for the last 30 years and as far as I'm concerned it is a perfectly valid and eco friendly way of leaf disposal. At this, the stupid woman looked aghast and said, 30 years???? no wonder there are leaves all over the woods! No, I patiently told her, the reason there are leaves all over the ground is because it is autumn, there are a lot of trees here and the leaves are falling from the branches. She still wasn't listening and continued to rant so I tried telling her about the one year I actually took the leaves to the council dump, how many trips it took and how she couldn't possibly think that was an eco friendly way of disposal. Anyhow, at this point I realised I was wasting my energy so simply said goodbye madam, have a nice day, as I walked off towards our back gate. Still she continued venting and shouting how she was going to report me! I really do marvel at the stupidity of some people! .....................................and breathe................................................
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    Out and about in the Autumnal sunshine.
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    yes, a small, with thin brushes, brass brush lightly used does it. Kind regards, jacques
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    I love a roar on startup. Signals intent.
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    If I was looking i go for silverstone Car even if it was going to be £3k more as I would want no issues with car ? i know that many of those mot issues are solvable just seems a long list but then again you can cut your cloth ?
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    No one complains - they just think you’re a douchbag
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    Driving that car condemned me to 5.5 years and still counting of Evora ownership
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    I'll be looking to add anodised black mesh to the rear of the internal scoops to stop any 'bad' stuff getting in (just like the 430). However on the air intake side you would need to add the mesh yourself (as I don't have your intake scoop - you reuse the factory one). So the scoops won't be completely open on the kit supplied. Im very happy with the carbon weave and finish and would class it as good, being honest OEM weave is better and would class as 'excellent', but I dont think you would notice in reality and I dont feel the difference warrants the high OEM price. @GFWilliams and @RRSSS have seen the weave in person so may be open to comment. As requested by a few folks link to the pre-order for more info:
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    Had this with the brake pedal switch. Original was assumed faulty, bought a new one (from SJ), it failed. Went back and cleaned the connectors of the original, all fine now. Lotus might be accused of using cheap parts sometimes, but compared to modern cheaper equivalents, maybe not so bad.
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    Most important thing to check is it boosts nicely at 100% WOT Your next list on PRA is drop the rad pack. Most other things are in order. I’m sure there was a service checklist in the workshop manual breakdown cover is useful - but I’ve never needed to use it (yet)
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    Yes, should be interesting to see! The car performed great. Also, during the day, all of a sudden a white Cup 220 drove up with an older guy who just bought the car 3 weeks ago. It was a komo-tec 265. He was interested in doing some trackdays and came by for some info. Gave the guy a helmet and took him for some laps as passenger. He had a blast. Always great sharing the same passion with people. Even with the rain, it was a great day!
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    And the spray from the ridiculous amount of downforce compared to the Cup 250. The amount of grip was stunning, even if he was driving on soft wet racing tires. Absolutely bonkers. He was actually only 4 seconds a lap faster than me. Which is kind of amazing on a small track like folembray. He did 1:01:XX and I drove 1:05:XX on my semi's in the rain/damp. Once again this confirms what an awesome machine the Cup 250 is. Horsepower is overrated. There even was a professional racecar driver there who drove formula 3, 24h Le Mans, 24 Zolder (and made podiums) and he was driving 1:10:XX in a track prepped M3 so all in all, very impressive. Very pleased with my laptimes! With a limited slip diff, I for sure would have shaved another second of the laptimes easy.
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    That was my first long termer, loved it! I looked after all long term cars as if they were my own, and the Lotus Press Garage maintained it very well. Great colour too, very classy If I didn't already have one, I'd buy that.
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    So after being made an offer I couldn’t refuse by Ken at Snows Lotus, I picked up my new GT410 Sport this morning. Felt like a child at Christmas picking it up. Even though this is my third Evora it is still a buzz! First impressions are really good, even in running-in mode the car feels livelier and more purposeful than the 400. Ride is still excellent and although there is no doubt it has a much tauter feel it is by no means uncomfortable. Looking forward to more miles tomorrow!
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    Brought new 410 in for its first service and get directed to park in front of my old 400. Looks like she has a new home with a Custom plate on her. Anyone on here?
  30. 1 point This place has a couple i think
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    I've not been on a drive and not seen them, quite a few times too! Put your foot down Clive, the red line is there for a reason
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    @internets an excellent point, very well made. He should stick to cam-belts, that photography is pathetic. Maybe the shorts got in the way
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    Somebody put a flyer on my S1 windscreen at a car show once asking me if I wanted to rent my car out to complete strangers. The deal was I would deliver it to their address and then pick it up at the end of the rental period having covered the insurance for them OR... you could bugger off!
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    Great little cars and a better choice than a Cayman, drives better but lower quality feel to it. I’d have one if the prices dropped a bit. i can’t reply to Internets as I’m still laughing that Sparky claims to have a mate Trevor.
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    It's been over three years and I only just discovered this !
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    You always fill the space you occupy Bill @bgalbraith I had, and still have to be tidy, and methodical. I had no other option unfortunately. Challenging at times, and once the painted body shell was back on I could only really work on it outside on the driveway. Especially when the doors went back on. Which meant rain free days only.
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    The 503 is finished and onto a new project, love this car.
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    I try and drive my car once a week but the journey tends to be a school run of 20 miles round trip, with slow traffic often in the journey. otherwise I don’t get many chances to drive the car for more than an hour this week I am working away in Isle of Man and yes great place to take Evora but as I am taking my partner she hates going in car so I am taking company car and I supposed to use that for works travel anyway? i don’t know if infrequent use contributed to starter motor failure ? Or was it previous owner and my use on shorter journeys with multiple starting ? I don’t know and to be honest I am not mechanically gifted so find it confusing to know Why ? hopefully you be back on road soon and thankfully you have the warranty
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    Mr. Vizard's credentials are impeccable and I've read through much discussion in forums in regard to his Polyquad theory. The concept is persuasively described in the articles, however not a single example of the outcome realized has yet been presented by anyone, including well established tuners. It has also been noted by some of the professionals who contribute that some of the desired swirl has been accomplished by nothing more exotic than offset grinding the 2 intake cam lobes per cylinder several degrees apart. That said, I do not presume to know enough to dare challenge the like of DV in these matters, just wish someone would get a 907/912 done in Polyquad fashion and share documented results!
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    I live in a beautiful, productive, rural part of the country and many of my farmer neighbours are falling over themselves in their rush to get planning for schemes from 3 to 3000 houses on their land before they sell it on. It's driven by greed. Range Rovers, Holiday Homes abroad to buy and kids to cart off to very expensive schools. Never seen so many people with Rolexs on their wrists, designer labels on everything and fat bellies full of the finest wines, food, champagnes etc. Go figure.
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    I was refueling my Evora at a Shell filling station this morning and a bright purple metalflake BMW M8 with really aggressive styling and aero' add-ons pulled up to refill. M8 had German plates and a 6ft 6" man mountain with really aggressive styling got out. Black leather trousers, a black string vest style shirt, pecs and biceps covered in tattoos that were bigger than my thighs, gold bangles and his hair tied up in a bun at the back ... looked like a cage fighter and certainly not to be messed with. Paid for my fuel with him waiting behind me and I returned to my car, fired up and was set to drive away but 'man mountain' was now walking straight at me deliberately in the way. Shall we say I was 'a little concerned' ... He came round to the passenger side, squatted down and looked through the window smiling (thank heavens!), gave me a thumbs up and said "Zat is the most booootiful car I have seen in a long time". I smiled back and said 'Thanks' and blipped the throttle and got two thumbs up and a big smile. He waved as I drove away with my own big smile, get a few nice comments from time to time but if there is anybody I'd like on 'My Friends' list it has to be that guy ..
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    Colleague of mine tested one twice with a view to buy, but couldn’t make his mind up. He also tested a Cayman but was unimpressed. I suggested he try an Elise. He now owns a 220 Sport.
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    As Donald Trump has proven over the last couple of decades, the truth and facts matter very little when it comes to peoples convictions. You can present the most cogent argument and it won't make a dent in people. This is why the world is the way that it is. As for Greta, she is a child, and should be treated as such; we all thought we could change the world when we were 16, before wage-labour and cyncism ground us to a pulp. She will disappear and resurface in about 12 years working for Goldman Sachs. In the meantime, I'm gonna keep on rescuing the world, by not having children and driving 25 year old cars.
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    I'm disappointed no one picked up on my wee addition of "lamb basting". I mean, who doesn't enjoy a good, well basted leg of lamb with roast potatoes done with goose fat and rock salt and some nice fresh roasted heritage carrots?
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    She's clearly both ignorant and nuts. Perhaps there's space for her at the bottom of the leaf pile!
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    Owen, I've rounded my fair share of those hex bolts. On every occasion (except one that required grinding the head then turning out with locking grips) I've succeeded by tapping in a larger torx bit.
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    What - you mean you can turn them inside out and use them again?

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