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    Yes, normally aspirated but with the sports ratio box so well up the rev range at that speed even in 6th. Was my first experience of Autobahn driving, was an eye opener cruising along in traffic at 200kmh! Space was at a premium so only had one lunge to higher speeds. Didn’t seem to take long at all and hadn’t quite stopped accelerating when I had to back off. Car just shrugged it off, very stable and no fuss at all. Here’s a couple of pics from from the trip to keep the thread on track
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    Hi, I’ve just bought a mint 2015 Evora S sports racer manual in motorsport green. I’ve come through Peugeot 106 & 306 rallye, S2000 (crashed ), then kids, Megange R26, MX5 mk2, FPace, Panda 4x4, M135i before the Lotus. Some are still in the garage. This Evora brings all the passion and fun back to car ownership I’ve missed since the 306 & S2000 days. It was expensive compared to what else is available for the money, but it is bloody amazing to drive, stunning to look at (I love the green, bright but not too shouty) and really rare. Plus the kids fit in the back! My only niggle is creaky door cards (if anyone has some advice on this?) otherwise it feels genuinely very well built. I think it’s a keeper. I’d be interested in the cars history if anyone knows.
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    SOLD!! But I defiantly have the Lotus Bug so I've replaced her with a New Sport 350 19MY in it's place
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    Ah, but there you go @electro_boy, if Lotus owners don't even know the spec of cars how can Joe Public? An SR is not by default supercharged! SR was a "special edition" and stands for "Sports Racer" that added all the extras (the interior trim with the piping etc was available as an option on all Evora's at the time) and then a "unique" paint job of the back roof, front spoiler, sills etc. So, you can get an NA SR and a supercharged SR. I think the original S1 cars will hold their value the best in the long term. The brush metal trim on the interior is special (the SR had a naff black coating which I think looked shite, but SR owners will think looks great = personal taste). There is no doubt in my mind, endorsed by others including at Lotus and even racing drivers, that the NA was the better handling car than the S - the supercharger added weight high up and raised the COG - so whilst the SC car has more power, on the road it is the better car to drive. It just gives more (the S will be quicker on the track). My NA had no problems on the road keeping up with a 400 driven fast. The circa 0.3-0.4s 0-60mph time on the road just does not make any difference in reality. The original NA LE will I believe command the highest prices in the future. It came with all the extras and the interior colour choices where just superb and many of those cars, unmolested, still to this day just look wow. I also think of the 400's, like @PaulCP, that the Hethel Editions will hold their value the best, along with the Sport 410's that are currently "out of favour". I think the 410 Sport will become the "Esprit GT3" of the Evora range to be honest and in future it's rawness and more focused "feel" will become sort after. The GT430 will of course be the pinnacle of what the Evora was. All of this will be hotly debated of course, with owners of each type of Evora agreeing or disagreeing based on what they have or they have not. One thing is for sure, EVERY EVORA is a "special" car. There are hardly too cars alike, ironically if you exclude the SR version where there are many exactly the same. Of course, all of this is just my point of view. I'm not an expert in any way, just an observer and amateur enthusiast. I certainly am not giving investment advice re future profits from an Evora, any Evora lol.....
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    Hi all, I px'd my old 16MY 350 Sport in Solids Yellow for a new 19MY 350 Sport in Metallic Blue. While my old car remain very much untouched from the factory, I definitely have the urge to enhance this car. I'm @dantait_ on Instagram If you want to see regular photo's of my car.
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    MSG green with the red SPORTS PREMIUM interior is the best. lOVELY...
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    PNM kit - 100GBP + VAT and shipping
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    As far as I can tell, I'll be able to make this one. Currently replying from Dubai. And I don't even have time to attend the Motor Show that is on whilst I am here. Boo :(
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    Thanks for arranging this again Kevin. I will be there, looking forward to it!
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    Still won't beat a good NA though.
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    2015 motorsport green S. Just bought it and it’s mint! Awesome thing, at least as good as the magazine reviews say.
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    Thanks for the replies. The good news is that I bit the bullet and bought one from The Market classic car auction in the UK. That was in September and it's due to arrive on 12th December. Since buying it, of course sod's law came into play and there have been 2 on trade me. Mine's a 1989 SE. 60k miles. Good oily bits but paint a bit old. Immaculate interior, except for the wooden dash. Paid 15600 pounds. Any comments/advice/abuse appreciated.
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    Has anyone got the latest version of this price guide ? Think it says Elite in excellent condition £18k, Eclat £12k and Excel £15k i might have been dreaming it of course ! Guy
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    First piece of 380 Cup upgrade transformation for 2020
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    Good stuff. In my experience Lotus warranty team are very good indeed.
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    (I just checked and apparently £298+VAT is already the SJS alternative kit?)
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    Thanks Matt. Parts ordered, 3 weeks lead time.
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    Most grateful Kenny @KennyN! Pete
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    Due to loss of storage space I had to sell this car and the new owner has almost finished the restoration. It will be orange with a tartan interior - the best combination imho.
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    Cheers Brett, time for another root through the box of old bolts and stuff then , or failing that, another £25 into Steve’s pockets...
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    Gary, i had the same issue on my 86 s3. I removed the steering wheel as i was working on removing old electrics under the dash and i must have dislodged the collets from the steering column. They come in two and i must have thrown one half away with all the old wiring. I ordered them from SJ and as i say they are in 2 halfs and the ring is actually just a perfect size rubber band that holds them in place. Popped them on and no play whatsoever. I think its a case of dont overthink it. :)
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    Last time I looked at a price guide it was £1,800, £1,200 and £9,000 ..... although that was some time ago!
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    I agree with what @GFWilliams says above! By Lotus standards, it’s a relatively easy and cheap job, and I think it really improves the looks a great deal. In my opinion the OEM Cup diffuser is the best looking one out there too. I love mine and glad I did it!
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    So what about a Sport Racer NA then?
  30. 1 point my new one should be with me next week - can’t wait
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    Thanks, I'll get her back on Thursday after having some paint repair and new diffuser parts under warranty, plus they're bolting on my Alias mirrors for me
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    Hi guys, I feel a bit of a fraud just turning up at the Christmas do's and not being at many of the meets during the year. True to form, I am in Hull tomorrow afternoon so am staying away and can't make this months but I will do whatever I need to for the 11th December, so please put me down as a yes. Let me know about deposits etc and I will do what I need to do.
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    So I have a little time so thought I'd overview my experience in case any others were on the fence. I had my 350 for just under 2.5 years and covered 12.5k miles during that time. The car got under my skin in a big way, I just loved it, from the way it looked to the fact it could be so docile and pleasant while poodling around to an animal on the track or B road. Whilst I never really hankered for more power, I did want carbon and less body roll so when I added these two up and was facing a circa £12/13k bill I began to debate upgrading. Roll on a few months and I ended up pushing the button on the 430 B&C had. Jamie was great, I can understand why he gets the support he does from everyone in the lotus community and with his help we had set everything up including a bunch of extras I wanted on the car. Even his after sales (every car has a niggle or two) has been great, nothing ever seems too much trouble even though he must secretly just want to move on to the next customer! Collection day was a bit of a blur, I hadn't realised how excited I was until I saw 1:30am the night before and just couldn't sleep! In the morning I went over to B&C and a few other owners had kindly come across to brave the weather and go for a little drive. The car whilst inherently the same felt so different, the nitrons play a huge part in it feeling much more refined than my 350, the way it handles poor surfaces is just unbelievable. The stance of the car and the grip level is also way above, guessing this is the nitrons along with the front vents/spoiler/aero doing their role but it just never feels skittish and is just so responsive, the weather was god awful on the drive home but it felt perfect whereas my 350 on cup2s in the rain or cold felt almost dangerous at times. Id say the build quality is better but then I don't know if that's because I had 2 weeks without an Exige, or that my old one had a lot more miles or whether it was just the specialness of the 430 making me think that - all I can say is that the sum of all the little things makes a HUGE difference. Its easy to dismiss the combination of all these items and then the cost, I certainly wrestled with it for a while but once I drove it, any doubts I had just vanished. I was told to wait till I made the exhaust stay open all the time as its worth the wait - needless to say it lasted about 14 miles before I had it open all the time! The noise is just amazing, its a real growl and just adds to the whole effect. I can't wait to drive the car in the summer when I can really explore what it can do but even at a max of 4k revs and half throttle I can feel the extra power and responsiveness. With the next cars going down the more compliant route, I feel very lucky that someone made this car for us to enjoy!
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    Thought this may be of interest as the V6 exige excelled at these events. Please note it’s spring here..
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    I am changing the front bumper and just waiting for two air ducts to get it done! @ken2020 may have had his up to 160 mph with the current bumper and the car was solid..... if you also look at the Lotus Cup Europe, there are a few Lotus Evora’s with the rear CF wing and 400 front bumper..... so marketing aside.... cant wait though to get the front end on and take it to the track and see where I can get it too!
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    I remember that print advertised in the back of magazines, I think there was a few different ones, a red Lancia Stratos, I can't remember the others, probably a Porsche. One of my drawings below, Jim Clark in a Lotus 49.
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    @910Esprit yes, being in that industry, if you want decent shots you have to get out there! The car's not afraid of a drop of water after all! The autumnal colours in the canopy of Grinkle Lane contrast with the Monaco White of the S1. Which is still on shakedown mode, having being driven 700 miles since it's rebuild. It needs to be driven to a Bond event in the spring, the week No Time To Die launches in the UK. So it has to work. I don't want to put it on a trailer, as these cars should be driven. From my experience laying cars up for long periods of time does them no good. It's also such a fun car to drive around here. With virtually no traffic.
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    Today was a driving day, not a show day.
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    Wet and cold in Devon, but still love this beauty.
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    2 more sleeps.....
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    A fun week end with our italian Club Lotus
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    Autumn day in Scotland - works well with Fire Red
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    Not all Christ, how I miss that car
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    Good work. BTW, Burnt Copper (or whatever it’s called!) in an SR stylee is one of my all-time favourite Evora colour combos:
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    We do...a small business born by accident and through Esprit ownership and TLF membership, the wife and I both skilled in different trades work together in a little shed at the bottom of the garden most evenings now to produce these carpet sets for most Esprit models. Our latest addition, the allusive Turbo Esprit battery cover which we now make from ABS plastic to replace those cardboard covers that have dissolved over the years.

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