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    My Evora was delivered a year ago today. It was driven down by Bibs to Devon from somewhere near Stanstead in unrelenting torrential rain that lasted all day. The message I had on route was - car goes really well but because of the weather I’ll keep it to under 130mph Dark when he arrived but looked stunning. The arrival mileage was 7700 and after a year it’s on 10200 (get out and drive it I hear you say) It does get driven but I’m putting 50k on other cars so it’s events and shows only really. Loved the last year and have just renewed AIG Insurance today on a 4K limited mileage policy (£581.79 including brake down and with zero excess) I will be doing more mileage next year as two European trips already booked in for (Classic Le Mans and then a month later Germany/Switzerland/Italy heading through the Alps. Now parked up in the garage, cover and trickle charger on but some of my favourite pics attached from the last 12 months. Glad to report I have had no issues what so ever and zero costs other than a service and a tire. Still loving this car.
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    At home in Arizona on a beautiful December evening.
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    Hey everyone, Wanted to introduce myself as a new member, I’ve had the Lotus bug for a number of years but not really got into the forums world. Started off with a Lotus 110 bike when I got into cycling as a teenager (StIll own it). First Lotus was an S2 111s in blue. L7 USO if anyone knows it’s where about these days. Loved that car Built a 1/2 scale electric Lotus 7 for my kids. Currently driving an Exige v6 Club Racer in yellow. Absolutely love it. For those of you on Instagram you may have seen my car doing the rounds as I like to take a lot of photos. @twistingroads I’ve also got a WhatsApp group based around the Swindon/Glos/Wilts area where I try to get cars together to head out to events and drives etc. Also a member of LDC so sometimes at their events. Anyway intro over- Hope to see you on the road somewhere soon.
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    Safely installed in her new Lancashire home, having done the trip from Bude with style and panache, not missing a beat! not sure what to go for next.....
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    Not all the front clams of the original cars built were carbon. I have a couple here that were removed from them that are made in f/glass. The red car has a full carbon front clam (you can see the weave in the paint). Same goes for the doors, nose sections and various other bits. Some were made in full carbon, others in f/glass. The 20 factory cars only used f/glass panels all round afaik (other than the carbon car), yours may possible have a carbon front clam Gav being the car it is... you can see a glimpse of the bare carbon when you open the doors. I do remember Lotus saying at the time that the cars that had the carbon panels, door skins etc. were being swapped out for f/glass ones. There were some sets of the full carbon doors being sold off a couple of years ago from the dealer/specialist guy way down in the SW. Phil is it?? They've gone now mind. Stratton may have some tucked away though...
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    No tax saving, but I want to visit the factory and do the drive home (at the very least)
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    Finding out, having hit over 80 on twisting back roads during the driving demo, that my Esprit’s new owner is a traffic cop ...but he managed to do the same on the way back, so all good. they’re currently on their way to Lancashire, and apparently the plate 007 HEM belongs to the family and may well get transferred, so look out for it up there. Lovely guy who wants to spoil his kids without taking them out on a bike, and hopefully he’ll be joining TLF soon. All the best if you’re looking in Andy, and drive her like I always wanted to
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    Great weekend Back home yesterday night without any delay (ca. 20 min earlier) Many Thanks to Bibs organising TLF Christmas and many thanks to Cliff who picked me up at the Gatwick Airport. It was nice meals, nice TLF members also delighted meed MJK So, Merry Christmas to All and A Happy New Year Yasuo
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    Simple...I quite like remaining married to the wife. The Komotec ex500 price is, ahem, rather pricey.
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    Far too much crap on there. The new government will hopefully ram this brexit stuff through and it can all be over and done with as soon as possible. I notice he is intending to remove any possibility of delay which adds certainty and leadership into the process. onwards and upwards. I for one am very thankful
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    I agree that these are a fascinating thing. We haven't really pushed them enough but I think now is the time to really showcase what these are all about. Please feel free to contact me on [email protected] so we can discuss further. Best wishes, Marc
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    Perfect, thank you! I switched my order from a 410 to a Cup 430. It should arrive in about 6-8 weeks. Could you ask the dealer wheter it is fixed for MY20 cars?
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    I own a GT430 and have driven the factory GTE, I would happily put together a video if you were interested. Bibs here is also a pro drone pilot too...
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    Thanks. Prepsoled tonight for final checks. Lots of small sections that need some 800 finessing. The booth is booked for a major service. Providing that's done Friday it should be right for shooting Saturday. It will mean that the filters will be fresh etc. Painter reckons it's a good 10 hour day just for the body Going to do the panels in Jan. Onwards and upwards!
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    @RoflOnMyWaffleGet it done Mike. I've just fitted one over the weekend, with Imran's silicone intake elbow. The supercharger noise is laugh-out-loud addictive, much louder than I was expecting, but in a good way. Great piece of kit and the powdercoat finish is spot-on. I'll get some photos this coming weekend hopefully.
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    Thanking all my Lotus friends from Saturday at the TLF Christmas dinner for a great evening and for coming along to share stories of our great cars and experiences with us all. I would like to personally thank everyone for being there and sharing with me your thoughts and comments on favourite Lotus models and their technical specs, together with talking about past adventures, significant events and watershed moments in Lotus history. A very big thank you to those who traveled from so far to be with us and be part of the TLF Lotus family ranging from Kim and Yasou from Copenhagen, Andy from Perthshire, Andrew and party from Edinburgh , Dave and Ann from Somerset and all who came to celebrate Lotus and the TLF Christmas. Our very big thank you to Bibs and Rachel for organising a really excellent dinner and for finding Anthony and I some nice lodgings at the Joiners Arms in West Malling at the very last minute! Looking forward to a very strong Lotus future now under Geely stewardship with Phil Popham as CEO and the much needed long term investment that the Company has always needed. Mike.
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    Lotus Evija Dymanic Test Notes - Gavan Kershaw
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    Very nice Andy, those upgrades really add to the car, especially the carbon mirrors! Pop up a few pics from the front please. what colour is yours? Other than a few slight tweaks before pick up, my only major change is adding bc forged wheels.
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    I’ve done only a few mods. Have kept all original parts to swap back if desired if I eventually change car. 1 Went From original to V2 smoked GRP rear lights last year now to new unsmoked V3 lights a few weeks ago. Which look incredible. 2 Managed to get the wooden surround gear knob same as the Type 25 430CUP. 3 Most recent mod is the mirror and stalk upgrade by GFWilliams and Imran. I ordered immediately having had a chat with them before the orders went live So was in batch 1. There was a delay with mine as they changed the matt black finish on the stalk for the CUP which I am really chuffed they did as they really do look fantastic. I opted to black wrap to cover the third hole and again can be returned to OEM if necessary. 4. Black petrol surround. I’m keen to get the new AIM dash upgrade but wasn’t keen on the plastic binnacle cover at present so will see if a CUP CF option is released at some point.
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    Raptor weekend. Two full days of washing, prepsoling, masking and spraying. Looks great. Went to a lot of trouble to ensure the holes are correctly painted etc. Now that the iPhone update easily allows you to reduce the size of the pics, it’s a lot easier to load images. Sorry for all the pics - finally something worth photographing.
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    I took this picture at a winery markets near Dubbo in NSW 5 hours west of Sydney, not your typical lotus picture or habitat especially seeing the northern hemisphere is locked in snow, Australia inland is in drought from about 30 latitude north. Its locked in a winter weather pattern and its Summer and drought and the blue is smoke haze from the fires on the coast north of Sydney
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    This is the family round-robin that you just love to get at this time of year. Well, it's been a busy year for us. In January I went to collect coal for the fire and slipped on a patch of ice. Went down with a bit of a bang and lost most of my teeth. This continues to be troublesome (see pic) so looks like turkey soup this Christmas. After 3 days my wife started to get a bit anxious and came looking. She slipped on the same patch of ice and ended up in hospital with a broken hip. The staff were good but after several visits I noticed her medical notes referred to her as Mrs A. not Mrs L. I mentioned this to a nurse but nothing changed. I mean, you don't want medical notes getting mixed up between patients do you, so I put in an official complaint. No! Not Mrs A. The wife had caught MRSA! In April we drove down to Switzerland to see some friends but they weren't in. As you know the Swiss are famous for their cheese and as we had finished our sandwiches we shared a nice cheeseburger on the way back. We called in on a French Street Market where we met a very friendly Italian called Ivor Gottcha. He was selling Chateau-Neuf-De-Crap for only £30 a bottle. It seemed amazing value, almost too good to be true. We had spare Euros and ordered 10 cases. He promised it would be with us in time for Xmas so I'm really looking forward to that. This start to the year caused a bit of friction. After 12 years of happy marriage (she said the other 37 I could have tried a bit harder) the wife left me and took the dog----I really missed that dog. She did return so we decided as a celebration to embark on a World Tour taking in the Americas, Australia and New Zealand and back up through Europe. Unfortunately the guy in the travel agent trousered the money and disappeared. Luckily we found a broker who specialised in not only refunds but also serious amounts of compensation. As he explained the reason for emptying my bank account and leaving only £1 was to ensure there wouldn't be any problem when the refund was processed. Nothing yet but I'm sure that when he gets his telephone fixed (a Nigerian number) it will turn out to be a minor computer glitch. With all this going on I had forgotten to pay the hospital parking fine of £30 which had now morphed into £1730.80 I did send a cheque but it bounced (see previous paragraph). They sent a vey nice man round to collect the debt (Mr. Bailiff). He said they wouldn't take the Lotus as it was such a mess it wouldn't even cover half that amount. Some good news, the Lotus seats are now in the lounge as the furniture has all gone. On a more serious note those of you who know me will be saddened to hear that I lost my wife at the beginning of this month. Such a sweet cheerful thing, I was traumatised. It hit me very hard, and it was a very difficult time for me, huge amounts of stress and worry and loneliness. I tried but I just couldn't cope and I took to the bottle (whisky) almost immediately. I know you will judge me as weak but you just won't understand the feeling of hopelessness and desolation unless this has happened to you Eventually I found her waiting for me at the checkout, but I still hate these huge Supermarkets. Due to the drink we had a minor car crash on the way home and the case comes up in January! Ah well, mustn't grumble-----Merry bleeding Christmas. Roy and Sylvie.
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    i could shoot some more pictures soon if you wish,
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    No problem. Excellent decision getting the 430. I had a demo 410 on a few occasions and it certainly didn’t have the same theatre as the 430CUP.
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    That was a fun drive down! There were times the only way to see puddles was the change in reflection of the lights of the car in front it was raining that hard! Lucky I didn't end up at the wrong airport on the way home or anything too
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    A wonderful looking car.
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    I’ll let you know Thursday. See the below screenshot of the email I got from Lotus. Diffuser support strut and new brake servo clip.
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    Have you got any of the blacks left?
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    Hi everyone, I've recently bought my second Lotus Elise S1 after running one as my daily driver around 10-12 years ago. Lotus cars are in my blood as my father owned a M100 elan and an Esprit S4S at different times. Current jobs on the list include a rebuild of the Stack unit (currently away at 213 Performance) and a change of coolant.
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    A fellow Carcoon user! I have 2 they are both battered & torn and the zips are both broken as i use them so often. They are very useful esp. as they hide cars from prying eyes! I need to get mine refurbished though.
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    fantastic stuff Welcome.......and that looks lovely......especially with match 110 bike
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    Welcome to TLF, we often have to ask for photos but you’re getting the hang of it right away!
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    Would love to have decent Europa TC and Elan +2 in the garage
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    I'm getting tempted to get one of these, REALLY want some 'charger whine more than anything. FIgured once I have gone through the effort of having to change my 3 year old OEM filter, I can "man math" an ugprade in there somehwere Having read the thread and comments, all I can say is well done Imran! When can we expect the next batch? Annodised black is a real game changer for me, much prefer it.
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    Great pics! January 2020 will be 10 years since the first Newlands Corner meet, so expect some special celebration...
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    You don't need a boat to get around in Ryarsh, let alone one that costs £3.7m. Oh. Wait....
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    Thanks so much to all who came along on Saturday night. I hope you all enjoyed the evening and it was really, really good to catch up with proper friends, you all . It always amazes me the miles you guys do for the meal but I'm so glad that you do, it's a wonderful evening and lots of fun. Dan, tequila was your worst idea, I'll be sure you keep your glass full on your birthday mate. Glad you found the 11 seater Vito too
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    Shame these discerning men never showed up. The GT430 Sport barely happened at all. It deserved better, priced from £104k caused outrage at the time but doesn’t look so bad next to a GT410 Sport now does it?
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    I saw this yesterday and wasn't sure how to react. My first thought is funny what a nut job... Then my thoughts are shes clearly unwell? I mean I wouldn't pop to the shop round the corner in different shoes...let alone 2 left shoes. Shes going out to vote on election day knowing shes going to be filmed. So has she no one helping her out? Seems to sad to be making fun of her. But she retained her seat!!???? I just dont understand I have to say! buddsy
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    The argument for a people’s vote will become quieter and quieter now. Democracy will always win the day. Swinson really had it coming - chukka and sourbery gone as well. Now let’s start having a media push at how Great Britain is and forge ahead.
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    Not that DB5 again (yawn)! Where's a bloody Lotus?!
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    Upping the performance of the engine puts more stress on the gearbox which is not known for its strength.
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    Spike Milligan on the Wogan show
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    And another clip of me driving away from a friend's can hear the racket it makes towards the end. Honestly, I only rev'd it to 4k and it was setting off car alarms ! VID-20190914-WA0031_01_01.mp4

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