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    The final push before Xmas. There’s even an art to masking a car properly... learn’t a lot from Glen who has taken on the mammoth task of painting. Given the wheel-wells will be full gloss I should have put the car on a rotisserie as it will be very difficult to get a gun in there. I know it’s not original but given you can see so much of the area I believe it will look good.
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    Air ducting replaced, and the binnacle lights all work as they should. The binnacle cover has been on and off so many times, I reckon I could do it blindfolded. I replaced the old black nylon fuel lines from the filter to the fuel rail. I used a black braided fuel line, reused the original fittings. I had to manufacture a new support bracket welded nut a underneath, bought an alloy hose clamp off eBay. I then drilled out the centre hole to fit an M6 screw. Job looks OK, and no leaks, so I'm quite pleased with the result.
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    Never realised how useful a cup holder was until the Esprit was my only car. Who will be the first person to guess the doner car they came from.
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    seasons greetings! Just a heads up guys, big article on the esprit in febs edition of CC magazine noticed it features Loose Cannons gt3
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    For people like me working Christmas in the middle of nowhere, with no beer, no pigs in blankets, no bacon to ensure the crude oil production continues to fuel our cars...... Merry Christmas everyone...
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    The fact that she is deliberately misrepresenting facts about something as trivial as a train ride, is very relevant. Had she posted a picture of her sitting in a comfy chair in first class, she would have lost (part of) her image of a poor school girl fighting the world. She is not a spokesperson for any scientific group, she just stirrs drama, with a well rehearsed script, obviously backed by serious money or she wouldn't be able to do things like sail across the atlantic twice. If you scratch the surface just a tiny bit, one can only come to the conclusion it's a huge conspiracy. But I can't quite put my finger on the final goal, apart from giving politicians an excuse to raise more taxes in the name of saving the planet. Filip
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    Had a couple of successful days. Had to change the interior temp sensor on the climate control system which meant pulling the centre console apart again. Depressingly I’m now getting far too good at it . Took the opportunity to take some interior pics. also changed the climate control blowers from the original alfa units to a set of SPAL fans. Although I also moved the position of where it entered the heater box the difference is amazing. Finally have blowers that are worthy of the name blowers. Last couple of jobs for climate control project is to design and fibreglass in a purpose air intake channel to the underside of the bonnet and hopefully incorporate a recirc valve into it. Then its just beautification stuff making some form of casing to enclose/hide it all and make it look almost factory. Also fitted the new handbrake system from PNM. Must admit that I wasn’t originally convinced how good it would be but so far it’s absolutely awesome!!!! definitely worth getting if you are still on the internal hispec spot pads. Just FYI my rear discs are the 300mm versions.
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    Based on a certificate of provenance recently provided by Andy Graham at Lotus Archives: - 21 x GT430 produced for the UK only. 18 of these had 2+0 seating & manual transmission. - Apparently only 1 GT430 Sport was produced for the UK. Not sure how many of the remaining theoretical 39 of 60 were actually produced for the EMEA market.
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    Here's a few pictures I should have put up ages ago since our move from the south of England to the Scottish Highlands. I've been quite busy during all this time, honest! Robin's Rescue: Where's my new garage going to be?!
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    and a prosperous new year to all motoring enthusiasts everywhere, may your god go with you & all your drives be safe.
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    Hi thats my post. The front of the clock clips onto the rear. Be careful separating it because its quite brittle and the corners will snap.
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    @internets great, thanks so much for these pics. You are a Santa. Yep, Martin D did have the car first, which appeals to me (though I had no idea when I bought it in March 2018) as I am a bit of a Lotus anorak and do love a car with some factory connection. I have a S1 Elise, the first owner was Julian Thomson, so the Evora fits right in on that score. Apparently, my Evora is on its original clutch, now at 63,000 miles, so a bit of factory work does not seem to have done it any harm. It drives like new, appears quite rapid for 276bhp and the carbon grey is just such a neat colour. According to the book 'Sublime Supercar', it is the colour that the designers most favoured. I am not sure the cocobolo wins such an accolade but I love it. Mind you, I had a S1 Esprit with the brown cabin (and loved that). Justin
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    Thanks for your suggestions guys. Didn't get a chance to do anything the past couple of days but when I went out to it today, it seems to have cured itself. Happy days, for now.
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    A lovely slipper (singular) with a zip up the middle to be used once both feet have been inserted. I hear they're popular with people of your age.
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    @jep I took that picture at [email protected] out in their back car park when they first got the car back in 2014, and I test drove it. Jamie managed to sell me a white Evora S instead Did very much like the Cocobolo Interior. I believe it was an ex management car, driven by one Martin Donnelly I remember it came back in to B&C a few years later and assume that’s when you brought it took these pictures at the time too...
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    Possibly along with the tree.
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    Big fan of the red leather interior in mine. It doesn't photo well but it's lovely in reality.
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    And a Merry Christmas to you and yours too. Kind regards, jacques The lamb moving amongst wolves:
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    Good man, if you could make the stuff a little cheaper that would be bloody great.
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    Proper OCD... even puts my Mrs to shame. Credir to you mate, looks great
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    I can't remember, but I'm sure they are on here somewhere as I replied with an image of my (white) spare wheel.. Edit to add: might be the earlier cars (S1) with non-white spares, as a white spare in an S1 was questioned in this thread
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    I can't believe I wrote this four years ago! HAPPY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!
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    To my knowledge, in the middle east there are only 2: 1 in Beirut (mine) and 1 in Qatar (dealer).
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    I think it is relevant because the fact she is first class instead of club class (Something I don't do even though I could afford it) shows a level of entitlement and the money behind her. Which in turn feeds into where this money comes from, who has a vested interest in promoting her rather extreme form of enviromentalism etc. We all knew with a wealthy Opera singer mom and wealthy Actor father, that she doesn't really live in the "real world" of having to work for a living which also includes using carbon producing cars and planes.....we can't all afford to hitch a lift on a £5.3 million yacht.... but also shows that she doesn't understand that the kids she keeps pulling out of School to "Go on strike" need their education to earn a crust when they leave school and this could directly effect that. It's all well and good to want to change the world for the better but understand the real world first....IMHO. It doesn't really matter to me one bit because frankly I don't listen or believe what a 16 year old with no education in enviromental sciences tells me one little bit. I just switch off or turn over when she comes on the TV or radio. And I don't think I'm alone in that. And if (as I suspect the next argument will be) that she is saying what she is being told to say then have those doing the telling come out and tell me not a 16 year old.
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    So what to do if you run out of wrapping paper......
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    Can someone mention to Alex that the S3 and SE are different models please!
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    IMG_0415.MP4 Yep Don’t fuck with cats
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    Post brake conversion debrief. We left no tern unstoned.
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    It’s been a while however things haven’t ground to a halt. Progress so far: climate control system and heated screen works great and the carbon dipped parts look really good (photos to follow). The alcantara head lining is significantly better quality than the previous material and doesn’t wrinkle up in different climate conditions like the old one used to. The carbon fibre sunroof not only looks great but it has stopped all the irritating bumps and rattles that the glass one made (thanks jacques)!! seats now spaced and will actually nice on runners (thanks eeyorish). inner door handles and surrounds replaced with new ones as they were looking a bit tatty. Also replaced the drivers door lock clip which kept coming out every time you closed the door. So now got central locking back yey!!!! lotus shadow lights fitted into doors (the more gauges and lotus badges the better)! All front lights converted to LEDs which has transformed driving at night. Definitely worth the money as I can actually see where I’m going now. Not forgetting how cool the white light looks as opposed to yellowy originals. Bumper meshes secured properly and Rad undertray modified, which at least makes the front look better. and finally I have a new set of front brakes!!!
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    I finally picked up the car after 4(!) months, three of them waiting for Lotus to deliver the replacement bell housing. Turned out the real culprit was a disintigrating differential, where the axle hat pulled. It was then probably the unballance that caused the housing to fail. Komotec spent a few hours cleaning the geabox from metal bits and pieces. It was such a rare fault that Lotus specifically asked that Komotec return the broken differential for analysis. On the upside, I did get the Quaffe installed instead of the stock diff - heavily subsidised by Lotus.

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