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    So, a chance to get out finally, and a chance to see the front end properly, still like it but the number plate will likely be going back down to the splitter - so few cars get it that low and it’s a shame to not do it! So that’s I'll change at some point over the weekend. Well I say that, at the moment I am undecided - so I made up a plinth for mounting to the grill. Bent out of ali sheet to the same size as my (modifed) splitter level plinth. Prefer not to have screws in number plates if I can help it, so have a plinth for both the high an low option, this simply screws to the mounts in the grill: So using that I'll decide on the plate level out later in the year when I am out on the road more Anyway, here's the wider pics so it can be seen in more context: Next was the tow loop on the back end and a change of diffuser. The normal cup tow loop bracket comes in two flavours, vertical mount (as per v6 cup I think) and horizontal mount (as per 430) - as I was updating the diffuser, then I went horizontal as per the 430. Just a note, for the tow bracket the part numbers on the Lotus dealers parts list is wrong, you need to change the last digit. You need the bracket itself, two captive nut plates, bolts and a tow strap. I had a TRS in the garage from another car, and I think this is what Lotus uses, but who knows. Anyway the bits you need are below: When I first got the car I was going to get the garage to do stuff before I saw sense, they quoted 2 hours labour to do it. Total time was 20 mins including removing diffuser, so not sure what the official process is! But by reaching through the hole on the outside off the subframe it was pretty easy, offer it up, fish the captive nuts through. Bolts in, repeat for other side, remember you forgot threadlock, take out bolts, apply threadlock, bolts back in, torque job done. Loosening the exhaust mount makes it easier so you don't have to reach over the bolt from it too much) Not a great image, but here is the assembly in place, bolted to the subframe (exhaust mount misaligned as the bolts were loosened for access): Then you simply attach the tow strap. Tow strap itself was treated with smart fabric - so fairly water resistant to keep the roadgrime off. Next 410/430 diffuser, you need the diffuser and grill. There are two grills available, one with tow loop hole(430 one), one without (350/410 one). If anyone has had an S2 - this feels much more like that. The finish is the same, its riveted, its actually black (not the bluey/black on the old diffuser) - basically not a hacked up Evora part, so much better. You need to transfer the ducts from the original diffuser as they were not in mine. Just 4 bolts on each, then transfer the spire nuts. I also switched to stainless bolts, because shiny. Its these bits here: Rubber trim was actually not that great out of the box, lots of glue residue. I looked at the cars in the dealer - they were all the same. So after about 30 mins with glue remover they were back to being black, looked like this after removal of glue from the rubber, still needed to polish up the edges. As is the normal tradition the diffuser was coated with one coat of Gtechniq CSL, and two coats of Exov4 - it makes it a bit blacker, and makes cleaning easier. Rubber then coated with Gtechniq C4 protector. Additional parts to the grill and diffuser: M6 spire nuts x 4 M6 x 18mm bolt, button head (black) x 4 M6 washer (black) x 4 If it’s the first time of taking the diffuser off I'd change the fittings to stainless, but this was done in the past. Unbolt the 4 m6 bolts that hide behind the diffuser, removing the middle two will release this bracket that the standard old shape diffuser bolts to, not needed anymore and bolt back up to the old diffuser. You won't have the extra cabling at the top of the pic: Bolt the new grill in place. You will need to bend the heat shield to get access to the bolt on the top. Mount 4 m6 spire nuts to the bottom of the grill. I then mounted closed cell foam pad to the bottom of the tabs so the diffuser wasn't scratched on fitting. Then bolted it all up. Job jobbed. Much prefer it to the original rather plastic affair
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    Have just got hold of this recently. Has been stood for over five years. Have been playing with it this afternoon and although I should have probably changed the timing belt first, decided after a close visual inspection, to have a go at getting it running. After a few hours, a new condenser, carb strip, changing the terminals and a new battery, it fired straight up. The radiator fan is free and is cutting in and out with no weird noises. Most of the electrics seem to work with the exception of the interior fan and the lights don't go down. The interior is pretty good, however the headlining is shot. Body wise, is good and is mounted on a Spyder Chassis and trailing arms. I have an original workshop manual, but if I get stuck, hopefully someone on here will be able to help out.
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    Hi All, Well, I still haven't managed to get the ALDL to USB lead working but, it does look like I've sorted the code 26 with systematic manual checks. I checked through all of the quad driver controlled relays, solenoids, connectors and circuits with my multi-meter. I quickly found the faulty RPM relay and repaired a cracked solder joint inside. This RPM relay actually turned out to be the rad fan control relay. Their positions in the engine bay relay enclosure had been swapped around. Both are quad driver controlled so no worries. Everything else tested ok but, I decided to look at the secondary injector circuit in more detail. I eventually found another broken solder joint inside the ballast resistor case. The balance resistor previously tested fine but I later found that the pressure on it's terminals from my multi-meter probes made the resister test ok. When the resistor was sat in its terminal block, it was open circuit. I took the ballast resistor case apart and found one of the resister legs had a dry joint. I cleaned the joint up and re-soldered, hey presto, no more CEL. Many thanks for everyone's help and especially to Derek for kindly loaning me an ECU along with lots of PM advice, and to Barry, for his EMH pages and motivational words, "You'll crack it" So, I've been out in the SE all day driving around the Lincolnshire wolds in the sunshine. CEL stayed off and the car ran flawlessly. Cheers for now, Andy.
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    The only person remotely surprised that Philip Scofield has come out is his boyfriend. Why can’t he just continue not having sex with his wife like the rest of us?
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    Put the new ref on the car today.
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    So adhesive instructions say apply steady pressure and sealant should be tack free in an hour, hmmm, can't be bothered to lean up against the car for an hour soooo
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    Our fascination with celebrity is just so wrong. I probably along with millions others do not give a flying frig leaf as to his sexuality and his sexuality makes no difference to me and how I view him etc. He is just another human being and no more special than anyone else. Why does he need to "show off", or "come out" like this. Why like the majority of people can he not just quietly get on with his life and the decisions he has made.
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    Gosh tough crowd. The weekend is here guys. Enjoy the dry roads and trade some miles for smiles. Peace to all lovers of all cars.
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    Just to clarify some points on your original post, the Komotec Upgrades phase 2&3 are complete kits with altered files reflashed via the OBD port to the original Ecu plus hardware. They are the only changes ,everything else stays as OEM. Ie traction / stability control, idle etc. The only other option is a replacement ecu and new mapping and the hardware to complete, this would move you much further away from your stated goal, if you are tracking seriously all be it a limited number each year , I would agree with the above 220/250 cup or exige however if it’s more for the road I would stick with what you have , I have 2015 s3 the only thing that let it down was the exhaust note and to be honest the parts that made up the complete system, they work , but on a car like these they deserve a bespoke setup , and there lies the rub , you require the new ecu info to enjoy there benefits. on the 17.5 year cars like Neals they sound great from the factory. plus ,most mods costs will not be realised if you wish to sell and insurance has to be considered . last of all ,the cups cars look amazing ,and I came very close to buying Neals car ( best Colour), but if you go to places as we do for our holiday etc there no way the Aero kit would remain intact . After doing the bronze / silver days at Lotus the standard setup is more than capable for my ability’s on the road.
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    You can even claim the majority of folks wished to remain
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    You wait til Gordon the gopher goes on record.....
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    Fascinating thanks Andy....lots of good reasons there for me to avoid a Model S and stick with RangeRover - phew! However there's lots there about charging. The Tesla charging infrastructure is held up in EV circles as exemplary - and certainly beats the madness of the separate and uncoordinated networks of different standards that the rest of us in the EV community have to put up with. I have used various public chargers just to see if I could and it is very much hit and miss if its going to be available and work when you get somewhere. Nowhere near a practical proposition for the non-warriors at the moment. But for our use of the i3 we've never yet HAD to get a charge away from home, so none of those points impact... I think the Lithium batteries chemical issue you talk about has also been marginalised by BMW (and some others) in their charging software. The usable capacity is displayed on the dash going from 100% to 0%, but that isn't really what the battery sees. By only displaying from (I'm guessing) 10% to 90% in absolute terms much of the bad stuff is avoided - it never fully Discharges and similarly isn't "topped up". Also the charge rate drops dramatically when over 80% full (indicated) and loads of time then put into "cell balancing". Again aimed at battery longevity. As is a relatively slow max charge rate of 11kW. Clearly building these margins into the battery charge cycle will give less headline "range" and slower charge times. These are very bad points in terms of increasing the number of people the car will suit...but for those of us that charge slowly overnight on Economy 7 it simply doesn't impact. Certainly from all I've read in the i3 community such an approach seems to be paying dividends in terms of battery health. And the car being online to BMW also has some upsides. I got a notice of a charging cable recall on screen when driving to get the fish and chips tonight - all very down with the kids.. Nothing about my car ownership is about saving on running costs or being Eco. I like having whatever car I want which I think is the right car for what I want to do. The i3 replaced a Jimny we enjoyed for 10 years. The i3 is fun to drive (yes really! - but that's in context, within 50 miles of home with little motorway use and mostly round trips to the nearest town), narrow for the lanes, good for the two of us as we have the back seats folded which gives a large load area (shops and dump). It was ridiculously expensive to buy compared with other similar sized hatchbacks, but has been (so far) ridiculously cheap to run. I reckon once you've got used to one pedal driving your wife's EV you'll find yourself borrowing it more often than you'll admit to...
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    Sorting out a cupboard, I found a small section of my Concorde stash. It's all over the house, and I've forgotten a lot of it, so I've decided to catalogue and photo it as I find it. I'll post them here with a bit of history if applicable. Some might find it interesting... A Terence Conran cutlery set. After the Air France accident, the type was grounded (don't get me started about that), and eventually modifications were mandated to return the aircraft to service. BA saw this as a rebrand opportunity, and revamped pretty much everything onboard, with Terence Conran designing the new crockery and cutlery. This design flew only once. On its first post-modification proving flight, full of staff testing the new service, the aircraft was forced to turn around mid-Atlantic and return to Heathrow. The date was September 11, 2001. Thereafter, metal cutlery was banned on all commercial flights until well after Concorde's final flights. Final design BA Concorde baggage tag. I have a few of these; some signed by Captain Leslie Scott when I met him at the USS Intrepid Museum in New York, home to Concorde G-BOAD. Les was in charge of Alpha Delta for the fastest ever commercial Atlantic crossing of 2h 52m 59s on Feb 7 1996. Please, if you have any Concorde memorabilia or memories, post here!
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    Not that anyone really cares I guess but since when did 'what you are' define 'who you are? At the end of the day, what is more important? All we know now is that yet another celebrity is a self centered prick who, in order to 'find his own happiness' has given up on vows he made 27 years ago. 'For better or worse' anyone.............. I feel for his family. I mean, it isn't like 27 years ago (1993), men weren't afraid to come out of the closet. Mercury died in 91. Just sad
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    NIce day - new suspension is in. Jacques
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    You're welcome to debate chaps but any more personal insults and I'll intervene more formally.
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    I now have a brace of Lotus cars
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    Yup coming off soon, waiting for my friend with the vinyl cutter to remake them in black and the LOTUS on the wing is being made a bit smaller to fit better
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    The centres are quite easy to do, I even did some BBS ones by hand which is much tougher as the rims restrict access and the spokes started with rounded fronts, hours of work mind. Dave
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    Do you understand BEV's and electricity or are you just chucking random stuff out? If so, do you have any idea of the electric charge/current that will be required to fully charge an Evija in 12 minutes? Hydrogen high volume and not convenient - sorry, but that's nonsense - the average hydrogen storage tank for a car to travel roughtly 350-450 miles when full are 6kg in weight and they can be moulded into convenient shapes - the hydrogen gas is stored under pressure. It's easy to transport and you can reuse the current natural gas pipelines to reduce the infrastructure investment required. I have no idea where you get the idea that water vapour is a major greenhouse gas. Please enlighten me. I also assume you do not ever have tea or coffee, never steam your vegetables to cook them, nor ever have a hot bath or a hot shower in that case? Did you know that Hydrogen is currently being piped in to Peterhead and Aberdeen and used to power local buses? Or that hydrogen is being injected into the national gas network to provide a more efficient and environmentally efficient "burn"? Many garages already have LPG pumps and storage facilities and these can be easily re-purposed for Hydrogen. The North Sea will see it's next energy boom using re-purposed oil platforms, connected to offshore windfarms, to produce green Hydrogen on a massive scale. Why would you not use 100% environmentally friendly Hydrogen for fuel cells instead of Lithium based electric cells that currently cannot be recycled and cause a huge environmental impact when the lithium and cobalt is mined? Graphene is years away from commercial use. As for Petrol stations. Why do you think Shell bought First Utility? They are developing their consumer energy strategy that ties in the home, garages and personal transportation. We could go on for hours talking about all of this. I've worked in the utilities and energy sector for 24 years. I fully accept and believe we need to change to improve our futures and those for our children, however, sometimes discussions around BEV's just feels like it is blind leading the blind and people just swallow whole the buzz, throw out isolated random stats and hype to justify why it is all so good and wonderful and to shut naysayers down. Let's see if Kia sells what it thinks it will by the end of the year. Saying your going to sell, and actually selling, or two very differerent things. @Barrykearley - I've driven BEV's. I've had several as hire cars. I can see how and why they are attractive and I can see how and why people would buy one. They are just not for me and for the use I make of a car. The wife might get one, and that's up to her. Andy yes, I'll drive it when I need to. But, it will not be my first choice of transport.
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    And in the garage @RobinB5 awaiting your collection are two bottles. One of base coat - and one of top coat for that leather sorting hat
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    The weather did indeed brighten up, and I managed to degrease the cam housings, sump, and sump baffle. I then progressed to strip the remainder of the engine, which went smoothly. The only things left are the liners, and those things are in there pretty solidly, so I’m going to have to manufacture some kind of puller to break the seal. Considering the high performance nature of the engine, and 75,000 miles, I have to say it’s in remarkably good condition. I would estimate that it had another 20 - 30,000 miles in the bottom end before it really would need a rebuild. I’ve rebuilt engines with less mileage on them and they’ve not been anything like as good. As I said before, as far as I know it’s the original engine, and has never been apart before, and if so, it’s a tribute to Lotus. The cylinder head is a different matter however, but I could have just refinished it, and had done with it, So, I reckon the original Mahle forged pistons will go again with new rings, the crank has almost no markings on it, and apart from one bearing shell which is showing copper, the remainder are still grey. So, a light polish and that can go back in with standard bearings. The Nikasil liners still have some of the original honing pattern too, but I shall probably be replacing them with ductile iron liners. The remaining degreasing will have to wait until there’s another weather window, hopefully Monday, because by all reports it’s going to be a tad windy tomorrow and I’m supposed to be taking my old mum out for her birthday. That’ll be fun.
  26. 1 point Everyone is encouraged to turn up the heat a little at least once per drive. Most heater flow issues begin because the coolant never 'flows' while we are driving. I keep our heater control pointed at the 5 o'clock position...enough for the heater coolant to flow, but not enough to create noticeable warmth in the summer.
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    Of course yes, I forgot you said earlier
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    Testing a gopro support made from thermoformable plastic. Lots of work to do before to get an acceptable result. But this process seems interesting, specifically to build small parts
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    Hi Rolls, sorry you gave up on the loom. I have tried both a new one and updating the old. Now I would always update the old. The looms from S and J are fine and I installed one in my S1. Its very important you match the loom to the spec of your car. I found circuits missing such as the fasten belts and twin headlight motor wiring. I had to convert it to twin headlight motor from single and put in all the missing circuits. I could have just updated the old one. The S2 loom I think is more standard, but make sure its the correct spec and you should just be able to install. There are always problems though, it is a Lotus after all!
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    Frankly, I don’t care whether the exhaust valves are filled with sodium, custard, or the wife’s shampoo. I’m not passing comment on any others, but as far as my own cylinder head is concerned, it’s in the best professional hands, and I’m leaving to those who have a proven track record and know exactly what they’re doing. As for the weather, well it’s a bit warmer today, so I might be able to make up some lost ground in the degreasing. Well, apart from the bloody rain, that is.
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    I agree, he is likely to win again in November. Assuming he wins, it will be interesting to see what follows. While I don't think I would bet money on this happening, I also won't be surprised if a "grassroots" movement to revoke the 22nd Amendment (the one setting Presidential term limits) suddenly springs up.
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    Just to close this one off, the rebuild has been completed with various new parts and furthermore, the specialist has extended substantial goodwill. I am completely satisfied with the way they have treated me.
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    A tongue in cheek view of the Tesla
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    Check page 8 in @Lotusfab - Esprit Turbo project car - part3 - the further continuation - thread. The in situ shots are above the post the below link goes to, and the individual tools are at the bottom of the page.
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    MLOC are pleased to announce that Lotus in the Peak 2020 is now available for booking via the MLOC store. This year's event will run very much on similar lines to before. There will once again be a Friday night barbecue at the Charles Cotton Hotel in Hartington for all those wishing to make a weekend of it. Saturday is a leisure day allowing people time to explore all that the Peak District has to offer. Sunday is the main event - There will once again be 3 early morning runs, this time starting from either Ashbourne, Whaley Bridge or from Hassop Station for the 'classic run'. Both Ashbourne and Whaley Bridge will have 3 run paces to choose from whereas the classic run from Hassop Station will be run at a slower more leisurely pace only. All runs will stop for breakfast at Hassop Station Cafe and will then combine to form one large procession to Peak Rail Rowsley where we will have our car of the day competition, kid's competitions and of course our not to be missed raffle. There will be loads of fabulous raffle prizes on offer with proceeds going to our chosen charity for this year - Rainbows Hospice for children and young people, providing care and support to life-limited children and their families. So please dig deep and purchase loads of raffle tickets for this most worthy of causes. A gourmet picnic can be booked for the Sunday and you can of course also bring your own along too. We hope to see you there. Further information and booking details can be found via the following link:- Thanks The LitP Team
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    I’ve owned many Lotus cars in my time, the last 3 all bought brand new, and the one thing that really dismays me is, in all that time I have never once received any communication from Lotus, absolutely zilch. I’ve bought other cars new, mostly Mercedes, and have always received regular communications from them. The usual ‘thank you for choosing etc......’ but also regular news in which I might be interested, such as new car announcements or updates to existing, plus the occasional dealer events etc, etc. A friend of mine has bought a few new Porsches and he is almost inundated with similar. Now, probably like everybody on here, I love Lotus for entirely different reasons and, in the past, have always accepted their shortcomings with regard to keeping me informed. Now, however, and particularly since the Geely takeover plus a new management structure, including marketing, there is absolutely no excuse for not keeping in touch with your existing customer base, never mind your future potential customers. Modern methods of communication have made it a complete no brainer to do so but not, it seems, for Lotus. I find this all very frustrating and would have hoped that by now the Geely influence would, at least, have changed this one aspect. I do understand there hasn’t been a huge amount for them to talk about but how about sending news on the recent ‘Softer’ Evora or prior to that, the Evija. Ok, I know that wouldn’t be on my shopping list but, nevertheless, it would help ramp up some excitement and let everybody know what they are working hard on. Marketing emails cost no more to send to 10,000 people, or more, than they do to 1, so why not? The only way I get to find about new or enhanced models or, indeed, any other news about the company is from forums such as this, which is fine but not really what I expect from a company in the 21st century. Lotus have my email address and when I try to sign on to be kept in touch, just get a reply saying I’m already on their list. Well if that’s the case Lotus, why don’t you bloody well keep in touch with me, a long time customer and fanboy since the 1960’s??? I once had a Subaru Outback that we used for things like taking rubbish to the dump or for shopping or just for carrying over large items, rather than mess up the Mercs and it was quite brilliant for the role. Well I sold that car some 8 years ago when I no longer needed it but I still receive updates and news about new cars etc from them approximately every quarter. So come on Lotus, show me you care about your customers too. You never know, I just might be interested in buying one of the next generation of new cars!
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    Agreed. I wish the ambition was to succeed as a ground breaking sports car maker not a me-too volume car maker at any cost. I have to admire McLaren's refusal to produce SUVs.
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    The big question then is whether or not a car that would to appeal to normal people could ever be a true Lotus?
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    I bought our ev because it’s overall cost of ownership and comfort is superb value. I do my absolutely very best to personally offset this by drinking Herefordshire cider and trying to eat as many of those pesky polluting cows as possible
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    You simply can’t buy new mass produced consumerist goods on eco grounds full stop. The bulk of all emissions is on manufacturing
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    All the news about refusing the 50p brexit coin is just inflated news to create division.. How many people even look at there change let alone inspect each coin.. The news media that still have the platform to promote their own agenda whilst wrapping it up in a news story , are deliberately aggravating the situation on brexit.. Brexit in the main in over, we are out.... No winners No losers , just a political direction brought about by a democratic referendum . This result was debated , ridiculed , undermined and questioned in every possible way, especially by the media , who's ranks did not like the result.. After nearly 4 years of debates countless one sided media interviews and panel shows against the result , a general election was held with the main mandate to uphold the referendum result.. The result of that was conclusive , the people spoke.. We were leaving the EU. The problem as i see it is, until the media start getting on board with this , they are going to create false news and ill feeling in the country by what ever means.. Controversy is infectious , almost self destructive, but to them news... !!! It very much seems that interviewers and the likes of question time hosts within the media have got a dose of overrated self righteous importance .. This is particularly evident when you watch the interviews and how they manipulate the narrative giving antonyms responses to factual answers . I am all for a good debate , but have no time for blinkered self opinionated twats. I fear this ill will is hear until the transition period is over.. The media will hound the public with controversy and false news in an attempt to undermine the trade negotiations.. This will be done by inflating a false dialog and encouraging public debate and division. Much the same as they did for the last 4 years. And to what end.. The last thing they want is WTO , but carry on as they are and they are more likely to get it.. If they could just get behind the Government , public opinion would change , and with a positive out look our negotiating position would be stronger for trade deals with the EU and rest of the world. Win Win for all .. .. We need to weed out the quisling elements and stride forward to a positive future..
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    So back to some changes. Over the winter I have been trying to work out what to do with cars, should I change modify etc - that really is undecided but I thought I would go about changing a few more bits that I think could be better on the Exige. First was something I had an idea would work, but wasn't sure till I tried it - removing the ugly plastic grills. As I have the carbon access panel, the standard plastic hex stuff was gone from there. Side scoops also are now meshed, but the front was still there and it annoyed me, so I wanted rid… First I got some spares of the grills on the front end so I could go back to standard if I messed up: Then I started cutting, removing the mesh leaving only frames: Next became the far harder task of cutting out the mesh to fit - it took forever to cut and bend to shape and cut my hands to bits, which was nice. Once bent and cut, I bonded with epoxy, then covered that with silicon adhesive to keep it all looking black. They looked like this in the end: All screws were still accessible through careful lining up of the holes, so fitting and removal is identical to OEM - just a bit more fiddly. Then trial fitting - all looked how I wanted so then I had to cut for the towing eye (towing eye bolts missing as I was taking it on and off to measure. Also moved the number plate up and removed the plinth - may move it back as I am not sure on the higher number plate position. We'll see when out in the light properly, but I had to pack up and head off at this point. Towing hook hole was lined to keep it looking neat, but I need to make final adjustment on alignment . Ignore the dust and stuff I took photos before the clean down. And that’s it - will probably make an uncut version without the towing eye, but that’s for another day. Anyway, to my eyes it's lifted the look of the front end nicely - it may be marmite for others!
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    Classic Cars magazine at Hethel.
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    Afternoon folks - I commissioned drawings of my two cars awhile ago and have just received the finished artwork and am proper chuffed with the results and thought some of you might like to see! Adam Gompertz is the artist - @revseventandart /
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    A bit of bonding at today's large cars and coffee event at Wynyard Hall, NE England.
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    Lol good to catch up. Yep some nice details on car . Some pics below of certain curves on car and other features that are some times missed in shots.
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    The changeover from dry to wet sump was affected by air conditioning. The dry sump cars had the A/C compressor mounted at the bottom left of the engine which was only possible because there was no sump in the way. When they went to wet sump there was no room for the compressor owing to the sump on the bottom left and the remote thermostat plumbing and the turbo plenum on the right so the first wet sump cars were all without A/C and all A/C cars were still dry sump. Then a few months later they solved this problem by redesigning the water plumbing and auxiliary housing to mount the alternator higher up and further forward so it cleared the plenum and allowed room for the compressor on the right side of the engine on wet sump. (removes anorak).

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