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    Coming up on a year in my Evora so thought I'd update y'all on my ownership experiences to date. Issues I've encountered - now sorted Poor radio reception - turns out it hadn't been installed properly - sorted by dealer at no cost The starter motor gave up, which left me stranded - it was replaced under warranty and has been fine since TPMS monitor sheared and needed to be replaced. This resulted in a flat tyre - dealer sorted no cost Boot lid wasn't opening and needed alignment - sorted by dealer at no cost Rear tyre de-pressurising due to a TPMS nut not being seated properly - sorted by dealer at no cost Open issues I've still got the issue where the CEL & traction control light keeps coming on, forcing the car into limp mode. Craig Moncrieff has checked the car and think it's a correlation issue with the throttle position. He's ordered me a new pedal. I'm hoping this will finally resolve the problem. This has been a royal PITA. The driver window stopped working last night. Thankfully it's in the up position!! Taking it in on Friday for Craig to sort My warranty runs out on the 28/02 so hoping both issues will be covered and I've finally debugged this car!! Running Costs Two new rear tyres a few months ago due to a puncture Two new front tyres -- got 14000 miles out of the old P-zeros which is pretty good I think. Running 2.5Bar on the rears and 2.3B on the front. Really impressed with the wet weather performance of these MPS4S tyres. Given the storms recently the Evora has been brilliant. Will be budgeting £600 a year for tyres based on 12000 mileage. MPG is averaging around 27 for me with mixed driving. If i do a long motorway stint I can get 33-34MPG no problem. Other than that no other costs Overall impression of the car After a year of ownership I've got really mixed emotions with the car. it is the best car and the worst car I've ever owned. The worst because it left me stranded and has given me no end of issues, however I feel like I'm getting there and the car will be sorted soon. I'm thankful I had a warranty to cover this, so other than time and stress hasn't cost me anything. It re-reinforces to me how vital it is to have warranty and a decent dealer/specialist close by (Lotus get this sorted ASAP!). If I had to drive to Carlisle to sort these issues out the car would have been punted months ago. it is also the best car I've ever owned. Despite the issues I still love the car. here. It is absolutely sublime to drive. Totally relaxing on a commute and a hoot on the back roads.
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    Last weekend at Bahrain International Circuit
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    Wonder what price Carwow will get them for!
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    I went from 350 - 410 after just weeks in the 350. Truth be told I bought the wrong car for my needs and wants when I bought the 350. In my opinion the 410 is a different beast. The power is up a bit and it is noticeable, the handling is night and day, and the sound is other wordly. I could go on at length but if you buy Absolute Lotus Magazine from issue 10 onwards you can read about my Lotus journey in my regular column. Good luck with your decision. I havent regretted my change for one moment which is rare for me.
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    @Smapmap great that you are using your Evora so much. Good on ya. I have been luckier than you in 2 years and 15000 miles with my 2010, now with 65,000 miles. Never stranded but some issues: window, mystery limp mode but would clear on shut down and restart, rear camera. All in year 1 and covered by B&C. Special car, the Evora. Justin
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    Presentation pack available for pre-order. The £1.55 one looks very nice
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    This is what’s inside the smaller 2” gauges. No white just blue, and only round the sides The faces are different, and care needs to be taken when removing the internals so as not to bend the needle. There are two parts to them and the top can be levered off. Taking the cap/s off makes it a lot easier when you come to refit the internals. There is a white reflecting band around the top inner. The back of the base has some white paint on and the back of the cap has the blue again. End results Rev counter and speedo The speedo trip reset cable has been replaced as I managed to break the end of mine when I was liberating it from the dashboard. Don’t try and disconnect it from the speedo from the outside. The business end of the cable has a Hexagonal pocket which sits over a hex ended rod inside the speedo, as you remove the internals it will disconnect from the pocket. If you then twist the cable through 45deg (outside) then press the two clips on the inside it will pop out. Time has not been kind to the faces, the markings are degrading and showing some smudging of the text. Caused by damp?? I have not been able to find any replacements so I decided to get them clean by gently dry wiping them. Sort of worked, they are not as good as I would have liked but then the car is 46 years old! When refitting the glass there is no O ring, just the one for the bezel and the dash. Onto the next job. The air-con Unit!
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    PO11 UTE number plate on a Range Rover, spied today on the A3. Justin
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    A little longer journey lol. Imagine the commute from Inverness or Aberdeen lol. Whats that- a 500/550 mile round trip? It was bad enough having one dealership in Edinburgh. As an aside - It reminds me of when I lived in Tokyo and my boss asked me to 'head over' to HK to deal with some of the Chinese authorities who were visiting the next day. She thought it was a day trip despite it being over 1700 miles away and I'd be entering a communist country as a foreign national lol. To this day I'm sure she thought Hong Kong was in Japan.
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    Thanks mate. Yeah - given they've raided the Toyota parts bin I'm really surprised. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Craig will finally sort out the remaining issues before my warranty runs out in a few weeks. I kind of hate the fact love it so much - dammit. Despite everything I still love my car - and don't regret buying it!
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    Re Mental Health, they say a quarter of all calls to the Police are Mental Health calls. Imagine how much more time Police would have if there were enough Social Workers, Mental Health Workers/Places in secure recovery units to go round! One thing that is often missed is Mental Health issues in Kids. I always hear "Oh they are just naughty kids" but most Naughty 12 year olds don't tend to jump off bridges or jump in front of trains. It's often overlooked because "Children don't have mental health issues". So it's swept under the rug and so are they. I know of several Children who need regular help and sectioning due to Bipolar or learning difficulties causing them suicidal thoughts and actions. Yet when they are sectioned no Adult Mental Health Hospital will take them and there are virtually no Child Hospitals for Mental Health. Just recently the only place for a child from East Anglia could get was in Glasgow. I'm sorry but if you are a 12 year old child even if you have been sectioned you need your family and parents to be there for you to help you. You can't do that 375 miles away. Its shocking and upsetting so I won't carry on.
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    Issue 10 was my first column. Issues 11 and 12 unfold the story. Issue 13 is due in around a month i think which features my collection and first service after which i did a 2k mile trip to spain wheere i spent a few days howling around the pyrennees.
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    Good thinking. They can text her for help next time it’s empty.
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    I think your Px value is a tad on the high side tbh... but great maths
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    Full electric SUV (SUEV?) probably has a future but agree that fast petrol has a short sell-by date.
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    That’s good regards the warranty situation on your car, as it will be the company I work for that will have supplied - so many people say warranty isn’t worth the paper it’s written on, but having worked for the same provider for 23 years I know we do a good job! Regards no Lotus dealer currently in Scotland - yes this is not good and hopefully something will be sorted sooner rather than later. I heard Park’s were in talks but it’s all gone very quiet....... Craig’s a good guy though so at least we have him up here
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    Very nice video, and is that another prototype i don't know if it is the same as last year as a few things appear to have been tweaked in the cabin. Nice to see the assembly atelier is about ready too.
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    I totally agree. Many owners of all sorts of wonderful cars sadly don't drive 'em. I am amazed how many low mileage S1 Elise pop up for sale. Don't start me on 340R. I have many faults but not using my cars ain't one them. Justin
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    Received a message from Connaught this morning to say that the head needs new guides, both inlet and exhaust, but all the valves are reusable. It will need a skim on the combustion and exhaust port faces. The valve springs were found to be out of spec, so it will need a new set. They've polished the crankshaft, it's within spec, so I can fit standard bearings. Once the first parts order arrives, I'll take the remainder of the rotating assembly to them for balancing. Back at Margate Exotics, the oil suction strainer adhesive succumbed to heat from the blow torch and the gauze is now soaking in Gunk overnight. I need to make sure it's scrupulously clean before I assemble it, and if I'm not happy I'll order a new one and modify it to secure the lid.
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    What's the point of having an Evora and not driving the damn thing! You live once mate.
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    Certainly if you are a long way from a good dealer/repairer to fix specialist cars, it can be frustrating. I think that is one reason why Lotus cannot make significant headway in USA and perhaps other markets. But this applies to more cars than one may think, particularly the cheaper classics. My Renault 5GT Turbo is one of my favourite cars but it was very hard to find anyone who really knew how to work on them. It sounds crazy, it is a Renault 5 but you still need a bit of know-how on them to fix the niggles. Luckily I found a family garage not far away that is an ex-Renault dealership. If you want something a bit different, there is usually a price to pay. With the likes of Pagani, Ferrari, Lambo etc.... the penalty is a high entry price and generally expensive maintenance (though Ferrari on the newer stuff appear to be much better these days on routine items). With Lotus, particularly second-hand, the entry point is relatively low, the downside is perhaps more maintenance issues (but usually manageable amounts of money compared to other low volume makes) and not enough main dealers to attend to owners in less populated parts of the UK (and worldwide). I'm afraid one of the reasons 911 are so popular is that when they do go wrong, there are a host of people to fix them, be it 1965 or 2015 model. And most of the parts are available. For those who just want an easy classic, an older 911 is a relative breeze to own in terms of keeping it on the road. The penalty is...…'s still a 911. Justin
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    Good info shame though had my S2 Exige on an 58 plate for 6 years now done 30k miles so not loads a year I grant you but only fault new radiator and to be honest I like the Evora's but they do seem to have a lot of niggles so keeping what I've got just seems loads of people keep haveing electrical/engine management issues. Seems a lot of trouble for what is basically a V6 Toyota engine. Hope it's not detracting from your enjoyment because there's nothing worse than having a car you love to drive but is a pain to live with.
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    Yup. Do it before collection. It’s a must.
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    Just don't forget to get the exhaust override button fitted - with it closed it just doesn't sound right
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    I don't have much experience of the 350, but on my buying journey I test drove a 350 first. I was coming from a 981 Boxster S at the time, and while the 350 was slightly quicker, slightly better handling etc, it didn't set my world alight. Then I test drove a 410... and placed an order the same day. 1 year on, it still puts a huge smile on my face every time I pull back the cover and fire her up.
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    Total muppet. It's a bit like telling someone in Birmingham don't worry, you can get the car serviced in Portsmouth. Clueless. I'm starting to lose the love and have looked at a McLaren and dare I admit it, a bloody Porsche!
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    Folks this was the reply I got from Lotus customer services Thank you for the email. We completely understand your frustrations. Unfortunately The Leven Car Company entering into Administration only a few weeks ago is out of our control. Rest assured our Network Development Team are doing everything they can to find a suitable replacement. I’m sure you will agree the correct standard of Dealer would have to be appointed. We are currently referring Customers to our Dealer in Carlisle, David Hayton. Although not ideal some feedback from Customers has been it’s an easier journey although perhaps a little longer journey. Should you require any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact me. Kind Regards, CALLUM SMITH
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    When I was a kid, my parents bought a second hand Sony Betamax VCR. It was the only electronic gizmo from a reputable manufacturer in the whole house. They too had been seduced by the claims of better quality. That didn’t really wash with my brother and I when we had to suffer the ignominy of telling our school friends that we hadn’t seen the latest Hollywood blockbuster because our local video library didn’t have it on Betamax.
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    Great assessment and a lovely-looking car.
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    I'm selling my dream car. A head over heart decision. After thirteen years I'll part company with it. It's just on forums atm as I ideally want someone in the Lotus community to take it on. Its on the Lotus for sale site linked to this forum. My Esprit journey started on this forum researching and waiting for these rare cars to come up, so it'll probably end here too!!
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    Didn’t think £10000 as not perfect suppose I can try the market in a couple of months around £6000 mark and if I only get loonies again will keep for another year as galv chassis stainless exhaust it shouldn’t cost me much ! Insurance is nothing so just fuel when I drive it . Thanks for input just shows variation in opinion maybe right person will see it sometime when I’m out once flogged a brooklands with a sign in window while I booted it around
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    Don't be too hasty to judge guys...they maybe just wanted to get her outside to get her number
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    Would the reaction be the same if this was a bloke celebrity who'd been "accused" of assaulting his girlfriend etc? As stated above, this is a very sad situation and you would have hoped it would have been caught, despite the realities of @Kimbers post above, before it got to this stage. But I do wonder... But it is tragic whenever anyone feels this is the only solution to their problems.
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    It is very sad for Caroline Flack and the loved ones left behind. A tragic outcome.
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    Today we had a meeting for Lotus Club of Greece and I took my 2001 Lotus Esprit V8 to meet the other Lotus owners !! Most cars where Lotus Elise cars , but there were also 2 Esprit owners with S4 and S4S !! So this answers my questions.. Check out the video IMG_7852.MOV
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    JAE in California just had those remade. They look good. Give them a call.
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    Based on other reports of the oil pickup falling off over the years, I safety-wired ours in place the last time I had the oil pan off. Simple fix....
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    Basically Porsche never sales a base 911 Carrera, they always have extras. However, more and more I can see why the 911 Carrera sells and its attraction. This Evora should be pitched at £75k list max to really take on the 911. However, with a Boxster GTS at £65k it really pains me to say this but that is where my money would go with £10k to spend on extras.
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    It will struggle against Porsche in any event so trying to make some profit out of the few they sell is the only option. Lotus could only undercut Porsches built in Finland by selling at a loss. Are we really still on this? You don't tell a well trained Chef to offer his food at McDonald's prices. You're comparing an artisan producer with a mass producer. Trouble is, like a lot of McDonalds customers, many car buyers seem to prefer the mass produced stuff, minimalist beauty and inventive, unfamiliar flavours are often unappreciated. Lotus still have their Michelin Star grade chefs it remains to be seen how they get on with the compromises needed to produce and sell cars in greater volumes. Not an easy thing to manage. We might well end up something like Jamie Oliver's garage sandwiches. He did his best but we all know that he's capable of so much more.
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    It's a 400 with a revised map and springs and new bumpers. Very little if any carbon like the GT410/Gt430 or 410 Sport.
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    Those door cards look the same as the ones in my 400... Am I missing something? Have they just relaunched the 400 and changed the name?! It still makes a used 400 look a pretty good buy imho.
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    From memory that’s the standard lotus setting you may find on the road 2 clicks more on everything might be a little nicer. On track 2 clicks less than those settings I found was better on most tracks.
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    If your buying for track my recommendation would first be spend a year and money on tuition.
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    Have a look at my older post I think that to machine the uprights is a nice thing especially on track but keep in mid that it might feel less stable with a lot of camber on uk roads so it s up to you to find a compromise you would like. As it is you will probably not be able to get a lot of front camber so you should probably put as much as possible by using or removing shims and of course to get the left and right about the same. You will probably get only -1.4 or -1.5 each wheel but if you would do the upright shaving you could start to be around -1.9 or -2.0 per wheel that should be already mostly track suited but not really aggressive for the road. I would also use around 0.0 toe at front (a little toe in if you like the steering to be stiffer and self centering and better road straight line stability or very slight toe out if you like the steering to be less resistant to turn and less self centering but that could make the car follow the tarmac by itself a little more on the road) I would keep the rear toe at oem suggested settings or very close (toe in) rear camber depending on front camber but probably near standard settings -2.2 to -2.4 each wheel I did not adjust the anti roll bars on the 380 cup but as you say if too stiff front bar you would get more understeer so it s really something you would have to adjust and compare on the same day and same track but as standard it feels about right maybe with good semi slick tyres and good tarmac put them on the stiffer setting could be faster but if standard tyres and or not so much grip medium or soft is usually better.
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    I've had the SSC kit fitted a few months now and covered about 1500 miles. In order to compare results you have to make the leap of faith and believe whichever rolling road you are on - as we can see from the dyno thread this does not appear to be a precise science, you also have to make an assumption for drive train losses if using a hub dyno which is what I ended up doing. My car is making the same power as the EX460 kit up to about 5800rpm, then the EX460 romps away - torque is more closely matched, making more than the EX460 up to 5200rpm. Headline figures are 407bhp and 487NM torque. SSC are keen to say that figures are not what the upgrade is all about, but I was inquisitive. They prefer to talk of real world performance. Driving now is a more noisy affair, with supercharger whine and intake noise - some hissing and sucking and low speeds. The car feels much much quicker than it was, and more responsive, but I have yet to get a dry track day to fully test - hence the delay in posting much up. After Spa in late May I hope to have a better idea of just how good this upgrade is. SSC were good at answering my 100's of questions and Hofmans did a great job of the install - I am a happy customer.
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    @NW76 My experience with adjustable dampers for guys like us, which are not paid for driving a car, is as follows. I really liked to adjust the suspensions, but at least, I had two or maybe three settings. One for the road, one for flat track, one for the Northloop (Nürburgring). At the RIng, you need much more negative stroke length, why this is the real task to handle. Finally it ends up in two settings - road and track. Two way adjustment I really appreciate, one way would not be enough for me. Much more than damper settings you need to talk about spring rate, because this is the main task to find out. Without tough spring rate you will not be happy on track, with the required spring rate on track, you won't get lucky on street. At least it will end up with a second car

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