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    It makes a lot of sense to have a 'face' and it makes even more sense to base that face on the Evija. Maybe that render isn't a million miles off, Autocar have to get it right one day with their endless attempts  Anyway, have a shot of a car at rest. 9,800 in seven months, very sad I didn't manage to crack 10k in six, but oh well. If the travel restrictions are relaxed in time for summer I can easily see 20,000 miles being clocked up in 12 months. Evora at Home by Alex D, on Flickr
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    I’ve now got to the end of engine parts cleaning. There’s still no sign of any cylinder head and rotating bits being returned, or indeed main bearings, which have been made, but there’s a hold up with the shipping. Thought I’d start on whatever sub-assembly I could, starting with the throttle bodies.
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    Won't everyone be going to lake to try and get a photograph of the Giant Squid?
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    Well I couldn't resist and just bought my old Elan back from 30 years ago, seems mad as only £4k, I will plan to restore it to its former glory once the world returns to normality
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    Good show and a nice build, that dash was something else. The charcoal cloth with Tartan was a nice touch and looked really smart. Think I would lose the pin stripe and fit an original mirror but that’s just personal preference. Certainly sounded nice with New Webber carbs. Must have cost a fortune to build and restore as not cheap to do, well done SOS team! Tims car was nice shame it failed after a little thrashing I did my wheels by hand rather than diamond cut, took ages but looked smart when finished. Dave
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    For all the Farmers out there (didn't work for me though):
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    Anyone know which car this is? My guess is #952 @Alireza? This photo has recently surfaced. From the famous advert "keep the door from the wolf".
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    It was nice that this episode didnt have any of the made-up rehearsed parts blags. They are so irritating as they make the suppliers which Tim is visiting seem like idiots. I cant understand why they agree to do these. I would think Tim is on here somewhere, it would be unlikely if he were not, being such a genuine Esprit enthusiast. Hi Tim!
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    Well I think the bakery should send a complaint in about him - and I hope the local press highlight it - although I guess not many people are getting local papers at the moment!?
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    I am sorry but in my very humble opinion that officer is an absolute knob. Has he really got nothing better to do? Next he'll be giving small kids a ticket for chalking that block game on the pavement where they throw a stone on to a number square. It really is idiots in the force like this that spoil it for the many officers who really do make a difference in what they do. He needs a stiff talking to by his Superior officer. No common sense at all. I'm sure @Kimberswill be along to tell me I should go easy on him though as he is only doing his job! .
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    It just occured to me why does Mr Bond needs two sets of skis?
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    It's not anymore, but was for a long time before I tuned it (17k miles). Max drove my car before the LSD was fitted, and race mode is actually less intrusive with an LSD as the car has more mechanical grip so the electronics don't have to "e-diff" using the brakes. The race mode is a self learning system, I'd say it works just as well with 460hp as it did with 350hp To me, the real power of race mode is when you use it as a learning tool, if it's kicking in and restricting you, you can be smoother with your inputs to reduce the power cut. If you use it in this way, it can teach you to drive smoother and faster.
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    At last! Some small progress to report. The TVS1900 kit ended up being massively delayed in shipping from Australia and only finally arrived at Komotec last week. Daniel and team are still working at the moment but running a reduced staff and hours for obvious reasons, so work on my car is also delayed. However, the car went into their dyno yesterday to do some baseline running and mapping to fix some of the bugs before they install the kit. Should provide a useful point of reference to compare to once the kit has been installed.
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    The video is in French but this is what is happening currently in Paris. They built in the street Hand sanitizer gel. It's not fake, it's true. Welcome to the third world welcome to the Macron startup nation :
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    Hang on a minute....... I’m looking at various sources - and co2 is down nox is down - all the pollution graphs are down?? @march I dunno about you guys - but the farmers near me still have the same amount of cows farting like troopers - needing milking twice a day. Fuck the news and liberals always said they were to blame And even today I thrashed the Evora to pick up essential supplies from CEF for the next hen shed - at 22mpg - and still the graphs are down
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    Clemo, are they going to put a blanket over Big Ben and hide all the palaces and every other attractions? All they've done is made it an object of curiosity that more people are likely to going to want to see now, it's not very smart.
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    Watching car SOS and seeing the electronic instrument display I think its excellent. I'm considering going one better and making the electronic display transform to the original underwater sub display as below. When I finish my current project I might start this one.
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    Nice work Fab, they came up really well. Will look great on the skis. Now to find some black Salomon boots to go with them!
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    Whilst I wait for my pump I thought I would check over the remainder of the system. The same crystalline white substance was blocking the charge cooler to reservoir outlet so I cleaned it through and gave the full system a good flush through as I didn't want any nasties blocking the new pump. A nice river of rusty water later and refilled the system with red coolant mix using a long pipe and our friend gravity. All ready for introduction of the new pump to the circuit and bleed.
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    I certainly didn’t mean it should have to be restored to concours and never be driven - apols if that’s what you took from my post as it’s not what I meant at all
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    Bond is Back! Really pleased how these have come out. I would be hard pressed to identify these from the originals. Really pleased how these have come out. I would be hard pressed to identify these from the originals.
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    Cheers, was just getting used to the adds Paid, the £6 that is
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    Airbnb...I’m starting to think maybe Boris was too vague in his instructions
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    Have you taken us back to the dogging comments again? I thought it would be best for 2 to go in that case. :)
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    Glad its moving! Suddenly thought of you last night when I was doing bits on the car that you're is stuck in another country and at least I could still do stuff to it- hopefully you can get it back sooner rather than later
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    I would like to claim hours of painstaking research on the web but actually someone posted it on the Esprit Facebook group I suppose the channel would not allow them to openly mention the supplier as they are not an advertiser. Many of the parts suppliers you only get a glimpse of the name. For example they have had wheels from Image Wheels a few times but the name was only visible on the overalls of the guys working there for fractions of a second.
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    My point is that the electric systems are simpler. Apart from the linkages and cables which can seize up, the ratchet mechanism in the calipers is prone to fail and wont work at all unless the cables are free and adjusted for the correct amount of play. The appeal of the electric system for car manufacturers is clear, far easier to build and no adjustment needed. Even backing off the system to retract the pads for replacement is easier.
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    A smart man - nobody should be leaving the house too much! No big rush for it given I'm not going to be driving the car until this thing all starts to get back to normal and we're allowed out. Will send you a message.
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    Very dry air this week not conducive to vapour trails anyway
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    Trying to see Tims wheels. Unless I am mistaken they are BBS and he has had done to them the same as I did. Interesting they already knew the gearbox had a problem when they first saw the car, as they mentioned it. We know they were looking for a replacement CWP but they didnt cover anything about the gearbox later on.
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    Well after one of the scumbags drove off to the Co-op and came back 5 minutes later with a bottle of white wine to share around the picnic table, something snapped.... ...10 minutes later, the Police arrived and gave them a good rollicking. Let’s hope they learnt their lesson. Unlikely though.
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    Really? Wow, your last two posts paint a picture of someone who is coming across as aa right [email protected] to be honest, BUT, I am sure in real life you are not one at all. But then I should know as a few on here think I'm one of those anyway. So don't take it to heart. Firstly, wishing death to befall someone is not exactly a tolerant nor adult response is it if you think about it. It's quite unpleasant really, especially as his he's expecting a child. Or should that be dealt with too in your world? So, to you he's a "lazy lying bastard". Hmmm, so you actually know him them do you? Funny, to me, he actually seems to be putting the effort in and he has insisted all along the science would dictate the policy, and at the time many scientists actually agreed with the approach. When the science changed the advice, he changed policy. Maybe he was "listening" to the experts? I know, wow, pretty unique of a politician really. So hardly inhuman. I haven't read the daily mail for 40 years by the way. Off for a potter in the garden with a brew and the Telegraph.
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    Am I invisible....hello? Is this thing on? tap tap tap...................
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    Agree 100%. I have many friends/family in the NHS, and they all say the same. Inefficiency and inertia are the enemies.
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    But the Chief Constable went on TV and said you could go to your horses wherever they are and take them out for rides! - I suspect daddy may have been getting grief from his little girl wanting to play with her little pony!
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    You are 100% correct the MX2E was intended to be for the S3 variants of the Elise and Exige, During testing and installation I realise the dash could be made to work in the earlier cars (I wanted one in my S2 Elise so had a vested interest so to speak) Even though the AIM factory in Italy is currently closed due to this blessed virus, We have been getting a steady stream of updates to test. One arrived today with an operational cruise control light, an updated race/sport display that's much easier to read larger MPH number, No digital rev counter on the Road screens and also the ability to add additional sensors and display the info on the dash. They have also updated the software for the earlier cars and that all seems to work as intended. There are a few small tweaks to do, then Im pretty sure the update will be released. Due to the software having different models available (2004-2207/2008-2010/2011-2020) once the firmware is updated you MUST tell the dash which version to use (If you don't it uses the older version without the updates) Happy to help anyone who needs it, Ive done a few updates inc the additional sensors so now have a good understanding of the software
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    I have been self isolating for years trying to keep away from the great unwashed (i.e. British public). I joined a self help group for anti-social people but we haven't met yet
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    I've worked from home for 12 years so it doesn't feel that different in truth apart from now going to the pub every evening. I'm watching films and playing Warzone but the pub are delivering me beer most days in milk cartons it's not all bad.
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    NHS staff should never have to pay to park at the hospital full stop.
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    Courts aren’t operating at the moment so these Neanderthals should be rounded up, locked up somewhere remote and, when the courts are operational again, just forget where they were put. The rotten of society should just be left to rot!
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    Vegans are going to be shitting themselves - now I understand the loo roll shortage! (sorry, couldn't resist that! Don't really wish to make light of this sorry state). Personally, none of the Politicians are really any wiser than the rest of us - these are extreme times and it has truly exposed the level of shit for brains that exists, not just here but the world over. Boris is a natural libertarian and I can appreciate that he has not taken easily to being authoritarian in style and attitude. He has also been taking advice and to some extent hoped the masses would follow suit. It is extremely difficult to look at this with a 'one size fits all' attitude. I'm lucky enough to live in an area with currently very limited exposure to this outbreak but as someone who's better half works in a Hospital, can appreciate, 1 the need to socially distance myself and family and 2. to accept that we will most likely get infected if my Mrs brings it home. We are doing what we can but I won't stop the kids taking the dogs for a walk. We rarely see another sole. I wish everyone on here all the best and look forward to normality (or whatever passes for normal amongst Lotus owners) returning forthwith. On a seperate (but related theme) - maybe this forum will act as more of a social lifeline than ever over the next 3-4 months. Pay your £24 and be happy. (is that ok @Bibs ?) going too be some bloody cheap cars about in the not too distant future.
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    Tour when on motorways, Sport for all other road driving, Race for when learning a track & warmup laps, then all off once I feel happy with the car.
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    Started on renewing some core plugs today, the large one in the inlet manifold coolant passage was just starting to leak due to rusting, so I'm pleased I caught that. The inlet manifold vacuum gallery end plugs came out reasonably easy, and that was another worthwhile job, because there was all kinds of thick, black gunge in them. I stuck it in washing powder solution, and used my new pipe cleaning brushes to hook all the crap out. The wife wasn't pleased due to the mess I left in the sink, but as we're self-isolating, she's got nothing better to do. I retired to the garage to avoid any further unpleasantness.
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    I also confess that around the same time period, I bought this fine album, in big, black vinyl...………………. It's fair to say that my mum wasn't that impressed.
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