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    I will wait to see the data that shows the number of deaths in 2020 across the board compared to total deaths in other years. The current lock down is ALL about protecting the NHS and maintaining capacity and control of numbers. End of. In a normal year, the hospital where my wife works would be full to bursting - no beds etc etc This year - currently, 200ish empty beds. Tell me that a large % of the population don't totally abuse the NHS. I hope this seriously starts a proper debate about elderly care (outside of hospitals) - it is desperate. Old people should not be in Hospital, simply because they have no where else to go.
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    We don't need to enforce it, just explain to them that the virus is in the air and a string plastic bag over the head is a good filter, I fear they'd believe that too.
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    Hi...I have that very car SOS instrument panel and it certainly is impressive...although the Mustang one knocks spots off it in my opinion.
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    Well today I feel rough - sore throat, headache and tight chest. Missus is still in bed commanding instructions. Danny has helped me prepare the garage today so we went from this to this. im absolutely knackered..... over the next few days I’ll cut bits off and loosen bolts
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    Hope everyone's keeping OK The engine and gearbox have now been completed (massive thanks to Dave) but collecting it is out of the question for now. In the mean time I've started work on the rear suspension, I've got the RH off the car and I've got a couple of studs to drill out there. The wheel bearing feels a bit rough so I'll replace them at the same time as - adjustable top links, new springs and dampers and fresh bushes.
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    I remember when Douglas Valley put the ad up for the car and one of the only details was 'straight chassis' when that was one of the most significant issues with the car. I emailed them to ask if perhaps they'd like to be honest and not break the law and lie and the MD of Douglas Valley replied (I still have the email) telling me that I had a small knob. Seriously.
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    To be honest, it's a no from me. Just going to move on and live my life. The facts will come out eventually. We've got a hell of a long way to go before the total deaths get anywhere remotely near the flu pandemic in the early 1900's. I think these days we think / read too much into these things. Always looking for someone to blame. Always has to be someone's fault.
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    Chassis #953 - build date December 1980. Factory Monaco White with full brown leather, factory 3-Piece Compomotive wheels + factory Panasonic roof stereo.
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    Had him for a month now as a foster, but he's now officially our adopted gingerbear Meet Kilo, 47kgs of stubborn "it's always playtime" muscle...
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    Hi Gary, welcome to the Lotus Forums. I'm so pleased they fixed up the S1 for you. I hope your enjoying driving it. Its a great privilege to own an S1. Im especially jealous of your instrument panel! I think it a fantastic addition to the car. Hope you bring it along to some Lotus events. I built 1/2 of the one in this blog some years back and have been in my garage for the last 4.5 years trying to build the FYEO Turbo Esprit with skis(on the other blog of mine here). It must be brilliant to get such a big suprise of a fully restored car. I really enjoyed watching the show and I' m really pleased they picked you. Thanks for posting on here.
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    I bet the one thing they didn't bulk buy were condoms !
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    I suspect enforcing the former would take care of the latter
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    I do despair, I really do. Some people are so thick they shouldn't be allowed to breathe fresh air, let alone breed!
  16. 2 points Words escape me to describe the morons that do this. I expect they will be moaning their phones don't work next week.
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    McLaren 12c/650S I think very elegant and simple. Newer Mc's are messy inside.
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    The only person measuring twice and then f..king it all up is me! The fibreglassing continues in to the slots. This is more than strong enough the any loads. My only concern is its quite heavy and still needs metal bracket bonding. On the plus side its a very good replica of the original, but so much stronger. Needs tidying up. At least the split mould works!
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    Can I come and drill the holes in that nice shiny paint to mount them?
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    Had a monster sore throat and head ache since yesterday. Missus the same - except she feels tired, aching and irritable. So alls normal in our house.
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    Updated dyno results with a bit of mapping but still my original hardware. A healthy 401PS.
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    Hi thought I had posted here but can’t find anything. So have just bought 1976 Elite that has had a lot of its mechanical parts overhauled probably 12 years ago. No interior fitted or glass. First night google reg number and it came up with this.....
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    I have a Nurse and a Doctor in the Family and it's not said enough how proud I am of them. I always was but having to go work at this time is awful and I know both have had patients die in the last few days from this awful Virus. So big thanks to all Nurses and Doctors, Care staff, people working to keep beds free for those most in need and yes, Administrators who I know are working tirelessly to keep the wheels from falling off. Volunteers giving up their time to drive and clean and everyone who is a private Carer and has to go our to keep someone safe and alive. You are all appreciated no matter what you do to help society! Thanks
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    Yup, all on the build/projects thread
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    Yep - that's the same as the one I bought. I bet you get yours fitted before I do!! Don't forget to adjust the pushrod length on your servo to suit the master cyl piston position. Pete
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    Wrong bore - that's 1". You need 7/8". 569671 is what you need. The reservoir fastens on in a different way to yours - it's like the earlier master cylinders - but it has the correct bore and fitting flange. I bought mine from Paddock's near Matlock - only about an hour from me. Pete
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    The best investment is driver training ....
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    Not sure this is OEM. Justin
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    Tidying up the engine loom and stepwise installation of the front cover/oil pump, seals and IMS.
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    In the US there are stand alone competing businesses that exclusively do dialysis. I'm not a "customer" yet, but when the time comes it's only a 3 mile drive. I had a boss once who would go 3 times a week and my late father was driven to one in another state.(where I grew up) one example
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    Some of those double-stick foam body tapes are quite strong, I wonder if you could just bond the mount to the hatch with that, as you have a large base area to work with. Using the tape would allow later removal with fishing line, hopefully saving the hard-earned paint finish. Alternatively, you could minimize the drilled holes as pictured with just one set of bolts through the louvre rim and the balance stuck with tape.
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    Lotus Rebel, if you are still interested I just came across this file......
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    Almost makes it worthwhile! If anyone wants to know what it means to be British - this is it. Love it Just a good job there are no speed bumps around.......
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    Ski bindings done. Only one more rack to make!.
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    That takes me back as well! I had an Astra GTE as a company car many moons ago when I worked for a motor group.
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    I think you might have to be a member of the relevant group as they are the ones I listed (except for the EspritGroup) all marked "private".
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    It is certainly early enough Lex, I guessed this one was either exported or moved onto a personal plate which is so popular, most of my Esprit’s when you could obtain old log books had several plate changes. Does look smart though in Red with the black comps doesn’t it? Dave
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    Not if I don't ship them to you!
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    Thanks, And you are tight, much have become easier with the internet. I'll write you a pm. Meanwhile at the Danish batcave, I had an hour or two after a long day at work, so manages to press in the 4 Lotac polyurethanebushings. Only waiting for the package from the UK with the remaining two front arb poybushings Kind regards, jacques
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    I'll bless it I can hear the hiss of the power steering right now
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    Rings gapped and the IMS scotch key is prepared.
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    Even the seagulls are taking notice of the social distancing!
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    Nearing the end Fab, I reckon once your done you'll be looking for another James Bond replica to do. I see an Aston Martin V8 in your future, done to match the one from The Living Daylights in 1986. Hopefully you can make all the gadgets work! It even has skis.
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    Will they work for transporting lengths of 4x2" timber? I might be interested..
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    SCC082910AHD10949 1980 Essex Turbo Esprit "Number 100" Now residing near Basingstoke, UK
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    Afternoon folks - I commissioned drawings of my two cars awhile ago and have just received the finished artwork and am proper chuffed with the results and thought some of you might like to see! Adam Gompertz is the artist - @revseventandart /
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    Thanks Dave. Have taken off the header tank too , it’s also coated in very hard scale not rust. So will be making a new one.
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    Here you go: This is my other 2-11:

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