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    Hi there forum! Purchased the car. Appreciate your thoughts and help, it certainly provided me some comfort hearing what to keep an eye on and ask about. So far so good, no issues so far. On the next drive I'm going to take a snapshot of the where the dash readings and post to see if anything jumps out Cheers! Andy
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    Nessie was eaten years ago - blame the Chinese takeaways in Inverness for that.
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    Everyone is recovering thanks. For dad its slow and he is still struggling a little. Laura is back at work and I am full time now, doing what I do. My last day today on a Late shift then 6 days off after 8 days on. Keep safe and huge thanks again to our NHS, Ambo and key workers.
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    Nice video with Murray saying the Elan is his favourite car even over the F1
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    Fixed that for you
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    Send me an email and i will see if i can download my info and send it too you
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    Back in the garage, I’ve got 16 valves to grind in. But with cleaned up valves and re-cut seats it shouldn’t be too much of a task. Very pleased with the seat faces, they’ve come up a treat. Although I never specifically requested any porting work it looks like Connaught has done a fine job in cleaning them up. The long-awaited main bearing shells finally pitched up yesterday, but sadly were the wrong combination. There were 8 hole and groove, one plain and one plain and hole. Someone up there hates me. Replacements should arrive tomorrow, hopefully the correct ones this time around.
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    Did it taste like Bat?
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    Back on the subject of our crap media journalists & their ridiculous and repetitive daily questions (stolen from a friend’s Facebook post)) *Hancock calls briefing, says we've created world-saving vaccine* BBC: Will you apologise for not creating it sooner? ITV: Isn't it true that it contains dead kittens? C4: Why didn't you join an EU vaccination scheme? Sky: You said creating a vaccine would be difficult, do you now accept that you weren't telling the truth? Buzzfeed: 37 reasons why the UK is still a shit country Independent: Isn't it true that austerity stopped the vaccine being made sooner? Guardian: Vaccines are racist
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    Lack of dealers and top-notch professional marketing must be a major issue for Lotus in the US. I would have thought it impossible to fix those two sores without an increase in volume. As Lotus Cars have failed to increase volume to a level where they have the scale to do the US properly, I cannot see any other way forward than the Geely plan, which is to increase Lotus Cars sales worldwide to previously unseen levels. Hence my question to put to Geely via Bibs (today): what car do the Lotus management think will attract buyers to the marque who currently do not buy a Lotus? I very much doubt the answer will be to make a car similar to the vehicles Lotus have made for the last 60 years. The Evora is a stunning car but did not sell as required. If Lotus Cars is to survive, they have to change the products they supply to the market. If they make cars I do not like, so be it; my hope is that by being profitable for the long term, they will then be able to also produce some more 'traditional' Lotus cars. And even if they don't, at least they will be in existence to supply the parts I need to keep my older Lotus on the road. Justin
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    I hope everyone is doing well during these exceptional times? What a sucky period for car guys. Already several trackdays have passed and needed to get refunded. I expected to do a lot of trackdays this year but it seems life has a different idea so far Not a lot that has happened since the Lotus is pretty much not moving at all. I did get a few minor upgrade parts in that I will be fitting soon: SRP Racing Pedals I find the pedal positioning to not be perfect on the Lotus for my taste. I just have to put my foot in an awkward position for me to be able to heel-toe so.... did some research and came up with this: Installation should be fairly simple and this way I can adjust the pedals to my liking. Not cheap but the quality is perfect. Imran also uses these on his Exige V6 and is very pleased with them. Headlights This is one I expect to get a lot of questions from. I bought a HID conversion kit as the headlights in the Elise... well... they suck. The LEDs are nice but the main headlight bulbs are a horrible yellow with poor effect. This is a HB3 conversion kit that should work on the Elise. It's going to be a lot of fiddling to make it work and fit but I expect to get it working just fine. Oh, and did I mention I paid 44 pounds? If it works, I'll provide all the info necessairy! Reinstalled the original carbon wing (yes yes, car very dirty) Why? Well, basically, the Reverie wing quality is just poor. The wing isn't on straight, lot's of minor defects, rusting bolts, ... I'm going to be installing the PB-R racing wing they use on the Lotus Europe Cup cars with struts directly mounted to the subframe instead but for now the OEM will do. The problem with a big wing without sorting the aero balance in the front is that you're creating some extra understeer. Therefor I will be installing the 'real' racing wing the moment I'm able to install front fender vents and perhaps even a modified front lip. The only thing we're actually able to do here is... clean the car. Had to drive to my company and figured, might aswel enjoy the ride in my Lotus and hose it down while I'm there. ` Still love the new mirrors, what an upgrade that is. I hope everyone stays healthy and maybe we'll see you soon on a future Lotus on Track event!
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    Domestic #007 is for sale in OZ Dave. Needs restoration though.
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    Right, so spent some time today in the bat cave, cleaning the floor, measuring the floor for deviations of being level, and found to my nice surprise, that it's only deviating 3mm over a length of 6 meters. So made up some very thin geo-shims for my LEGO system (Lotus Esprit Geometry Optimization), ready to level the car completely. Also spent some time taking wheels off and on the car a few times to decide my present ride height. For now, I've settled for raising the front 20mm over the previous setting and leaving the rear as is. I'll remeasure it tomorrow with my rideheight tool. The unnecessary thing, but none the less nice is, that bodywork incl it montage, is only deviating 3mm overall on Little Red Riding Hood. Rolling about outside a bit to settle the suspension after every readjustment, left me with dirst impression of the new Nitron coilovers being nice and a fair bit harder than the original Lotus parts (although having been changed some years ago). This includes all the new LOTAC poly bushings, apart from the two radius arm front bushings, which is yet to be installed. But before I do that, I want to get a feeling of where I am with the geo and how it measures and feels. Pics are before and after setting ride height. Geo-shims are 1,0mm each. Kind regards, Jacques
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    A couple of days in the citric acid bath and a bit of wire brush wheel - coming up nicely. I've a ton of parts needing to be plated, but it's going to be a while before things get re-assembled.
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    Hi all, So I have been challenged by one of my friends on Facebook to list 10 vinyl albums that greatly influenced my music taste over the years, funnily enough I said to Wendy around a year ago that something similar would make a great blog so I guess with the world in lockdown there is no better time to put my thinking cap on and create a list of albums that helped form my love of music. I have given this a fair bit of thought over the last few days and I have got it down to 12 albums that to be fair were all recorded between 45 to 25 years ago, as much as I love finding new music it is going back to my favourite's that really give me the most enjoyment when I sit down to listen at home. The funny thing with this list is that although I love all these albums, it is also the artists that I really love, I mean I could have filled the top 10 with all Bruce Springsteen's albums but this is more the albums that I grew up with, changed me in some way and that I go back to regularly to listen to. So here we go, these are in no particular order and I apologise for none of them, I will write a few words on each one but will keep it short and sweet and will add another one Daily with my all time favourite album listed last, hope you enjoy and any thoughts feel free to mail me. Album 1 Elvis - Moody Blue Elvis was my first love in music, I was 8 when he died and it left a real mark on me how his death affected people around me, this was my first Vinyl record bought by my Nan for me in 1977 and Elvis's last studio album, I went to Graceland in the early 90's and even today Elvis is the biggest part of my vinyl and CD collection which I listen to regularly. Album 2 - Coming Tomorrow Cheers, Paul.
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    TLF and a few other clubs around the world have been invited to a chat with Lotus on Thursday to keep in touch with them and have the chance to ask any questions from the senior members of staff who are: Phil Popham, Lotus Cars CEO, Geoff Dowding, Executive Director of Sales & Aftersales, Matt Windle, Executive Director of Sports Car Engineering, Simon Clare, Executive Director of Marketing, David McIntyre, Regional Director – APAC and China, Graeme Robertson, Head of Sales, Europe and Ryan Watson, President, Lotus Cars USA. We can ask a couple of questions each and I've some ideas but given the opportunity, what would you like asked?
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    i sold my lotus evora s1 via silverstone in about 1 month in november.. they carried out a very thorough inspection, they had. few bits to do, nothing big £300 (mudflaps new Mot, one wheel repair for a ant size chip!) i remember.. it had 3rd cat delete , after market reverse sensors (i thought they were original ) re trim work their warratny is NOT lotus i think it is premier protect,? but they did speak about pooling money and giving their own in future as it would work out cheaper..for them i cant fault their service.. flat selling fee and it sold through foot traffic through the door, which was why i went with them as i thought most exposure and best option.. id imagine that it would be the warranty company clause,, they are worried about.. engine goes pop, warranty company inspect and its got aftermarket exhaust. sorry sir were not paying.. as a point of note,, Castle lotus who i purchased my car from 4 years previously didnt want to buy it back this despite it being better than how they sold it to me.. (would steer clear of them as not really a lotus dealer at all IMO) B&C only offer a buy service not sorn so you take a bigger hit.. , strattons lotus do a Sorn too .. .. all would take it on trade against another car.. id say 80% of lotus silverstone cars are sorn funny times to sell a car.. good luck on your dash they all split inthat place as the leather skrinks , a small square piece of black leather pushed in and stuck carefully bonds the two together..and looks factory , ordere 4 samples from a leather company chose the perfect bit and fix in. the samples are perfect size : ..
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    Tony There's 3 of us, all working on the same area this week, and I'm sure we'll end up with 3 different solutions. First to answer your question above, YES, Lotus put many washers between the plate and the body around each bolt to space the plate off the body and avoid distorting the plate. The washers were 30mm OD and there were typically 3 or 4 (5 - 6 mm) around each bolt. Years ago I had the door off to free the hinge pin and I recall it being an awful job getting these 4 bolts in and tightened. On the outside they are holding the door hinge plates with an assortment of slotted shims (that never stay nicely flush with the hinge plate), then inside the car you have stacks of washers, a plate, another washer and finally a Nylok nut. Like you've found, the 4 bolts are not parallel to each other, so you need to place through the assembly one at a time (but the door shells in the way !!). I recall you need at least two people to hold everything where you want it, then to cap it all, your door alignment is dictated by where the hinge is when you finally tighten it all up. A HORRIBLE JOB. Looking at your photo, the top plate IS the near side, and the bottom is the off side, but as you say, someone has removed the nuts that were welded on. I've never seen a plate with slots, just ones with large holes, but slots makes sense. My solution to the nonsense I detail above is that I'm planning on bolting the hinges to the body initially using thick washer on the inside,and a half nut. I can now fit a door and align it without worrying about all the stuff inside. I'll then add another washer the other side of the half nut and trap the strengthening plate, finally with another washer and Nylok. The 2 washers and half nut spacing the plate off the body are slightly thicker than original shims, but I don't think this will cause any issues. Reference the bonnet release, IMO standard design has two weaknesses. Firstly there are 2 off, 20 mm long tube spacers with a 19 mm bore ( to fit around the weld on the nuts you don't have :)), between the re-inforcing plate and the release bracket. M6 bolts pass down this tube and I could never keep it all tight. Secondly, the tab on the release bracket that acts as a back stop to the lever has a tendency to bend back. I've made a bridge plate, and positioned a shoulder bolt behind the tab. I can now clamp it nice and tight and nothings going to bend that tab against an 8mm diameter shoulder. I I placed the internal trim panel in earlier, just to confirm all will miss ( Note in photo, other end of the cables are not attached, so i was able to leave it in "released" position to take photo and show the shoulder bolt stop - bracket tab is still there, just now supported) Also note a wing nut !!! This will obviously be a Nylok on final build, but I find wing nuts very helpful when you do many trial fits !! Tony
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    I bent up some thin wall aluminium tubing to make the run beneath the tailgate lip under the carpet, then fuel hose down the sail panels to the tanks. I hoped the large I.D. (~3/8"/10mm) would help balance the tanks faster when filling. Probably just enabled faster cornering-induced low fuel light operation!
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    I was referring more to the dictator part with JMG. But isn’t less for more precisely what Porsche Motorsport and all its equivalents do to rapturous applause? At least with Lotus, less car = more Lotus. Removing 100kg of car worked wonders on the GT430 and all of the JMG era cars drove spectacularly well, not least the Sport 380. JMGs strategy had many downsides but he didn’t have half the options open to him that the current lot have. At least there was a clear plan, good enough be left to continue unchanged by numerous business brains since by the look of it.
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    Best of wishes for full and speedy recovery to your Dad, yourself, and your family, Tony. Truly a family on the front lines of this fight!
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    We installed the Aulnox system on our Turbo and it's very very nicely made and will probably never wear out. The welds are beautiful and the fit was pretty good. Took some fettling to get onto the engine because we did it "engine in car". Here's an interesting video of unlocking power with better exhaust; You will not regret this purchase. Jon
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    Well done Andy - looks like you’ve bought yourself a topper there!
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    15,000 people a day are still arriving at British airports and none are tested. Your point?
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    You have to remember the pound/dollar is heavily in your favour right now. Should be cheap with the exchange rate! I cant imagine it being more than $30,000AU (15,000pounds) in todays conditions - if it needs a full resto. getting it back to UK another few thousand pounds? I've done it the other way before.
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    Welcome to my world!!!!! You'll find it when you're not looking for it and cannot find the thing you are looking for!
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    let me know if i can be of assistance.. I am of course in OZ!
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    Another opportunity for a quick thinking company to look into. Chapman famously and ingeniously exploited a tax loophole to help make the 7 a success. Although frustrated by the current management to date I think in fairness the job requires a brilliant, passionate, visionary dictator to really deliver on the huge potential Lotus has. My impression of Popham so far is that he's very much a 'company man', pragmatic but none of those other things. However, perhaps a visionary leader at Lotus would immediately clash with Geely and not last long enough to realise his vision? Popham clearly knows how big car companies work and how to play the game. Perhaps that's the only way it would ever work with Geely and perhaps that's all there is left now in the car industry anyway. I'm not sure anyone gets to be a visionary dictator nowadays unless they own the place, although I think JMG had a right go at it! Clearly wasn't what Geely wanted. Trouble is all we have seen to date is a continuation of his plan. Still not at all clear what Popham's big ideas are and what direction he wants to go in. With JMG it was. Make everything lighter, faster, louder, harder, more expensive. Release lots of models to ratchet the prices up to the point where the cars make a profit. Find buyer. Launch electric hypercar to elevate the brand and make some headlines and online chatter. Launch cheaper lookalike based on Evora platform and running gear. Launch SUV. Explore other sectors. I know that Lotus were considering a city car, hot hatch, saloon and SUV back then because I was invited to a focus group and we were all shown various design sketches. Popham? Really not clear yet how his vision deviates from the JMG plan. After 2 years in the job.
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    I'm just a few days ahead of you Tony! This is what I've done: The posts are tapped M6 and welded through the holes that used to have the captive nuts. Ignore the other series of holes towards the front of the panel - they are to fix one of my extra pedal box support brackets. I've also taken the opportunity to add large o/d washers to the over-sized holes. Pete
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    An entirely reasonable if somewhat bleak way to look at it @jep. My concern is that Lotus is one of the few car makers left that offer something for those who aren't so keen on the current industry trends and direction sports cars are taking. My own personal view is that there's an opportunity for a company taking a different path - a much bigger opportunity than just another 'me-too' approach. Lotus has always been a challenger brand, they just never had the money to leverage that like say Apple, Dyson, Ben & Jerries or Virgin Atlantic did. All are massive mainstream brands now but they were all outsiders, upstarts, innovators and game changers. All attractive qualities when competing with monolithic corporations. Heck even VW started out as the oddball, left field choice in the 1950s. Lotus make better sports cars for those who actually want to feel the process of driving. The fact that so many people don't know that or get that is a communication issue not a product issue. This is the crucial mistake I believe the current management are making because they don't really 'get' the current range. The difference between a Lotus and the increasingly numb, heavy alternatives is getting greater all the time. If the place is being run by people who prefer the heavy, numb, tech-laden 'your grandmother could drive it' cars then there is your problem. There is so much to lose by adopting a 'lets do what they're doing approach'. I don't think the current management can see the wood for the USPs! The one thing we've missed to date is Lotus genius with a big development budget. The copy Porsche approach will restrict creativity, ingenuity and passion for intelligent, lightweight engineering if it hasn't already. I don't believe anyone wants a Porsche clone built in Norfolk. The more like a Porsche it is, the fewer reasons to buy one. Besides, Lotus have been here before and it didn't work last time. If it was as simple as changing the product then the Evora would have sold more. It's clear that a combination of things was holding buyers back. Everyone has their own theories but no-one has the definitive answer as to why. Praise in the motoring press was absolutely glowing, including Evo Car Of The Year, so it wasn't that. The Evora was launched as a more refined, more accomodating, more usable type of Lotus, exactly what they are aiming at now. It was directly inspired by the 911, the best selling premium sports car after market research revealed that more Elise owners progressed to 911s than any other car as their circumstances changed. Made perfect sense to offer them a 6 cyl, 2+2 Lotus alternative given that they were not averse to the Lotus brand as many Porsche owners are. Ambitious kerbweight targets were set aside which is more reasonable enough when all your other cars are around 1000kg or less. It was a direct answer to the same problem - to move Lotus away from austere track cars. It didn't work. Huge success as a car but not transformative to the business as Lotus had hoped. Lots of intangible and emotional reasons involved. For a start many of those ex Elise buyers always wanted a 911 from the start, the Lotus was just a stepping stone until they could afford a 911. The Evora didn't change or challenge that. Copying Porsche again isn't just dumb and unimaginative it's what worked for Porsche 20 years ago. They should be more concerned with what companies like Porsche are doing to be selling cars in 20 years time. Whole different world now. Time for some bold, lateral thinking.
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    Also, I'm not really aware of the taxes that apply to different countries in Europe or worldwide when buying a new sport car but for example in France currently : Go buy a brand new Exige 350 Sport. Price is about 80 000 to 85 000€. Of course you have to pay for the certificate like every car in order to have a licence plate. Not expensive, it's about 1200€. BUT! Now you have to pay an extra tax of... 20 000€!!! Just because of its CO²/km value. It's 25% of the cost of the car you have to add! Makes it crazy expensive for the entry level of the Exige 100k€ or more (87 or 90k£) France is a small market of course for car makers, even if Lotus sells some here I believe. But if other countries do apply crazy taxes like this, it makes it quite impossible for a small car maker to sell cars like those. The Elise is quite OK it's about 3500€ tax 'only'
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    it is not only the matt black, that you can love or hate, but is the whole livery. probably it is a laser blue wrapped black in order to make a change, but the result is bad, IMHO.
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    Mike Likely when you try to fit the trim it will clash with lever without the spacer. If you can't find your's, I have a spare you're welcome to. (it's only a 20 mm long piece of 19mm ID tube though, so easy to bodge) Tony : If you don't have this trim piece, I have spare you can have. It's in the velvet brown material from 78, but easy to retrim. I have a good number of other trim and body related parts from the same car, so keep me in mind as you progress. Have you tackled door rebuild yet? Tony
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    I've been thinking about this, and despite all the things that can go wrong, could a faulty pump really cause this? For example, a leaky diaphragm could cause the pump to continue running (ticking) but surely that would be fuel leaking from pressurised side of the rubber to supply side, and not cause more fuel to be supplied to the carbs. The pressure of the supply is dependent on the strength of the force of the pump plunger (given the fixed nature of the area etc), so for the pump to start to supply excess pressure (as in it didn't used to do this), it must be that there's now additional force on that plunger, well it's still getting 12v (ish, perhaps 14v when engine running) and magnets don't suddenly get a stronger field, resistance would surely decrease force finally some sort of sprung force, well if that's so great it would most likely stop the plunger moving the other direction and so the pump points would never energise. I think the pump ticking may be a red herring and it's still carb as the cause.
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    So sad. Here is the link to when it was sold for the first time 10 years ago.
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    To make it worse it had just been restored... Looking forward to seeing your progress with the hunt for a JPS Dave! Lex.
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    Roo is right Dave, get the one you really want... Roo informed me the other day that the ROW JPS 002 delivered to Melbourne Australia was destroyed at by fire a few years ago. It was 2 owner car owned by John Dawson-Damer and family for most of its life. I almost bought the car at a Bonhams Auction in 2010. Certainly have a soft spot for a JPS. Price at the time was around 9,000 pounds (AU $18,000) pounds and was a barn find.
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    Congratulations Andy. That’s awesome!. Bet your chuffed as chips!.
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    Beautiful and this is very personal but I like its livery better than the JPS esprits.
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    Thanks @C8RKH all done - back to as it should be
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    Lotus making a car you can use everyday........ummmmm that’s pretty much most cars they’ve ever made - maybe not the 211 or the 340
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    Thanks, sub is great, really well made, full aluminium casing. Tight, controlled, powerful and punchy. More than enough power for such a small cabin New 380 Cup style carbon fin on the way from Simply Sports cars!
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    "Only boring people get bored" said every parent ever.
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    I'm starting a thread highlighting some of the work that goes into the manifolds for those of you that might be interested!
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    What is the best car they've ever driven? What is their favourite car currently on sale today? What is the best Lotus they've ever driven? How does it compare to the above? What can Lotus do better than any other car maker? What does Lotus do best? What does Lotus do worst? How many Evijas have been ordered? Why haven't they invested in the current range? What are they doing to address a reputation for poor build quality among the wider market they are aspiring to sell to? How can a new range of Lotus cars stay true to Colin Chapman's ethos and appeal to that wider market at the same time? Industry trends have seen cars get ever bigger, heavier and more complex. How does Lotus 'DNA' really fit in with that? Geely are investing in motorsport. Why not Lotus? Lotus cars are exciting, bold, distinctive, innovative and intelligent. Why do we not see Lotus marketing that you could say the same about?
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    The current crisis has afforded the chance to work on my own car. I've been wanting to get the body off for a while to check/renovate, so here goes. The only real pain with chassis fixings was the pedal box to chassis, where one of the rear allen bolt fixings was particularly tricky to get to. Needed to adapt a key to get the correct orientation to crack off the torque. Once all fixings were clear, progressing raising as we don't have a lift installed. All fluid pipes and hydraulics removed
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    Hi Barrie. Thanks so much, some great pointers there. Wheel was just turned upsetting down, attached some more pics of engine and car specs. will check on the cam belt history and have checked and See no history of accidents. not sure about the seating take but will question. much appreciated!! andy

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