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    Finally picked up my new car today at the Lotus dealer who helped me with the import. One previous owner in Germany since new. 1994 S2 in Empire green with only 49,000 km on the meter(!). Drove it back home,, some 263 km. Seems to be a great car, although I noticed that the power steering is making some noice. Probably need an overhaul during the winter.
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    Today has frankly been crap. Not only has it been blowing a gale pretty much all day long - almost everything I have touched has broken. theres been several basil fawlty episodes and a couple of extreme Tourette’s outbreaks in the garage. Long and short of today’s achievements. side panel made, catch can and header tank located - but broke the shitty plastic tee under it, brake pipes dressed and terminated, sheared seat bolts cut out and new welded in. So all in all - not a fat lot achieved - but a huge amount of frustration built up. oh and some feckin bellend on eBay has shipped a 1m long 60mm hose to me instead of a reducer fitting.... now having a protracted argument over the fact this obvious 1m long bright red hose isn’t a small reducer !! oh well - tomorrow I’m gonna try and fit the seats - maybe I won’t break anything then.
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    Update... oil pump housing and gears fully packed with vaseline jelly, oil cooler sandwich plate removed and voilà! After 15 seconds of cranking a smile appear on my face, I have pressure! Gauge are reading 50 just with the cranking speed so everything goes well this time, now I need to sort out a little leaking from fuel pump connector and than I will try to start it after 10 years of sleeping.
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    It mean that people with very wide bottoms should find it much easier to get into the cars.
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    I’ve had three over the years.
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    I think you meant a range of broader people? (i.e. the US market!)
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    I saw this picture on Facebook. It reminded me that actually to me, personally, the 410 Sport has the best Evora arse!
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    Unfortunately a compression check will not give you the exact compression ratio. You can divide back the psi reading you get by 14,696 as a guide , but unless you calculate in the cam timing / overlap , is will just be a figure. With the valves opening and closing earlier or later your compression check psi will go up or down . Because of the machining your valve timing will almost certainly be slightly off spec, so any factory psi on comp check will be off.. The early engines were the 7.5:1 but the piston crown you have now will be for the 8.0:1 .. This will also be influenced by the deck height you have, which can be influence by other factors. Your gasket thickness is part of the calculation , but should not be seen as a compensatory factor for piston change, etc.. The thicker gasket will only offset the head skim up to circa 0.010'' .. Valve recess / cut back will lower ratio but only to a point. When doing this you have to dial in the shim clearance setting.. Std they are 0.100'' to 0.085'' , you don't really want these going below 0.060'' if you can help it.. so you see the restriction.. The only accurate way to do this is to measure whilst you still have it in bits.. Otherwise its best guess.. uhmm. It is not really that important what the actual C/R is , as long as its not silly high.. But knowing it is ... What you want to achieve is the correct final C/R under boost. This will then allow your ignition , carburetor and fuel type tuning to be in sync as designed .. Your adjustment factor will be your boost settings,.. you may have some anomalies off boost but they will be very slight and insignificant in comparison. But without knowing the exact static C/R you wont know what final boosted C/R you will be running at.. Sorry if this was a bit long winded , but i would rather you be aware of fact than carry on regardless.. Keep up the good work ..
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    Oil pump I have learned the hard way with this. I asked an expert whats their take on it. Basically it doesn't require priming, you can pack with graphogen or similar. When its spun up with a drill there should be oil pressure quite quickly. If their isn’t something is wrong. I will put this to the test and spin it up as is. I am 100 per cent confident the oil pump is now as new, so if it doesn't work I really will be stumped.
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    @pbharcourt STOP COPYING ME!
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    Actually I have all of the equipment needed to calculate the compression ratio, so I might as well get on with it!
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    A Great British Lotus plate.......and that’s from a Scotsman - pure luck I got this when I bought my old Esprit S4s
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    Back in the late 90s we used to get the father of the neighbour to our workshop park on the double yellows totally blocking access to our yard. Would wave his disabled permit and say he can park where he wants!!!! After 5 or 6 times we started bumping the backend round and pointing it at the kerb. Nice and easy with 2 of us and a fiat uno. Not sure you could do it now with the weight of todays cars.
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    Are you sure it wasn't this that you heard? VID-20200520-WA0008.mp4 surely it was sand yellow? Are you sure it wasn't this that you heard?
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    I'm being told that I should space it differently, but I still quite like DC "TEN" TUS
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    Well I didn't actually specify a time-frame during which oil will run out. What I did say is that oil is a finite resource and so if we continue to use it up, then there is NO question that at some time it WILL run out. But I also said that if we simply dismiss this and keep using it up on the basis that it's "not our problem" and we'll leave it up to future generations to sort out, that would be an extremely selfish attitude would it not? I understand the reluctance to lose the ICE that we have loved all our lives, but why is it so hard for so many to face the facts. If we keep using it, OIL WILL RUN OUT. This is a very simple FACT. Even if it's not for 150 years, it's still going to happen. Are we, as the consumers of said oil reserves not morally bound to be the ones to sort out what is after all, our mess. Or are you happy to simply pass the buck and let your kids (or their kids etc.) have to sort it out? So Mike (MPx) what are you actually proposing? That we do indeed simply carry on regardless and let future generations have to deal with the mess we caused? Or do you have an alternative proposal as to how we deal with what will, at some time, most definitely come to pass? I don't mean to be snarky, but it really is a puzzle to me just what is the alternative being proposed by those not accepting, or simply rejecting the inescapable fact that OIL WILL RUN OUT. Everyone HAS to understand and accept what IS eventually going to happen as sure as the sun is going to rise. Then, we can all work together constructively to figure out the best solution to the problem and unless anyone has any better suggestions (backed by science, not conjecture or wishful thinking), then electric power IS the solution. So now we just have to work out the best way to supply that. None of that is opinion, just the facts of the matter.
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    What if you get your shopping delivered
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    To that question ... basically yes. I'd part justify it by looking back through history and what we think of previous generations. Pick any period. EG: Coal is a finite resource you know - those Victorians really painted us into a corner with all that dependency on coal. Lucky their offspring came up with some alternatives or we'd have been in a right fix - the b*****ds. What did the Victorians ever do for us? In practice I believe that we humans are incredibly clever and adaptable when we have to be. As it becomes necessary some people in the future will come up with new stuff that we cant even imagine today, and using what we do know to force things too early will look strangely quaint to those who come later and actually solve the problem. Some of that ingenuity will be used to magically distill some mystery liquid fuel from something in small but adequate quantities to allow the occasional firing up of a Rolls Royce Merlin engine - just for fun. Imagine in the '70s when they wrote Star Trek. They had hand held intercoms with pictures on and everything. Who'd have thought we'd ever see that for real. I'm not making proposals. I do point out some of the flawed logic in some of the proposals I read. I do it to add what I see as balance to stuff that creeps towards the evangelical - I don't mean it to just be negative so if that's how it seemed I apologise. My proposals, if I were to make them would be much more radical and entirely based around the "iceburg" and not "rearranging the deckchairs". My views would only be acceptable to a tiny minority and I'd just get flamed so its not worth the time typing them up. Needless to say the issue for me is all about Mankind, our belief in the sanctity of (human) life and its lengthening and expansion at any cost. On current population expansion trends we will overpopulate this planet and simply run out of ways of feeding ourselves if we don't pollute ourselves to death, or go to war for religious or maybe water resource reasons in the meantime. That could easily happen in the next 100 years, long before the oil runs out or global warming wreaks its havoc.
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    I’ve not packed mine - I will force prime it like i did last time. Remove oil feed to turbo and whack about 1/2 litre into the supply pipe with a pump. remove spark plugs - remove crank sensor and turn it over until you get more than 1/2 litre out that same pipe. Job done. Let’s hope it works again this time
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    Typical Audi prat. Ruins it for everyone else...such moronic behaviour will most likely have consequences for all petrolheads. Justin
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    Richard Parramint has just added some amazing Silver car images on FB here - sorry if I have not linked it correctly - arrow left to go through the album. Think we might even be able to identify the location?
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    I've used a visco-elastic membrane and open-cell acoustic foam on my chassis - where the body fits closely. Only just got the body back on, so cannot comment on how effective it is! This is the foil-backed membrane - Tecsound SY50 ALU Pete
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    Arrived today, new as stated Thanks Paul Dave
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    Oil and coolant ordered this morning. Plate collected to mount header tank where the old air filter unit was. Brake unions made off. just having a brew and I’ll connect up the wiring in the engine bay and start looking at the header tank location.
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    Their advert says it was an ex-demo. Chatting to them now and it's due a service which they'll do, probably at B&C so I may get them to look over the car as well to give it the thumbs up. Does look nice and the spec is spot on too, aside from the lightweight battery but I'd ask for that to be swapped out as part of the service. They seem like good people too which helps. Waiting for the ECU data and may go see it and one at B&C at some point. In other news I've got a test drive booked more locally on Wednesday.
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    @LotusLeftLotusRight - inconsiderate parking is extremely annoying - and so unnecessary. Unfortunately we seem to be living in a world that is becoming more and more selfish and 'all about me' rather than doing our bit to make things easier for others.
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    Had you been drinking when you took your photo @DaveC72?
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    @pete Try this
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    From what I've heard, you'd have to take a pay cut.
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    If Bottas moves on, surly it’s time to give the young talent a chance. Mercedes have George Russel on there books, I watched him in all the lower formulas and as always impressed me in the way Hamilton did. I sincerely believe he is a future world champion if he is given the chance.
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    For me can not see Vettel going to Mercedes unless Hamilton is not there. Vettel as been beat by two competitive teams mates, so going up against Lewis would be a disaster for him in my opinion.
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    Maybe forget the screen just go full heads up
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    I think their time has been and gone. Mazda are discontinuing and in general they are being implemented thinner (i.e. like a letterbox) into the dash (new 911, Merc E and S Class) or, they are being more fully integrated to the main speedo binnacle. Plenty of evidence out there to show accidents are on the increase due to people faffing about with screens and that was certainly Mazda's justification for its move. Good to know if I ever buy an Esprit. Must get the US seats.... :)
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    @KAS-118 I remain sceptical but hope that everything is as simple and straightforward as you believe. It will all become clearer over the next ten years as it gets rolled out.
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    Welcome - from a current Esprit and former X1/9 & MR2 GT owner
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    Lots to agree with here, but you keep stressing the "NO MORE OIL" point and I'm one of the doubters about that being relevant to the time scales being discussed. Throughout my near 50 year driving life there have been periodic predictions about just a few more years left of oil. Pre-lockdown use of oil went inexorably up, but we didn't actually run out by any of the end of the world dates predicted. What actually happens is when they're starting to run low the major producers look harder to find more reserves. And also as the price has gone up, its become cost effective to extract oil from places where cost was once prohibitive. So I totally agree that the actual amount of oil is finite and so it will eventually run out. But I don't agree that it will run out in the next 15 years, or indeed in the next few generations...maybe not even in 150 years. I also don't buy the 2035 mantra as a firm date of "what IS going to happen". It might be done then. If BEVs or similar reach a tipping point in adoption in the next 10 years it could even be brought forward, but no government commitment made today to any date in the far future will get served much more than lip service by any government of tomorrow. If people haven't bought enough BEVs or, more likely, the Gov haven't actually gotten around to building the necessary charging infrastructure by then (and as Andy points out there's no strong track record of them doing such things to any published schedule - excepting of course all the Nightingale Hospitals that weren't needed) then it wont be practical and the date will be changed. Meantime I'll continue to enjoy our i3 and keep an open mind as to the "best" car to fulfill the roles that other cars have in our household.
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    I reckon the furlough scheme has made the British public much more accepting of social distancing and the whole safety at all costs position we are in. Without the furlough scheme and the pressure of needing to find work to pay bills, I suspect social distancing will take a back seat and people will realise that life is a risk, and that CV-19 is for the vast majority of the population, not a huge deal.
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    Fantastic work MrP, love the car.
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    Article by Autocar on the Evija
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    That’s it - I’m broken and giving up for today. The steering knuckle was a bastard. But it’s bolted up. body is just sat resting - not bolted on yet. Simply can’t face anymore. Dannys 16 today - so BBQ time cider and beer is now the prioRory
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    I think Hamilton should ask for Vettel to join Mercedes. This is the kind of thing that can build legends. The Senna Prost rivalry has not been exceeded because all the big names have played it safe by focusing on number 1 spots. That would make F1 a lot more Interesting and that has to be good for F1. The main problem is that Vettel should probably not do this because in all likelihood Hamilton is just faster and this won’t look great for him.
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    One mystery cleared up - I’ve just Instagramed a few Millenials, and they're adamant the Mini’s only parked at that angle due to the position of the landfill bin that some idiot has left there.

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